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  1. Budismo, cultura tailandesa, etc. etc

    Theres is something wrong with price he is not what he used to be. He can't handle a lead


    Wow best podcast ever gave me new perspectives and show how clueless I am

  3. Cameron Utter

    anaheim has been playing great as of late....and this is coming from knights fan

  4. T. DM

    ПенгВингс смешная тима

  5. Puck Shack

    Quinn Hughes>Makar

  6. taco meat

    These people spending $ on the west coast to see the Penguins lose? What a waste

  7. Dr. Strangelove

    Looks good on you Calgary

  8. gj Beaudry

    Does Buffalo know they're on TV and their fans see what kind of defensive effort they give??? I played competitive hockey as a goalie from the age of nine until I graduated high school (I was first team all State my soph, jr, and Sr year) and we were taught that the center is essentially the 3rd defenseman, and Eichel isn't even skating on two of VGKs first 3 goals... I know he's the most important player on the team, but when even the slightest effort would have prevented at least one, and probably both of them, that's as important as scoring!?! I always liked knowing that each save I made eliminated a goal, and really nice performances won games... That's where the rush of scoring comes from when playing goal, and goalies know when a goal is prevented by good defense, I guess it's more motivating to put one in the net rather than keeping one out!?! C'mon Sabres, your fans have suffered enough!.. let me know if I should quit hoping for the post season, what am I saying? We have10 points to make up in 17 games, even if they win out Toronto only needs 12 of 17 to secure 3rd...

  9. curvingwall



    Bunkis is speaking the truth Raptors and bucks not to sure at the moment they could go against the bucks

  11. Gabba Kennedy

    1000% a dive. And the refs will start not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Panarin was obviously moving backwards


    2020 anyone?

  13. G P

    Chara was standing on his ankles. Wish it was Marchand.

  14. Dean Shaw

    Ok here is my prediction and I hope I'm wrong but Carolina will not make the playoffs this year...

  15. julyvibe

    Lehner fitting nicely with Vegas

  16. Андрей Шаргородский

    Охуенные обзоры !!!!

  17. Jesse Burke

    Young kids come up and fill roles all the time and get the job done and they will go on a winning streak with theses kids on de

  18. Sebastian Rutkowski

    David Ayres has half as many wins this season as Jimmy Howard

  19. Jesse Burke

    He has no clue what he talking about he never played hockey before complete dumb ass

  20. spencer_facts

    He went literally into the crease and then backwards the angle makes it hard to tell but watching his skates it’s blatant

  21. Vincent Davos

    Халява кончилась ...

  22. Left Leg Cemetery


  23. Damien Chance

    I think the that Zucker trading to pens is a mistake

  24. Altitude Gaming

    The thing with larsen and Benn was larsen was harassing jamie (and a few other stars) in the game they played against each other last meeting before that game. Larsen got a decent hit on jamie in the game before so when jamie saw a chance to get his own hit, all he saw was red. I'm a stars fan but I'll admit jamie should have slowed down at least a little.

  25. Damien Chance

    Looks like shitsburgh loss another one... lol 😂

  26. oopopp x

    Just started the video and I already know the sabres will LOSE....

  27. oopopp x

    SAabres season is over....

    1. Spencer K.

      It was over b4 the season even started...

  28. God


  29. Nicholas Sanchez

    People acting like he full on cross checked this fool. Dude gets a little touch in the back catches an edge and hurricane fans cry their eyes out. You arent going to win a stanley cup for years chill out

  30. BuxPlayz

    Go Preds

  31. Alex DethRose

    This is clean as Hell. What are y'all on? Zadorov maybe nudges him with the stick and Dzingel spills. Almost looks like Messi taking a dive. Zadorov hardly touches him and rightly so. He can see he's crashing down. He purposefully didn't crush him. There's nothing on it.

  32. Gabba Kennedy

    Watch eichel on the 2nd VGK goal. Of course dahlin could've been stronger. Watch how slow Eichel is to get back into the zone.

    1. gj Beaudry

      Bruce Fina please read the comment I left before reading this thread... It's frightening to see how many people recognized Eichel's (lack of) defense!!!

    2. Bruce Fina

      gj Beaudry sad. I like him and like the sabres. But until he learns to play D they have no chance

    3. gj Beaudry

      I swear I didn't see this comment either... I think we were writing at the same time!?!

    4. gj Beaudry

      I swear I didn't read this before I left my comment.. anyway, I mentioned how bad he was on 2 of the first 3 goals!!! Run it back and you'll see!!!

    5. Bruce Fina

      Gabba Kennedy watch Eichel on the first goal. Off the bench, glides into the zone and watched the goal. At least he always gets a good view.

  33. Sergei Michalich

    Ну блин негоже проигрывать "вуткам"....

  34. Sean Avery

    13 Avalanche fans disliked this.

  35. Вячеслав Хан

    Жалко Коланбус не хватает глубины состава.

  36. Florian Deing

    Francouz and grubi will be Stanley cup tandem

  37. Angelo Z

    99% of the things this guy says until today are promotion based. He makes fights nothing esle. He never fought and was never involved in combat sports as a fighter. His big mouth made him look stupid on many occasions

  38. Lisa Penne

    Zadorov is too often on the edge of dirty. He needs to get checked (whooped) now, especially since he never does.

    1. Nicholas Sanchez

      Is too often? Wtf are you talking about? You're feelings are making you sound stupid as hell

  39. Hoody Doody

    if brady isn’t leaving how come he negotiated the tags out of his last deal, think about it, that was the play.

  40. Jomaru Joestar

    Bertuzzi should be in concussion protocol save the fighting for next time

  41. julyvibe


  42. Jacob Halterman

    Also feel bad for Ovi getting outshined this week. Lol hate the guy but it's hilarious that David Ayers upstaged his Russian a$$

  43. TurboBlimp

    I would love to see any of you stand in net while a player runs into you. You will try to push him away or protect yourself just as Machalenny did and when a 190 lb guy in full gear even clips you you will go flying just the same.

  44. Jacob Halterman

    It....was....against the gotta feel for Devils fans and Leafs fans everywhere.

  45. Jomaru Joestar

    Players get hurt trying to figure skate near the boards

  46. Roman Borris

    Pens can’t win at all right now... love it

    1. MMGJ09

      Meh, they'll start putting it together again soon.

  47. Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos

    Wow, Lehner played out of his mind tonight.

    1. Bryan Halstead

      Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos Miss seeing that here on the Island. Guys a beast in the pipes

  48. Brennan Downhill

    Buyers at the deadline btw

  49. sandra manahan

    please go watch my response video ...........

  50. Ken Hogan

    Gawd their colour scheme is just awful to look at.

  51. doyouevenlift 1744

    Didn't watch the game, how do y'all like Milano's overall play so far? Besides 3 points in 2 games.

    1. Bryan Halstead

      doyouevenlift 1744 I still don’t understand why a Columbus made that trade lol. Kid has so much upside

    2. Miguel Piceno

      doyouevenlift 1744 great

  52. Lilia Sahanova

    Without Stone and Nosek. Great determination by the boys!:)

  53. TOMMY

    Go vegas,go!

  54. Luke Williams

    Refs be like... “ You get a penalty! You get a penalty! You get a double penalty! Everyone gets a penalty!!”

  55. Kaleb Kurtz

    Man oh man these are homers

  56. Kaleb Kurtz

    Stay on your feet.

    1. Karanveer Kahlon

      Kaleb Kurtz loved when Wilson almost killed zadorov.

  57. [Rock] [Star]

    Панарин красавчик даже в таком матче очки набрал!

  58. Bryan Ouellet

    Busch league

  59. Juggernog Master

    Going to have to agree with the announcer on this. What an absolute joke, as a referee you’re supposed to look out for this, *and you miss this?* Explain this bs... for real... I’d love to talk with the ref and ask him to explain how you miss that

  60. baconlettucesandwhich

    Someone needs to put Zadarov the rat into his place please

  61. Sirfrostysnow

    Beautiful streak boys, let’s get to ten!

  62. Mary S


  63. Kevin Loewen

    Where's Mika Kiprusoff's on the line save with his stick ?

  64. Outbreak


  65. Francois Esterhuizen

    All the leafs had to do was throw a bunch of pucks on net. They shot 7 pucks on net in the third, I mean c'mon. Great story.... inspiring and what not - for the leafs this was plain down embarrassing.

  66. Bryan Halstead

    As an Isles fan i’m happy to see Lehner on a team like Vegas. He will flourish there as long as he keeps his mind right

  67. edboy484

    Last I checked he's 4th among defensemen in points. Any conversation with guys like Josi and Hedman involved is one you want to be a part of

  68. Johnathan Patrick

    Bad play by Svechnikov on the winning goal by Girard. Can't leave your man, Svech. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ On the Avs side, Francouz playing outta his mind right now. 45 stops?! 😰😰

  69. Matt Tomita


    1. Gabba Kennedy

      Why would he sign right now?

  70. grum

    god damn the sabres suck

  71. Sachin R

    Dzingel done for the season

  72. Tony Masters

    Another beauty game, the wins keep coming.

  73. WetFootage

    Fire this guy immediately

  74. isthatyoubetha

    hey guys, let's buy at the deadline even though we suck and have sucked for 10 years

    1. isthatyoubetha

      @John Smith they need to sell. Get busy winning or get busy losing!! Then again this is the team that played Jeff Skinner with Eichel during a contract year, signed him to an absurd contract and then took him off of the line to flounder. Who did they put on Eichel's line? Reinhart (contract year) and Olofsson (contract year).

    2. Bryan Halstead

      John Smith They need to start all over, they suck

    3. John Smith

      Trading a single 5th round pick 2 years from now means that they were buyers? They also made another trade getting them a younger player.

  75. Александр Емелин

    Боби, Боби......

  76. Logan N6

    Toronto: *has 2 fights in a week Everyone: Tf is going on

  77. Matt Tomita

    @Steve Dangle hat pick?

  78. Sophia Satura

    Bobby Booby Booby Booby B O O B Y ........

  79. Mattbroncos 58

    cousins is probably happy he’s out montreal

  80. JohnnyBuschi

    How can someone criticize how an athlete plays when all they do is sit at a desk?

  81. Miles Hockey29

    What happened to Bobby Ryan anyways?

  82. MajorMassSpec

    As a Canuck fan, I'm annoyed that we lost, but I'm glad Bobby had a great night and it was nice to see him back on the ice. Congrats on the hat trick!

  83. Daniel Beauchamp

    It was the best decision he made to not come to Quebec.

  84. Britt DcruZ

    14:52 he said go to "Google Maps"

  85. B rig


  86. Michael Horsey

    I feel so bad for rittich in this

  87. chick magnet

    fire tortorella. lol

  88. Vladimir Kasperovih

    Хорошая игра. Рейнджерс не везло.

  89. sam93931

    ahah thats pretty funny :P

  90. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    30th comment 🏐🏉🏀⚽️

  91. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    54th comment 🍺🍻🍷🍸

  92. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    20th comment 💁🏻🙅🏽🙆

  93. Andrea toby

    I expected us to do better after that fast goal. Instead we hid and let the flyers took charge. I’m disappointed with this game and hope we’ll show up on Sunday.

    1. patkajape

      What position did you play?

  94. Hillary Gigs

    That’s a knee ouch

  95. noobmaster69

    Lol they're good now

  96. emadigan523

    Or maybe "Dzingle shaken up after sliding in the boards"

  97. Julian Mcguigan

    *John Cena theme playing during the whistle break*

  98. Jake Fillion

    Ok, Vegas fan... but I need to point this out, Marchessault kneeing Hutton with no penalty... dang-it on the officials

  99. chattiermike140

    Rittich got closer to breaking Johnny Ham and Cheese’s face than he did his own stick

  100. black cat

    What the hell was jake Gardiner doing? If you want make to the playoffs, bench gardiner rest of season.

    1. Vivid Replic

      Exactly, regardless if we make the playoffs or not we need to get rid of him. Too slow and gets stripped of the pick VERY easily. Definitely a minus on the team