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  1. yuuiuu11

    The Wings are their own opponents.

  2. Moses Barnard Seidel

    0:03 now that's a dang-it

  3. RW163

    This is a propa sort, you got a problem go toe to toe and the best man wins and then everything is left at that, it's beautiful

  4. Trev Mac

    Kassians interview is 100 though, old classic hockey, then we have tkachuk who cant throw a punch or look anyone in the eye when being talked to hahahahahaha #youngins

  5. BATES-60 R.M.C.

    It's sad ,no fans.Empty building.

  6. Jake Broer

    I swear, if the league makes the lacrosse goal illegal, I'll start a riot

  7. Ollie Schep

    Love the vid Steve, for next dang its video, you gotta include the play where lindgren and tatar ran into each other behind their net resulting in a turnover and goal against versus Chicago. That was bad.

  8. Lucian Petrik

    Chara ty si CHARA bitkár a stupidný hokejista !!!!

  9. Woah NoWay

    Wouldn't it be cool if the all star game was instead 3 on 3 tournament that spanned a couple days, where each team sends 6 players and a goalie. Everyone is represented. it's competitive. you could have Canadian and American women teams. That would be crazy.

  10. Damien Chance

    Is that John Walton from the caps radio calling the game??

  11. Greg Hamilton

    If you dont like the train, stay off the tracks

  12. Brian Schlaf

    Great fight and great respect at the end!

  13. Glenn Thomason

    Big boy hockey .

  14. Gibbs1966

    Always a pleasure too watch your dangit or hatpicks Mr Steve Greetings from Oslo,Norway

  15. harlequin75

    I have a hairy chest

  16. Aleksey Strakun

    Уилсон -Красавчик!

  17. lynx den

    he hit him straight in the back # where are the refs ? I agree what kotkaniemi did

  18. Aquatic Seraph

    The intro card says "Steve's dang-its." Now *that's* a dang it.

  19. WillIsAThrill

    The svechnikov goals are only happening on Canadian teams

  20. U Kerimbaev

    Aha, now I understand, this guy is taking over from Putin

  21. Gymrat1504

    Can't stand Krug

  22. Fredrik VanBeuren

    Crosby’s back and he’s a new man!!

  23. Pretty Gal

    Its just a manner of time when evidence comes out Altuve's using some device to cheat and other Astros using it as well. MLB will have to punish players which they are trying so hard not too. These players should be suspended for a year or not more the evidence is out there be prepared Astros to pay a bigger price with your players. BUNCH OF CHEATERS

  24. Fletcher P

    God bless Burke for someone finally calling it as it is

  25. Cornelio Jerez

    Baseball is the new telenovela *insert suspense music*

  26. Garner Brown

    Holy crap, just get to the story already.

  27. Ari Kashton

    LOL. They are all cheating. Vasoline. Steroids. Electronic sign stealing. The Astros were simply better cheaters cheaters. The Astro were world ch... a....s. (Just fill in the blanks as you see fit.)

  28. Jörgen Illman

    Wait, hold the press!!! Steve's actually saying goalie leaving the net was a... good thing?! And made it a Hat-Pick instead of Dang-It?!

  29. Michael Ponath

    That 'reading the Newspaper' comment on Sidney's play is hilarious 😂

  30. Matthew Waizer

    Who is more unlikeable avery or marchand

  31. sycho67ak

    All those comments in Russian ! :D This is a great sign ! Thank God for Kovalchuk !!!!

  32. Michael O'Connor

    5:43 WHYYYY NOT?!?!?!

  33. Egman Mo

    At first I thought it was accidental, but watching the overhead you can see him extend his hand right next to Rask before Carlo even touches him. Although the push may have given the fist a lil more force, by no means did Carlo CAUSE that to happen by pushing him into the goalie.

  34. Chewy4life

    Last time I was this early Steve was in a blue room

  35. Quinlan B

    How about green smashing his stick on the post after the goal where he fell...that’s it’s own dang it

  36. Олег Епишев

    Ильюха супер

  37. Jack Rinaldi

    All the dislikes are from sharks fans

  38. Ian Grote

    Really? No Elvis shutout in Vegas? Cmon lads.

  39. arwenundomiel23

    hey now, donk and flibbet are some of our best AHL-ers!

  40. Дмитрий Кирюхин


  41. Marik

    I was at the BUF v VGK game and I will tell you, that crowd went ballllliiiiiistiiiiic when Jack scored that goal, and I saw it on his side a few rows back it was awesome.

  42. Will Dymond

    just learned the lacrosse/michigan move.

  43. Василий О

    Им надо Даути и Копитара на драфт отказов выставить.

  44. Lezionyx

    The biggest Dang it is using a Dang Its intro in a Hat Pick video. Oof,what a Dang It!

  45. Jim campbell


  46. RAN DOM

    Ови красава!

  47. Not2be4gotten02

    That intro card is a dang-it, for dang-its. Its getting meta.

  48. Ailsa Ni

    "iS tWo BEtTeR tHaN FivE"? wtf kind of a question is that.

  49. Danny Thomas

    The Maple Leafs started dying once Joseph left. He came back for a brief time, but it was never the same.

  50. Василий О

    Жакетам вообще пох есть у них панара или нет. В игре ничего не изменилось, в результатах тоже.

  51. Jamie Lyons

    When do these team play each other again , need to put it in my calendar..

  52. chris laform

    Just earned a job in the NHL's pr department. Hope there's no blackout.

  53. Brenden Auger

    Watching a video in 2019 from 1999 and he’s on a 10 year old ipad

  54. John S

    Tim and Sid are shy.

  55. Michael Rincon

    Dude.... just no... Suspension for at least a game

  56. Evgeny Kondratenko

    I hate Chara whoreson

  57. Meds

    What a baby

  58. Gavin Winkler !

    How did you feel about your favorite team getting scored on by the Michigan?

  59. qwerty407

    wow all the people lost bets in past few world series games going to be pissed.

  60. Quentin Cademartori

    It’s pronounced (Ahn•Jae) Kopitar

  61. Slap Shot Hockey

    Robert Hagg : Controller Disconnected. Jesperi Kotkaniemi : Continously pressing B

  62. Jan Kesner

    tkachuk is pig, nothing more... He isnt play ice hockey.

  63. TheBlackestKey

    Na Tkachuk is too skilled to sit out for his team for 5 min

  64. Oliver Jones

    one day after that amzing assist from tom wilsion last night

  65. gapper367

    I like ground tychuck in my hamburger!

  66. Iasan O’lunney

    Kassian will serve what needs served

  67. Justin Paq

    Way to block those shots with your face Homer!

  68. jfayiii

    Rosenthal was on top of things.

  69. Вячеслав Хан

    Торонто нужен надежный основной голкипер. Андерсен не тянет на эту роль.

  70. Ryan A

    If only he’d just play hockey I’d be a huge fan.

  71. Caleb


  72. Liisa P


  73. Александр Великий

    Вилсон красава, шикарный осист комбату. Илья прямо вселяет уверенность в игру пернатых. Кузе не свезло, но поди свезет ещё, тема классная. Свечников уже пору засодил. Сибирь с вами пацаны. Даёшь второй трофей!!!

  74. Anthony Quinn

    Well at least they found a turtle....

  75. wednesday magnitude

    Is M. Tkachuk just yankee Claude Lemieux? (Without the hardware...yet).

  76. Исмагил Самиргалиев

    Кучеров 2 гола , Овечкин хет-трик, ещё Кови дал 2 гола, просто красавцы!!

  77. T. J S3

    Cuylle"ill take my helmet off!" Apperson "nope".

  78. JHad

    Spit it out guy!!

  79. Essene Gnostic

    Who is better , Drouin or Kovalchuk ?

  80. T. J S3

    Animal. Remember to realize that we are lucky to be seeing this live, Ovie will be those players that future fans use to measure greatness.

  81. Peter Thiessen

    The NHL is obviously against the Oilers. Somewhere there is a special relationship between the NHL and the Flames.

  82. James Kujawa

    I remember the hr against yankees chapman in that game- I thought it was peculiar how he ran the bases odd like he was a big deal- something to hide-

  83. Stephen Woloschek

    As a Jackets fan. I’m conflicted on it. Bemstrom has 2 penalty minutes in 34 games. He is not a dirty player. It looks like he has nowhere to go. His stick is right against Krug and I could see how a nudge from behind could force the top of his stick into Rask. Suspension? Probably not, but it should have been a penalty. Even if it was an accident. Penalty’s aren’t based of intention. They are based on what happened, and Bemstrom hit Rask in the back of the head. Whether it was intentional or not.

  84. hockeycub19

    Lol that’s comical, losing to the Sabres at home haha

  85. jason2017888

    Wow, not one highlight from the Winnipeg Edmonton game, you guys are terrible

  86. Justin Sullivan

    I’m a Bs fan but god is Jack Edwards obnoxious.

  87. D Grossi

    Like Tkachuk said, if you don't want to get hit stay off the tracks! Kassian, your the one who's going to have to answer the bell next, Lucic is waiting for you!

    1. Ailsa Ni

      my boy KASSIAN. chucky be sweating when the BOAs come around next..

  88. Chris Lane

    Pests should fight tho when called upon too? To run and hide is cowardly!

  89. Essene Gnostic

    Могли бы получить хороший выбор на драфте для Ковальчука.

  90. Essene Gnostic

    Kotkaniemi ... Welcome to the NHL .

  91. William, the Scottish Floridano

    Go Cats!

  92. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    33th comment 🏉🎱⛳️🏌

  93. Ajz0626

    I just want a clip of Steve saying "Don't laugh at Italians"

  94. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    60th comment hope Pittsburgh gets to end that long cup drought one day 🎹🎷🎮🎬

  95. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    93rd comment ⛹🏿🏋🏼🚴🏼

  96. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    116th comment 🚣🏼🏊🏼🏄🏻

  97. cory trevor

    this go should count

  98. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    44th comment 🚗🚕🚙🚌🚎

  99. cb84capri

    Nyr needs to sign kreider. He belongs there. Trouba on the other hand...