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  1. Dubbi

    I was actually convinced at first that this vsauce guy is howtobasic

  2. Eric Martinez

    I miss the days of Matt, filthy Frank and howtobasic all together

  3. v: 778

    Nome esperaba eso :v

  4. Rotten Banana

    Imagine if someone saw a drowning kid then watched this vid and by the time they watched it the kid drowned

  5. Carlos Manuel

    thanks for video ❤

  6. Sanjar

    every fucking time when i do the edit i have to export it on my calculator, better switch to windows gamers

  7. Raphiphi 1

    8:04 when you see a creeper in your house in Minecraft

  8. Acting Up


  9. WhamUwU

    I was actually searching how to make ramen and this is the first thing that appeared Not gonna lie, it took me by surprise

  10. cpmcgee 1005

    I saw a gray cat in one of the videos, and looked up if maxmoefoe, vsauce, or warrun had a cat. They all did, maxmoefoe’s cat was the wrong color. One of Vsauce’s cat’s were the wrong color, but the other was too light of a gray. I looked Warrun (BeansceneTV) up and saw him with a cat of the same shade of gray. Of course the cat could be the same breed, but the likelihood of that is pretty low. So Warrun is the person I think is HowToBasic.

  11. AmKam Omega

    I know it's fun and all, but this has reduced to Texhrax level.

  12. Altuğ Dinç

    I want eat your sausages.


    life hack #8: BUY FLEX TAPE INSTEAD

  14. Fareeha Jabeen

    Funny. It doesn't look like you used your tutorial to edit your own video :////

  15. 웃卍Antonio gamer Beta 3.

    0:38 músic?

  16. tH3 F0x

    2:24 the dog:WTF

  17. Canal Tairmonado

    Q merda

  18. Yoku Ricky

    Delicious for caniballs 😒

  19. King Kong

    Chandler has left the chat

  20. r0ugh_

    Africa be like: 😭

  21. Wolfie’s Gacha Channel

    I watching this whilst I’m about to make ramen 😂🤣

  22. Bluze

    I'm glad it wasn't the MacBook lol

  23. Balázs Göőz

    Thank you for the informative video.

  24. Israel Sánchez Cabrera

    ¿Y ahora me vienes con el Windows XP? ¿En 2015?

  25. Andrei Cantoreanu

    Nothing in this video is actually funny, maybe just the stupidity

  26. Rian Harrington

    C'mon how to basic, stop making such normal vids, they are pretty boring and dont really get to the point

  27. SSSabrina

    Everyone else: Ugh that’s wasting food I hate him! So inconsiderate. Me: Where are those DAMN eggs

  28. cpmcgee 1005

    8:17 I now have a phobia grown men who say HowToBasic.

  29. Hussein mahmoud

    It worked!

  30. nick

    The verge wants to know your location

  31. yonathan arevalo

    0:40 eeeeeeee bien y 0:44 Noooooooo

  32. Re gig

    Hey this is hp not apple

  33. נטע רחף

    את היוטיובר ממש גרוע נוב

  34. mary cua

    0:30 rip

  35. Görkem

    Bu adamın ahirette işi zor

  36. 1 minute quick videos -

    I spuld love to have one of those cars and you destroy it

  37. Najat Afnan

    0:38 🤣🤣

  38. Middlechill2

    the turkey part is very.. u n c o m f o r t a b l e

  39. Sabrina Lokolong

    a big burger

  40. SSSabrina

    There is no how to basic Without an *egg*

  41. abhishek Maharajwala

    Wtf 😂😂😂 did you just boiled all the packet of noodles in supermarket but the effort is worth to like and subscribe

  42. 1 minute quick videos -

    Instructions unclear Tried this at home and my mom got very angry so I explained her that I was repairing the door and told her that HTB showed me how to do it. Then she called FIsels angrily dunno why

  43. cpmcgee 1005

    Holy shit that ad was perfectly placed, first basics was assaulted, verbally and physically, then the ad played and now we find ourselves with Maxmoefoe.

  44. Ishtiaq Rahman

    How to have *** with a girl

  45. The DarK AssassiN LA

    Basically a glass but its safe..

  46. Αγγελος Νικολαου

    u are so fake .... so bad

  47. Aryaman Mehrotra

    That cycle part tho 🤣🤣

  48. Zonda R Gaming

    Noooo Give me Your laptop

  49. Keniseg

    like who from 2020

  50. Aryaman Mehrotra

    KFC means fried. Not fired.

  51. Rocco Quattrone

    Make how to crack an egg

  52. Aplus Appstore

    00:30-00:31 =/

  53. TheRealCognito A


  54. Silent Boy

    Who the fuck cleans this shit up

  55. Abhijit Naug

    HowToBasic: (Destroys Eggs) Farmers: You kidding me?

  56. Lowly

    1:05 did that baby just die after being saved?

  57. Diego Hernando Cubillos

    Clearly is not PewDiePie because in the video of how to put a condom, the first thing we see is How to Basics has legs

  58. Abhijit Naug

    the most useful video award goes to... HowToBasic! BTW Laughed so much man. Where the heck does he get that money? Maybe his comedy could be the reason he is one of the members in Wikitubia's hall of Fame? Check it out: youtube.fandom.com/wiki/HowToBasic

  59. MozaChesse

    Itu Tolol

  60. Jeon Sofia

    u know what i will pretend like i never clicked on this vdo :")

  61. pietro praddi

    1.11 in x0.25 he changed it(of course , i don’t blame you, good vid)

  62. Mar S

    This guy has so much money, because he can easily destroy a pc :V

  63. Cricon Investments

    How to find out almost anything you wanna know... check out all these basic how to titles, then do a real search of that title.

  64. Ataberk Arnavutoğlu

    its hp pc lol

  65. Nick Ortega


  66. Lettuce?

    2:25 of you pause the video at the right moment you might see a dog on the left

  67. Whoosh if gei

    Was fucking zero and post Malone in this?

  68. Gay I Am

    Rare footage of Po studying kungfu.

  69. Jovanni Gerosa


  70. Cartoon Cook

    I killed an ostrich born from a chickens egg to watch a snail cry

  71. Senhor_Mix 123

    So germany wins because of this ritual? Fucking logic

  72. FronzKnox

    Thanks for tutorial, finally I can edit my vidio👌🏼

  73. Mia Kovacevic

    McDonalds be like :

  74. Trix IOS-

    "Cook on low heat"

  75. 50.000 subscribers with 1 video

    1:26 best sound ever

  76. Debayan Halder

    Can I get all these things?

  77. David Rico

    Tommorow is the day we get a face reveal can’t wait 2/18/2020 11:23 in the video there is a post it note that says the exact date in red

  78. Shaquel Farhan

    Holy shit

  79. Polux

    You have a lot of Money eh. So I need a PC gamer plz XD

  80. ElectroZap LT

    Imagine mom jus came in the room on 2:00 😂

  81. Andrew Donovan

    Xbox 360 to ps4

  82. Iozsef Ruczuy


  83. Blei Hagel

    Damage arrived slowly at 7:25

  84. Christoferus

    2:31 omg

  85. Matthieu Pierre

    Why did you change your Apple laptop for a HP laptop at 1:11 ? :S

  86. Ebru Li

    1:49 Ректал Шам

  87. ojoei

    go to 0:29 on 0.25x you won't regret it

  88. Qt. Purple Tv Head

    ah yes the art of homework.

  89. driftkin4

    All that money trashed like this

  90. driftkin4


  91. The One

    why ?

  92. Макс Фомин


  93. bbg spooney-_-

    2:56 wth

  94. shamsher shayan

    Give me a PlayStation please 🙏😔

  95. James Taylor

    I actually did this but you won’t believe me so I don’t know why I wrote this

  96. Drusilla Alston

    yall you no that fake because that was a ps3 sheet

  97. James Taylor

    I actually did this but you won’t believe me so I don’t know why I wrote this

  98. Monokuma 25

    This video is stupid and not funny

  99. Sarviner Pl

    Rip laptop

  100. Alif Mustaqim

    So the conclusion is ..... U need a long hair to kill a shark ..... Brilliant .....