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  1. Flashix

    Episode 10 : The End of the Jedi Episode 11 : The real End of the Jedi Episode 12 : The return of the sith

  2. AeroSpaceNews.com

    Seems like the series is the Star Wars content we are looking for. :)

  3. Don Smith

    The saga ended in 1983...

  4. Big777

    Werner Herzog

  5. Adam Arb89

    Just finished episode 1, and I couldn't be happier.

  6. Gregory Krumm

    Rey needs to go Dark side

  7. Eric Lawson

    This whole thing is so unfortunate

  8. AeroSpaceNews.com

    The production quality looks like one of the feature films. Incredible.

  9. Gregory Krumm

    How /why did they bring back the Emporer? That ruins Return of the Jedi dammit! Why?

  10. TheEVN7

    Epic lol

  11. securion100

    Its like all the SJWs have moved on to something else to poison. This looks good!

  12. Havoc Nightmare

    “We have you 4 to 1” “I like those odds” so good

  13. gobluebuckeye

    Free Hong Kong!!!

  14. Mystic Legion

    Wish I could give more then one dislike.

  15. Ahmed Ali

    Hate this saga , here take my money Disney.

  16. Scott

    Why didn't they just tilt the Star Destroyer when the space horses are on it?

  17. Bullitt3401

    You just keep hittin' the home runs, Kathleen Kennedy!! That was sarcasm from a since 77er. No more money from me, lol. This one looks like it's worse than the last film. The pre-special edition OT will become the only thing canon, the disney debacle will be forgotten.

  18. 0Akeldama0

    ol' billy

  19. Ma Imal

    The show is BAD, reviews are MEDIOCRE: that is why Disney didn't show it to critics. It was obvious, they knew they had a childish TURD on their hands!!!

    1. sksnznsns zmsmmx

      Ma Imal huh they only released 1 episode how r u so quick to judge

  20. Fumi Headley

    Wow, who else thinks that guy who says "It's good to restore the natural order of things..." sounds just like Christoph Waltz from "Django?"

  21. Doctor F.

    His right shoulder pad definitely came from a shore trooper commander

  22. Devrim Sarigül

    I would watch it if I could but we have no Disney+ in Switzerland.

  23. tedb2012tb

    2019: The saga ends. 2020: Darth Plagueis became wise: A Star Wars tragedy.

  24. Shaun A

    Teacher passes out test to class Student: I’m not taking this test Teacher: um every kid has to do it today Student: I have spoken

  25. Lord Mon

    So, the first fresher seen in Star Wars.

  26. I do as I please

    Yeah sure but when can I watch it in Norway?

  27. NØVA

    It is AWESOME

  28. trevor linvell

    This show is TV at its finest!

  29. Hash Vendetta

    Well, this looks like dogshit.

  30. Rick's NERD LIFE!!

    Is it me, or did they cut out when he sighs in the actual show?

  31. Flarex

    Who else has been watching Star Wars since they were 5? PS I love Star Wars

  32. Злой корги

    Ben is on light side?

  33. R.J. W

    Have to admit...the score sounds absolutely majestic!

    1. sotuur aeei

      merch sales

  34. Kori Harpoon

    I have no desire to see this. And I liked the prequels when they came out.

  35. Leafeonishere -

    Welcome to “the end” of Star Wars but that’s just a theory A FILM THEORY

  36. Paul Toledo

    I feel JJ is destroying Star Wars and putting WAY more effort in the Stark Trek movies

  37. SteveStackTV

    At 1:08 the scream is from when jabba is getting strangled by Leia in episode 6.

  38. yazan

    At the end of the series the madalorian we take of (her) helmet and reveal that she's a girl, boom.

  39. jay gee 2018

    Palpatine is coming back (I checked the cast and he is there)

  40. Route 1

    You call this a diplomatic solution?

  41. SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms

    Episode X : Ride of the JAR JAR

  42. Stevie Nicholson

    What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?

  43. Akio T

    *Jack zack huck thuu*

  44. AndyWhitty1979

    How about an exclusive episode for all of us in the uk?

  45. gallido

    Is it just me or is a woman playing the mandalorian? Wouldnt have something against it, but the body and movemoent looks feminine to me? *edit nvm just saw the cast its a man :)

  46. M R C O M B I N E

    Guy: You spilt my drink! Mando boi: Yeah? good.

  47. horus dark

    I hope its better then the last jedi

  48. Best Rate Global

    Much as I have been a fan since 1977 I will sit through this, ice cream in hand, in an over air conditioned cinema set at about minus 5 degrees, slightly baffled by the plot and just about everything else going on. I will emerge none the wiser and stricken with ice cream and air conditioning stomach ache. I will just about make it home and retire to the toilet, where the force will finally be with me... and it will feel like... always.

  49. NightChills


  50. The Mandalorian


  51. Jackson Dunlay

    Dang it, now I have to pay for Disney+ in addition to Netflix, HBO, DC Universe, Prime Video, CBS All Access, and Hulu (and Peacock, when that comes out). Why can't there be one streaming service with all the good shows, and all the other ones can have the shows that people say "that could be good" and then exclusively watch only one of those over and over.

  52. Radziowy

    Oh it's gonna be great! 1st episode is very intriguing indeed. Can't wait for the another

  53. Hexellent

    2019: The Sage will End 2020: Gonk droid, a Star Wars story


    So is this about boba or just a random bounty hunter

  55. Pumitri II

    Wonder how those clones feel to see a mandalorian, who they're cloned off of

  56. YoungWolf yourstruly

    Stormtrooper: We have you 4 to 1 Mandalorian: I like those odds Me: this is when you should stop talking and listen 😂

  57. jnserantes2

    Muy discreto.

  58. D4 L0N3

    Bro that doctor dudes acting is on par with a highschool play

  59. Declan Rowe

    2019 is the best year change my mind

    1. Mystic Legion

      If u think that it's no point in trying.

  60. person noname

    Star Wars is ruined forever.

  61. jnserantes2

    Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story

  62. Aunt Vesuvi

    Although I had hours of glitches to contend with on the Disney+ website... I eventually got to view Episode 1 of THE MANDALORIAN and loved it! 💜 #ILoveStarWars

  63. Sony Nafi


  64. Alex Wintermantel


  65. zartann1856

    In other news the Mandalorian just saved Star Wars.

  66. Spider-Flash

    Stormtrooper: “We have you 4 to 1.” Him: “well you should’ve brought more men!”

  67. ToqKaizogou

    In less than a day, the new Sonic trailer is close to having more likes than this, while at the same time having only around 1/15 the amount of dislikes. Edit: Correction, it has just surpassed it.

    1. Mystic Legion

      Quite telling isn't it? Edit: over 530,000 likes to 6000 dislikes in one day. Disney should go slap themselves. They are a disgrace.

  68. Lyle Chatt

    1:32 Rey was obviously crying that Carrie Fisher had died

    1. Jack Dare

      That's called easy motivation

  69. Phil T

    Joker: why so seriousssss... The mandolorian: why so slow...

  70. superblonde

    actors: this story is about exploring these timeless characters director: more explosions. there. and there, more. more. disney: we need more amusement park attendance and merch sales

  71. S laRock

    When are these lame bar hangout scrubs going to stop with the hey let’s mess with the new guy. #changeTheStoryLineForOnce #garbage

  72. Mr. Beast

    Is this going to be a movie

  73. Marijan Michel

    Disney is milking Star Wars like there is no tomorrow. That´s just sad.

  74. Alec Cap

    Made for kids The CGI certainly was nothing special, the storyline I expected much better, this is very much like an old spaghetti western with a chep looking scifi show that doesn't quite make the grade, 8 episodes so tell me, how can there be more of this without doing exactly the same thing each week ? What were Disney thinking with this storyline ?

    1. CYLop

      It's one episode in, calm down. You don't know the storyline yet, you know the introduction

  75. btl

    What is this

  76. BokChoyFTW

    The closest ill get to a real life star wars clone movie 😫

  77. matthew quinlan

    This years biggest disappointment.

  78. SMmania123

    So that's what he sounds like

  79. Karma 212th

    I hop it’s gritty as it looks

  80. Lukesw01 productions

    Fix the server

  81. Virgil Blaze

    Im hyped for a show i'm not allowed to see. By the time i'm able to actually pay for the service i probably would have lost interest. I get that the reason we don't have Disney + in the UK has something to do with Sky but it makes it no less frustrating

  82. Sabelo Yende

    So are we never really going to see pure lightsabre combats and heroes?

  83. Kalle72

    Those hosts are morons. They act like they’re 13 years old. What’s going on?!

  84. Reaper of Souls

    Spoiler: Rise of skywalker means whoever is a skywalker they will become a sith and MAKE THE LAST EPISODE ACTUALLY INTERESTING

  85. darth memeboi

    "He said you spilled his drink" "Look at little goblin jr, gonna cry?"

  86. antonio grozdinac

    2019: the saga ends 2020: the groundwalker saga begins

  87. cinemar

    His walking is a little, um... flamboyant shall we say?

  88. Parker Han

    When the guy ran out the door, I knew the door was going to cut him.

  89. Jake Henry

    Can you guys explain the armour of this Mandalorian character? I don't know Star Wars too well and all the backstories. Why is the armour identical to Boba Fett? There was never any mention in the original trilogy of Mandalorians. Can someone help..

  90. Antóin Fox

    2019: “the saga ends” 2020: Luke’s Tiddy Milk: A Star Wars Story

  91. Matthew Parker

    Oh so it’s basically Star Wars mixed with John Wick mix with the Wild West

  92. Filthy Animalz

    A protagonist walks into a Bar a fight errupts because badassary.

  93. T_0n3 3

    No quema cuhh

  94. Gutfried Von Guttenberg

    still interesting how you guys can hide some kind of interesting story/lore and interesting ideas behind such had jokes, characters and artstyle probably again to 90% not worth anyone's time

  95. Ryan Charles

    I honestly wasn't expecting much given the recent track record but this was better than the force awakens and the other new starwars saga film I can't even remember, makes such a difference when you remove PC

    1. Arthur Oliveira Souza

      Now everytime a movie or series have minorities in main roles like Star wars you cancervatives will called this of ´´PC``,´´SJW`` and ´´Woke``? God,how you conservatives are so prejudiceds ?

  96. Man Theory

    The wamen are coming the Whamennn are coming 😳

  97. KJ The Hedgecat

    😠It should have ended at Episode 6.😆

  98. ProHo24 i

    Bro I’m actually kinda hyped

  99. Ken 1138

    Kandoshii Vo'de!

  100. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Oh I have a bad feeling about this!