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  1. TastyTacoN1nja

    >That unity from Escape from Tarkov ok so my slicer program should have horrible memory leak problems and awful economy bots?

  2. Nzack

    Got an Ender 3 directly behind me. It is a beast for its price.

  3. GS Level

    PewDiePie saw this video on his latest LWIAY video! Congratulations!

  4. Matvey Agiyan

    It would be too easy to leave a dent in the cheap desk, the cheap material isn’t real wood and wouldn’t be as tough.

  5. Xkaku xkaku

    When everyone else but asian made something its a replica but when a asian made it they call it a nock off....

  6. Peyton Goss

    Linus can you build me a PC please, I has a trash PC that does not even have an SSD?

  7. Xoze Graf

    Thank you for doing this video. It has made me feel so much better for all the times I have done tech work and everything seemed to go wrong. So it's not just me. :D

  8. J B

    PC - Master Race Console - Peasants Streaming Games - Slaves

  9. Paul Thompson

    MOAR is Better!

  10. Tiger Bob

    why does it say 100$ in the notification and 95$ on the video? I am officially confusion.

  11. chickenmonger123

    I nearly missed this because apparently I am just a sheep who uses only thumbnails to find the videos I want.

  12. Dredd20

    Loving the beard Linus

  13. Mainak Dev

    doesn't really tell us which keyboard is best

  14. Daop op

    she same like me,cause im designer too,u cant photoshop on console😂😂

  15. Simon Weber

    my 10 years old panasonic with 1080p have 4 hdmi fullhd ports too :D

  16. Andrea

    I just realized you don't know how to use the vernier caliper. Also i think some slicers have an option to move the nozzle away to let the part cool before continuing the print.

  17. ronixx

    Where did that girl go ?

  18. MAPSCorp

    possible make a sunrround 7.1 on this speakers?

  19. Gabey

    does it explode...

  20. Tj Smithson

    Linus has 12.5 rooms

  21. Petawe 2005

    Its funny

  22. Tsue

    Pewdiepie had already saw this video

  23. PlokTheMasterGamer

    All these people complaining about joystick drift clearly never mario partied the fuck out of their N64 joystick back in the day

  24. longshot789

    Need more "Uh - - - {AD PLAYS}" segues

  25. Mohammed Belfaqih

    What type of phone do you use

  26. Bob Bla Ba Does Minecraft

    dennis was actually a savage!

  27. Ethan niebles

    Just look at the setups stop invading there privacy you can tell they were uncomfortable whit him looking through every inch of there house

  28. Anerdi1

    Notice how they suck Microsoft XCloud's and PlayStation Now's d**** but s*** on GFN and Stadia...🤔

  29. trapzs

    Bro pewdiepie saw it in his LWIAY

  30. longshot789

    Wow, a whole machine shop!


    this could be a really good clickbait cuase you can use euros instead then dollars

  32. Dan Coppola

    That case made me tear up The set up cost more then my car y’all I’m out

  33. Johnathan Levine

    Gifting my next 20 subscribers hurry now ! ( currently at 300 )

  34. Paulo Agostinho

    Just took Nvidia 20 years to do what 3dfx did with voodoo 2 lol

  35. Luke Middletom

    Laying down and holding a switch cuts into your palms with the weight of it. Maybe try to avoid that dell?

  36. Petawe 2005

    Its epic

  37. Techguy Tutorials

    Linus: I fu**ING knew this Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Taylor bonnstetter

    Hopefully You didn't go with washer fluid general motors tried putting a warmer in with there washer fluid. it got recalled cuz of fires. It has alchohol in it. I would use automotive coolant its meant for hot and cold also has the added plus of preventing electrolysis


    linus buys 20000 pc case me i can buy a car with this case

  40. Just Konta

    The title is lowkey the story of my life

  41. Mughni Wibisono

    Please make a review for Asus Vivobook K570ZD with the Nvidia Gefore GTX 1050 GPU

  42. Andrew Flage

    Fire James and we riot.

  43. Billy Jean

    Ok this was useless

  44. Raijinmaru

    Well i have an question. Where is Ivan?

  45. DATAN

    This thing is gonna 3D print Coronavirus

  46. Sergio Vazquez

    Me: still plays on a Emachine

  47. Søren Helskov

    Where did i see Something similar? Ohh wait JayzTwoCents last year

  48. Keaton Spence

    If I need an emergency backup display I would just buy a Gateway CRT on eBay for $15

  49. Sad Salami

    Definitely wouldnt know about games as you complained about one being below normal price in your quest reviw


    just watch pewdiepie new video

  51. 周子鉴

    Make u all surprise. The tech stuff likes this, probably only cost 1/5 or 1/6 when u buy them in Shenzhen' market. So this 'GOOD' 3d printer probably only could cost less than 20 USD.( ̄▽ ̄) 5 YEARS CN FANS FROM BILIBILI.

  52. Timochat

    8:06 "10$ a GB after the first gigabyte" What...? I pay 30$ for a 60GB plan ??? That's 0.5$ a gig ?? What's wrong America ???

  53. fpshooterful

    Again.... not a huge fan of in-game benchmarks and testing newly built PC on a 60hz monitor. If you want to do proper benchmarks, you gotta include REAL LIFE gameplay, and MUST test the PC on a 120 to 144hz + gaming monitors. That way you can see what your PC is able to push to its limit.

  54. mohasen enan

    Why it is feeling like you aren’t making pc for pewdiepie you are making for me...☺

  55. Khing Thompson

    That looks more like a handheld Xbox One


    pewdiepew is subcribed to linus tech tips now

  57. Valperci Nabanalan

    try Creality3D Ender-3 pro instead


    It will be a long time , before i buy anything from China ,....... if that's possible .

  59. Blake Hurwitz

    Lie nus

  60. Skovsnegl

    No camera on the screen - I guess Asus have watched Snowden from 2016.

  61. Angelo Moraschi

    Predator selling a dentist's chair for 10,000$

  62. Sad Salami

    He complains about games being 30 dollars even though most games are 60 this dude is definitely not a gamer

  63. djlobb

    Sorry Samsung but I'm not buying another OLED. Plugging the PC into the TV still eventually leads to burn-in. You know this, you market against LG with this fact. So good luck with those OLED TVs.

  64. Ayan Mondal

    its been 3 years and ryzen is still rysing .....!!!

  65. Emerick Pilvard

    "More computer speakers, on top of computer speakers"

  66. Drib Jerp

    This is one of my favourite videos of his

  67. José Encarnação

    Hey LMG, I'm remembering some old videos. IDEA FOR LTTSTORE.COM (inspired from that PC case on the video): -- Make stickers from your contents, videos, says, memes, etc to glue onto a Gaming Case! Maybe partner with some case vendors. Maybe partner with DBrand. Love you guys. Best wishes for all from Portugal

  68. Shiki Aura

    Alright, so these to videos didn't so much put me on either side, so much as I now want to use both. I love Windows, but I love the chance to learn and make that is inherent with Linux. This isn't even the Apple vs Android thing, since I respect both enough that I don't care. This is now _giving_ me something else I need to eventually use... Guess I'll buy a shoddy set up for Linux, and use my nice, new laptop (for editing and gaming, and maybe modeling later) for Windows

  69. Michael Gommerman

    As a commercial electrician that bends rigid, EMT, and PVC conduit daily, I am very intrigued by this 'rigid' tubing application. Looks fun to attempt!

  70. Kwitz King

    3D printer but it’s too true to be good

  71. Hacker Weirdo

    This new Linus with beard removes the no in #nohomo.

  72. mynameisray

    They did this to tell Linus that he's an asshole, without actually telling him he's an asshole... And do you think Linus got the hint and started treating his employees and friends better? Well it's now 2020 and the answer is NO. Linus still treats pretty much everyone like shit, and still continues to act like he's better than everyone. Only now he's got Corona virus, so at least he can't verbally abuse people face to face, just over the phone.

  73. Emerick Pilvard


  74. UnidentifiedPotato

    Imagine Pewds banging it

  75. Kalle Kolstad


    1. Kalle Kolstad

      damn it linus

  76. fpshooterful

    NOT a huge fan with IN GAME benchmarks. Gives you an rough idea to what your PC can do, but REAL LIFE GAMEPLAY is the way you should always test your PC.

  77. Jake Nelson

    Why are you using a third party machinist when you have an entire machine shop in house?

  78. Zekken

    Nigga be flexin :/

  79. Amrapali Naik

    Seriously.... In the start, Anthony just stopped like Linus just paused him 😂

  80. Borf Borf

    A human brain has 2.5 petabytes of storage. Damn.

  81. Constantine Shcherbyna

    Only opened the video to see if Linus mentions Ender 3. Edit: he didn't

  82. Azim Alif

    Ya, I saw this in an unsafe location in a previous video.

  83. G TEK

    Building a Xbox series X Xbox : made of AMD Linus : Builds with intel cpu and nvidia gpu Me : Am I a joke to you

  84. Aleks Skuber

    It's funny how everyone in the comments is talking about the mistakes Intel has done, not mistakes AMD has done. And about things Intel copied, not things AMD has copied. It's funny to see kids who are not willing to earn money by doing physical work for a month or two for an Intel CPU talk about what Intel is doing wrong, not what AMD is doing wrong. You know why Intel's chips are slower than AMD's? Because Intel fixes security flaws in their CPUs while AMD still has security flaws from 2011 that have still not been fixed to this day! You know why Intel is stuck on 14nm? Because they aren't as trash as AMD at making CPUs and don't buy 20 companies to help them make CPUs. NO! Intel actually knew and knows how to make the first x86 and x64 CPU (Well the first x64 CPU was made by AMD but who "helped" them? Intel did), Hyper-Threading, XMP, Intergrated Graphics and other stuff that were later stolen by AMD themselves while AMD realized they were so close to defeat and knew they don't know how to make anything themselves so they bought TSMC and ATI to "help" them make CPUs and GPUs. Excuse me but if I'm paying money for a CPU I want it to be made by the company that I bought it from, meaning I want an Intel CPU from Intel and not an AMD CPU from TSMC. I also want the damn company to know the answer to a question about a certain product if I ever ask them anything, not that I have to ask another company for the answer even though the company I bought the CPU from is supposed to know the answer. This is a life lesson. Don't rely too much on others like what AMD is doing right now. What if the thing that you are relying on all the time fails? You didn't study for the damn thing, you don't know how it works. Either way, throughout everything I've said here, I'm not saying that AMD should fail or anything. No, not at all. All I'm saying is that I just don't want people trying to get me into the whole AMD scene. Anyway if you want an AMD CPU, go for it, it's probably a good deal but I just dont like it, just stop making a freaking drama because AMD beat Intel in every single video where a CPU is presented or reviewed.

  85. Phantom Gaming

    Dude my laptop runs minecraft on 4 fps Keep in mind it's like 7 years old and yeah ....

  86. Pau Gironès

    Can't wait to play Minecraft on this PC

  87. Adrian lambert

    Wreless display output and wireless peripherals and the only addition thing you will see is a second power cable and the base add-on, which to most would go unnoticed. So you could make it be almore iddentical in appearance to the original fan.

  88. Dhaemon Gustafsson


  89. Carston 101

    How about instead of cutting your let it grow out and pull of the Gene Simmons top knot??

  90. Dylan Rose

    I wish I could afford a pc

  91. Isaiah Jankowski

    i use firefox boi

  92. Mughni Wibisono

    Please make a review for Asus Vivobook K570ZD.

  93. EnegeNG

    Very cool, but man I hate the bobbing detaching head . Creepers don't do that and it is killing me.

  94. Теймур Курбанов

    Riley is actually Linus Torvalds' younger brother

  95. Taylor bonnstetter

    Having a magnet that close to your tight weld will disrupt your tig weld

  96. Laurent Baumann

    Not even a mention for It's the best, you get a full Windows 10 desktop with all your games, without rebuying them, and fear of them disappearing. Plus the rig is powerful and latency is quite low.