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  1. zeroThreeSixHD

    God this trailer was so hype. Such a shame where we are now and what a disappointment the new trilogy became. I wish we could go back to watching this, wishful, hopeful, excited... wondering what was to come.

  2. The rule of Two

    I can predict what happens, I can spoil it for you if you want.

  3. Seth Holliday

    3:16 General Kenobi!

  4. luke ketchum

    I'm watching this while the country is rioting out of control. To believe there is hope.

  5. Scruff D0g

    I want to invent a time machine and go back to 1977 and actually experience when Star Wars first came out, New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.

  6. Cristóbal Díaz

    I like episode 3, but the trailer hace the most important parts of the movie

  7. Joey Alvarez

    She is in a Galaxy far… far… away now…

  8. Xav Talks Movies

    I’m here five years later. I’m gonna be honest this was a great start to what I thought was going to be one of the best trilogies of all time. Sad to see how bad the last two sequels were.

  9. Tyler Wcislo

    Who knows Creepio though?

  10. Juanete06 Gamer

    0:29 random sword sound followed by boba fett's theme, what?

  11. Sutter Family Films

    I was under the impression that all of these clone war stories were already thought up, but it sounds like they made it up a lot as they went along.

  12. Diones Valdez


  13. TheAdmiralEmpirum

    14:36 wasn't this guy the template for starkiller?

  14. Control C

    They must have spent more time on the trailer than the movie

  15. Stake and Chips Slot Video Channel

    *Let’s face it... Harrison is an awesome name*

  16. Freedom Tompkins

    I like this teaser

  17. yackawaytube

    Emperor: Rey, I am your grandfather

  18. Senpai Kitty

    its tormow i cant belive it im ready to see it

  19. Métis master

    so, this is practically confirmation that Filoni is developing some kind of a Rebels follow up, isn't it? and depending on how long after the rebels finale that kind of show might pick up, maybe Zahn could write some novels within that gap

  20. Mike Reynolds

    Confronting Fear Is the Way of the Jedi :) That hit home. The force will be with you Always.

  21. Mike Reynolds

    C3P0 Made me Sad when he said, "Im taking one last look at my friends".. Thats how I feel every time I meet people I care about and Poof they are gone.

  22. TheHoss9999

    Cara Dune

  23. Kim A

    "Train yourself to let go of what you fear to lose."

  24. Matthew Hall Fitzsimons

    1:45 Mark Hamill tried to worn use

  25. Freedom Tompkins

    I just think the last Jedi trailers are well documented

  26. SbinningBoi

    Give it ten years and we will have a fourth trilogy

  27. Bob

    On the plus side, the prequels aren't the worst anymore😛

  28. SilverSpireZ Plays

    Even two years later, this trailer is still fantastic! Which makes the fact that the movie was garbage all the more tragic.

  29. Kevin Brayon

    Not gonna lie this trilogy had an awesome start and had so much potential.Then The last Jedi happen 😒

  30. Worm hat

    I keep coming back to this trailer after watching the masterpiece that is the siege of mandalore

  31. Aaron Griffiths

    I hate how they they think stormtrooper are expendable they should do a series or game through the eyes of the storms troopers

  32. M.C.Martin Official Channel

    Who’s here reminiscing on the hype they had back in 2015 for the Sequel Trilogy?

  33. Kristopher Thomas

    Is it to late for me to donate to go to the premier?

  34. Ale5cat-chan #spingleandfrans

    Never underestimate a droid

  35. MP Scrapz

    Being born in 2002 I obviously didn’t watch this when it first come out, so did people know what was going to happen before this trailer?

  36. Chelsea Welch


  37. Lieutenant Undercover

    Omggg it is already out. I will get Disney+ and watch it x3

  38. Andres Sool


  39. Travel 360

    One of the best movies of all time, script, performance of all the actors, photography, edition, special effects, direction, and the music! The very best of John Williams! Definitely mi favourite movie!

  40. martadian ramdani

    <titled> :Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 7 (2020) full movie played>>t.co/9TUtj1Tob9?Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars-Season7/kangen ----------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

  41. Dasamflo

    Pew pew pew pew pew pew

  42. AndasHD

    Where can i buy such armor?

  43. Jadon Picker

    Jar jar’s lightsaber confirmed

  44. Wally Webbs

    Despite all the spoilers, I love this trailer

  45. A toa with internet access

    Ashley running up to Adrian was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

  46. Kyle Hanson3.0

    Nobody knew, nobody knew

  47. Daniel van Marrewijk

    1:17 I felt that

  48. Tiago Lima

    Werner Herzog

  49. Punk Funk Yeah Studios

    Who else went to the panel?

  50. Justin Reeves

    Haha that’s not one of the modes in the game! 😅 they don’t put enough content in for the fans. Campaign was TERRIBLE

  51. Mathias s. Madsen Madsen

    i LOVE IT

  52. Sofus Pedersen

    Thats great echo 10:14

  53. Triston Peterson

    This was a girl in the celebration chicago livestream right?

    1. Michael Hinton

      Yes! She got a few minutes near the rogue one tank with Jordan

  54. Cooper Kilcoyne

    They should’ve let JJ direct all of the films, you could clearly see his intentions with what to do in this trilogy. Regardless of what you think of this him as a director, we definitely would’ve gotten something better than The Rise of Skywalker if it weren’t for Ryan.

  55. Cooper Kilcoyne

    They need to finish editing this scene and add it to the actual movie, people would much rather have this then they’re actual confrontation. They could also get rid of the scene with luke drinking milk. By doing these things people would most likely enjoy the movie more, especially people in the future who have never watched this movie. Come on Disney, we can do this!


    I miss the old hosts Like if you miss the old hosts

  57. Jedi Knight buckley

    Hahahaha my childhood is back I love this show when I was way younger

  58. Aditi Guha

    Whose hands are holding the medal? I thought it's Ben

  59. Elijah Neil

    All jokes aside, I actually want to know why this scene was cut because it’s awesome

  60. Goed Zo

    Darth maul needs a movie

  61. Josh Havlovic

    Sad what happened later to young Anakin.


    I have lots of mandalorian LEGO minifigures

  63. Donut Films

    To bad she did drugs

  64. Dadda Ridley

    No the Ewoks were on the forrest moon of Endor not actually Endor 😂😂😂

  65. Dr Cradwell

    On 2x speed though

  66. Clémentine L.


  67. Oliver Queen

    every body gangsta till BB8 know how to use lightsaber better than any sith lords

  68. SomeRandomGuy

    What we expected: A very dark Star Wars Film What we got: A Star Wars Film about running out of fuel

  69. Colvin Tallent

    I miss George

  70. Chim Ying Jing

    I just wish this is the return of the jedi trailer!!!!

  71. Sofia Serrano

    hayden is so hot omg

  72. 최규현

    Good to see princess leia

  73. MK TECH

    Can you dubbed in Hindi Language

  74. Lewis Tucker

    2:03 is definitely my favorite part of the trailer

  75. マスタージェダイ

    I'm a jedi. May the Force be with you.

  76. Chexzy

    Disney: You were the chosen one Star Wars and their fans: SCREAMING IN PAIN

  77. The Pop Culture Hour

    Combining two of my favorite things! I love this. Please give The POP Culture Hour a sampling!

  78. CC8

    Empire is the best movie sequel of all time

  79. The Scribbler

    This movie trailer deserved better movies

  80. Ridgely

    George Lucas right now probably: WHAT HAVE I DONE

  81. Rata Gurney

    Me watching this 7 years later: Let the fun begin.

  82. Fam From

    How could you even dislike star wars?

  83. ShernWei Lee

    10:05 This is me when I was in high school in a Parent-Teacher conference.

  84. ShernWei Lee

    9:21 Is where he is...

  85. Star Wars Reviews and analysis

    So something that is driving me crazy is where does this first shot st 0:11 come from, I don't think it's in the final movie I think it's from a deleted scene, the only logical place I can think of where it would had been so whenever palpatine is bringing burned anakin to put the Darth Vader suit on him

  86. the reylo queen

    The cutest host ever

  87. Aiden Mabbett

    BB-8 = Light Side BB-9E = Dark Side


    Joonas and his son 0:50 my godd sooo cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  89. Morganna

    This one clip is better than the entire film.

  90. The Lade's

    1:53 look at the right side its palpatine's lightning

  91. Supreme Leader

    If were given the choice would you bring back scarif.

  92. Dominic Morassutti

    2012: nope 2013: nada 2014: no sir 2015: not today 2016: maybe another time 2017: no 2018: I don't think so 2019: no, I don't think I will 2020: Recommended Y'all!!!

  93. Michel Lacasse

    Aren't you a little short..for a stormtrooper ?

  94. Christopher Busch

    "The High Republic" Disney: See? It's OUR KOTOR now.

  95. power bender

    I was only 2 when this movie was released, so this is the first time I ever saw a prequel trailer. Last time I saw a trailer that revealed the whole movie was a fake trailer by Studio C, which was called something like, "the worst trailer ever." The worst part is that Studio C's video was ironic, and this one wasn't. I mean, some plot points were a given, like Anakin becoming Vader, and the Fall of the Republic, but the entire movie didn't need to be spoiled. Well, I played Battlefront II 2005, so I favor this movie above all other Star Wars movies.

  96. Lebowskifan-2002: Cult Classic


  97. Samuel Boles

    Mary is smoking hot Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  98. C

    Let's pray that they will pick up after the ending of clone wars and fill the gap between clone wars and rebels. Obi wan is getting his exile gap filled. Let's hope it's not going to take a few decades to get ahsoka's.

  99. slightly obese rat

    missing her more than ever

  100. Daneasaur

    These people need to give me a blink if they’re okay lol. Yes men/women to the max