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  1. Louis Gabriel

    Hear that Анатолий?? The girls want you!

  2. Gabe Games Alot

    Koniec means horse

  3. Fatma AbdelHadi

    oops guess I have a weak western blender

  4. ya boi

    Listening to this while crafting slavic bluetooth headphone

  5. Kamil Slominski

    Kto z Polaków ogląda w 2020r ?

  6. Pandora & Friends

    lol if you had Alinitys cat you'd be giving it those 'nam flashbacks 7:20

  7. Marvin Marvin

    I like samichskis ham samichski tuna salad samichski PB&J smaichski

  8. HappyWolf OfDeath

    So uh... This is my first time ever seeing your channel... Just have to say... This was amazing! I need to show my friend this! Oml I must watch more!

  9. Darrin Gatewood

    Yup. Pretty much every sysadmin I've met. :/

  10. minecraftprokid 12

    *radiation intensifies*

  11. ViaOjo


  12. Just a people With normal life

    In indonesia we call gopnik is "orang gendeng"

  13. Maple Sappy

    Disgusting. Using windows like an american. Pheh. I cough in your direction!!

  14. Yai Rose

    Hardbass intensifies

  15. Matt Miller

    @ 2:12 MK4 Golf has its track suit on 🏁

  16. Leylén Ramirez

    In argentina we call them “turros” or “villeros” which means “from a villa”

  17. DPPTAnimations

    Good thing you prounounced "Tambay" correctly.

  18. Tallon

    i only understand most english and the tiniest bit of russian but, I can barely understand the english parts. I mostly think that you're talking in a extremely heavy russian accent that barely any english can be heard.

  19. jordano mokfa

    Best teacher ashaushasyahsuaysu lol

  20. Anthony Chobey

    Привет пиво хорошо

  21. Just A Raccoon

    Anatoli looking thicc when that suit is down Boris looking thicc all the time

  22. saga YSh

    Name for game ?????

  23. Max Shiratori

    Reasons to watch this video after 4 YEARS. Why not?

  24. Plutarch 78

    Иди нахуй пожалуйста.. Best phrase EVER

  25. Yoshi Mac

    1:51 Boom, boom and boom! Done! Love this 😂

  26. Frantic Fungi

    5:35 brew, spill, grill

  27. Curiosity Cat

    I have no words

  28. Annoying Seal

    *Laugh in Indonesia*

  29. Simon Paille

    A Cessna Skyhawk: Seats up to 5 Gopniks

  30. Tyler Smith

    Onion like tree the more rings the better flavor

  31. Tyler Smith

    My new cooking channel

  32. boom gaming


  33. Kids can Cook

    Oh and Boris what would you recommend weslav tracksuit or adidas tracksuit.

  34. Kids can Cook

    Hello Boris the shashlik king You are one of my favorite youtubers happy late slavmes

  35. Carter Darron

    Guys I found a new favorite channel

  36. Gravity

    I do like subtitles but the thing is that I don't want Boris to overwhelm himself doing subtitles.

  37. Альф

    Take the blackest bread you can find )))

  38. Marcos Lucio Silva

    wonderful lada

  39. WireF Studio

    İrmik helvası yapıyor sandım.

  40. n o

    so, this is why Slavs mostly die of car crashes? Noted.

  41. King KlesS

    Şaşlık kebabı

  42. Павлин Петров

    8:19 my favourite moment xD when someone send a box with sign of kiss and woman underwear inside the box lol that was so cool xD

  43. Random Dude

    The subtitles help me watch your vids while eating chips

  44. el amigo randy

    Did kgb come for babushka

  45. ya boi

    5:59 "did you just spit in your helmet?"

  46. Kmilo Javier

    Boris is the slav deadpool

  47. CrunchyLuigi

    Oh my god, this reminded me of my desktop that ran windows XP and it came up with the same message with the battery being low... I miss you buddy.

  48. nathan lau

    Frickin Danm amazon interrupted my recipe I ended up adding 80 grams of salt

  49. Someone like And Nobody

    I really like to try this, but the only problem is, First, I have never seen vodka in my country Second, I have no computer, only laptop

  50. ya boi

    Gonna try making this for my western spy family next time I see them

  51. Yoshi Mac

    1:51 Slavic enjoyment 😁

  52. Someone like And Nobody

    "Heyyyy, Cousin. Since when did you travel by tratatea" -boris 2020-

  53. nathan lau


  54. Isabell Xie

    New to channel. I love the subtitles. It's good for the times I can't understand one word you said, it is also fantastic comedy injected in the subtitles 🤣

  55. MiroPVP

    Yes Daddy Borris sorry

  56. Fabian Marci

    Nice song

  57. Benjamin Hodges

    Hey boris, I am curious what is your religion? Of course if this is too much to ask I understand. The reason for my asking is because my religion has a lot of influence from Russia

  58. Enes Malik Uzuner

    21 degrees hot ok boomer

  59. Carolina Rico


  60. BlueSlayer GT

    2:33 *If you pause at the right moment you can see Anatoli's eyes*

  61. Margitkám

    Can you cook? Just because how you mixed the ingredients in a pot with a fork was painful to see. No offense btw.😁

  62. Serek to nie jedzenie

    Jestem z polski-im from poland

  63. Dyslexicboi

    "come on cousin we're late for prom" doesn't sound quite right lmao

  64. ExpertPlayer


  65. DiverGlow

    200k university students liked this video

  66. Denys 277

    Люблю кс 1.6 на рабочем столе

  67. Дмитрий Троцкий

    Готовь кровянку. После Chocolate sausage надо Blood sausage.

  68. YeeChannel 1

    3 million people dead after mass fires, reason believed to be faulty shashlik guide

  69. Sirius Antares

    Western spy...

  70. TheReaperOfLykos76

    Boris! My mayonez won’t thicken

  71. YeeChannel 1

    Is southeast Russia Slav? Because I have the same wafflemaker

  72. Aleksandra Chlost

    19:37 Did he?

  73. DoggoInSpace

    3:51 it says kindergarten

  74. Andrew Van Tonder

    Made this last night. Had some Russian dude knock at my Door 2 minutes later

  75. Dawid Grasza

    In Poland we call it galareta

  76. gert rummo

    all his stuff is from metro game lol love boris :D

  77. White_2384

    We want a video you using this gun lol

  78. alwaysbored47

    I can totally imagine my Slav friends doing this..albeit at the speed of light 😂

  79. Stoopid

    You only need vodka

  80. MetallixX974

    How to slav your cat.

  81. Epic

    Why does boris sound so pissed

  82. Ciled Amed

    Tırrek lan bu

  83. Rocks 01

    Slav hacker

  84. wolf777

    Im polish and i realy enjoy ur videos

  85. GhostlyKreit

    I think the "milk" is sour milk

  86. my name is umut


  87. •Çåmêrön-Płáŷś •

    *me trying to do this but doesn't have vodka* Me:I'VE FAILED YOU😭

  88. Daniel Skrzypiec

    Buter urod

  89. Mela Esther

    Someone: Who are you? Boris: Gopnik, cook, programmer, sly businessman.

  90. Oldrando46 7

    Ah chicken Kiev, I remember when I was a child and sitting down with my family to eat this wonderful dish and it was the perfect cure for my bad days, brings back memories.

  91. DZ S6

    The first minutes of video name song is Serbia Strong КОСОВО ЈЕ СРБИЈА

  92. Avan Boy

    comrade potato always here to save you from death of starving if you can get from babushka even better just don't forget about vodka because vodka can save you from thirst as well!

  93. Guilherme Poggetti


  94. random afsd

    5:54 the only predator in the house is Artyom blin

  95. T34-85

    What if I only have a mosin nagant, not a Dragonov?

  96. Der Entenmann

    blin i just made my first "majonez" and i think i have added a bit to much oil it has melted butter texture

  97. sport tv

    Ej Boris ko je taj western spy

  98. FoFo 23

    Where are you from my cyka friend


    0:06 has somebody got a link to this wonderful song I can’t find it

  100. Big Dragon

    man he has a best intro