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  1. AholicKnight

    Do you guys realize how big the RAW files are?

  2. commando Foxer

    The problem here is that it only works well on Mac OS which means you would need a Mac cheese grater ,(and you get Mac's wonderful repair policies)

  3. Randomergy

    Maybe it's just my eyes but I personally can't see a significant difference in display resolutions above 2K. At least not below a certain size for monitors. And high refresh rates make me queasy. Bog standard 1080p monitors with average refresh rates are my butter zone. So I don't see the appeal of something like this. It and any "professional" monitor just seems like marketing hype to me. But like I said, that's just my opinion. I don't game and I view computers as tools. Not a status symbol. You do you though.

  4. JPX64

    im watching this because i want good advice to get a budget pc for 68 euros

  5. Dave

    LOL whats the market size for these shit monitors.

  6. Duh Doy

    I have a thunderbolt 3 expansion card, and have a virtual machine that runs Mac... HMMM

  7. Russell Garrard

    Anyone else watch the ad's all the way through on purpose? Even letting them run in the background while browsing another page until the actual video loads? Just so Linus can get the extra ad revenue?

  8. Lakshay Dutta

    Man u put rtx 2080's in your garage and attic PC's which you barely touch again. How are u a mere mortal 0:07

  9. anwer aqeliy

    The First time ever linux talks right about speakers lol he is so bad at it

  10. iMiguelAOG

    7:21 My favorite LTT employee has arrived

  11. Avsfreak24

    She is so fucking annoying idk how the hell Linus managed to not snap

  12. Hayden Morris

    Hate the clicking music very very distracting

  13. Lawrence Lentini

    I had to pause the video I was laughing so hard at 3:42

  14. Dusk Shade

    Locked to a Mac you say? Hackintosh sites should be talking about this already

  15. This is Patrick

    God damn that cheese grater on the back is giving me a minor trypophobia lmao.

  16. Bishal Poddar

    please compare with asus

  17. Vikushu

    Does Apple seriously think professional artists/content creators will be able to afford this thing? The problem is, it's too expensive for the consumer market, but not good enough as a reference monitor.

  18. phillip smith

    Another good sound control tool is eartrumpet it's in the windows store and allows you to route each apps audio to which ever output you want.... So you can have your music in your headphones and your game audio on your speakers... People might find that weird but if your doing a chill stream you can use your speakers as a stream audio source and listen to music as you stream without the stream listening to your copyrighted music... Can also control each tabs volume separately in windows without having to use some plugin on your browser

  19. nevermorefuzzy

    Put rubber o-rings under the key cap to silence the bottom out and give u a bounce to the key travel.

  20. Bernardo Fleck Manganelli

    TOZO T10 on the rejected list. Its a "Amazon's Choice" product with 29k reviews and 4.3 note. lol

  21. Somar Alnawaqil

    Get the pc one

  22. Lukas Tran

    Apple X Apple X Max Apple XS Apple XS Max Apple xD

  23. justin tyrone

    Could I use one of these as a slave card with my 980 GTX?

  24. Avin Sharma


  25. McNug

    This sucks

  26. Biswajit Baruah

    Does anybody getting linus ad of monitoring system before this video

  27. Ishrath Inaam

    *GTX* 2080 Yeah well done nerd 0:55

  28. Rick Ω

    The background music in this video - It's not good. Maybe it's just my tv, but it sounds like a squeaky chirp and nothing else at my normal volume. I didn't even realize it was music at first.

  29. psionx1

    luke may want to look into windows 10 LTSC. which is windows 10 but with no coretana and much of the bloat removed. also a tool known as winareo tweaker can re-enable some features still left over from windows 7. then you can use blackbird to remove/disable most if not all the known spy stuff. once you do that windows 10 is pretty nice to use as long as you have recent drivers. the ability to see gpu usage by program in the task manager and support for longer directory/file names is good enough reason not to go back to older versions of windows.

  30. Splxrgii

    tbh these pcs are for people that dont know about pc hardware alot so its sad to see like parents buying these for there kids that want to start pc gaming.

  31. Tala Mare

    What song is playing for the 14:00?


    i didn't know footlocker sold pc parts thats sick

  33. Alan Wang #36

    What is that sadness in his eyes?

  34. ImTheDaveman

    AHEM - when you say let them dry for a week - is that a 5 day work week or 5 Work Days (Monday-Friday) + 2 Chill days (Saturday-Sunday) ???? At any rate - just washing the keyboard with the keys on is cleaner than I can get them by hand.

  35. Ascap 850

    Another episode of things I'll never own

  36. Secret !

    No one outside of artists care about color accuracy, and they're not paying for each others work. I stopped buying pro level monitors years ago.

  37. L45V3G45

    wish . com destroying hopes and dreams one order at a time. i feel SO bad for poor budget kids that get ripped off by these fuckers.

  38. Ratish ISURI

    Can anyone else hear the mouse clicking noise through out the video???

  39. Jasjeet Singh

    Send the asus!!!

  40. Dev1lm4n

    Display Pro XDR vs cheapest Samsung QLED TV

  41. blocky


  42. Lambda Function

    Just switch all of LTT over to MacOS. Windows is such a crap OS, it's too bad Apple doesn't support the Hackintosh way.

  43. OBK

    I got so used to True Tone everything else looks way too blue.

  44. HeyLookImGerman

    For $5000 I could buy my whole gaming rig about 3.4x over

  45. OBK

    Apple and trust out of Linus mouth in the same breath lmao

  46. peter smith

    So is it worth buying a pc for 4k do some games still have size issues and stuff

  47. Captian Morgan

    Now compare these to a plasma tv

  48. 64h5dsf14j6s41h5s4j5

    0:33 uses code LINUS100 to get the rugs for free. #prohacker

  49. Boseph

    That's 3300 for the keycaps what the fuck

  50. Benjamin Yeo

    $5000 and not even curved screen??

  51. Nogoodnamesanymore

    LTT + iJustine is such a winning combination.

  52. BluMac.

    Linus ad for a Linus video

  53. Ali Neuronaut

    Get Linus to eat durian anyways 😎

  54. Wiztard

    To be using teamviewer over anydesk in _current_year_.....

  55. Beef Spork

    thanks paul btw 2020 anybody

  56. Dean •


  57. Zadius895

    we're definitely all just jealous of all the apple xdr display owners who don't speak broke

  58. Pinecone


  59. Benjamin Yeo

    Does it support watching VCD?

  60. Fritz Asuro

    10:00 - "I'm *_AN_* artist"

  61. Lyraedan

    Yeah but do you NEED footage from 2 years ago?

  62. Adam Zawadzki

    come on Linus you got the money to buy the cards so why you complaining for? you got $10,000 computers more then one and complaining about the memory cards come on man. The red camera stuff does cost a lot of money so if you got that type of cash to spend on the camera like that you should have no problem with buying the memory cards, if you are complaining about the price buy a cheaper camera lol

  63. AutumnOnFire

    Cranberry Almond Crunch is a bitchin cereal. Ya'll should try it.

  64. Leo N

    Litter box now? Really Linus, really?

  65. Burnningsoul

    How long do you think it will last before it starts becoming another piece of electronic junk. If I recall humans can't see the difference between 4k and 6k or even 8k why bother. Like this youtube is probably filmed in 4k most monitors cant display it in 4k. Amazes me all these you tube channels buy the expensive 4k cameras to video their shows when they look no better on this end. Must be a "I want to own the cooler stuff thing".

  66. Is The

    That's called PR. NSA is just as dirty as they ever were. They're willing to tell you about this security hole because there's 50 other holes they're not telling you about.

  67. Pedro Paulo Amorim

    9:09 actived Siri multiple times

  68. Hariboboi 9000


  69. My5Cent

    if you are selling monitor without a stand arent that illegal or a rip-off? i mean without the stand, the monitor unusable if one day apple selling its iphone and they assume you have the power brick, so they decided to say, ''hey you can have the power brick at just $59.90" will that be a rip-off?

  70. James Lewis

    My issue with this is the same as with every other Apple product. It is over-priced, is designed with form over function and will most likely not work well with non-Apple products.

  71. mitch anable

    Would totally use

  72. sidharth sunu

    You should totally compare the Asus with the pro display

  73. Alfredo Espere

    NSA giving away free stuff means another government is using it and better it gets fixed rather than give the "enemy" access.

  74. Functionize GD

    If anyone can help my sister get a Gaming PC, or donate a bit of money for her to get it, please click on this link! I appreciate your time reading this comment 😔🙏❤️

  75. Onell HawilX

    3:42 big linus is watching you

  76. Functionize GD

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  77. Leonardo Diego

    Do it Asus!?!

  78. o

    you know thiojoe used to make joke videos right?... that was one of them

  79. MyMMC

    it's a beautiful screen and for a professional screen it's very cheap.

  80. Friday SL


  81. Functionize GD

    If anyone can help my sister get a Gaming PC, or donate a bit of money for her to get it, please click on this link! I appreciate your time reading this comment 😔🙏❤️

  82. ashan perera

    Sure plz do pc vs mac

  83. Riley Kitchenka

    ? This is really cool, but not really that much cooler than Circlovision (you know, from when Walt Disney was alive).

  84. Morgan Metz

    And the Virginia kids play with both

  85. Wub Kub

    Like this so I can come back next year to remember that Linus paid 1K FOR A STAND

  86. seth_the_turtle


  87. Dylan Smith

    Complete waste of time and money, and more importantly my own time for watching this.

  88. Atlas Gaming

    $900 for bottom of the barrel? I have seen an I5 1650 for $600 guys

  89. TheHermitArcana

    I love how Anthony has this Sage-like respect among the LTT audience.

  90. oo oo

    Why is the staff such idiots? Mac isn't hard.

  91. MondayMoustache

    Please do the Asus comparison, i still dont understand what a "pro" display really means. Is it mostly just the color accuracy? Blacks and whites? Why is it 5000$? Someone explain PLEASE

  92. Radiant Silver Labs

    looks like android blatantly to me, especially their toast messages

  93. Crystals Jones

  94. NOT ALOT

    download the support files for bootcamp - there should be an installer in the package somewhere for the windows widget.

  95. João Pedro Lenzi


  96. Hafizh Alfi

    HDR content from now on pls

  97. XFourty7

    From the title I was expecting a PCper collab lol. How is HDR a thing for professionals when it's so much like the contrast ratio battle for displays about 5 years ago (interpolation)? Shouldn't a "pro" display just be 48bit color or higher? :X eg;

  98. Fernando Melendez

    Damn the apple video had so much hate