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  1. Tom Cass

    Youth prevailed in this fight.

  2. Man like CM

    When aj got mad I genuinely got scared

  3. Joe Prior

    this got me emotional fam

  4. Ss Dd

    Floyd's head is so shiny

  5. TheRich30

    Pure arrogance for Amir Khan's first loss

  6. Ss Dd

    If this was made it be a rip floyd

  7. Afro Soul

    Buatsi, such a humble guy....

  8. chris khaweri

    AJ is a very respectful and modest genteleman filled with humility. Only Messi and Muhammad Ali have the same qualities.

  9. Nathan Winter

    Brendan inggle what a legend

  10. Oneman Oneman

    Great performance by Groves horserace celebrating like he'd won lol

  11. Jack Blissett

    This was the shittest fight up until round 9. I nearly turned it off. Glad I didn’t

  12. Will AV

    Tyson Douglas is more of an upset than him getting beat at the end of his career. Might just be the british bias of Sky Sports though.

  13. Denzel Anoliefo

    who's here after Joshua lost to ruiz and was listening to the song at the end of the video. 20:06 "nothing ever last forever"

  14. Chris McDonald

    Don't forget Dillian did kick boxing before Boxing so he is good at kicking and kneing with some some grappling at stand up with abit of muay thai involved so I think Dillian will win in ring and the octagon in both rules

  15. Danny Norris

    Anyone else notice that Ian Darke on commentary in this video now does the commentary for BT Sport football matches

  16. Blake Ash

    The build up to this fight was immense. Ringside, behind the ropes etc all added to the hype. That's why it was upgraded to main event from chief support.

  17. Jack Whyte

    Listen u Shane Mosley u ain’t shit Ksi will run thought u both

  18. kendo Nagasaki

    3.45... Bragaducious ways??

  19. Chris T

    Who wants to see Ali Vs Suarez?

  20. nick walsh

    I’ve been a huge boxing fan since the mid 80s This was the best build up to a fight I’ve ever seen

  21. Scott Milne

    7:59 *Record scratch* so you're probably wondering how I ended up here

  22. SirCalz

    Smart decision Floyd doesn't promote his fighters he promotes himself

  23. William Hancox

    JJ was definitely the better one at the end when they announced a draw JJ was disappointed and logan looked pleasantly surprised

  24. ash unknown

    The man who got KO by mike Tyson that's history

  25. Ellie Johnstone Shaw

    Luv how jakes entrance was almost as long as the whole fight

  26. Workit

    David haye was good.. but wladmir was 👌🏿 much better unfortunately

  27. Cerys_jarvis31

    Gib be looking like a crab

  28. Fabric

    “Disaster for Khan” when was it ever anything else 🤣

  29. Karama ch

    I'm so proud of you AJ.

  30. Max Ward

    The name of Tyson’s ring walk song ?

  31. Epicsam

    Look at Chunkz face at the start😂😂😂

  32. Vegan Phobic


  33. Emily K

    watching all the fights during lockdown ahahha

  34. MrCactus

    If Valuev was in the same shape as Haye, as in muscular and very agile, he would probably one of the best heavyweights ever... But he was just very tall and he didn't have great power in his hands

  35. Sam Pendleton

    37.26 - Gordon Ramsay

  36. Danny 906

    Fury’s head movement and footwork is quite extraordinary

  37. Giovanni _101

    Wow it's definitely a comedy show now after the fight

  38. Tom Nook

    Gib reminds of little kids when they see the ice cream truck

  39. Robert Betts

    Dillion Whyte never avoided anyone? Haha, no wonder the UK community is delusional. Your media never speaks any truth.

  40. aip

    valuev is like when youre playing a fighting game on your friend's console but he only teaches you the block and jab buttons.

  41. alex's AQUATICS

    Francis would kill boxers in a real fight .

  42. leavemebeggl

    The comments here make it sound like Tony was saying Joshua would wipe Tyson but he gives a really balanced view of them both.

  43. TheSpecialOne

    You mean to say George Groves did have other fights apart from the ones with Carl Froch??

  44. Arron Dance

    Who else would love to fuck jake up?

  45. 33kristell

    Tenec technique Logan Paul that's good🥇

  46. Scott Kearney


  47. red men

    he really isn't in Furys class. would be an interesting fight to see but i think hed get a beat down

  48. Tweezyy /

    The fight was boring

  49. Liam Holmes

    I came here just to hear Dillian say "world" 😂


    Creed 2 looks different

  51. Richard Penny

    "some thought fury would be rolled over" this is the reason why all such experts and just simply unable to think critically. Why has fury been underated when he has clearly been the boxer of our age, the reason because not one of them thinks for themselves and they just go with who is popular. Fury is clearly the best of his generation and it was known from the start.

  52. Just me and my thoughts

    Should have eaten before the fight.

  53. Roberto Pinzani

    Sorry for the cristians , but this time ( and for the second time) The snake (cobra) kill the saint , i add, never seen before such an arrogant saint, he deserve both the defites. Sorry for my bad english

  54. Michael Ledain

    AJ and Miller should become a mandatory

  55. Ryan Winsor

    Wilder Would be a better match up, Francis probably has much better boxing abilities too 😂

  56. Mr Read

    If Logan sneezed when he woke up the next morning maybe he just had the corona virus and he had caught it from the audience?

  57. Anders Bregenov

    Anthony Joshua to Dillian Whyte: How are you today. Dillian Whyte: Lets have it.

  58. Richard Arkwright

    'lovely to see you, Ben'. HAHAHA Listen to this interview with brian cloughs voice in your head.


    another episode of re-watching random shit in lockdown that pops up on my youtube reccomended

  60. xXxTrueZ mobsterxXx

    Isn’t David haye like 6’3 in this fight he looks 6’6

  61. TabCon

    How was it a draw if one judge had it for ksi and no judge had it for Logan

  62. J P

    Buatsi would beat Yarde so easy

  63. Billy Loomis

    DeGale should have gotten the nod. I had it 115-113 in DeGale's favour.

  64. harpothehealer

    Boxing is a very hard sport and even harder to be successful at and so you can understand the boxer and ex boxers varying attitudes. This Gentlemen has a wonderful disposition albeit in retirement and comes over as a very intelligent person. Also all credit to him Sugar Ray looks in extremely good condition.

  65. Duke Porter

    First wilder ortiz fight was good but referee saved wilder by giving him like a extra 20 30 seconds to come out at the start of the round

  66. 123doblo

    What is Shane Mosley doing in this circus ....lost all respect

  67. RivoRocks2000

    I think this was unfair towards mcgreggor because there was no way he was going to come into this fight and win against one of the best boxers of his generation. They are both champs of different sports and this was a UFC match then mcgreggor would’ve won too

  68. Buffalo Puppy

    Some great men in the past have had their fighters cut weight old school so like I should listen to this fuckin guy

  69. unknown Jimmy

    Down like that should be the national anthem

  70. Monther Mahmod

    When mayweather said call this number to make more money, we know he was gonna plug him with one of his drug cartels

  71. michael Hylton

    Doesn't like a war does he, never know a heavyweight like him

  72. Justahumebeing

    I'm not a fan of whyte at all but I feel bad for him.

  73. fu ck

    Anthony Joshua the pussy will never fight Ruiz for the third time because he knows them belts Belong to Ruiz

  74. Snazzy Traxx

    I've always thought Buatsi is #1, watched and liked him in the Olympics with my son! He's a nice fella & a great fighter!

  75. Evoid DrxpZ

    Who is here after Jake beat GIB

  76. Roger Wynne

    Tyson could have got up there but he just didn’t want to

  77. Jimbo Jones

    Who wants to see the third fight? ...... Tumble weed.........

  78. Minato Namikaze

    Fucking let's go champ man until now I fucking can't remove it from my head bruh

  79. john Greene

    Tyson took control over Holmes! He had no say!

  80. Steven Campbell

    Somone from sky needs to leak this

  81. Junior Valentine

    So we not going to have the gloves are off between big baby and AJ


    That statement had me laughing in the tyson Williams fight . Tyson doesn't look a shot fighter tonight 🥺 anyone who knows tysons career will tell you he looked shot from the opening bell .. just watch prime tysons head movement and straight short jab to close the distance it was something of beauty and scary at the same time.

  83. EzWork Boxing

    Dillian is a steroid user

  84. IamTheBahe

    Usyk vs Whyte would be scary

  85. stephen tarr

    but why didn't he take the rematch with aj whyte just sees wbc as the softer option I would have had more respect if he had fought aj

  86. TGH

    When jake says he is is six one but Viddal who is 6'1 towers over him


    What happened to the guy who beat eggington? He looked a beast .

  88. Jimbo Jones

    So glad aj beat the fat piece of shit. I admired Ruiz at first but the excuses he made were a disgrace

  89. Richard Francoia-Jupe

    Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson

  90. Terry Bannahan

    what a great man

  91. Master683 *

    its funny that his whole family wear glasses except of JJ

  92. Greg McMheance

    Francis would sleep all u boxers boxers dint even know how to fight, oh it hugging me? Ref save me and split us up, haha ngsnuu will sleep everybody in boxing including deontay

  93. Michael Ledain

    AJ Miller should become a manditory

  94. buttonpressingpunk

    So glad mayweather gave him a slap coner's got a big mouth and deserved it haha

  95. Gaming GuruGary

    Needs to bring his left hook and uppercuts in more. Very right hand happy. But def has potential.

  96. Mikey 420

    I remember watching this fight live

  97. Me Me

    Be!low and Froch are "disgusting" . ... they make me sick !

  98. MudFlood Warrior2020

    Warning...A lot of complete idiots in this comments section...AJ...Current King of the division...

  99. Bryan Johnstone

    Yarde is shit.

  100. Dean Mcnally