Former NASA engineer. Current FIselsr and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

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  1. Yuri Malabanan


  2. Slippy896

    What is the package is upside down?

  3. Bang Jhon

    Telolet horn is the best


    Mister Rober, I got a question I couldnt find the answer for: Why do we use coasters? I mean, why liquid comes out of the glass if there s no logical resason

  5. Simon Staples

    question: How drunk are you when you do these?

  6. Homo Gamers

    Thanks, I got 86% in my exam 80% was guess

  7. Wrecking Crew

    Astros stole it

  8. Sophia Ramsey

    i dont have school for da rest of da year is what they are saying!

  9. yellow cherry

    the germpaphobe in me has gotten worse

  10. Jocelyn Hercher

    Im really glad science is being use for good. Media makes the impression that science is bad

  11. ㅤㅤ


  12. Kaden Goudie

    By putting air in

  13. Rainbow Apple

    14:27 hurts to hear off tune

  14. Hanah Ahmad

    Object's get laaaaazzzzyyyyyyyyyy!🎵🎙

  15. KittyGaming123

    i once swallowed public pool water by accident

  16. Blindpatch

    Why? Funniest part of this video

  17. Joshua Shehryar


  18. Rachel Parker

    So the dude got 4 sweet cameras

  19. nic

    Imagine going in by yourself with nobody watching and as soon as you dive in and your head is under the sand the power goes out

  20. TSCH. Wave

    Verygood i giveqqq!!!

  21. Funny Haha

    YoUr ChEaTiNg

  22. WorldWalker128

    We've all thought about doing something like thi sat some point. These kids actually get to play in the results.

  23. simclardy1

    Nice experiment but 10 wallets pet city is weak. 200 per city and you might be onto something. If course of you are dropping hundreds of wallets people might catch on. Lol

  24. MagzV

    I seriously doubt the Emirati students told you that Dubai is a small country.

  25. CryhmeTime

    You should prepare a card with a link to your channel when you recover the package.

  26. Daud Hussain

    I wouldn't do that.. I would set up a trap that when they open it a shutgun shoots him or her and hide the body

  27. PocketBrain

    "like" for using biodegradable glitter. Better yet, use sugar-based glitter. It'll attract ants!

  28. Do YoU kONw Da Way?

    I'll install skrrrrrrttt sound in my car.

  29. ashley mcclaran

    Vsauce3 is the winner

  30. orlybabe

    Genius. People didn’t seem so perturbed by the fart spray, maybe next time have a high powered fan behind the spray so it really goes around the room lol

  31. Gacha Syke


  32. logan madden

    Next time you should put sneezing powder in it

  33. miss one missed call


  34. Top Secret


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    Do you ever see a comment and say I wish I wrote that

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    Hey mark. Do sharks like the colour yellow.

  37. Yajie Liu

    Turn. Off. The. Faucet. With. Paper. Towel. Or. Clean. Wash. Cloth!!! Not your clean 20s-washed hands!!!

  38. Marvelous Studios

    This guy is literally the definition of a cool uncle.

  39. orlybabe

    And the first thief shall henceforth be known as, Mr Sparkly Pants

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    AOL shirt... Why?

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    Oh GoOdbyE cAmEra

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    Imagine robbing this guy’s house and him hitting you with a ROCKET POWERED GOLF CLUB.

  43. Fhcugehvuhvuf Jblkdbfduip

    4:50 pause BEFORE you click the hyperlink

  44. Daniels G.

    Why would you need to work somewhere to tell someone where a good place to eat is? Asshole 100

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    Loving these videos

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    i dont get why pewdiepie has more subscribers than you..

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    This dude is the smartest guy I know

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    2nd richest guy in the world

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    You sure those are not just finger or foot prints?

  50. Threeyearsold2 _YT

    Who else is eating meat while watching this video?

  51. Lunara Chan

    2:49 Mark: you can live without food for 3 weeks but- Me: I don’t think so *eats a chip*

  52. macmill80

    Those are the real superheroes of life!!!

  53. Jake gavic

    I want to just have it explode at my door step

  54. ninjaofmanga

    tnt, dynamite, bombe, mine, grenade = BOUM!!!

  55. kush munjal

    mark plz make a video on how to be a space scientist of involved in space technology and plz share your ending in nasa story in a video and plz tell how can we be involved

  56. Alijah Verasammy

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will donate

  57. Roro Studios

    What would happen if everyone in the world flushed the toilet at the same time? The channel BRIGHT SIDE made a video on that recently, I’d like to see what you’ll say about it. ;)

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    He should of used that massive water gun in the pool

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    If you were to have a slogan then it should be “Stay Curious”

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    Nickelodeon made this for sale, but small

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  62. AaronCute6090


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    S A T I S F Y I N G

  64. Drakinite

    The artistry in these cuts are absolutely beautiful.

  65. Iskandar Alex2 fixed

    Dear Mark I cannot understand the explane in movie why chernobyl RBMK explode can you please help me to understand it?

  66. Iskandar Alex2 fixed

    9:56 bruh

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    But the big question is... How much pee is in the ocean?

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  71. Traintrack91 Patrick is perfect

    Marky robot vlogs

    1. Traintrack91 Patrick is perfect

      Good idea maye

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    13:18, that guy running behind you hahahah

  73. Inspirational Goosebumps

    You can't find swimming pool everwhere

  74. Inspirational Goosebumps

    How to survive grenade blast - Toss it to others.

  75. Poof a

    1:53 I hadn't watched this since it first came out. This was basically a jumpsad. It didn't scare me, it just made me feel a physical pain in my chest.

  76. Transparent

    What is temperature? Why is something hot or cold? Why red light is warm?

  77. Tim Liao

    not all virus is DNA virus. For example, Wuhan virus is RNA virus

  78. ItzZanex

    He needed all that soap now and alcohol because of the virus

  79. Tahmid Haque

    Am I last one to watch it? 7 years late!

  80. Ethan Looi

    This toilet question is actually one I don’t instantly have an answer to. My guess is that nothing major would happen. I believe that there’d be a some systems which would overflow or break due to the pressure on the system, but nothing major would happen because the earth’s pressure is pretty easy to go back to the normal range. Earth’s pressure fluctuates naturally so I guess nothing major would happen if every toilet was flushed at the same time... actually, just less air for people climbing Mt Everest 😂

  81. Gregory Ashton

    Back when Corona didn’t have an issue selling their beers 😂

  82. Ben Shelton

    I've been thinking when life gives 8you lemons don't make lemonade make life take the lemons back get mad I don't want yourto 8pheir limits what I'm supposed to do with these

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    00:30 Is that... a CORONA bottle?? 😧 Arrrrrggghh. Run awayyyyy!!

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    Marks smarter than the professer and he's trying to look happy

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    Sound is frequency -low pitch -> high pitch- Light is frequency -infrared -> ultraviolet- How come they don’t collide??..

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  87. Transparent

    Man, you’ve already taught me more than school did :)

  88. Jay's World

    why u r not in Trump place

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    the police is useless

  90. Rafster Chasan

    At the start, you said objects will only move if a force is acted upon them, but what if there is potential energy e.g a rubber band flinging off your hands

  91. Terry O'Connor

    Why keep saying there’s no gravity in space when there is?

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    Shout out to the best uncle of all time.

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