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  1. Cockcheese Maghee

    E r i c C i a r a m e l l a = "whistleblower"

  2. Cockcheese Maghee

    E r i c C i a r a m e l l a = "whistleblower"

  3. matthew benard

    God i wish "I" could just drag him to the road and shoot him in the face and be done and over with so the world can work on repairing all the damage he has done over the last 3 years.

  4. Em Fisher

    So considering how easy it is to adjust the call volume on all smart phones, even during a phone call, was this not obviously intentional? And why make such an important phone call to the President of the United States with the volume on high and continue the conversation in front of others who could document and report it?

  5. ninjarevv


  6. SalabandaEndoki

    Pelosi is about to be acting president very soon

  7. Marcos 989

    To demonstrate how sick America is ~40% of the general population could come away from this show and disagree with every single portrayal and conclusion Seth reached.

  8. kgaflights

    Funny how the second half of the testimony was never commented on? HMMMMM wonder, Why? maybe because first half was based on opinion. second half, facts. Go check it out.

  9. AJ

  10. Kailey Branson

    "Emphasis on nothing, it's fake" 😂

  11. MrsRobinson0741

    Hahahahah I heard that call too....I even jotted down his name to post on some of the media his name is Monty ;)

  12. Long Tu


  13. Leah Monet

    I was actually watching C-Span when that last caller dropped the F-bomb! My mouth dropped open. Seth's team doesn't miss a thing!

  14. Hugh G. Rection

    Pretty damning for Burisma, I'd say

  15. writerpenn2012

    hahahaha LOVE IT 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  16. B B

    This testimony took me off the fence. Trump ia guilty.

  17. April Verta

    Really digging that guitar riff, has an old school Chicago blues feel to it. Rory also deserves all the love as well for showing some serious skill on those drums!

  18. Cj Gia

    Seth Meyers, you are thee best. I effin luv ur a$$!

  19. John Tomasini

    Is dementia contagious, Rudy has it bad.

  20. Martin Myrdal

    Trump 2020! KAG, bitches!


    This is fucking Hilarious... '45' Quid No Pro Quo.. WTF.. '45' Lol

  22. J C

    i honestly can't wait to see the motion picture of this

  23. Gregory Smith

    Yet the pole has literally gone down for impeachment that's absolutely terrifying.

  24. tintinban

    Seth! Your writers are good, but the got to fire the "Yellow filter" "Tan Lover" "Trump Shade Burner" "Old School Tungsten" should go.......annoying.

  25. Mitch Wilson

    FIsels keeps recommending this show to me even though I have clicked "not interested" many many times. I guess I'll just start disliking all this channel's videos. I don't really have anything against this show, just not interested.

  26. Eric Wetzel

    What really ticked me, is, during his Testimony, no way did he Take any of this seriuse, he made jokes, even little faces during it, kept lieing and dodging questions, enough said...

  27. Alexandra Lee Hurst

    Great job. 🌹🌹🌹

  28. Manish Patel

    Seth said, "If Republicans had any integrity..." Hah! Republicans? And integrity? Only if you were looking for opposites.

  29. enkiitu

    If I had to guess I suppose nothing will come out of all this madness. They’ll “maybe” impeach him (I even doubt that), but I feel like it is not very likely that he’ll be removed. Another fear of mine is that if the Democrats don’t go all the way with this Trump might very well come out stronger in the end and win the election. I could be (and I hope I am) wrong. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

  30. Eric Wetzel

    Sondland is an Idiot, just an Incompetent Appointed by Trump, same goes for many others, obviously he is not Equipped to handle this serious job.....

  31. sasscot

    lol dude you are literally ripping off colbert's jokes verbatim, like is that a gig or something

  32. Matt D

    "I've been watching people making phone calls my entire life." Yeah, he's been watching John Barron, David Dennison, and John Miller making calls.

  33. Aaron C Danzy

    The shot at OJ out of nowhere 🤣

  34. AllAboutTheAFC

    Republicans have literally been driven to insanity by continually supporting the looney known as Trump, despite knowing of his obvious corruption and fuckuppery.

  35. Math

    FAKE NEWS... only mindfucked libs and incels believe this... democrats are fuckin corrupted to the core. you fuckin fascists.. Biden and hillary for prison.. trump 2020 and you just reelected trump with all your madness . these democrats are in a desperat attempt and failing... everyone sees through it except the sheeple. They got no other way to win in 2020

  36. Rosita A. Huff

    ....I hope he will not get away with one should be above the one !

  37. Ashtar Sheran

    #Drumpf4Prison2020 😁😁😁🚓🚓🚓🚔🚔🚔🔒🔒🔒

  38. Sheila Smith

    This whole thing has been painful to watch. My God, America, wake up! This affects the entire world

  39. bischojt

    It's going to end up with nothing again. Just like Meullar report. All the negative press, late night shows, and democrats that are hurt, all of this, is just upsetting all the voters between the coasts. 2020 will be a landslide for trump

  40. craszhtube69

    I can't believe our tax money going to the DO NOTHING GOP, clearly they don't care about the FACTS.

  41. Jacob Christ

    This has the makings of an awesome Austin powers movie eh. Or at least memes. The memes will be tear jerking to say the least.

    1. Jacob Christ

      1024 on Rudy’s phone correlates on gematrix to “gathering a list of criminals to kill”. Coincidence or not 😂

  42. gar finn

    Altered 302s. Altered FISAs. I hear thunder...sounds like a storm might be on its way.

  43. Wil The Snake

    Let's admit it, if we had no government this host would be out of a job.

  44. Hess Youil

    Yeah it didn't work out too well. Now the FBI is under criminal investigation for is their illegal Russain investigation.

  45. Sheila Smith

    You most certainly CAN hear someone through the phone when it isn't on speaker

  46. Kate

    "The very white pages!" Hahahahaha!

  47. William Moore

    What, I have overheard people through the phone plenty of times when someone else is talking to them.

  48. Wil The Snake

    The president may lie, but so does your shows ratings.

  49. minkya1010

    Don't say "open and shut case." You never know these days...

  50. M S

    Impeach the fucker.

  51. Dan Phillips

    Sondlan was told he was there to be smirched and he was by the people who told him that.

  52. Manish Patel

    Sondland testified that he had raised his concerns with Republican Senator Ron Johnson. So that explains why Ron Johnson is desperately trying to demonize all witnesses, including Lt. Col. Vindman.

  53. Isaac Zavala

    Markiplier is living in sin😂

  54. YaggaYagga

    Ukraine about to send an apology basket to Russia 😂

  55. cookiesncream789

    I was waiting for him to say something about Batman lol!

  56. Alexander K.

    I wish people stopped using the phrase 'quid quo pro', because it's not appropriate. This is no trade on equal levels, but a clear case of extortion. What they did is as much a quid pro quo as exchanging hostages against money.

  57. Elysian Prince

    Florida man said it best.

  58. michael gove

    Stop your fooling around Time you straighten right out Better think of your future Else you'll wind up in jail ( Ah-ah-ah ) Rudy A message to you, Rudy A message to you

  59. Emmy M

    So are they going to impeach him of just talk and do nothing?

  60. Cole skuxx

    Yo, bruhhhhhh, I only just realised that Seth Meyers and Ben Stiller are 2 different people after watching his clips on youtube for over a year

  61. Ask to seduce Miss

    "Hey I'm in Kyiv doing the thing" "You should be in Ukraine though" Yup that's trump

  62. Potwheelz

    None of these fools can pronounce Kiev! It's Kee-ev. Not keev.

  63. Jim Bananas

    If only Giuliani had taken the advice of the Specials circa

  64. Raul Olivas

    Trump presidency has been the most beautiful ✋🏽disaster 👌🏽.. not ever ✋🏽 has there ever been 🤚🏽 such a perfect dumpster fire ✋🏽🤚🏽... 🗑 🔥

  65. esb bse

    Best newsman in the world

  66. Carol Empie

    Republican elephant symbol looks like a limp dick!

  67. polfilmblog

    'Trump's actions in Ukraine were wrong.' Wow. Imagine if they had a clue what Obama did in Ukraine! Fascists installed. Civil War. 13.000 dead. Democracy murdered. Imagine if Americans could even find Ukraine on a map!

  68. anthony cannata jr

    "The very white pages"... Bahahahaha!

  69. Alireza Behzadnia

    Who else picked up on the fact that when Sondland told Trump he's calling from Kiev, Trump asked him if he's calling from Ukraine? : )))))))

    1. B H Mch

      I was just commenting on that. G's. Lol

  70. bold flavor

    Now now, he must be innocent. He wrote down how innocent he was in giant letters on a napkin and screamed it out loud on the white house lawn. What could be more convincing than that?

    1. B H Mch


  71. RB

    Stephen Miller is Trump's Vice-President of the CSA.

  72. DŨNG BẢO


  73. Pam Timmins

    You are so funny Seth.....I agree Impeach the fu&ker.....the trump toadies and enablers don't have a leg to stand on. All the gop do is lie and whine like trump....Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs!

  74. Heart Storm Media

    Rudy Giuliani is like the dude that buys her girl a brand new car and a fur coat the day after his crew gets away with a bank robbery and says everyone lay low for a while

  75. michael gove

    As soon as Trump leaves the presidency, they'll be waiting with the handcuffs. He's going down quicker than an in-demand porn star with a massive work ethic.

  76. Bowl o’ fruit

    Wasn’t rubber banding a term used to describe when video games gave computer characters an edge to create challenge. Like in super Mario kart, all the computer racers behind you would just gain a massive lead from 8th to 1st in like a couple seconds. While you were left in the dust.

  77. Demeter

    Glenn Beck with a beard is just an abomination before God.

  78. Demeter

    Roodles: "I've been bribing people for 50 years and I've never had a complaint! People say I'm so good at it!"

  79. Tom Sawyer

    I loved Sondland. What a fun guy. Not afraid of Trumpfioso.

  80. starsapphire2013

    All the sister-fuckers from Alabama, represent!!

  81. LSI

    The New York Mafia, sponsored by the Republican Party

  82. EmpyreanLightASMR

    I don't think I recognize him. If I saw him on the street, I wouldn't know who he was or I'd think *maybe* he looks like Robert Pattinson. I don't think I know him that well. But I can't wait to watch The Lighthouse, been on my watchlist since IMDb barely had cast and crew put together.

  83. Kenneth Harris

    That's how trump stands when Putin is banging him in his a**.

  84. Cory Mck

    Trump was already old by the time cell phones came out.

  85. Maydon Rogers

    "We are through the looking glass!" 🤣

  86. Adam Kuda

    Sondland and Trump use 4 letter words but Dr Hill uses 4 syllable words.

  87. TheRiff Writer

    I just can't get over that Trump risks impeachment, possible prison time (after he's president) offers a foreign leader billions in arms and aid and causes an international incident over something a private investigator could do for about $600. If the lives of my two children depended on me following someone so demonstrably stupid they might just be in trouble.

  88. Richie Rich

    And nothing matters anymore. Your 1% owners now control the senate, the supreme court and the executive branch; our Democracy is Dead.

  89. BraniusBalki

    Why would you insist you cant hear other people some distance from a phone when sometimes you clearly can...? If you believe that you are disconnected from reality.

  90. Sammy L

    “WHITE preaches about riches delivered to them...” the world has heard that before 😑

  91. Crzywrld 13

    Grim Jordan got gaveled many times, and had to be told EIGHT times not to interrupt the witness. Jordan is also a hand grenade that blew up while representing the GOP during the hearings. Jim Jordan is also being implicated in knowing about the sexual abuse of many boys while he was the assistant coach of a wrestling team. People, I implore you, please know who you’re voting for.

  92. Truth Seeker

    So.. he's a comedian that hates Trump... what did you think he was gonna glean from this circus?

  93. Tom Sawyer

    I’m totally cross stitching that pillow tomorrow.

  94. diane webb

    #45 is so amendment 25. Totally nuts.

  95. Gideon Puccio

    Got to love how the republicans got their yelling, corrupt, boy-loving, "Gym" Jordan on the witnesses...

  96. selftuff

    Bunch of ASSWIPES.......

  97. Nur Atiqah

    I watched this and felt so incredibly proud of Mark. Then I watched his and Ethan’s newest video for Unnus Annus (The Worst kind of Cupping). Still proud of him. A little perturbed though.

  98. Gwen

    Rngesus is real tho

  99. Anne George

    Republicans are so corrupt.

  100. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Just because you believe it or say it enough time doesn't mean it will come true. Trump is either living in his own fairy tale or he is hoping Americans are dumb enough to believe his every word. Like the caller said, impeach the f*cker.