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  1. Salty Sag

    Everyone’s eyes changed color


    Am i the only one who is crying for ELI death.....

  3. Shaquan Williams


  4. theonly1jayt

    So are them butt pads or did Suzie Crabgrass go get that dump truck

  5. Justin


  6. Marcus Huntsinger

    I hope this doesn’t mean she’s gonna be killed off twd.

  7. robert willis

    Bruh, Rosita from walking dead cant play Selena. SHE AINT GOT NO ASS!!!!

  8. Guillermo Mendez

    Omgusch, so excited

  9. Gutekx x

    0:32 50 shades of geralt

  10. Bob Bob

    Rick and morty much?

  11. Tchai Jean Baptiste

    It's extremely unhealthy how many times I rewatch the trailer 😭😂

  12. pash91

    They're ALL actors....bad ones

  13. emilaysjonas

    SISTER SISTER REUNION!!! I AM SO PUMPED! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS!!! Those smirks after that reference <3

  14. Dustin Martin

    This should be put in movie theaters not on netflix

  15. Maimouna Salif

    We want jlo please and thanks but knowing me I'll be a hater now and love this later

  16. Trang Nguyen

    this shit really hits the soul

  17. Dajour Williams

    beautiful ending

  18. Kimmora Foxx

    Como La Flor 🦄❤😭

  19. JC Maldonado

    Too bad HBO Max has the rights to the Selena movie.

  20. Erika E

    Soooo good. ❤

  21. Sonni Willis

    This dude is a natural born entertainer. Can't get enough of this performance.

  22. Mc Pedrinho original 2019/2020

    Uma série que eu acho famosa que devia exibir na Netflix é Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris porque não exibe todas as temporadas e os Episódios até o último

  23. Long Unstrung

    In real life almost everyone wants to be tall haha.

  24. Brandon1629ESUHSD

    I think the series finale is Guy literally liking the food.

  25. Mc Pedrinho original 2019/2020

    porque a Netflix ainda não exibiu As Visões da Raven


    I feel like crying already

  27. Mc Pedrinho original 2019/2020

    Galera porque a Netflix não lança o filme Treinando o Seu Dragão 3 detetive Pikachu filme Toy Story 4 não foi exibido homem-aranha longe de casa por que não existe porque não exibe porque não exibe Vingadores guerra infinita

  28. Lunar Yuusha


  29. Isis Briones

    I want them to stay too, everyone deserves to be safe and happy. America is known as a big melting pot because of the diversity in our country. So, lets not take that away. Lets embrace it and welcome it ❤

  30. Todd Feldpausch

    Season 1 was terrific. Can't wait for 2!!

  31. MauFul

    It’s an introduction to the actor playing Selena so why wouldn’t they use her real voice

  32. Rich West

    YES TERRELL!!!!!

  33. Greg Stratton

    Terrell!!!!! I've been wondering where you were! WAY TO GO ON BEING WITH NETFLIX NOW! WOW!!! And they let you set up the interview just like you do on your channel! This is so great! Congrats! (Where is Roxy, though!? Is she still on the timer?!?!?)

  34. jado potato

    I feel like this is to real everyone in and it's not even scence from the actual show ???

  35. Os Casa

    This show looks good 😍🌹 We still love you Selena ❤️

  36. andrey matyuhov

    блять прям фильм ужасов ))))

  37. Naota Haley

    *yall don't understand how pissed I was to learn season 2 is the last season. On god I wanna knock out whoever made that call. This show is not a 2 season show. WE NEED AT LEAST 4 SEASONS MAX.*

  38. Mc Pedrinho original 2019/2020

    galera por que a Netflix tirou a série Doctor Who para pedir para exibir de volta todas as temporadas já é já é ruim ficar tio

  39. Mc Pedrinho original 2019/2020

    galera por que a Netflix tirou a série Doctor Who para pedir para exibir de volta todas as temporadas já é já é ruim ficar tio

  40. andrey matyuhov


  41. Raya Thieman

    Literally this show is so quirky and ADORABLE AHHHHH! Sam-I-Am's facial expressions make me keep replaying scenes over and over :D it's hilarious, and it's SO entertaining!

  42. Mc Pedrinho original 2019/2020

    Netflix Por que você não exibe Annabelle 3

  43. Zelola

    Podling in the house 🥳🥳🤣🤣

  44. Mc Pedrinho original 2019/2020

    Netflix Por que você não exibe o filme it a coisa parte 1 e parte 2 já tá na já tem já que vocês não exibem

  45. We1rD We3b


  46. 357CLOUDY Black Feather


  47. DW Nation

    Who Else is a Loyal fan of Netflix ? I’m gifting my next 100 subs!🥰❤️ ⬇️ With Notifications 🌟

  48. Kylie Shore

    I’m at work an screaming with excitement internally ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  49. youshi screaming

    I love this show

  50. Mclaren Nelson-Quine

    Who’s here before 5 seconds lol I’m first view

  51. Jay Flo


  52. Edith Mendez

    OMG I CANT WAIT!!!! hope I’m not disappointment. Fingers crossed 🤞

  53. jesseniahr

    She looks more like Camila Cabello

  54. Chelsea Welsea

    This show looks great

  55. Gregory Thomas

    This is really special

  56. Heidi Parra


  57. Bethany Paxton

    His voice is on point.

  58. Dman Law

    Snoring thru that one. Zzzzzz

  59. Valerie Perez

    Wish it could of been Chris Perez’s story..

  60. drowningfish

    Can’t wait for this series!

  61. AWS2D X

    Netflix you done it again👌😀

  62. Dragonrider1227

    this was so much better than it had any right to be

  63. KimmyCassy

    I hope Terrell is the only host you guys will be having on this series...or else lol

  64. Mike

    Netflix is turning into a worse race baiting machine than CNN. S A D

  65. WE

    I heard that it cost $6,000,000 per episode to make this

  66. Gyo Chan

    we want Eli 2

  67. Cate Rush many things wrong with this trailer

  68. Chrissy25

    How stupid. Doesn’t even look like her. Looks like Jennifer Lopez

  69. Murphy James

    Somebody be puffin’ rock fo sho.

  70. Kaylise Negron

    When’s season 2

  71. Faith

    Should’ve been Amanda Solis playing Selena 🤷🏻‍♀️



  73. RebelBelle

    She kinda looks like her

  74. Ig , honneyslee

    She so hard !!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  75. Artist weeb Anime

    Add more anime

  76. Ellie Hdzg

    I work in a nursing home so the episode of the possessed resident really left me scared to go back to work..

  77. Lilia Torchia- Stately

    Chambers is an amazing show. such a shame that Netflix put no energy into promoting it, and then cancelled it for "not doing well" even though thousands of people loved and praised it. The main "professional" articles were poorly-written and racist and came from people that made it sound like they never even watched the show in the first place. Disappointed in Netflix is an understatement.

  78. nebojsa78

    Great project and series !!!

  79. jayzinbucks theone

    His inspired by Kendrick lamar

  80. ReticularTunic7

    better than amy schumer

  81. jayzinbucks theone

    His inspired by Kendrick lamar

  82. jayzinbucks theone

    His inspired by Kendrick lamar

  83. brenda betancourt

    I hope she sings the song ''El Chico del Apartamento 512'' 😍✌👏👏

  84. Rell Brooks

    I'm not Mexican but I get how big of a deal this is. I wish nothing but great success for this series. Can't wait to watch!

    1. My Channel

      I'm glad you feel that way. I'm still waiting for an aaliyah series!

  85. GotAL2Say

    Cardi fave says it all

  86. Cherri Splash

    Is it just me or does this look way better then not only the other trailer but then any of us actually thought? It feels so accurate to the books it's crazy.

  87. Jack Guthrie

    Linda Fairstein put 5 innocent men in prison for a fake they didn’t commit, but was a primary reason why Weinstein is still free. Lock her up for God’s sake

  88. Asha Ali

    I just love him so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  89. Dindu Nuffin

    I'm a second generation American. and it is saddening and depressing to see what these kids have to go through. However, their own parents created the situation they live in. Let's just say that, for argument sake, someone from Columbia, Guyana or Venezuela is in the United States "undocumented". Why would someone choose to have kids in such a poverty stricken and violent country? And then force them to take a daunting and grueling journey, subjecting them to possible rape or torture and likely to die. Or why do they come into the country to have kids knowing they could be sent back and separated from their children? I fully understand wanting to leave a place like that and how hard it must be to walk away from home and everything/everyone you know to go to a strange place to live without any social/economic resources. And I know that *legal immigration* does take some time/money, but legal immigration actually offers support for persons/families seeking asylum. Too many people are raped, tortured and/or killed trying to come in illegally and sometimes held for ransom. Then once they do get into America, they can't succeed. They are forced to take low paying, remedial jobs with no advancement opportunities and no benefits that keep them on the poverty treadmill which strains our social programs and stagnates wages.

  90. jon w

    Find my son! Also your racist. ok......

  91. MrOpbuild

    30 seconds something going on the background 👀

  92. Roland Rios V

    So Netflix you say is based on the books?... But if you make your homework with marketing and stuff you will know that the popular imaginary (most fans) is based on the games and without games this show probably never exist.

  93. Nicole Lollipops

    Omg tears 😭

  94. Ma Imal

    The Mandalorian is a FLOP! Disney failed, The Witcher will be the next Game of Thrones.

  95. Raizel Shadez

    saw the movie and god was it bad, that mother was such an annoyance

  96. NeonBlud

    I hope people take the show as it is and not compare it to the JLo movie, it’s a series, pacing will be different, focus will be different, it’s another addition to Selena media. Just appreciate it for what it gives and not what JLo gave but this one did not.

  97. Telmarine55

    He’s way too good looking to be Abraham Quintanilla

  98. Geekettes Chat

    ¡Con Madre! 😆! ¡Selena Vive! yes Netflix. we are definitely reviewing this series💃🏽 Her legacy will live on.

  99. Denise Wow

    He looked my story omg

  100. Diana Trobbie