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  1. LittenzVFX

    Ah yes, american education

  2. Wendy Jiang

    I believed that they just went to a better place, compared with earth. Wish Kobe's family all the best.

  3. Geno Mitchalinni

    " I'm gonna wave my hand. It's magical. Sucha magical hand. Melania doesn't give me none, so I use my "Magcal Hand",alot... ...

  4. Tony Guerrero

    Damm can’t believe it’s been 2 years since this wow

  5. Steve Means

    If only the Democrats were in power, we could be saved. LMAO! The pandemic crisis is a globalist Psyop by the same bunch who control the media such as the one Kimmel works for.

  6. E.G. Curioso

    I love the President from Wall-e. :D

  7. johnmonk66

    Does the movie tell the truth that Clinton is responsible for the deaths? That these guys went in without orders to save their friends while Obama and Clinton did nothing?

  8. Elnore Taguiam

    No fair

  9. Ted Cabana

    Spencer Confidential is a tribute to Spencer Mass. The worst town in Massachusetts. 01562!

  10. NBS Racing

    “this is the” THIS IS THE POLAR EXPRESS

  11. Onzah

    She wants the BBC

  12. popesloth gaming

    That english pub was a joke

  13. Blue Wind

    O boy

  14. Kent Koester

    I'm a Man.

  15. Alexander Legaspy

    I would've smashed her so hard if I were Jimmy to get back at my wife

  16. popesloth gaming


  17. Indy Studios

    Reminder that he plays Red Skull in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. The original actor, Hugo Weaving, didnt want to return.

  18. Katie McCausland

    Getting high with these 2 would be hilarious! 😂

  19. Frank J.

    Goody is dating Kate Beckinsale

  20. Neat Gifts

    Someone, please tell me how this is possible! I wish the interviewer would have asked some of them how is it they can't recognize any countries on a map and more than that, how is it they can't recognize their own country? How is it they don't know the difference between states, countries, and continents?

  21. Bushmane Ent.

    i cant wait for trump to be re elected.

  22. ironbull2003

    3:48 you can see the door is locked, people are trying to get in. And each clip the guy exits the store making it look more natural.

  23. Monika Bhatt

    "Dad you're ugly" got me real hard tho😂😂😂

  24. marisol cruz


  25. Kid perfect

    You can walk in and instantly like a gospel song with out knowing the lyrics No you can definitely not they are all pretty anoying

  26. Timmy Wacker

    this is so fun to watch while high

  27. Nimit

    obama seems like he's a really cool Dad. like I'm actually jealous of his daughters

  28. சத்யன் சேரன்

    The funny thing is the guy who translated is not a native hindi speaker .

  29. David Liu

    1:52 LMAO

  30. Tony Scott

    Will someone, somehow please please get rid of Brie Larson? :-(

  31. ali haider

    its not that he excercises alot drink smoke very less thats why

  32. Itz Moey

    This has to be staged, how can they not even name their on country.

  33. Seth Kahan Productions

    She liked one of my comments on Instagram

  34. Jane Beresford

    I like trump he's a good honest president

  35. Twenty One Banditos


  36. Nazmo King

    Interesting - neither are my favorite guys but good stories!

  37. Dan Zarelli

    If Jimmy Kimmel had Nunes on, he might hear another side, rather than assume the other side. But it might challenge his life view.

  38. kat

    Awh makes me sad

  39. Ankur Pandey

    That’s Mexico..... Points at India😓

  40. Antonia Rajkovic

    After every time i'm watching her interwievsw i speak british in my head

  41. UberLummox

    Holy WHAT! We're offically failing as a race. "Pacific" was a lucky fuckin guess. She couldn't name anything else. I wonder if anyone would do better if the West was on the left and the East on the right like most World maps. Nah.

    1. eksdee

      Why brind race into this?

  42. Renato Fagundes

    ****** ESPECIAL ******

  43. Olga Moreno

    I love u Jimmy n Guillermo. Y'all been making my days 😗

  44. Safety First

    Democrats save your votes til 2024

  45. BroSki

    Waiting to be happy...

  46. Diviner Elite

    If I got asked this when I was 7: “What is the difference between a boy and a girl?” Me: *boy doesn’t have g, i, r or l for boy and the same way around for girls.*

  47. Team Smack

    I am 12 and I can name like 20 countries

  48. David Ngo

    3:06 the phone landed perfectly on the table lol

  49. OzFPVflyer

    And Dems wonder why they are losing.

  50. North Land

    this is such a lie.. there is no way these people are all this STUPID. they got paid by Kimmel to act this pathetic

  51. Cmajor

    Petition to get me into this club

  52. Heather Hall

    4:23, the moment he becomes a serial killer.

  53. Peter from GW

    Hey Sam, us Aussies really like Canucks........

  54. E F

    I'm so confused. Why don't they knowwww?

  55. MMaya

    i dont trust people that can't down a shot

  56. Nyro

    I can see how some people still think the earth is flat

  57. VNMZ - NFS and more

    Europe laughing at coronavirus memes weeks ago: 0:48 Europe now: 0:49

  58. Steve Galloway

    Awesome loved hearing about that amazing experience - takes me back

  59. Daniel .A

    That one lady who didn’t like Homo sapiens was an introvert

  60. Etan

    1:37 Jimmy was just elevating small talk to medium talk

  61. Braxton Hawkins

    Trump 2020

  62. Braxton Hawkins

    Trump 2020

  63. drewsky 100

    This was Epic...lmao🤣😎🤙

  64. Sahill

    2:06 You can see the disappointment. Someone is not telling their friends the truth.

  65. Erikson Medina

    damm! they don't even know where usa is...woow!

  66. Jeremy Daigneault

    In Canada even a homeless whould name 70% of the map. Because 95% population are scolarised

  67. Christian Lark

    This one got me 😂😂

  68. EMDrum

    We are blessed to have Fred Willard provide his time for us and we will be thankful for as long as he is with us. What a man!

  69. Christian Lark

    This one got me 😂😂

  70. Amalia Rincon

    I wish he would wash his hands of the presidency.

  71. crystalidx

    Americans, aren’t you embarrassed that trump is your president?

  72. Sterling Ray

    Not a JK fan but I like Matt. His movies are great.

  73. Triple D

    Tiny hand jokes? 3 year old and was not particularly funny back then.

  74. prathamesh mali

    Lemonade for 100 bucks LMAO😂

  75. Malte Thomas

    For me as a german, you guys seem unbelievable stupid

  76. Chirag Prajapati

    Can't you leave cows out of your business, I've heard in last you say cows are sacred and "Delicious". What is it? Is this a joke to you ? Don't you know how to respect religion, sacred animal. I know you may have different point of you. But you better learn to give respect.

  77. Lost Minds

    Lmao he mustve been on meds here..Legend either way

  78. Michael Luseno

    Why do many Americans think Africa is a country 😂😂😂😂

  79. Harold Wills


  80. Alistair Hart

    God bless 'Merica, greatest country on earth....

  81. Harold Wills


  82. nousername4me2use

    This was hard to watch with Knoxville's fake laugh every 20 seconds

  83. J B

    A very well done movie, an even more well done song, a simply amazing power ballad!

  84. GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!

    Proud to be Canadian

  85. Xxmarsii_DiiicexX

    He will always be Hal to me ...

  86. RB

    He is the most reckless president ever. He hates America and the dumbest idiot in office.

  87. Me Mr Alesandro L.

    He's looking thin. Please Jeebus, finish the job.

  88. Wht Rabbit

    Gotta love it when generic riffs that everyone plays when they're learning guitar and want to write something emo gets you a hit, sad really. The band died out when tom left and travis looks like hes falling asleep playing this crap.

  89. Sharon Anderson

    You guys are all corny Y’all don’t know what real talent is... I’m sorry but his impressions are watered down but I like him an SNL

  90. Me Mr Alesandro L.

    What an Ass.

  91. MannyWell

    Kimmel usually gets on my nerves with his political moves but this was an acceptable response to Cruz.


    son of magic johnson?!?!?????

  93. HakunaMatata Ta

    So happy for her!!

  94. Mr. Smity

    Couldn't even point out Mexico? How the hell do they even know where that wall is being "built" then?

  95. Greg Dundee

    His cock would have been reaching for the moon after that

  96. Jamie Alexander Carlson

    Variety Market in Enumclaw Mr. Rogers used to CUT my Hair when I was Little Boy

  97. fNatyk

    I thought for sure even Americans would know Australia.. But alas.. :/

  98. Frank Nil

    These people, no matter their political affiliations, should be "volunteered" as guinea pigs for development of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

  99. Wolf

    Chip Silvertooth seems like a genuinely nice guy!

  100. Ishan K

    1:42-Trump has last laugh