Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.

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  1. Vindictive Cataclysm

    “Godzilla KOTM is not that great.” Me: It’s time for a motherfucking crusade.

  2. Isaac Zavala

    It's not that trust falls don't end well, it's the person falling. Is either they're a dumbass or actually knows how to do it

  3. Charlie McCaig

    The guy with the coat

  4. Carlo3275


  5. Droco

    Sean: "That's a lot of bones!" CallMeKevin: *_"D I D S O M E O N E J U S T S A Y S B O N E S ?"_*

  6. electro leopard

    Hello jack it sucks being a FIselsr it REALLY HARD like I want to be a FIselsr because i love games but when I started my first video I well suck and I still do so even if someone is reading this it’s not easy

  7. divit kelmani

    *Damn it Richard!*

  8. Monica Mcfalls

    Jack : "WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO *rings bell* Me : um yes

  9. alexander Brogan

    Shark attacks happen very rarely Jack: hold my beer

  10. Zachary Fried

    You heard about Toss boy now how about Toss shark🤔😁

  11. alexander Brogan

    Shark attacks happen very rarely Jack: hold my beer

  12. alexander Brogan

    Shark attacks happen very rarely Jack: hold my beer

  13. alexander Brogan

    Shark attacks happen very rarely Jack: hold my beer

  14. Kaynin Magee

    only one giraffe in his house? weak. you shouldve seen mini ladds house during tour 😂

  15. Gianfranco

    At the beggining, I though he was going to say "I'm *sharksepticeye*

  16. عشق غريب


  17. Berbs_n_Jerns

    barracuda-shoulda-woulda BUT YOU *DIDNT*

  18. sienister


  19. F e l c i u s

    When you peep that PornHub logo in the corner

  20. Elliot Lunsford

    YES you made another please continue to if you want


    Most likely white straight men, anything else would be racist

  22. maribel torres

    H2O Delirious has a level 24 shark that is a bone shark

  23. Tier G.

    Hi I am hungry and men are my meal, Im Tier (Had to lol)

  24. Askie GuessWho

    Jack listens to kpop, is lowkey an army, probably unknowingly makes a blackpink reference in this video Still doesn't know who's legs are in meme time

  25. KindaNorespect

    0:12 pornhub in the bottom right corner 😂

  26. Cole Finesy

    I would invite you to my birthday party

  27. what name 31

    Ohhh here he come watch out boy he'll chew you up

  28. Erika Erika

    I live in the u.s.a an this will never want to make me go to chucke cheese

  29. Karen Elson


  30. Talon Norman

    We want more of this!

  31. Wyatt Boggs

    Sharksepticeye is back.

  32. Ameen Kamal


  33. Harry Bagg


  34. zachary ortega

    Kermit the shark 0:00

  35. Chxrge

    Heyyy :)

  36. Jess jh

    Jack: my teeth are itchy FIsels ad right after: Do you have sensitive teeth?

  37. Sonicbuild3000

    0:43 Every peer pressure speech ever

  38. Noodle


  39. Super Koala

    Alli-GAY-tor is better.

  40. MattK

    It’s toss shark

  41. random videos gaming

    hungry shark on pc now 3D more realistic and more bloody

  42. Sean Castelliens

    how the fuck anyone enjoying this game i was frustrated the whole time im so fed up with the error messages

  43. Ralph Guzman

    Billy...... SCREW YOU BILLY

  44. Samantha Spencer

    wait, did no one see the person on the wall when they were talking about the catacombs

    1. Samantha Spencer

      like not the painting but in the beginning there’s like a ghost on the wall.

  45. Chxrge

    Hi :)

  46. K0_X0 new

    im not a level 5 shark but im a level 100 piece of trash

  47. Falcn

    The should make a 3d we need to go deeper

  48. jayce church

    jack you should try punting a human at other humans

  49. Lucas Froster

    Jack is craving for some toes. Jack wants to eat some men. Result- he becames a Shark

  50. Nathan Palmer

    For the love of god Jack, hold 4 and it will continuously equip armor plates. You don’t have to hold it 3 individual times, hope this helps!

  51. Glenda Hood

    And watch out for killer whale's and sperm whale's and have good day ding ding ding🔔

  52. B Lam

    Like so Sean makes more vids on this game

  53. Chxrge

    Hi :)

  54. Ludmila Vilaverde

    Is that what Jack means by "you're a snack"? :(

  55. Chxrge

    Hi :j

  56. Space_Gator

    The most dangers mammal is the deer

  57. Chxrge

    Hi :)

  58. Annie Stanley

    did anyone else notice the “pornhub” in the bottom right hand corner @ :13 ?

  59. korneel lagrou


  60. Get Off


  61. Darnell Knight


  62. Isaac O’Brien

    J’seán the Shark Sadist

  63. Chxrge

    Hi :)

  64. Semiramis Marte

    This isn't jacksepticeye anymore, it's sharksepticeye

  65. Hell _Foxxx

    Jack can't waith to use them teeth

  66. Chxrge

    Hi :)

  67. * Storyteller *

    excited for the next video

  68. Kyle Martin

    When will the bloodshed end please end the war

  69. miracle worker

    I didn't know your shark was Voldemort

  70. Max Olding


  71. tiger place

    0:08 cool.

  72. Chxrge

    Hi :)

  73. Angel soto

    I love the thumbnail!! 😂 It's so me!!

  74. potato f

    i didn't get scared i don't about anyone else

  75. Fishy Nippie Matt LoL

    And I quote Seán said alleegator in stead of alligator 🐊

  76. Ashkan Karimi

    jack:im very fun meanwhile:shark attacks on land,broken bone sound

  77. Simona Gonzalez

    This automatically reminded me of Gauntlet Legends.

  78. DirtyPaperPlane

    Dammit, Sean! Put the God damn game's name in the video title!

  79. Serenity Shoemaker

    Legit had to watch those videos on the catacombs in French class just to learn about them....did not enjoy reliving the terror of French class thanks seán

  80. Zen.

    Sean=warzone solid snake?

  81. Chxrge

    Hi :)

  82. Hunter Gleason

    Is it sad that when he posted this episode I I got the game 2 days ago and finished the campaign yesterday?

  83. Redd Love

    Bell of hold on a second

  84. Thomas McGinty

    T'was a real background.

  85. Siandroid

    Seán: I got itchy teeth! Gingivitis. That’s called gingivitis, Seán.

  86. caleb roberds

    Seán "I'm shark spinning flip flopping and dick slapping" Now this is some Quality content

  87. BigD 1675

    10:45 theres s figure

  88. GamingMonkey

    Sean: i wont say no Also Sean: no, no, no, no, no

  89. Just another Bad artist

    Wow it’s been out for like 1 hour and already 100000 views jeez you really are entertaining jack

  90. Marcasote 23

    The shark looks like a tiger shark

  91. Elijah Mowery

    “Enjoy your last meal” ok count Olaf imitator

  92. Kolt Fulton

    The stars room is mr.x no zone!!!!!!!

  93. lauren lecompte

    its so sad there is no bell

  94. Stan Harrell

    Imma shark and I eat man toes

  95. Bot silva

    Omg the clusterstrike at the beginning

  96. OtakuObsessed

    *He really did mean " you da snacc "*


    that sounds gay

  98. David Pickering


  99. redbullgaming

    Hi Sean i dont know if ull see this but thank you so much for making youtube videos and this video presentable liberty is my personal favourite {sorry for my spelling} i was going threw a hard time and your videos made me feel so much better like your gta v videos where increadable and i used to watch this video over and over again because i felt really sad at the time for personal reasons and the silence and the bug u named jerry and charlote and salvadore are characters that i dont evan know what they look like but i always just think of them in my head at times and thanks again for making youtube videos and this video your my all time favourite youtuber.