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  1. Peter Ansell

    after watching a few times i think ksi scored a knockdown but for some reason wasnt given,deffo a punch that landed.

  2. Redjacc

    canelo will be licking his lips after seeing this.

  3. Redjacc

    that was a really poor fight.

  4. FINN Huckle

    Logan won and ksi is bad at boxing

  5. ben marks

    Ik that they're amateur boxers but if they were really training forever for this KSI wouldn't be throwing his arms about and Logan would keep his guard up at all times 🤦‍♂️

  6. Turbo Nutter Bastard

    I love boxing but I still don’t know who these two are.

  7. HJ Smurph

    YES KSI!!!!!!!!!

  8. David McKay

    38:47 who's the girl on the left

  9. Reggie Bants

    Keyboard warriors be like ...

  10. Mungo658

    We all know that ole gypsy Billy threw that tactical nut shot for a good ole reason

  11. Cody


  12. Alex Antrax

    Even tho KSi older Logan still calles him kid 😂

  13. Jo e

    Fucking love Ruiz

  14. Mr B

    Logan can't box for shit

  15. Asiya Bachchan

    Ksi is so lucky... he got to beat the shit out of Logan 👌 yeah let's do a rematch and this time kill him Ksi

  16. Marc Delaney

    Got lucky logan best shot of the fight that uppercut is why part 3 won't happen ksi scared after taking that shot and that's why he don't want part 3 he knows he got lucky lol ksi and deji biggest dossers of youtube deji why u not go and watch ur bro live ? Ha ha 2 fake asses

  17. Grace Nwabuebo

    Logan was so gassed to win then ends up getting the shit beaten out of him, that guy is too wet 😂

  18. lil Keano

    If Logan didn’t hit him when he was down he would of won by 1 point

  19. Zak Manseur

    What's is this bullshit. The commentator is serious WTF

  20. Olivia Bohac

    24:29 is where Logan slips, which is probably what he confused the knock-down that didn't count at 23:02 with.

  21. Brian Doyle

    Ruiz is a great fighter and a humble guy.. but a going forward with menace a j takes him all day long....

  22. NRT Savvy

    Lmao those 714 dislikes are just salty 5 year old Logan Paul fans.

  23. Brian Doyle

    Someone let a j know....hang back...use ya reach...hit hard head only counter shots and big shots and ya win in 6 rounds.. forget his body etc...long reach all head shots...just keep stepping to his awkward should expose Ruizs weakness..his size....

  24. Adam Bye


  25. Kris Roberts

    Is ksi from a long line of taxi drivers?

  26. Frankie Carbone

    No one mentioning the fact a sluggish performance here makes Canelo more inclined to fight him

  27. Kaneki 666

    Is that comedyshortsgamer?

  28. h i

    i swear jj's parents are so well keept and so humble. you gotta love to see

  29. Blaze X

    KSI and Logan:hugs and fights Man thing Manny BOI:STOP STOP STOP Repeats the same thing like a million times

  30. Ben Williams

    Not gonna lie I didn’t see deji during this fight

  31. less kiss

    Logan: loses fight Shannon: Puts hood on Logan lets hide champ

  32. Pink Biker

    Don't exactly support either ksi or logan but the both fought like shit it was a shit fight and fair play to logan he had no one supporting him on the commentary it's was mostly sideman but all in all it was a shit fight neither deserved to win

  33. PEDdie Hearn

    Oh dear

  34. Max Plummer

    I'm so happy for jj

  35. Silver Wing

    Referee teaching these guys how to box

  36. FL0W G4M3R


  37. Daniel Heffernan

    Knob heads: I have no wit Also knob heads: this mundane joke is well funny Even bigger knob heads: 😂😂😂 you're so funny buddy

  38. Paul Langton

    Macklin has only got this job because he's Adam rent-boy, terrible boxer worse commentator. Makes me wish for Jim Watt to come back....Please stop using him.

  39. Speedyyy

    man i love simon 16:45 😅

  40. TJFlameZz

    Why wasn't it a knock down in round three??

  41. XoxBTSxoX 13xox

    Logan should of won tho he landed way more punches than ksi! Plus a knock out so that ref was talking bullshit

  42. Olli The warrior

    A two year old could beat him

  43. Lifarles -

    Btec main event: That Nikita bloke acc had hands, That black don just didn't want to fight.

  44. Joshua Mitchell

    Someone who knows about boxing, how good did KSI and Logan Paul look as boxers like was their technique at least fairly good or do they have a long way to go?

  45. city forever

    31:01 niko omilana questions logan paul 😂😂

  46. GAkAaaz jysf

    Joe v canelo

  47. matrix101mat

    Logan is a sick bastard he laughed at a suicide victim who obviously would have had something going on in life that would be hard he would only laugh because he is a sick cunt and deserves to have got he’s teeth knocked out

  48. Silver Wing

    Ksi with sum girls pants on his face

  49. sahra

    22:45 man thought this was wrestling ah

  50. 0 0

    Ksi did not win when ksi hit Logan in the back of the head they took no points off but when Logan did it two point taking away not fair Logan won ksi did not win

  51. Silver Wing

    Lol the muppet with silent violin XD so funny

  52. FL0W G4M3R

    27:08 totally gonna hit😂

  53. Zach Desmond

    Logan your better then this

  54. FL0W G4M3R


  55. Iughigfg crdbtdtdt d stbdbrdv

    Logan was hugging KSI the whole time wtf

  56. Mason Everett

    KSIs face is puffy and Logan’s is perfectly fine😂😂😂

  57. Thomas Macleod

    Upload Inoue v Donaire

  58. TD P

    Look at chunkz 🤣🤣🤣 1:37

  59. Iughigfg crdbtdtdt d stbdbrdv

    20:39 you can see JB saying “lets go Logan” LMAO

  60. Michael Turner


  61. Vishaal Venugopal

    Ababiy is average easily hit.....just a pretty face nothing special

  62. fabainful

    Joe is a hater

  63. Jessica x

    Man this was pussy boxing 😂

  64. Derren Walker

    Logan=gay KSI=amazing

  65. Alisha Jennings

    Compliments to Weller and Payne 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  66. Jude. OB

    Those gloves look sick 👌 (Billy's)

  67. Silent Thunder

    It's unfortunate that he had to become a champ the way he did, the right move IMO would be to vacate and go another route. But the belt means bigger paydays and I get it, I just don't see him as a legit champ and won't until he beats a legit champ, and also because they even robbed him of a chance to fight for the vacant belt.

  68. Ryan Evans


  69. ant wto

    well Logan.... this is embarrassing so cocky.... and yet you still lost 😂😂 ouch!

  70. RubyKing1997

    Dude you fucking suck at boxing you were throughing your arms like a mad man lol

  71. kas 123

    Eddie is a legend always soo interesting to listen to

  72. Beth Stafford

    Can someone tell me why they keep putting Vaseline on?

  73. Fightrec

    lol it was rocky vs apollo parody that fact that they barley box got in great shape and fighting at staples man im no professional but well done even though its a cash fight ill fight

  74. Greenpewdiepiebird

    You know I’m kinda getting used to him without the bandanna.

  75. Bob 1

    Haney's dad is the epitome of living your dreams through your child. I wonder who paid for that expensive watch.

  76. Damon Brooks


  77. Dirty Duck

    "touch gloves if you want" That's not how we do things in boxing.

  78. Alex Richards

    Damm billy dun had a fight about time

  79. oneandonly tyler

    logan paul lost million subs in 47 mins flat

  80. Slxcky-


  81. respecthememes dude

    You are the man ksi you deserve the win😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  82. Waffleguy2112

    Ksi: *wins* Logan Paul: I didn’t use math to help

  83. MR Rides


  84. terry Brady

    Listening to the moronic,uneducated,squealing gobshite commentating.Hilarious shite..

  85. Mohammed Ali

    He has god on his side....

  86. Waffleguy2112

    When the Ksi and the people heard “KINGDOM”.......

  87. Palm Tr33YT

    39:43 who else saw ricegum?

  88. Achris 240

    The whole fight is the gayest rigged piece of shit ever to leave a spunk stain on the internet

  89. 200CCMax

    This is the most fucking lame shit ever

  90. John Izzy

    The king of the FIsels world he's taken the FIsels world by storm I'm creasing at the attempts to hype this up like theyre 2 beasts 😂😂😂

  91. Ed_C_ 13

    @jakePaul when you try to be funny in front of 7 year olds by drinking tea in England


    Logan: ima knock him out 1st round Logan after fight: i had a cold😂

  93. adam beresford

    Why is logan hugging jj,?

  94. Rabid Raider

    The only thing I can praise Logan for is his choice of music

  95. TKS Maclean

    Who’s the idiot commentating “he’s scared of the bangs” actually knows nothing about boxing haha

  96. Mohammad Ahmed

    Big fan of BJS but poor performance but still capable beating Canelo

  97. jake 88

    Ksi looks dudu with his gang 😂😂

  98. Low-Top.

    Logan Paul got fucked

  99. Suga&Kookie

    10:13 and hes white but turned out blacc?