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  1. Tarush Singh

    Shroud not human confirmed

  2. Swaraj Ramesh

    Why can I only like this video once??!

  3. Cracknut

    OK, I'm gonna be that one guy... But 2070 super aren't good enough for 1440p. She is up to disappointment of she runs a game like Control or Metro. Asus should've given her at least 2080.

  4. Message To All Friends

    I agree 100% with Paul on this one.

  5. Bad Guy Inc

    Grimmmz lips are off sync in real I never noticed this!

  6. the sweatest sour

    Imagine having two sponsors on one video

  7. Woolplatypus7 Gaming

    I'm too late

  8. DrQwerty Silence

    Hire her Linus, she's a GEM! Dezzz Nutzzz 🤣

  9. Hector Zavala

    Does anyone that actually watches Linus tech know anything about computers cuz I'm really starting to doubt it.

  10. Donavan Cargin

    Wow great video mate, good job getting all those guests on

  11. Chris Loew

    Shroud is king, one guy was full of himself

  12. ElGuriDeParaná

    is she linus cousin?

  13. TheImmoralCookie

    I love her. She is awesome! "LAMO"

  14. Christopher G. Treadway

    Omgee, Shrrrooouuuddd!!!

  15. Perkele Itse

    Lol she's like a female Jake :D Hire her Linus!

  16. Julius Potter

    WHY would you have ANY HDD hard drives in a PC like THIS?!!!

  17. Ebacherville

    Chronos cameras are insane..

  18. Taral Patel

    10:10 why did you not create a dedicated server and let 60 fps computer do its job!

    1. Taral Patel

      He would not hit anything with that RED var and pretty sure the guy in nvidia jersey didn't play csgo in his life.

  19. RagingSkittles

    your playing CS:GO ON A CORSAIR ONE PC WTF LINUS!!!

  20. Pertti Örn

    I'm sorry, but I just can not do anything without a stylus: spesifically the s-pen. I need a physical way to interact with my phone, be it a physical keyboard (like the ultimate one on my first smartphone HTC desireZ) or the s-pen. Alas the fold gets a hard pass from me.

  21. BruceLeedar

    Wait, are these still not blind tests? LMG gotta be trolling.

  22. Nikø Stark

    Ok so is he telling us stick to the ssd over M.2?

  23. steven whitesell

    Watched a few times and laughed out loud every time. Some of the 1 liners had me in tears i was laughing so hard.

  24. Joseph Roman Sexton

    And part 3 part 3 300fps vs 1 FPS

  25. Tom Sainz

    So does this means that those gamers who have a rtx 2080ti on their PC are the toughest gamers?

  26. gyanshu dubey

    I just come here shroud response

  27. Raphael Márquez


  28. Badtaste21

    So it's safe to say there can be positive effects up to around 300fps/Hz. Interesting. I didn't think way more than 144fps would still have these effects.

  29. Dan Spaghetti Master

    Jesus that dislike ratio

  30. Aidan Forrester

    Ok, why can these other premium laptop manufactures not take a hint from older companies like lenovo? I have a 15 inch laptop (not even 17) and then managed to fit an **entire** full keyboard onto my laptop. My laptop has every key my desktop does. come on! It's not that complicated, thinkpads have been doing it for 25 years now. Or just bleed the arrow keys down past the keyboard a bit. Also yes, I would have preferred a 1440p panel instead of the 4k, but like not 1080 sooo.

  31. Tops Dev

    My dad said to pay for windows cause "It's stealing". bruh

  32. WarpPal

    3:48 "gRaPhs, GlOriUs gRaPhS, HoT piLiEs oF nUMbeRs!!" *maniacal music playing in the backround* Me: Hey I feel a main antagonist theme song coming on there Linus you even harmonized with the background music 😁😈

  33. Max T

    I wanna see the studio with the Quadro p5000

  34. Hampus Näslund

    Shroud isn’t human.

  35. MuffinDill

    You gotta hire her man

  36. brkbeat junkie

    I’m glad AMD finally found their niche. Making low end laptops.

  37. 2 Wheeled Yeena

    ohh noooo a little of sound... welp better sacrifice my cpu and gpu with heat instead of a tad of noise and on top of that the cpu will shut down due to thermal overheat protections sorry we dont live in 1999 anymore

  38. samuelslicer n

    Linus was in such pain



  40. MasterMusa 3000

    Hire her

  41. R4INM4N

    So should I use G-SYNC?

  42. millenniumtree

    Holy shit I want her in EVERY video!

  43. millhouse313


  44. topkekguy

    What's Coreys last name? People keep asking me.

  45. Beta Phazer

    Stewie2K for part 3!

  46. Shawn Sereal

    Damn. I'm always in the wrong computer store at the wrong time.

  47. A Bjorkman

    Linus nooo you can’t floss nooooo Linus

  48. Malohdek

    Brian is so fucking Canadian lmaooo

  49. AndroidUser444 Development and Engineering

    Linus says "Onnnnnnnnnnnn" in ONN logo. 7:51 15:32

  50. Gerum Baru

    This video isn't even 60fps

  51. pamo graph

    This video has been leaked way before shroud join mixer.

  52. Roger Diotte

    WTF...Really! I want more Beachcombers/Rockford Files days!

  53. ZD Sensei

    Ayyy and I work at one of the locations.

  54. Maxime Royal

    Ok, I know this is extreme, but you should do it again, but repeat the same tests everyday for a week to eliminate the "training effect" as much as possible and have the tests and order of PCs everytime

  55. Hood Gentleman

    Most of games have the freesync/v-sync option so i prefer save cash

  56. Skyler Wetmore

    So basically get a grand or more and you can build this. I like it. Definitely worth the money if I can just put it in my carry on with a portable monitor and my mouse, keyboard, and mic set

  57. A Random Guy

    I thought Grimmmz was a young John Romero on the thumbnail!

  58. DarkZ_ GamZ

    How much would it cost to play a round of Fortnite with 10000000 frames a second

  59. St0n3 Gam1ng

    Shroud has a big fat cock.

  60. Mahin Ahmed

    Short answer: Yes

  61. Murat Can

    What a f'ing fun video to watch! Also informative :D Thanks Lenuz!!

  62. Mr Z


  63. Chris L

    I SERIOUSLY want to know just who in the hell do the people making this garbage think would actually want it? Are there no laws in China against shit like this? I mean why even waste the time making this cheap trash? I mean it not enough for the assholes making this trash to make fake garbage, but they also take the time to hack the bios in an attempt to fake it even more to make people think they've bought a 1050 when it's more like a 950 or worse is just trash that doesn't work at all.

  64. KeyganR6

    Did Austin really drive to Richmond virginia

  65. Moppin

    I’m vibin with this

  66. Stephen Hogan

    Madison needs to be a regular.

  67. Leorick Girthrie

    What is the secret? What is the secret gadget Linus? Tell me......

  68. TomWi

    ok, i have a good idea for part 3! Put shroud on the operating table and cut it completely open. Everyone wants to see how a living Aimbot is built from the inside. such a cyborg is very interesting. but please build it back together afterwards! we want to watch him later in his streams again !! 👀😲😨😨🤣😂🤣👍👍🍺🍺

  69. Quinton Oosthuizen

    Now 0.0002% of current android users can look forward to an android 10 update.. Yay...

  70. Dino Ducks

    The thing is she’s just roasting Linus so it’s interesting

  71. Dudeomfgstfux

    People complain that Linus doesn't hire people of Colour; they need another woman other than his wife to work here

  72. Roger Diotte

    Everyone that whines needs a swift kick in the ass and their diaper left on with gags of crap in it for 3 nights. May you rest (un)easy should you make it to a retirement home little ones! Watch your rear...

  73. micore pls

    So much more respect for the man

  74. Matthew Doherty

    SOOOOO much watercooling for a single CPU only. that rear small rad would be enough. and all that distro is just wasted fluff.

  75. Pender RBLX

    Not better: can’t watch dvds on my computer anymore🤦‍♂️

  76. André Gonçalves

    how the hell a channel with 9 million subscribers does such a bad comparison?. Excluding earbuds due to their appearance :0?? Probably the most stupid criteria I ever saw...

  77. Mijan

    am I the only one who can not hear some of the shots?

  78. Colin Java

    Deaf lepper font

  79. AS

    I need this girl in my life..

  80. silvermolotov

    This is the first time I've given a like to a LTT video. Just for making me laugh this much. Well deserved. Lol This girl is what LTT neeeeeeeeds!

  81. Kevin Izatt

    Linus hire her.

  82. Jae Blanco

    yall had too much fun on this one lol 😂😂

  83. Lai Yuin Hong

    well i have an g3258 paired with gtx780ti, gpu didn't even run 50%, such a shitty cpu i have no idea why intel decided to unlock a useless dual core, 100% usage when gaming lmao

  84. Anequit

    It makes me sad to watch these videos

  85. Patty Daddy

    Hire 👏 her 👏

  86. Zotac 1060 6GB

    We need more episode with Shroud where he will testing new hardware

  87. Jamal PlaysPiano

    God damn. Linus tech tips plays the shittiest games.

  88. bogus696996

    only person online that praises the battery.

  89. BenjAmin Hoang

    astralis vs fnatic october 16th lol

  90. Greg F

    I wonder if the competitors would have done better if Linus hadn't been hovering over them, potentially distracting them in the video.

  91. Michael Blake

    She’s the best and you guys should give her a job there.

  92. Ross Ward

    mac all the way never going back to windows

  93. ManySoda

    Shroud. I click

  94. Nukos

    I watched this twice already just because of how great she is on camera. Imagine her doing TechLinked

  95. Joseph Roman Sexton

    I have a 144fps montier sorry for spelling k scroll down 144fps yay Game 60 to 100 FPS As I can tell but feel playing 144fps how

  96. Max Coplan

    Only complaint is not getting 3Klicks to help design some tests

  97. Robert Siegfried

    Is it possible to use those controllers with another headset?

  98. Wraithdagger

    This is a good video. I still bought a Macbook Air because I hate Windows.


    its right 60 to higher no diffeernce buut u feel it when u get higher to 60

  100. Tobri0 Gaming

    idk how but my friend done a reation test it might of been on accident but he got 87