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  1. Leonardo Vieira

    More pls

  2. Андрей Дылов

    I know what to do on carantin, because I am true slav and I am hungry

  3. Ofer Zilberman

    1:39 *Artyom!* **Ninja mode: Activated**

  4. Ed,Edd n Eddy

    I'm from Bulgaria--

  5. Napewno Nie A Ty

    1:05 im living at CAPITOL OF KIELECKI MAJONEZ !!!! How i get Your postbox Boris to send u them ? winiary is cyka blyat

  6. Estelle Escobar

    18:16 "Two shots of vodka" *vodka noises*

  7. DETON Atvs

    Ja kurwa mać umiem polski/u caught me on cam lol

  8. もと松さん


  9. hunteranimes

    Russians fly fighterjets Slavs fly fighterjets *Only to hardbass*

  10. Life TV

    Boris: We don't need mouse Boris:*uses mouse*

  11. Spotter 737 MAX

    Many slavs are waiting for you in India come to India here everybody knows how to squat like a real slav

  12. James Harding

    Just made this. It was delicious. Thanks Boris.

  13. Napewno Nie A Ty

    BLYATIFULL !!!!!!!!!!!! KUrWAMAĆ

  14. Pro_Goko61_Goky

    6:10 křenové rolky :D

  15. KristiChan1

    Never ask Babushka about her collection of komrade kats.

  16. guus seddon

    You have to go to Antwerpen for the fries... I mean the better fries, Oh wait, this was 2016...

  17. Iamarobotbanana4

    Or you could just buy Bologna, it's close enough.

  18. Napewno Nie A Ty

    Boris how i can send u majonez ?

  19. Colombia el parce

    Thanks boris but i have lottle problem with teach your cat to dance does that applies with dogs?

  20. Bone_knapper

    I love ya boris but you cant sing well. Or are you rapping? Im American so i don’t really know. Why do you own like 4 different sheds?

  21. Sumpeno Notoboto

    @ 9:10 I though boris would say, "and thank you svetlana... For beating my meat"

  22. Schwarzer Großmeister

    Why do you have девочки in garage?

  23. Michael Wargo

    Too cool....lol

  24. Dawid B

    No i dobrze kurde

  25. 1x_RJ_x1

    Not to mention that it takes years to max out the game

  26. Kiara Gacha

    Your Russian right

  27. Hermit Crab


  28. Piotrek TV

    Please make lesson of the speaking to arabic

  29. Explosive Addict

    4:54 Okay, that's just the lyrics to Bad Romance.

  30. DEAS E

    As a western spy - this is dope


    Saludos desde chile Sudamérica XD nunca a vas a entender esto XD Привет из Чили Южной Америки XD вы никогда не поймете этот XD

  32. kapajko 999

    Boris try to go to other city’s towns because in Prague there is alot of stuff but like to pay for someting like small lego or bag of chips 1 - 4euros

  33. DINO the dino

    2018: boris coughs People: HA he sneeze 2020: I see boris sneeze me: IDI NAHUI (gets mask)

  34. kapajko 999


  35. Muhammad Wahyudin

    B for blin For friendly reminder

  36. Sukalyan Chakraborty

    Man i was drinking vodka in my dream with papa stalin.... noice

  37. Angel Osorio

    Top chefs better than Gordon Ramsay I

  38. Optic Pel

    When are you gonna sell squatnik suits

  39. Michael Wargo

    Crazy you..lol

  40. Laksamana suhendra


  41. Agnes Quiros

    日本語上手ですね‼︎ You're really good at Japanese!! Cheeki breeki 🇵🇭🇷🇺🇯🇵

  42. Pat Brunner

    he make chicken capital of ukraine

  43. Michael Wargo

    Crazy funny

  44. Francesca Tiko-Okoye

    The first 3 words of this video I can say in russian

  45. Agnes Quiros

    ..imma just watch Life Of Boris everyday. Even if I have school the next day- Yeet 🇵🇭❤️🇷🇺

  46. Simmikke

    Goddamn that floppy disk stunt tho, honestly appreciate it more ahaha

  47. zeno gaming


  48. Joseph Meagher II

    Boys who hit puberty And whip out the sausage

  49. zeno gaming

    Dear Boris... will you please play cross out with me sometime.. or any other game ,I’m your biggest fan.... bet you don’t even read the comments

  50. Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell

    Did…did that plane just bounce off?

  51. Simmikke

    So, I'm actually just learning Python and I thought it was pretty nice compared to Arduino and Matlab shite, but holy shit Java is... I hate it. I hate it so much.

  52. Elmega GES [Valkyrine]

    When Boris said "Start with onion" I misread it as "Start with cousin" and I was terrified-

  53. Hassan Israr

    Hey boris, what is Halva?

    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      I got the same knive than Boris when he was peeling potatos

  54. Vinnie J


  55. JohnEProductions

    I finished chapter 1 of the game

  56. Wolfy1012

    My family is Swedish and we have something similar made from pigs jowls at Christmas. I was the weird kid in my elementary school who liked stuff like that. Greetings from Chicago.

  57. Freak 1See

    Boris, i really want to see you play Postal 4 :D please make a video, you not gonna regret it :D

  58. Sean Thomas

    Can't play Metro or listen to the audio book without picturing this cat.

  59. Big Beerus

    I found a boris video with no subtitles

  60. Dayan Rodríguez


  61. kamonomerrill

    I live in America and there is absolutely no way I can buy all that for $60.

  62. John Constantine

    Так вот кто спиздил мою Ниву

  63. Pepe Toro

    Это 2020 год, и все спрашивают, ГДЕ БОРИС?

  64. Nick Matata

    media:"russian is full of dangerous people" boris:"now add some flour..."

  65. Mr Wozniak

    Boris, you should try mayonez on pizza. It's very popular in Finnish town called Oulu. 😅


    Вадимчик против Бориса, кто выиграет?

  67. Vs Rajeswari

    4:20 that is kinda easy

  68. Pünchi

    4:23 "R2 watch out!!!"

  69. Joes Denis


  70. JreastGaming

    Whoever dislikes this you're an American Spy


    Me like to dance to hardbass

  72. 맛있는공차

    왜 한국어 번역을 하다 만거야 조빢치녀

  73. bringoutthelegos

    i wonder what ever happened to boris' katana? Did japanese soldier decide to take it back or something?

  74. Mellon Kat

    Why so much mao? Can I put a strangely large amount of salt instead. I can’t eat the mao, unless I want stomach aches

  75. Gabriel1Hot

    El dylan ruso

  76. bringoutthelegos

    problem is that the sultan GT is an AWD car, meaning all wheels provide acceleration, break, power, etc. Whilst good for going in straight line, and overall handling. Not so good with drifting, especially inertia drifting. you want car that drift, you get FUTO GT. it's rear wheel drive, has best handling in the game, and drifts like that one car that deliver japanese food cubes.

  77. Nuno Ribeiro

    In Portugal we call them gypsies

  78. DarkFox ink

    What I watch during my mental breakdowns at 3 am

  79. TotallyTom

    I’d probably be the person to complain that they burnt the lemon on the welcome drink

  80. Teitoku _

    All 261 dislikes are from Vadim, his clones, his hammer, and his drill. Vadim Blyat!

  81. Mina The Raichu

    They share one (1) braincell

  82. Happy John

    In all seriousness where can i get that bayonet?

  83. steve jones

    That pan had so much oil the US is going to invade

  84. Christian Cuadra

    #7 Kick your cat out of house and get siberian husky like real slav

    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      I would love to see a video about slav hogwarts

  85. xSpicyNuggetx

    Boris, can we play War Thunder sometime? My name is xSpicyNuggetx

  86. galaxyrizki

    Subtitles: Think you are funny turning on subtitles? me: say that to my PC it does it for me every time i watch a video

  87. Zoya Was Here

    So I made my own chiburek today. Only mine had potato and no green onion because I didn't prepare beforehand. Overall they came out well despite my decade of not cooking from scratch. I need more practice for sure. But me and my roomates enjoyed them. Yes I used mayonnaise. (Is better that way)

  88. Ari_F0X!

    in about 3 frames of the song, it says cyka cola around 2:22

  89. Big Stoner

    Happy birthday 🎂 Boris

  90. - Myerko -

    You know what they say. Beware of the Boogeyman

  91. Thomas Micio

    Thank you Boris for quarantine activity

  92. Mannik 388

    Anyone know the background music used here? It was pretty relaxing to hear. Much love to you and your videos Boris!

  93. Michael Woollard

    Gopnik sign language intensifies