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  1. Marina Ashley

    Lol WTF

  2. Sandy BoleYT

    The granny saying "double f*ck now there's two ghosts" killed me

  3. Kool Killer

    That’s the same doctor from crazy straes

  4. Joseph Mason

    Why must you annoy people by doing this

  5. Santi

    Nobody notice Jimmy Williams in 0:35?

  6. Kool Killer

    Shortest one ever

  7. Tarek Gasmi

    Cyanide & happiness...where Logic IS erased

  8. Shirleen Tasha

    I love how the mom dies😂👐

  9. The almighty One

    This is actually sad

  10. Blubasnurk


  11. Blubasnurk

    He bouta superjerk off

  12. lil Russian official

    Why does this suck I don't know why it just sucks I didn't laugh there was no dark joke there's some sort of sj message This channel isnt the same as it was

  13. Blubasnurk


  14. Test Subject 7103

    Why tho?

  15. RainAngel111

    Poor bacteriophages, always getting painted as the bad guys even though they only attack bacteria and are actually beneficial

  16. Chewie TheGolem


  17. gacha wolf

    How those she do that