I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. But there is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon beforehand via email.
Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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  1. Andrew _123

    Or just put a ramp in

  2. Marco Diaz

    Should he use a deagle

  3. Monica Manzon

    its two phones superglued to each other

  4. Ephesians 6:12

    I'll stick with Samsung Note. But awesome video and tech. 👍

  5. Spite Fire

    How do I fix a loose home button after repair

  6. IMPc

    Thought he was about to rig CES

  7. Dereck Phan

    Great now every thief has a tutorial on how to open it

  8. Robin Dempsey-Dogan

    Banana (: my phone screen looks so bad but I’m scared to DIY this

  9. Jerico Carandang

    Is it too late to join the giveaway, even though I’m like 2 years late

  10. Public Servant

    How to get a get a girl in a wheelchair

  11. Frostedkpop

    i really thought the elevator was just the hole in the ceiling/floor and he’d have to “catch” her every time

  12. Maleonila Callos

    he looks so kind.. just don't give him a damn new phone! 😂

  13. Harrison Walker

    I hafe an fone to!.!!!?.😋😮🤩😶😡🦓

  14. ferrari 488

    I bought the note 10 + star wars edition to get the best phone of 2019 and galaxy buds. So there is no need for a headphone Jack.

  15. Shrek

    That was the tri-force symbol from Legend of Zelda.

  16. Gar

    Oh boy, I can't wait to go steal a bunch of wheelchairs and make rings now that I have this new set of skills.

  17. RecklessRaps

    Triforce of Courage - The Legend of Zelda franchise

  18. Hanzala Khokhar

    It fills me with joy seeing Agent 47 being married and living a happy life

  19. SandTube


  20. Michael

    I dare you to challenge nokia 3310


    You won’t be protected they can still shoot the engine

  22. BinkTinks

    6:48 mind blown

  23. jayjay86443

    My heart when my crush never calls back for a date: 6:29

  24. Tessa plays

    Who’s watching on a iPad mini?

  25. Vanny Rivas

    These guys jokes with his monotone voice are 👌

  26. Isabela Maria

    My favorite phone of 2019 would be the Note 10+. I'm very surprised by it's quality and he's the fastest smartphone I've ever owned. And I really liked that in Brazil, Samsung actually gives for free inside the box a case for the phone. 100/10

  27. olja Braese

    Stop hating on the pixel 4!(ok 4xl is overpriced)

  28. Jacob Contreras

    Jerry do the Galaxy tab s6

  29. TheRockinCrew


  30. Timothy warren15

    You should name it the raptor

  31. Debasish Singha

    Give me that phone........😂😂😂😂😂

  32. hearth stonekpe

    im using a rugged phone no skin no case no screen protector. . drop it from 6th fl and its still in good condition. . ulefone armor 5.

  33. superstar64

    Yeah it still can’t survive a wood chipper though, so it doesn’t stand a chance in the workforce.

  34. how dare you exist

    Best phone ever. 10/10

  35. Debasish Singha

    Gift me redmi k20 pro not that, new one

  36. Marcus Mueller

    anybody else wanna see a whole house full of only this new technology stuff

  37. Andriy Kosenchuk

    You should have been a pilot with your soothing voice Jerry: Dear passengers we have both engines on fire, but don't worry they made from recycled materials....

  38. Dlo


  39. Abhyuday

    I can't watch this 🙏

  40. Panic! At The DANIEL

    I love OLED tvs. i have one for myself and the quality is great! Thx LG

  41. sumonahamed babu

    few times my phone sound not work & video not ply.....

  42. v hoo

    note7 = notsafe... try to speak tht words🤣

  43. Paul Bunyon

    Wow great 👍 job !

  44. Cows S

    Who’s getting really mad and annoyed by jerry

  45. #ad

    First I see a video about building a secret room in a closet, now a video about an elevator in the middle of your bedroom

  46. Kơm Nóng

    120hz screen (crack) :(((

  47. Unknown Male

    Call it the Cambry. Keep it simple.

  48. Nares

    Technically not a console.


    Suscribe to my FIsels channel...IWET ROBOTICS

  50. Giraffe Lover

    Is it wrong that I thought he was her dad?

  51. Danny Huang

    I can't find anywhere to buy the screen protectors and a case that fits it.

  52. Omega Clan

    I gotta say that Spider-Man drawing look soooo gooood

  53. Joan Dichon

    I cringe every time he scratch the phone😣😣

  54. L D

    He said white power

  55. Biruni Al Adiansyah

    the insane thing I have ever seen. cool Pixel 2xl!

  56. Ho Yi

    You don't need iPad give me

  57. Yeet yeet I ate pete

    This phone is about as durable as a iphone charger... Oof

  58. andrewszombie

    3:00 ooof 😭😭🤣😂

  59. Pathecoolkidss Roblox


  60. furry trash


  61. Jonathan Mallari

    Want an iPhone

  62. Grace Deng

    As a digital artist this hurts me

  63. Krishaun Harrison


  64. Subicha Karki

    That scratching sound tho

  65. Lynden Roberts

    Only 4000

  66. am gabriel

    I cant ipad is expensive dont break it am getting angry i hate this who votes to stop breaki ipad

  67. Brian Piercer

    3:33 "The charging port port..." lmao

  68. Brian Appleswarm

    I will just reinstall the water resistant adhesive

  69. Rokaya Enafi El Metni

    So basically u pay 2000 dollars for the worlds most fragile phone

  70. Random Guy


  71. Ellah's Review, slime, friends and FAMILY

    At 4:26 I saw it was assembled in China not quit a big deal though for meh

  72. Macintosh Fan

    2:47 The moment that JerryRigEverything likes the musical back

  73. Nicolai Olsen

    Huawei Honor Play is def one of the best for the money smartphone of 2019.

  74. unicornJ 1202

    This made me ask... *Who the fvck is willing to break their new ipad? A kid?*

  75. VirtualRiot

    Roses are red Violets are blue Glass is glass And glass breaks

  76. S B.


  77. Satana_777

    I need to watch it Because I have that watch and I need to see the expirement

  78. JakieVids

    I never had a problem with him doing this to any other phone but now that I know that I love this phone in particular it makes me so mad😂😂

  79. cody the gamer _


  80. Apu Paul


  81. Trusty Knave

    Good to find these videos on the off chance some insane man comes up to me and starts attacking my phone with a boxcutter and a lighter. But seriously why not test something that might actually happen to the phone like a drop?

  82. Cooper Farley

    Bill shypher

  83. Nutnoodle111 ?

    It’s three years later but can I enter the give away

  84. Nezuom яє

    this girl upper strength is unbelievable

  85. TheBiggyJMan

    Hey Zack. Is there any way I can get one of those teardown skins for my switch? i just lost my switch in a car fire, and while that is sad, it is replaceable. That limited edition skin however, is not as replaceable. Can you do anything for me about this, I really loved that skin?

  86. Reytard

    6:58 didn't know jerry whas a white sumpremacist! 😨😨

    1. Kristian Minasyan

      cum cum cum 😉😉😉😮😮😮

  87. NotSoCuteOtaku

    Just buy a flip phone smh

  88. porpor nan

    I am going to pretend, I still have my apple watch. There is no way, I'm telling my mom I need a $300 screen repair.

  89. Matthew Evo

    I love my dbrand skin for my galaxy s10+ it's so realistic

  90. TheReal Regio82

    Why Couldn’t You Paint The Original Home Button Black?

  91. The Diamond Master

    Don't mess with note 7 it will explode

  92. RiceFlavoredGum

    One day.. Scratches at a level 9 with deeper grooves at level 10

  93. Falan Filan

    Şhow haber : çukurdan çıkan çeto asansörcü oldu 🧐

  94. Michael Bush

    This is the dumbest thing ever created bad job Tesla

  95. wulfrvm


  96. WRobot

    imagine cracking your phone

  97. John southern

    Bullet resistant glass.. not bullet proof.

  98. Carlos Colon

    This phone is garbage..

  99. Gudetama

    R.I.P Grant a.k.a the king of random

  100. David

    Samsung Galaxy s8 no Android 10 😢