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  1. Steven Struyf

    Be careful what you say about Belgium Seth. We don't even have a real government but at least they can get their act together to fight this pandemic unlike the 'greatest country' on Earth. BTW so all the US artists that make no. 1 with their album in Belgium, it means their album sucks? Boy, you must have a lot of 2nd grade artists in the US then :-)

  2. EyFmS

    That little door takes Seth to his next recording location, it will be a tight situation.

  3. Whitney Elizabeth

    I’ve been thinking about people who have rent, as well. Many of them are probably living paycheck to paycheck, but sure...make the priority people who own houses already. It should be across the board.

  4. Trista & The Edibles


  5. ian Father

    Life is like a steering wheel it has a push pull mechanism you must have dark to know light and you must have black side by side with white to know what it is the Hindu and Buddhist had it right there is a yin and yang energy and everything in the universe experiences this it's called infinite very simple imagine a figure 8 and that's what the fabric of existence is doing its on a constant flow with equal negative and positive energy everything is energy don't forget that wood table is a trillion upon trillion infinite in the quantum world particles holding themselves together that's a lot of energy to do that that's why quantum physics is so hard to study because for how small it is its super powerful again so if that table really isn't stagnant and is a bunch of particles not touching holding themselves together with their own sort of gravitational pull because everything isn't what it seems i mean dude you're body is the same way its nothing that's why we have consciousness to register it with out consciousness you wouldn't know what your brain is its just a bunch of moving particles to lmao but you're over here stuck on fake politics while the elite are trying to figure out how to live for ever studying how to transfer their consciousness to an new and improved life form or you can think im crazy but ive been doing a lot of soul searching meditation and researched every religion and so much history its proven time and time again with to much ideology and through the fascination of over creating we always lose our reality of our true existence this beautiful world we were given we're just constantly destroying because of new ideas and creation bit like I said maybe wrong

  6. Robert Ford

    Love you keep it up turn the tide

  7. Geir Ekornes

    I Guess you Are a progressive? Endorse IT please

  8. Drew Tlau

    Anyone wants to scratch those 2 holes?... Its so in your face... Nice front pockets doh

  9. tuang tuang

    Man, Taiwan just did more than 10000 test so far, which mean their government did not open the testing to public. The authority is just testing the people they think will have the virus.Ordinary people are not allow to do the test unless you have the symptom for 8 days. You know what i mean,the epidemic in taiwan is actually big than the government declared.

  10. William Bayne

    A friend gave me ONE surgical mask. I wear it once a week when I go out to pick up needed food. It sanitizes itself over the next week before next use. If I can find a decent cloth mask that will cover it, I will buy and wear that over my surgical mask. Wouldn't want to unnecessarily risk any negative vibes ;<)

  11. Joel Sorto

    Hat off to you Mr. Myers. Your ability to deliver lines Is impressive. Entertaining as always.

  12. Beloved

    This I bias. Remember the democrats calling him racist to stop flights from wuhan smh

  13. Beloved

    Our world has killed/aborted 1.5 billion babies in the last 50years buckle up

  14. Karen Heersink

    I’m hoping Harry Potter hangs out in the little closet under the stairs.

  15. Monique Damphousse

    The Trumpster apparently told 3M Company not to send any masks or other medical supplies to Canada. I heard today that 3M Company is going to send them to us anyway. Obviously the Trumpster doesn't run 3M Company. Hallelujah!

  16. Boon Nathan

    You guys voted this clown into office, wtf were u thinking 🤔

  17. Justin Z

    Seth Meyers pretends he’s a comedian.

  18. Felipe Silva

    If the MY Pillow guy makes masks you should be socked in the face

  19. ian Father

    No one would bring this country together no one could everyone has different tastes everyone has such different lives dude you don't understand the fabric of existence my man you're no true scientist and if you are i want you to admit this was bullshit and get your facts straight thank you

  20. keegan hunt

    A month ago, there was 1 woman in NY with corona. That was it.

  21. Kevin Buck

    Man this person is deciding the fate of the USA but he doesn't even know that right know that is in control of what happens in those states. LMAO I am sending my best to the real Americans people that know as long as you are in the USA it is America LOL doesn't matter what state your in.

  22. Danny Tourigny

    9:39 Haha that's me! I'm totally going to be that weird uncle. My sister got engaged on New Years, and when they do have kids I'm totally going to be that uncle!

  23. Sincere Hill

    The croud must be like “wtf did I just see”

    1. Sincere Hill


  24. ian Father

    People have been dumbed down by all media again i say all media

  25. nabinnyc

    At what point can we say that this administration intentionally killed citizens and destroyed our entire economy? “Gross negligence” does not adequately describe this.

  26. thaillistproducer

    LMAO @ Rocky/Apollo Creed Ref

  27. Jeramie T

    Most New Yorkers may have a scarf, but not most people.

  28. Blaze - Hakai - hildenbrand

    Me too

  29. greg watts

    who's your audience fella? 11 year olds

  30. E double

    Same language that Pelosi, Schumer, Maddow and every other democrat used when talking about Coronavirus...."Nothing to worry about...just wash your hands and get out there and live! "

  31. Bambi the Bullet

    People are dying and our president thinks it's still okay to keep ignoring the problem. When it reaches your house, when you witness the struggle to breathe... Is that the point when one must finally face the reality of the situation?

  32. Havanorange

    Was there supposed to be a plot? Maybe it was all just random scenes and no plot.

  33. Robinsinpost

    May be tweeting, watching Fox News and holding rallies makes it difficult to focus on important things.

  34. filamenter

    Has Seth been binge watching Maria Bamford?

  35. Ben B

    havnt liked you in years, but trump failed on this and sounds like a 3rd grader taking guesses. looks like a child

  36. E K Daufin


  37. Michael Noon

    When this cools down come up and kayak around the seastacks, hook up some free fresh seafood and build a fire in a hollowed out 300' 2000 year old redwood. Don't forget your sleeping bag and tortillas.

  38. timo 418

    what an idiot.!he actually means it.

  39. Ray R

    Do the math He’s comparing Iceland (population 364k) to USA (population 327 Million). And South Korea 59 million. I agree South Korea was aggressive. But US has 327 million. An idiot can see US would be more difficult to contain. Especially ppl from around the world flying in and out NY, CA, FL. Democrats are in charge on NY. Why didn’t they shut it down.

  40. E K Daufin

    1st 2 were great jokes!

  41. Sean Sullivan

    He reminds me of Phil Hartmen. Both superb guys.

  42. Serge Somborac

    "Obama wishes he had as many followers as I do". "Uhhmmm Mr. President... he's got almost double the number of followers". "FAKE NEWS!"

  43. Azzam M. Rafan

    Pilling gut lakasut

  44. Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III

    And who is this loser again?

  45. Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III

    And who is this loser again?

  46. Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III

    And who is this loser again?

  47. Michael Noon

    Fn A right Seth. Thanks for being there. Couple Covid cases in Del Norte Co Cali. They snuck in from Humboldt 1 county south.

  48. Erin Tolva

    I just matched Leslie Knoppe 78% in a personality test. I’m so humbled!

  49. sarablueshoes

    I'd like to see Leslie's unfiltered response to this episode. She's obviously trying to be nice...


    Mitch received and distributed to other Repug politicians $50,000,000 from Russia and NRA?????

  51. Norlin Kalamazoo

    Op-ed propaganda. nothing to see here folks...........Americans have no clue how the task force is doing because the MSM does not cover the White house briefings and instead lies and spews propaganda to undermine the truth. Even during this emergency, undermining the President is the Communist Democrat's only agenda. People will die needlessly and the economy will tank? A price well worth paying if the Dems can railroad the President out of office.

  52. Joe Regan

    Big slam on CBD outta fucking nowhere! I'm sorry you got scammed, Seth. Maybe take some of the real stuff and chill out

  53. Andres Carro

    Sad to see you need an entire video slamming Trump for views. Kind of disappointed in myself that I got 3/4 through the video.

  54. Tat Vela

    Amy looks so pretty, almost didn't recognize her. Does she make herself look less pretty when on TV and movies on purpose?

  55. Tanika iNsight

    Pls pls can we have Leslie Jones watch another series and narrate. I’ll watch the show she narrates just to understand her jokes better.

  56. noel hutchins

    Teach 'nudism' and 'doing their own laundry': sit on a towel, wear a towel in the presence of company: accept social denial (that you're naked).

  57. Andrew Christiansen

    When he says "Hey Kid" like Harrison its crazy how correct he gets the crack in his voice.

  58. dialNforNinja

    We should put Fauci in the oval office - at least then we'd have someone who knows how to listen and think before giving an opinion.


    --Being a Clown does not make Seth "Correct" or Informed. The FDA has not approved the tests presently available. Experts say they are only 50% accurate ! Doctors Brix and Fauci were part of the Obama Administration and are Highly Respected by both sides, but that's not good for clowns. This is good entertainment for Psycho Anti-Trumpists, not to know the full Truth.

  60. Larry Thompson

    The Lenny joke is hilarious!!

  61. James Wanjau

    Seth's DJT impression is why I watch A Closer Look.

  62. Victor Tay

    I have never heard of any President that speaks like Trump, nasty, insulting reporters when he is found lying and still maintain that he has done a great job when in fact, he screws up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Crystal Dance

    Nicole Wallace is a dumb ass and MSNBC is a fake news source and just puts out such bullshit propaganda.

  64. Darek Khort

    In 2021/22 we'll have to Like and Follow Trump's Facebook page to get the vaccine.

  65. J A C C

    What if we did nothing? What a benchmark!

  66. SJ

    Wait till 4-10/11/12 , will be laughing last Seth, puppet idiot. The ship is possibly going down and all you can do is continue to rip on our President. You are a loser.

  67. skisonic

    3 minuted in and i havent even 1.5x'd em

  68. David Renwick

    Russia lost 27million (not 50M) in WW2. Trump sounded as if he'd been on the sauce. Don's papa Fred Trump was born in Bronxphalia, New Yorkmund.

  69. Luba Zak

    It’s amazing when late night comedians teach us more about what is going on than Fox News. I just have a hard time even listening to the news ( I don’t watch Fox), because it is so depressing and anxiety producing. At least this is the latest with a laugh. Thanks, Seth Meyers.

  70. Jersey Bro

    Bernie has some great policies,but if you learned anything from trump it’s that if the opposing party doesn’t like you it’s hard to get anything done ,Bernie has both party’s against him.

  71. Michael Young

    The thorn birds?

  72. Grits N Gravy

    in billy from predators voice " i'm scared poncho, trump is out there waiting for us and he ain't no man... were all gonna die"

  73. Joe Lamb

    Great job again!! Thanks for the laughs...even though it's tough to laugh knowing that POS trump continues to make things worse!!

  74. Larry L

    Sorry Hobby Lobby, You need to be a golf course preferably owned by Donald Trump to be classified as essential and stay open.

  75. Pao Lee

    How's the hoax and fraudulent by the deep state now, Sean Hannity? If the Coronavirus is not bad, why did you walked back on your hoax D-ass!

  76. petrina smith

    Please have Leslie Jones on the show! I love you and her together ❤️🤗

  77. Andrew Flood

    method man look so smart here on the late night with seth meyers !!!

  78. CS_FL

    I have compared it to flu. and to AIDS and TB and suicides, and motor vehicle deaths and malaria and even MEASLES... ALL of these have killed more, sometimes MANY TIMES more than COVID did in the first quarter. It intrigues me that none of these diseases seem to cause much concern. It interests me what makes people panic. There are at least 25 causes of death in the world that are killing more people right now than COVID. interesting. Do I have concerns about COVID... of course. I'm over 70 and I am still seeing patients every working day. Could I get COVID, sure. Could I die from it, sure-I'm "high risk". But am I panicked? No. I didn't panic back when I was sewing up AIDS patients. And you SHOULD treat it like a flu. or rather, we will. The death rate in this country from COVID per unit population is less than France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and several other countries. However, The whole world thinks TRUMP should be the one to fix it. Canada wants our masks... the USA fusses at him for letting Canada have them. If he gives them masks, they accuse him of having the blood of Americans on his hands. If he sends some to Canada, the same people accuse him of having the blood of Canadians on his hands. Why does the world think that ONE MAN has the power to fix everything in the world... and HE must be blamed for everything that goes wrong. Just take your meds, take a nap... and chill.

  79. Knob Jockey

    Andy Capp is the man for the times: get drunk and sleep on the lounge! He would have made a much better president than fake president trump.

  80. mizz Phillip

    This guy is good 🤣🤣🤣 just for laugh

  81. Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

    This shows the utter lack of leadership in the states....look at the f**king constitution people...federal government DOES NOT DICTATE WHAT STATES MUST BUY!!!!!

  82. MrJaas69

    BREAKING NEWS IN EUORPE.....JUST READ that FOXNEWS is in very serious trouble. they are being sued be a team of lawyers. i think this suit has 50 something lawyers. over misinformation and being held responsible for the death of many people of covid 19. something to do with rupert murdock canceling his bday bash over covid 19 and fox news playing down a deadly virus. is this true or false? i really hope so. they need to be held accountable.

  83. boo Jay

    I stopped watching Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon, Corden, Trevor Noah, etc., because Seth Meyers is the only one who covers Bernie Sanders.

  84. Kansas Man

    Ah, you're another leftest propaganda outlet..... I hope everyone who watches this guy's video understands that the left had some months ago said themselves this virus was nothing to worry about, but later changed their own words. From the start, the left was playing the race card to the extreme with this and even were having people go up to Asian people that were sick from the virus and wearing masks to hug and kiss them. Then a little later, Democrats in New York and California and other places were telling everyone not to worry about this virus and to go about their daily lives as normal, but quickly changed their stance sometime later. You should go look for yourselves as well. The actual videos of the Democrats saying these things are here on FIsels free and open for anyone to watch. Yes, Trump at the time did say it was just the flu due to everyone else saying the same thing at the time. Trump later changed his words when finding out that this virus was not like the flu, but so did the Democrats. Explain to me why you won't share this vital info in your video? That's's because you hate Trump and are just feud by hatred rather than facts while wanting to push your own narrative.

  85. Olivia Weathers

    When we're allowed to have parades again we need to give our healthcare workers and grocery store employees the best one ever seen

  86. itubeo1o

    Amy is the best....!

  87. ml m

    "...and then it" 🤣

  88. Noah Vale

    EVERYTHING Trump does is just so wrong !

  89. Mybiz

    Hello --- EVERYONE compared it to flu, as flu is our only frame of reference.

  90. Tia's Tips

    Really is that why during the whole month of January he and Fox where calling the virus a hoax and fake news lie

  91. prussian7

    It's going to be awhile before I get the image of a Trump + Frankenstein hybrid out of my mind...

  92. Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

    Making her pregnant.


    Still, USA states are not implementing stay home orders....STRANGE MADNESS....who will be responsible for the lives lost?

  94. mizz Phillip


  95. petrina smith

    Love Martha!❤️

  96. Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

    Making her my first prego . My first pregnancy.

  97. david knapp

    Funny stuff! Air bump.

  98. Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

    She's too much sexy.

  99. Ron c

    The following chart as well as Video shows, the difference between how the normal seasonal flu infects people, as well as other major epidemic's have effected millions of lives in the past 100 years or so, is this COVID-19 virus, less serious then even the flu, ?? watch the following video for yourself, then decide , IF?? the COVID-19 just might be much more serious, then any past epidemic in history.