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  1. Flowseidon

    Ah yes, let goalies get high sticked in the head. Safety is #2 to “good looking goals”.

  2. MrVerboort

    Nobody going point out the fact he skated cross ice with his head down at his opponent's blue line? What was he expecting a pat on the butt and a good game? Keep your head up.

  3. Saint

    From a Wings fan, gotta tip the hat to Toews for dropping them without a second thought. Let 'em fight it out though refs, cmon.

  4. Hookers n' Cocaine

    The Edmonton Oilers are the best Canadian team in the league and will be Canada’s only chance at a cup. You guys better fall in line.

    1. Skynertia

      I'm a diehard Oilers fan, but man, we're the best Canadian team now. By the end of the year maybe not. Any Canadian team other than Ottawa could win it.

  5. Svoon V

    Screw u Sportsnet.

  6. Afrx

    Crosby “why don’t you go fight him!” Ovi “shut up,How about you fight me? ” Crosby “Hey coach is it alright if I just fake another finger Injury” Coach “Na, looks like your gonna need to fight him”

  7. Dee Phillips

    Wheres Marty McSorley when you need a well-deserved retaliation

  8. ruezhik

    What a prophecy.

  9. Lawrence McCorrister

    Wow what a dirty one!!!

  10. EndoMills

    Well, this aged poorly

  11. DEN E.V

    Not exactly Joel embiid and Karl Anthony towns ?? LMAO. This is a fight.....

  12. ZUU L1FE

    new to your the florida not many hockey fans finding your channel was perfect timing!



  13. steve g

    Cheap hit dirty player! When you don’t have enough talent to play with the best hang up your skates and go home! McDonalds is looking for employees!

  14. Cunnilingus Messiah

    Sportsnet sucks just as hard as the leafs.

  15. Anthony Lee

    Congratulations Sportsnet for your woke achievement. Baaaa, baaaaa.

  16. ZAIN 💯🥊

    Prime JDS vs Lesnar would have been a great fight! JDS Wins Though no doubt

  17. Robert Jordan

    Thumbs down for all videos. I'll go through every single one

  18. Jason F.

    Hockey is so soft now. What a shame.

  19. Kiwiattack966 _

    F to pay respects

  20. Feedback4Utoday

    More vids of dang-its & less talking/saying dang-its would be ideal. Also a whole vid of terrible ref calls -dang-its would be good. Mail that to Betman as he refuses to allow improving refs- or even discussing the subject

  21. Billy M.

    This is why hockey is the best

  22. B Xx

    Like father like son... they're both IRRELEVANT on the ice

  23. CanadianGirl 26


  24. jonah hoff

    Lmao over half of these are from the playoffs. 'But he chokes in the post season' So glad that narrative is dead

  25. Jai Norman

    This is funny

  26. M. T.

    I'd show these guys excitement i'll 'Stop gap" my beer league "A" team gives up more shots put in coach, i'll take league minimum lmao.

  27. Ranked Clan

    Lucic and David probably had beef before😂

  28. Dave Bonang

    If he doesn't change he'll go down as a top 3 forward of all time

  29. Karim sanchez

    Miami 17 Buffalo 16 Dolphins wins 3 in a row and the Bills will collapse and lose every game and than blow away the NY Jets like 42-10 . I predict 7-9 for Buffalo

  30. Richard Dupuis

    Every decent goalies has stolen a game for a tired or injured team. Hutchinson hasn't done that. I'll even give you a stolen period.... Hutchinson hasn't done that either. He's not worth worrying about anymore.

  31. Emerald Flowsion

    Eat a bag of dicks, Sportsnet. #BoycottSportsnet

  32. Marcel Ocampo

    U remember the 3 own goals by the devils, well, the wild scored 3 own goals vs the stars

  33. Tj the CDN

    6:19 Aged like a warm cup of 2% milk

  34. Hare Brahs

    buuuu sportsnet! buuuh! you suck ass, everyone agrees on that.

  35. HopelessMunz

    Anyone who thinks Vince ain’t a top Rap is angry and delusional. We were literally nothing before him. He left unceremoniously but he put us on the map. Deserves to have his jersey in the rafters 100%. He only left because the team direction was horrible. Remember he resigned in Toronto initially.

  36. Jack Dachuk

    Jordans my cozzin

  37. Happy Camper

    sportsnet is joke ..unsub ..

  38. goalie2998

    It would have been easier to hit the body. That's just stupid.

  39. Mason Stoltz 28

    Come on this is only Hockey Talk Channel

  40. Толян Коп

    Ну а так петушинная форма приносит почти всегда Пораженья.

  41. Hasib Al Fuad

    When these guys call football "soccer", I already made up my mind.

  42. Eeuardo Cruz

    Second comment

  43. wyoming7381

    That Brent Seabrook contract for Chicago... 😭☠️💀

  44. GoEagles3736 GGG

    first comment

  45. EJ Nelson

    Oh man, letang-crosby-malkin on the ot is scary

  46. Zeitverschwendung

    Saw a video of Neal kicking another player in the head with his knee while he was laying on the ground, that guy totally deserved his teeth to be knocked out.

  47. chainfire

    Looks like over-sensitive outrage culture has finally made its way into my favorite sport. Is nothing safe from the participation trophy generation?

  48. Do py

    Hey Sportsnet, firing Don cherry for that ? Unsunscribe .....

  49. ramen noodz

    And they say the Flyers are the only team in the league that plays dirty.

  50. Robert Harrison 2.0

    where's the fights ''

  51. Carl Greger Hjortkloe

    Connor Garland is a STUD.

  52. Muse Hockey

    love it... where are the punches tho?

  53. Mark Gormley

    I wish I could meet a broad who sucks as good as the leafs.

  54. Adam N


  55. Adam N


  56. Adam N


  57. Adam N


  58. Eric Williams

    Hutch was given zero chance but you hope he steals one and he hasn’t. I blame him somewhat but I also dislike this back to back strategy a lot.

  59. Shaun Kauffman

    This was a clean hit just a few years ago. Miss the old NHL...

  60. Elyssia-Paris

    who are these people and where are the credible people that I care about the opinions of

  61. Шоколад Не виноват

    ООО, кого я вижууу Брукс Орпик

  62. Phil Thomas

    Weak as hell. I haven't skated in 20 years. Never played ice hockey. And i'd post up sub 30 seconds with 1 hours practice.

  63. Some Canadian

    Friends don't let friends watch sportsnet

  64. Hockey Zombie

    As a goalie, please do not leave the Michigan goal in lol

  65. Paul Smith

    Sportsnet I don't even know why we need you around anymore Don Cherry the living legend only spoke the truth.

  66. Merimiehen Iloväline

    Not as cool as Granlund's michigan... 🇫🇮

  67. guido hatzis

    cowardly bastards

  68. RPGeek

    Time for Kaskisuo to get eaten alive by the Toronto media and fanbase

  69. Asclepius GreekGod

    Americans say its too fast. That why they like baseball. Fall asleep 2nd inning wake up 8th.

  70. Kyle Mc


  71. youdontknow da1/2

    when you realize the leafs didn’t call marners bluff and is paying for it. literally.

  72. Wendy Solo

    You guys only fired Cherry to look good. You suck!

  73. Heck you

    Lower hit could have been huge

    1. Heck you

      Usually foligno is not a dirty player like this I don’t know what got into him

    2. monika laosi

      0:14 that avalanche player should have face washed foligno from behind and then thrown him to the ice and laid some haymakers on him

  74. Andrew Young

    Quicks was 1

  75. Leonidas Tsangaris


  76. Nathan Chung

    "I think we know the difference between sticking up for your goalie and a _video game punch_ " 😂

  77. Suck MyToe

    Shame on you sportsnet Don Cherry I respect you alot working with such evil people.

  78. turarosicky

    not even canadian! will unsubscribe channel.. love Don forever!!!

  79. Bob Rabbins

    If you want to tick of Canadians there are two ways to do so. One: say something bad about our military and brave men and women who keep our Country free, Two: say something bad about our hockey. Congrats Sportsnet. You just checked box number one.

  80. DontBeMessi88

    Hey, I’m from the future. Debrincat turned out.

  81. Suck MyToe

    Shame on you Sportsnet 🖕 much love and respect from England Don Cherry

  82. cpf383

    This is nothing more than WWF wrestling. Old time Hockey is gone. That beef should’ve been settled right after the hit. Nothing like an orchestrated rally for the downed player. Pandering to the audience. That’s all.

  83. Justin Smith

    Bring back don This is a joke ruined hockey just statting a fact

  84. Slappy McGirk

    Even the entire Carolina Hurricanes fanbase thumbing this video up can't save it

  85. New York Islanders fan

    Oh mercy help my team

  86. New York Islanders fan

    I had the worst day of my life😣

  87. Justin

    F for Boston.

  88. Zig Field

    No trade for the Laughs, no gm wants anything to do with a trade with Toronto

  89. boe rhae

    I'm honestly baffled by the people who think Don Cherry said nothing wrong. How do you not see the problem with what he said? I'm not Canadian but this seems like an issue of basic right & wrong...

  90. tarimaa1

    That looked like a Scott Stevens hit come on get off the ice you diver. Lol

    1. tarimaa1

      @monika laosi Colorado got no tough guys they all french pansies.

    2. monika laosi

      Colorado players standing right there, and no one goes after Foligno?!? If the NHL is serious about player safety, that should have been a 20 game suspension.

  91. AesirsHero

    I mean technically, the ref never blew the whistle at the time Sherwood poked Rittich, so the puck was still considered live.

  92. Bonomo

    You make the worst content on YT

  93. Iso Mulukku


  94. foreigner fan

    Sportsnet is done. So are your advertisers. I wish you well. Cheers from Toronto

  95. Ryan Bates

    Way to fire a patriot on remembrance day. Stay classy. #youpeople

  96. Jamie Gile

    That's what happens when you're fourteen years old and a hundred pounds and sent out to the wolves.

  97. 11MHK


  98. Glever Cirl

    Toronto will always love Kawhi no matter what!! Love our team for playing their hearts out the last couple of nights! We got another championship team on our hands!! P.S. To the grandpas out in full force supporting their backwards thinking companion Don 'The Human Garbage Bag' Cherry. I applaud Sportsnet for sacking that bum! Why would you hire someone who was so terrible at Hockey as a Hockey analysis t in the first place? Maybe he would still have a job if he stuck to talk about Hockey like he was paid to do, instead of pushing his own backward ideologies! Its easy to talk about sacrifice when you yourself have never sacrificed a damn thing. Furthermore, those veterans died so we could have the freedom to celebrate Remembrance day any way we felt like! You don't need to wear a poppy to support veterans. You can still make donations, spend time with them, volunteer, educate younger generations about their sacrifices and pay respects to them at memorials! I makes me sick that Don used something like Remembrance day to push his own sick ideologies about immigrants! Good riddance!!

    1. Blondie

      The length of that post, indicates to me that you are in fact triggered. I usually respect women, but you're a special kind of stupid.

  99. 11MHK

    Boycott sportsnet

  100. carlo lopapa

    Screw rest management Anderssen should have played in Chicago he wasn't overworked on Suatrday in my opinion, Keep Hutch play him 5 or 6 games all year that's it , Freddy should be in there 70 - 75 games , rest my arse I go to work 50 hours a week last 25 years I get No rest management and im alive and functional human being , Just a 60 minute game come on !!!!!!