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  1. FermiGBM1

    So good

  2. KiILxShot

    Let's start a new trend lol. Logan vs Vidal.

  3. ML Duo

    That was mcgregor 100%

  4. Dabing Squidward

    This is what I want to show to my crush

  5. RastaMouse

    Lil Baby verse don't suit the flow

  6. Shaggy

    Lmao it’s ironic how the elderly like it more that younger people

  7. XeHn

    Sooo he just basically just changed the beat the same?

  8. Pink Sponge

    Dude cool song

  9. JBXD007

    Everyone was good except KSI...yikes

  10. Brandon Vanvalkenburg

    This randomly popped up after I watched the diss videos... maybe something to dwell on.

  11. Caleb Jeffares

    New favourite ksi song.fucking play it on the school bus on school trips and everything bruv

  12. Joao

    Who would thought this guy would box professionally and do a music with such big names, congrats Jj

  13. 21 Problems

    Course is garbage

  14. Charlie Paez

    And this is why KSI won

  15. minicizztv

    This was ight I fw it 🤙🏽🔥

  16. Joe Mow

    It’s crazy what he achieved, for real.

  17. Aiden Zeng

    his forehead isnt on point

  18. Luke Playz -YT-

    Loving the hair cut

  19. Asuh

    Yo it’s almost been a year my man😂

  20. bbwlover1234


  21. Whatstoface 25

    Logan Paul clearly can’t keep up

  22. JjonCool45

    Put this on the KSI reddit

  23. oJokerClips-

    This one got the Thugz Viben to it

  24. fouoii gyhh

    Logan: I got a bike Shannon: LETS GO RAMP

  25. Ethan

    This is the YT Boxing Champion....

  26. riniflex01

    Jeezus, everything in this video was just next level shit. Absolutely destroyed Logan, no contest whatsoever.

  27. MaZe Thomas

    *Ksi calls out grass at a fight*

  28. Jose Acosta

    You must of paid them a bag 😆😆

  29. Jose Acosta

    This shit is straight trash my guy they ain’t even going in

  30. Harry Wise

    What a Virgin!!!😂 So pleased he beat Logan!!!!!

  31. Osman

    Who else here after Deji kept stopping the vid 😂

  32. MR Eyaan

    Who is here after jj got the w

  33. Danny Ramirez

    8:00 when your about to nut

  34. SCAR Zenom

    This song is pretty catchy

  35. Tobiaz911

    This song bangs so fuckin’ good fam.. damn.

  36. Gilbert Angel

    🔥🔥this song is fire!!!🔥🔥

  37. TCS

    Who is this about ?

    1. Josiah Mezadieu


  38. Brandon logan

    Wast, wonly w's

  39. Ghostly

    Yea I'm not even mad that I was recommended this

  40. Rasmus Roed Sørensen 9CI Uglegårdsskolen

    Why does this Song only have 3.4 mil views

  41. Jack Allan Music

    Stick to boxing bro

  42. Juan Amaya


  43. Iberserkwolf

    Fact of the day: When the person is singing their name lights up. Have fun scrolling

  44. Chef iCube 2

    Why big shaq, mans not hot, is he your new challenger?

  45. kgeedi

    This nigga evolved.

  46. Campbell Baker

    This song is fire!!!

  47. Iberserkwolf

    My friend got 33 likes on this and thinks he is special. Let's beat that just like KSI destroyed Logan

  48. BeasT

    did he say "I was pissing in the dark"" ??

  49. Asif Khan

    Love you ksi

  50. Mitko Ivanov


  51. Reza Muhammad

    Has anybody see jj Lamborghini? No boomer

  52. Muhammed Yousuf

    I'd say besides from ksi keeping his hands low all the time there seems to be more of a game plan and technique to jjs boxing here unlike in the logan paul rematch, more of a jab, movement and less wild shots

  53. Froggy Squad

    Who laughed 😂

  54. Charlie W

    Best fucking song ever JJ u a legend, also gg to the win u deserve it u r the better fighter u r me motivation 👌

  55. Pink Sponge

    JJ plz stop

  56. Jose Alons

    what is wrong with ur eye

  57. Sam Holyhead

    Beating Logan Paul 2 and I finally get to say it is done

  58. Cloud Striker

    KSI, you have a great personality. You are a great sport. You deserve everything that you have coming to you. God Bless! You made me happy with just your personality. Good man. Hilarious laugh too hahahaa

    1. Cloud Striker

      No Homo

  59. Viraj_Chavda Gaming

    Whose watching in 2019🤣🤣🤣

  60. riniflex01

    Where's the vid geech?

  61. Dan O'Shea

    Beat is fire, hook is god tier, lyrics are basic, not a lot of substance. But it just SOUNDS so fucking nice when you put it all together. S-X is going to be huge after this.

  62. voͥRtͣeͫא

    you got to clear your mind be shapeless formless like water now if you put water in a cup it becomes the cup if you put water in a bottle it become the bottle put it in a pot it becomes the pot now water can flow or it can crash be water my friend

  63. Zack Dean

    Screw off Degi

  64. Haajacxc


  65. Rayhan_7866


    1. IskYs Bb

      Rayhan_7866 i feel the same

  66. Parker Caron

    Guys who think Logan won are right, the only reason is he sneezed three times. If it were two times it wouldn’t matter all that much, but that third one cost the match and you know it.

  67. Crayons R Fun

    This is the guy that just beat Logan Paul in front of the Staples centre

  68. kristjan svajger

    8 years later hes still the youtube champion of the world

  69. Cordarius j.


  70. Mikee Mobile

    This is fire🔥

  71. KripZ Gaming

    No one : Not a single soul : Logan Paul : I Sneezed 3 times today.

  72. Connor James

    If this gets 1mill likes he should do part 2

  73. Jack123279

    S-X is actually good

  74. RoSe

    KSI: I got the knockdown Logan Paul:I sneezed too much it cost the fight Logan Paul fans: Ksi got lucky with the knockdown taken away Boxing rules :feels bad that know one know the rules of boxing Ksi:Justin Bieber has no chance against me

  75. Jennifer Bhogal


  76. Lither Thao

    Whos here after KSI v Logan 2?

  77. Jorge Flores

    6:50 ksi used to listen to justin bieber😱

  78. Jennifer Bhogal


  79. Staneagle 79

    He had no clue how far he would come in life 😂

  80. Staneagle 79

    He had no clue how far he would come in life 😂

  81. Lee Bluntson

    Logan Paul vs Joe Weller

  82. Villem Kalme

    Aah those were some interesting times. I miss them.

  83. Euan

    This song bumps hard

  84. I'm Iron Man

    Ksi bulked up and still won lol.

  85. Ernesto Camacho


  86. Lottie Mitchell

    Daym this song

  87. Brown Venusaur

    I just realized the names light up to whoever’s singing.

  88. Sascha HAT

    LOGAN IS THE BEST HE SHOULD OF WON. Only joking KSI won did he's thing and I'm proud ❤️

  89. Air_ Head

    I feel like Ksi’s ego is starting to get unhealthily big

  90. panagiotis giotis

    Ksi fought like a bitch no wonder his coach roasted him

  91. MooreMoDz

    1:34 XD

  92. Osher Baruh

    Who is here after the KSI pro boxing debut (which he won)?

  93. Menoss

    Underrated AF

  94. Darren Hayward

    Lobe this song respect ksi awesome been a fan for a long time always will support y ksi

  95. Icelord 0

    And he now just clapped logon Paul

  96. Ezra Oloyede

    1:30 is when he goes proper in my guy

  97. Hidden Pizza boy

    7:15 Watched this so many times so funny!

  98. Oh Yeah Yeah

    First time listing to this song I was curious after this shit fire good job 👏

  99. yvonne ryan

    Ref shouldn’t have waved it at the end

  100. Jak Hodges

    Urrr but Logan has holes in is brain hahaha NDL