I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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  1. Janis Locis - Paruskins

    All of the time korean guys are pretty smart,feels like they are care about us ! look a beat back on lg g3 been built the same,very easy to fix.

  2. Chytris

    "I would never make a sponsored video on a product" oh yeah

  3. Me Mer

    Having 2 drivers doesn't mean its better. See Etymotic ER4XR vs Shure SE425. Former is a lot better.

  4. Jeff Greene

    Overall, I really like your videos... but this one seems like a commercial.

  5. AIgnacio14 Martinez

    jerry please do a durability test of the new nokia 800 tough love your videos man!

  6. TheS_urge


  7. ovi khan

    jerry test the motorola razer smart phone

  8. sjorsbeans

    unfortunately the UK store is sold out ? not available :(

  9. Reza Taghipour

    As an audiophile, most headphones i have tested with multiple drivers usually sound worse! How fast and efficient the driver responds is more important. However, these do have a very unique architecture so maybe they sound better. The fact that they are recommended by grammy producers just ruins them XD

  10. T0mat0S0up

    My 3 year old would love to demolish that.

  11. Thomas Tevis

    Love your videos zack

  12. Ибрагим Цакиев

    Россия ноябрь 2019 есть?

  13. El Sniper Sanchez

    The beginning sounds like something from the channel “the relaxing end”

  14. Vincent Miller


  15. yeet y?

    lol im watching this on a nokia 5800 xpressmusic

  16. Arun Sekhar

    You are awesome men ... just awesome

  17. Knockoff James Charles

    I fear no brand.... *but that thing.... .. it scares me...*

  18. Cloud Arthur

    I figured why not? I know it isn’t that much considering what some FIselsrs are doing but I donated $5

  19. Hackers Gamers

    They look awesome

  20. Some rando


  21. Marksman

    You're supposed to disconnect the battery before disconnecting the LCD. :/

  22. Megan Goddard

    This makes me uncomfortable

  23. UwU yeah yeah

    Me just bought the galagy buds FIsels: imma end this mans whole wallet

  24. Paige Lambert

    Just like a 3DS

  25. Rocky

    Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

  26. Abdurrahman AlQuran

    so no pixel 4 teardown?

  27. Mac Baise

    The dynamic speaker in the pros are very large, which means large and quality sound doesn’t stress the speaker.

  28. I’m a Artist

    5:33 I would never do that to my AirPods 😂🤔😫

  29. Lovrenčić

    The 1st video I disliked. You can get yourself a paid promo, no biggie I’ll watch it and like the vid. But being paid to shit on one product and praise the other is another thing.

  30. Jacob Puentes

    We need to see you test the new razr

  31. iEdwardK

    This trully are the first Wireless headphones that look interesting and have enough features to give them a try!

  32. Keegs Van

    who else were using their Airpods while watching this video? (ouch it hurts inside)

  33. Tom Quick

    Holy shit! It's so mad how we take things as simple as jumping in the car for granted! I've never seen or thought of how a wheelchair user gets kn and out before

  34. Mr. XYZ

    To bad, but on the UK link they are not available anymore.

  35. Melanco

    Hmmm...that sponsorship killed the outcome and the praise given here.

  36. Brandt Karstens

    You should wear gloves,

  37. TheBossOfBread

    Porter cable? Really?

  38. gamerstime 127

    please don't destroy the OPPO Reno Ace Gundam edittion

  39. Elizabeth Spain

    Could you please review the Motorola razr? It looks really interesting and doesn’t seem as bulky as the other upcoming folding phones

  40. Logan Ventura

    Why the fuck would you do this to a product you idiot

  41. the froyo machine

    change your name jerrybreakeverything

  42. Nic

    Meh you will look broke with liberty 2 and will flex on everyone with airpods

  43. meet raval

    How do I comment on the webpage to being part of the giveaway. I tried that link I don't get it. I wonder and I want pls pls those wireless earphones

  44. masoud omer

    Give it 2me after this 😭😭😭

  45. Jov Castillo

    I have the old liberty neo pretty good

  46. 2old4Th1s X

    Tbh love Jerry But it not a fair comparison if your probably going to be biased

  47. Galaxy Gamers

    ohh yes i want to see random wires and green motherboards that would be soooo fun. (That was supposed to be sarcastic)

  48. Josh Redd

    Do one on Moto g7 power

  49. Josh Redd

    Do one on Moto g7 power

  50. Mediawarlock GMT


  51. prankbros gay

    Does it have reverse wireless charging?

  52. دجاجة الهولمز


  53. Tunes By Jamie


  54. Naimur Rahman

    This nigga dumb af

  55. Jaya prakash Thallam

    I vote for apple

  56. GaBby Girl

    Most of my screws are stripped help

  57. グレープフルーツ

    So this is just an 8 minute AD?

  58. Team Blue Flare


  59. Ezequiel Castaneda

    No the other headphones are lonely

  60. Galaxy Gamers

    do u sound cool

    1. Galaxy Gamers

      sorry sound core

  61. Orthodoxia i Thanatos

    I see this from my a80 !!!!!

  62. turner

    noice cancelation works by transmiting the voice wave that is heard from the outside reversered in your ear. not whatever shit you said

  63. Lordchanky

    “Back when presidents were respected” holy shit you just killed him dude!

  64. southnyourmind

    The bulletproof glass scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.

  65. Jason Bird

    Makes me sad seeing those AirPods destroyed, they’re sold out everywhere here in Melbourne AUS :(

  66. Dan Hutchinson


  67. Ezequiel Castaneda


  68. Matthew J.

    I find it ironic that the Airpods Pro cost the same as my laptop. (yes it's a budget laptop)

  69. Adil Surve

    Apple watching this video be like. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  70. Souvik Mondal

    Liberty has put up an amazing piece of tech, I am sure it would sound great

  71. xxx xxx

    U are idiot

    1. JerryRigEverything

      no u

  72. Chae Nouri

    do powerbeats pro

  73. Ryno Opperman

    This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden. So much for adding my name to the give away Oh well...

  74. Erick Villacorta

    the code is available until nov 25, but the headphones arent even available day 0 lol

  75. unknown speed racer

    A20 tear down

  76. Amir Trumic

    I like how you destroy all the Stoff

  77. Akinur Khan

    So finally you find a way to fix things!!!

  78. Mr.Manbaby 2007


  79. chant15165

    Hey Jerry, I tried to use the coupon in the description and amazon took it but didn’t give me the discount price when I checked out. I was charged full price!

  80. Jayden Gaming and more!

    At least Apple can now work with android devices, but no one is gonna buy it for $250 😂

  81. andy keoshgarian


  82. Alyssa Marie YT

    He really started this series, to have an excuse to break phones lol

  83. unknown speed racer

    Do a test on the a20

  84. SwagHags69

    "Honey, why is the car broken to pieces?" JRE: Opening it up destroyed it. But it's the only way to check out the hardware.

  85. Rock Vijay

    Jerry as you can see no wire attached in apple Air pod. 😜 😜

  86. Levin Worlikar

    WOW! What a piece of tech ! I would love to hear sound/music from it especially THE BASS !

  87. Kyle Burton

    Man your videos just make a person feel good.

  88. Dima is a tree.

    Me: mom can I have an Apple Watch? Mom: we have an Apple Watch at home Apple Watch at home:

  89. Jakiz

    Im always so worried about your fingers, but ik u know what ur doin lol

  90. ThriftybyNature

    The airpods don't sound good and never have. Y'all in the comments can stfu


    they are awesome much better than apple and less expensive i loved them i hope i could try them

  92. Alyssa Marie YT

    I really want the 11 pro max in midnight green. Its beautiful

  93. Justin Navarro

    don't forget about the iPhone 11 tear down and pixel 4 teardown

  94. E Ovidiu

    Have a google search on the KZ E10 TWS ( 1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature)

  95. Simon

    Absolutely covered in environment destroying plastic . Wow plastic covering plastic covered in plastic. Giving you an iPad made from.... Yep more plastic

  96. Isaiah Klaverweiden


  97. Ovidiu Ionescu

    Someone is getting a little greedy huh ? 7.55 min add for a product that doesn't even have great reviews.

  98. Adil Surve

    Poor A80 😂😂

  99. K a y

    You hate iPhone that badly? 😂

  100. Kevin Toohey

    I have the original Liberty+ buds from Kickstarter a few years back. Back then they were the best, obviously time has moved forward but it looks like they're are back to being the best again!