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    report him

  2. Pratyush Dilliwala

    Did anyone notice the pikachu.

  3. Bird Y

    some of the titles are such click bait

  4. Gazania Billingy

    Your stalker told the business workers not to talk to you that mean they are witnesses and your are not crazy

  5. NamersDC

    anyone else notice how bs all of these videos are.

  6. PR3VA1L-_-ODIN

    Can we talk about the thumbnail though...

  7. Heidi Bonneau

    I am so happy for you at the part when you were all laughing on the couch I smile with joy

  8. Gabby Zhang

    Mom is a boy

  9. xXimjustmeXx

    Beech let’s spend 6 hours together playing fortnite

  10. Sarah Luico

    Hahaha Pedro is single -0:05

  11. karolina jones

    im so sorry 🙏🏽 I hope he gets better soon 🤍🤍🥺🥺

  12. rani sejati

    Wow your story just like my BFF and Alisa just like me but i dump him on the pee ho is still in the toilet beet that Brad

  13. Rolando Masinda


  14. Jason Lyons

    So basically the thumbnail was clickbate?

  15. Gacha vam

    2020:- someone has been living in my pillow 2030:- I ate a goldfish and I turned into a trash can

  16. SimplyYellow PlaysRoblox

    Its Hunniebee_ASMR

  17. Utimate RandomX

    What was the dangerous skill tho??

  18. mario on a cross

    this literally a reupload

  19. Fradixon Yerusa

    this story made me cry

  20. Rafia Khan

    9:13 did she fart😂😂😂😆😆

  21. MK AR

    Me : *Saw half of the girls shot with nerf gun* Also Me : Thats savage.

  22. Jade's World

    The thumbnail i-

  23. Salote Moala


  24. Hermeone Leez

    Next video: *Someone has been living in my toilet for months*

  25. LiL Fanta

    I cried after this and my grandma died of cancer

  26. Sariyah

    FAKEST STORY EVER but i keep watching this

  27. rex killer

    I am so happy for you

  28. Salote Moala

    u have 11 siblings do u have a mom or a dad

  29. zai jeffries

    this some tik tok story

  30. Umaiza Imran

    I think it might be hunnibee

  31. Thuy Florence


  32. Yui-Chan The Dere

    Me in the middle of watching this: Me: MA, will you let me stay with u for 1 night?!?!

  33. Ashleya Yuni

    Title : i pretend to be blind so i can see dirty things Me : oh hell no

  34. Steph Seabrook

    Not good

  35. gian zarate caddali

    Jasper is a jerk

  36. Zisis Chartampilas

    This is redicolous in extreme levels

  37. Felix Fett

    It just keeps getting faker

  38. Danger QD

    it never dawned on you to subscribe? >_> BRUH I feel like i know this YTer...

  39. shianne Butler

    the way her sister describes her her sister is like hunnibee asmr search her

  40. crimson_ Sakura

    Hi I'm 16, is it okay if I can become one of ur friends

  41. Alyssa The Billie lover

    First time I’ve ever cried a 5:30 (exactly)

  42. syd ann

    am i the one who want to search her sister youtube channel?

  43. Heidi Argueta

    She knows everything about everyone

  44. Dark Rose

    I love fluffy polar bears

  45. [ I t̲̅ z _ M v F o̸ Z y ]

    Who else saw the pikachu plushie 😂

  46. BenPlayz09

    Bro she's talking so sarcastic. She sucks at painting her nails. She looks like she ain't even trying. And the title looks like the sister is pulling her A$$ off

  47. Steph Seabrook


  48. Pandicorn Aesxthetic

    Use me as a "HOLY SHAMOLY" button.

  49. Maya's World

    I love TikTok i’ve got an Account

  50. Candice Loise Marie Teodosio

    What's her asmr account

  51. Snoops Sans

    This is honestly so stupid lmao

  52. Ralsei

    How did they find a computer to share it?

  53. Laurent Glover

    she should have told her cousin and said not to date her

  54. Yousef Mressa

    Your mom is mad

  55. Mr Gamer


  56. Alfa Omega

    Your the same age as me!

  57. Zoe Afkou

    9:20 wtf

  58. Poppy Anderson

    She said her name was apple but her boss called her caley and she told him to call her boss caley

  59. wolfy Kim

    I guest her hair is pink

  60. 50,000 subscriber with No videos

    Isn’t anyone gonna talk about how she actually won $200 million dollars

  61. Jiale Channel01

    Stoop with the kisssing noooooooooooooooooo

  62. Jiale Channel01

    Stop plz

  63. Karla Rumbo

    I feel bad but WHY!DOES ALEX LOOK LIKE HUENING KAI!!!!???? I'm not taking the story as a joke a really do feel bad I just want to make people laugh but I am no longer funny

  64. Julian Amameda

    We got click bait beacuse there are 2 people that are hurting her not sleeping under her sisters bed


    So sad story the only think that he can do now is to prey for her to rest in peace

  66. Darcey Edmondstone

    Hey I’ve got a super crazy story I’d love to share it on your channel if so pls respond to this comment

  67. Blackpink Shipper

    I'm the 5kth dislike

  68. What Adout Tracer I already tracer

    2039 titles: My mom turned in to a dragon while eating my dad My friend killed me and became my best friend I got lock in a closet by myself with a girl Epic title I turn into a lizard while eating the dragon (my mom )who was eating my dad and my friend who killed me and who was also my best friend got trapped in the closet by himself with a girl Wtf am I doing

  69. Ashley Sabanto

    Nice work what a lucky girl

  70. Sophia A

    Oh... She’s THAT kind of girl.

  71. Holly Maloney

    Hold on one part of this is from another story

  72. MrHandsome

    why your sister has 2 mics

  73. Cutie Jaell

    Who actually are they?

  74. Nicky Speed

    "as weird as it sounds this really brought are family together" me:watches their mom have a seizure.

  75. Don’task

    the way the narrator explains herself sounds like the “iM nOt lIke oThEr gIrLs” girls 💀

  76. Angel Ruth Reyes

    This videos make me rlly calm so I stay at home chilling bc of this vids oh and keep on! Your the best FIselsr

  77. jonah stirbis

    But the real question is who is the bigger ass the teacher or the husband?

  78. Mehezabin Sultana

    The title and the story is completely different

  79. Melissa Delva

    Am I the only one who thought that they were crazy and they making up lies before the DNA test

  80. Victoria Allen

    Wait is her name Apple?

  81. Z H

    Wow fortnite qUirKy

  82. Steph Seabrook


  83. akiesha dela fuente

    2:26 he said bestfriend i thouht she was his girlfriend

  84. H X

    Is she a youtuber or tik toker now

  85. kenstine Masinsin

    Don't you think it's real? Like really? Wtf

  86. KyleDoesRandom155

    Try being born with hearing loss. BECAUSE I WAS

  87. Hell King

    There ain’t no limit what a man will spend on a pretty woman. I wonder how many pretty women willing to spend a lot of money on a man?

  88. Z H

    Wtf is that thimbnail

  89. samiax Albala.

    Me searching through the comments to see which asmr channel it is 😂

  90. it's me

    I know who her sister is Hunnibee ASMR

  91. Saya Shareef

    😂😂 wow i sesearched her TikTok and she only had 195 followers No hate or anything just saying that u were lying

  92. sneha gyawali


  93. 5,000 SUBS with 0 vids??

    When that blonde woman came🤦🏻‍♂️like Bruh Dude she opened the door bc the blonde girl was knocking how could she say im deaf then And she didnt suspect anything wtf?

  94. shayla lumpkin

    She said why i love sleeping under her bed

  95. Sienna Baird

    I cry:(

  96. Melissa Delva

    I would just steal the rug and watch asmr in my room

  97. K A Y L I N

    3:17 “PORM”

  98. Sophia Heras

    i feel like her sISter IS hunni bee asmr

  99. Domantas Poškus


  100. Lavender GameGirl

    6:53 I SHIP IT..........oh wait..YASSSS 9:12