My name's Alec Steele and here you'll find near-daily videos documenting the process of building some awesome projects here in the shop. As a blacksmith, most of the projects start as lumps of steel, or stacks of different alloys for making damascus, that I forge out into blades, sculpture, art or tools before taking the project to the machining equipment or into the grinding room for finishing. Each project teaches me a lot and stretches the bounds of my knowledge. I make a lot of mistakes but they serve as an excellent teacher. There's always something important for me to learn in the shop!
I want my work to be the spark that ignites the desire for you to get into your shop (or kitchen/basement/garage) and make something too! Whether it's stitching a leather wallet or forging a giant sword, you'll love the creative process.
Be sure to follow me on instagram @alecsteele for behind the scenes and grab some awesome products at

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  1. Moises lee

    Tienes voz de hombre, el doblaje de history te puso voz de niño

  2. 1k subs no vids challenge

    You see all those hammers yea that is the kid from the math problems Alec has a lot of hammers and modifies some of them How many hammeres does alec have Still a lot but some are modified?

  3. RaHuHe

    Has Alec made a Bat'leth from Star Trek yet? That'd be a fun and difficult challenge.

  4. Pyroguy096

    Ok, so this is definitely because Avatar got released on Netflix, right? I mean these are straight up just Jett's swords

  5. drifters forge

    Its Been a long time since I've heard and seen alec do some forging

  6. 1k subs no vids challenge

    You need some failsafe that prevents you from dropping the v belt Maybe a little pin that slides in and out

  7. Big Bubba

    You should remake all the items you made in the UK. Like the jellyroll tomahawk and then compare the different items from then to now that would be cool to watch!

  8. Flip Doodle

    More avatar

  9. Silver Spaz

    Imagine being born just to have strong sweaty men to hit hard things on you... Edit: NO WAIT NOT IN THOSE WAYS

  10. Can you not can you not

    Jet would be proud

  11. Juan Martínez

    Need an Argentinian flag there bud

  12. InfantileBear

    Wow, has Will been working out?

  13. Swordz Man

    I like the new project, is the bike on hold?

  14. reaper 1977

    U should be on the show forged in fire

  15. sensen9900

    I mean its still a gread Job and a lot of Effort, but as a German i simply have to ask: Why is it soooooooooooooooo Wavery? The Blase is supposed to look like a Flame, also to cut and be sharpend all the Way through till the Leather Wrap appears.....and still it looks unsharpend and more like water waves in a glas...(very short and a lot of waves) as like a "fictional/imagined Flame" with long stretched smal radii ? o.o

  16. niccovouk

    emh isnt this a flamberge rather than a zwei???

  17. Christian Sanchez

    always wonder why everyone calls it Damascus steel considering that was a lost roman smithing steel formula it's Damascus patterned steel not actual Damascus itself. great video though I really enjoyed it keep it up Alex

  18. Branden Haberek

    Someone watched Avatar recently lol

  19. Grey Bear

    So I thought this was about Max Steel, but there is way too much of this Opie Taylor. Unsubscribed.

    1. Timothy S.

      Im not surprised it seems you have the wrong channel, there's no Max or Opie on this channel

  20. Ryan Sizemore

    What are the best items to start with when learning forging initially?

  21. Thunderus Night


  22. 12sik

    What is the first thing to buy when having an interest in blacksmithing

  23. Gord B

    Random thought in my head - "Will should make a double edged katana."

  24. gRimGAmEr02

    Are you selling them? And if not, can i buy the original?

    1. gRimGAmEr02

      Im being serious BTW

  25. J W

    My ex left me because I made her the ring And it wasn't worth enough money. Be careful with this, guys.

  26. Steven Johnson

    Who else wants him to make a bat'leth?

  27. Daniel Richards

    Someone sign him a record label for that leather song

  28. 171CAMARO

    Chanel thief

    1. Timothy S.

      How so? Thief implies he stole something away but that's not the case here. He works with Alec and they both put out videos, so nothing was taken

  29. Duncan Vince

    Uranium and Steel

  30. Dave Dumas

    can you try and make some metal amorphous alloys

  31. Dave Dumas

    can you try and make some metal amorphous alloys

  32. Jetmech0417

    My favorite hammer ATM is a relatively small ball peen, believe it or not. I've got good control with it, I have a good grind on the face, and I can draw out and shape metal with it. Plus, I've got a nerve issue in my dominant arm, and the lighter weight keeps me from making it worse. It all comes down to personal preference and what your body will let you do.

  33. Damon Knobloch

    calm down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Bib Fortuna

    Ahh... yes... Right after I finished all three seasons of Avatar.

  35. Kermit

    Camera human is doing a great job!

  36. Corey Thomas

    Alec please check out Mike Laird from Laird Frame. He's a professional bmxer from Greenville NC. He doesn't do contest anymore but the dude can shred still. But he's a amazing bike builder. He does titanium frames to die for. You should atleast check him out.

  37. soiung toiue

    "top tube?" the bar that ensures maximum damage application, in the event of an accident? nah alec, that's the nutcrackbar.

  38. Zauber Würstchen

    Came for the woman in the thumbnail and so did you

  39. FBI Van

    Why is your seat so high goddam

  40. shoetree

    great job Will!

  41. Jack McBride

    The world wasn’t experiencing a pandemic when u started this

  42. Filip Padberg

    the title should be can u hammer nails into a hammer

  43. Adam Long

    Seeing everyone gathered around hitting one piece like that reminds me of the old Looney Tunes cartoon. I was waiting for some little dude to dart in with a tiny hammer and tap it 3 times, then he darts away and you all start sledging again.

  44. Eduardo Rohde Eras

    2:37 great videio edit!

  45. King Fry

    RIP Jet

  46. Pacific Ghost

    Lookin like Jet from Avatar: The Last Airbender

  47. Axilleas Dalas

    If you make double shords (zukos shords) as well I swear I will never skip an ad again

  48. Dan Bell

    For future reference, driving those round wedges in deeper is possible. Just use a cheap socket, or a short piece of scrap steel pipe the same size as the wedge. I agree they aren't the greatest, but if it's what you have to work with, there is hope

  49. WD Tripps

    I have two hook swords hanging on my wall. Many years ago I practiced some kung fu, and as most forms are animal related, the hook sword represents the scorpion style.

  50. Ger 13 NunYah


  51. crazy cabro

    Jet's weapon from avatar the last airbender

  52. Robert Quin

    A cross stitching weld make a pretty weld, and is fairly easy.

  53. Chris Walters

    Impressive editing. You have a tight team 👍

  54. SodiumhypoBromite

    Well now I know what you've been watching on Netflix

  55. a person

    honestly something like this would take me about a year with my current set up which is litteraly for a forge just a campfire that I've gotten pretty hot and a hammer and anvil

  56. sandollor

    Does the size and material an anvil is made of matter a great deal or would any hard surface suffice?

  57. MrRhysRich


  58. Re Preach

    Balding soda

  59. Tony mickens

    I would like you to make Gurkha khukuri knife with a full tang

  60. Joseph Andrews

    mentions tig, now this is where the fun begins

  61. Arco Kemp

    Cut! Alec van you redo that laugh? It did not l look fake enough... Back to you Tom... Sorry Guys. I love the series, but i feel like the spontane stuff is making Palace for studyd lyrix. Hope you can fix it. Love the projects!! PS: the eddeting is awesome!!!

  62. Paul Jermy

    How are you both getting hair cuts? That's what I want to know??? That surely can't involve hand sanding can it???

  63. kenn hill

    I could watch those grinding sparks all day

  64. Rizler900


  65. California Gunner

    You can't

  66. B Sall

    Nice, husband liked it.

  67. the king of potato

    Make a musket

  68. Gerrit Dam

    Ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemenLadies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemenLadies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemenLadies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemenLadies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen ever notice that

  69. Matt King

    ClckR doesn't have my phone Alec. You owe me a Damascus Japanese plane setting hammer. Glad I bought a Steele hammer while you were still at Barker St😉

  70. Ayban p.

    Rick Astley never gave up he just starts making katana.

  71. uhbot223

    8:35 anyone know this song?

  72. Niks Ruks

    "Oh, lets look at what glues i have, gflex, epox, chewing gum"😂😂😂 best glue in the world

  73. Uncle Nick

    Pants !!! come on Alec your English they are trousers

  74. Antony Harrison

    Would love to see these guys make a collection. The weapons from the Jet Li movie Hero would be cool. Broken Sword, Flying Snow & Long Sky.

  75. KRAK3N Z3R0

    "We have this piece of chube"

  76. MiddleEarthAirsoft

    Make zukos dual Sao swords from avatar

  77. Peeter Piip

    I would like to see a full soda can get crushed by the powerhammer.

  78. Daniel Ladishew

    All it took was a pandemic to get them back to making great videos again.

  79. And Den26

    That reminded me off the kabal weapons from mortal kombat 11

  80. Stan Kolodin


  81. angryporkchop

    Those guys are firebenders 😡

  82. Charles Mouse

    Idle curiosity: With your having a range of forging options (hand-hammering -> monster power hammer) have you noticed if the tools you use has any effect on the objects you produce? Wild speculation: eg: -Using the monster hammer might be good for forging a bloomery steel as loosing carbon is an issue if you take too long -Do you get more quench-warping with the monster hammer? Maybe greater stresses set up in the steel structure -Have you noticed any quality difference between processes? I can imagine grain structures may be different making for altered properties -Has the quality of forged items suffered? eg: more delaminations in damascus pieces... either because hand-hammering is relatively hard or because monster-hammering may not allow layers to join properly? ...or does it make no difference at all..? Many thanks.

  83. PavePro

    Best in these videos is editing

  84. PalicoJoe

    you should make mokume gane in to a thing for pewdiepie and send it to him

  85. M M

    Where’s the bike videos?

  86. Jo Nofear

    So you're just making the frame to be correct...

  87. Hugh Sawyer

    Mace of molag bal or sokkas sword

  88. Brein Games

    Did will get extra thicc during quarantine?

  89. Brein Games

    The year is 2045. Alec has started over 3000 projects and has completed zero since the great quarantine of 2020.

  90. GravityHazard

    My favorite weapon to practice with :)

  91. MasterMoparMan

    where do you get your music for your videos?

    1. bodoti qwiu

      Alec learn to feed your filler, that was the biggest game changer for me. It allowed my full concentration on the torch. Night day friend. Keep up the vids.

  92. Matti Rush

    You should make zuko's dual swords

  93. Geraan de wet

    good old jamie on the editing is a beast💪🏻💪🏻

  94. System C

    Is this: MAN AT ARMS, Avatar Jet's Hook Swords?

  95. mark lee

    Alec: and you can put the phone in your pants. Every English person: hehehehehe

  96. torvahnys

    I guess if I were going to try this, I would weld the billets together inside a fume hood filled with an inert gas, or seal it in a can inside a fume hood filled with an inert gas. Not sure if this would be stepping on the patented process, but... that's what I would try. Side question. Do you know if you can forge weld silver and steel?

  97. Jordan Ortega


  98. Dr. Weaver

    I’ve been dying to see someone make a pair of those swords and can you find a recipe for mosaic jelly roll Damascus?

  99. SpiralxBullet

    Make a bronze katana or long sword

  100. ChrisHansen

    Finally a forge that can fit in my bedroom