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  1. Azhar Kader

    Justine is so gorgeous 😍😍

  2. Santosh Joshi

    Is Twitter Trumps deputy?

  3. ‘Cave Beast Demon'

    MAGA boy wasn't bad.

  4. Trevor Holland

    Your on the side that dies sad and losers! There is a good side and a evil side and it’s pretty simple how to be a real man and a good man and your neither, this is your sign!!!

  5. Tanya Pearcy

    whether you believe her or not, he was completely inappropriate. I hope she doesn't come back. He was totally making fun of her.

  6. Nhat Tuyen Vo Dieu

    my biggest dream as an european is to be asked that so i can show off my elementary school education

  7. Santosh Joshi

    Trump has declared a war on English spelling Also he intends to appoint Twitter as hus next deputy!

  8. deco do

    Wow,, the kids are angels, I love them :)

  9. James Lee

    Cant recognize the French flag? America wouldn't even exist if they hadn't of saved our ass in the American Revolution. C'mon guy

  10. Omar Mubarak

    The way that girl screamed 8:43 😂😂


    They say chris pratt will play indy in the 5th movie

  12. larry Geddes

    Hey Jimmy you are just an ass clown so stop it with the political rhetoric and just entertain.

  13. Official Jayo

    This propaganda is so ridiculous, no wonder people are so misinformed

  14. mkingms

    Remember when Kimmel used to be a comedian and not just a Trump basher? It gets tiring...

  15. Official BlueLego

    Jimmy is my favorite talk show host

  16. You Stupid?

    Bruh. I dont even like trump. But this show has been really biased lately.

  17. Govvy

    Even Trumps toupee has enough of the bullshit and did a runner!!

  18. Mark Twain

    The only thing that TTump need to do is stop lying.

  19. Ahsan Siddiqui

    oh she's back! My pharmacist's back!

  20. Megan Lam

    “I told my kids all of it” such an Eleanor thing to say

  21. Dylan Smith

    I wish somebody woulda said I love niggas to that guy

  22. Joel Southerland

    why does trump jrs. girlfriend look like Melania ? that's just creepy.

  23. Domonic Trujillo

    I'm talkin bout mountain dews baby.

  24. Hannah Pugmire

    Johnathan's face at 7:09 is killing me

  25. Trevor Holland

    Constantly being investigated and never been caught doing anything

  26. Ahsan Siddiqui

    Sean spicer ahh symbolizing whiteman privilege!

  27. James Lee

    For those of you who are not from "the west", in the US it is seen as shameful if you do not get a job and live somewhere besides your parents house after your 18 years old. Folks judge folks hard for it because its seen as a sign a laziness and childishness, its seen as not being independent. Individual independence is kinda a big thing in the United States. I know not all countries are like that.

  28. Chiefaj 47

    Dude is Lit lmao

  29. 9wawa dz

    اويحيى ياربك يطغى

  30. Prachi A

    Looking at matt laughing at the end.....So f**king adorble...😍

  31. Joyce Tan

    Praise Jimmy Kimmel for doing his part and May Angels be with Kanye when he perform and touch ppl’s lives and turn them back to Lord Jesus. Hallelujah for Kanye new awakening 🙏🏻

  32. Wes Lewis

    Joaquin is just real af. He laughs when things are actually funny, he's speaks without social conformity. People who call him weird are the robotic fakes

  33. Ashley Higginson

    1:50 - when she sounded like a chicken

  34. Koko Rey

    He’s annoying

  35. Osman Shah

    Hannity was applying for Melania's job in Trump's bedroom

  36. ian frogfish

    Can i have some of these drugs trump and his supporters are on? I'm also kind of having a hard time dealing with reality right now.

  37. Ana Gacha life

    The ladt girl is so cute😂😂😂

  38. Tyler Clackum

    Kanye’s answer: “The Obama admin did the same thing and nobody said anything about it. Why didn’t they do anything about him? It’s like they have some sort of bias is it not?”

  39. Sh4d0w pl4gue


  40. Daniela Matos

    Best video ever!!! 😂

  41. Ronald Reed

    Kim G's screeching voice made me wanna kick myself in the nads!

  42. Alex Brown

    she sounds exactly like Regina Hall

  43. Evie Jo

    boys want to dress up and sing it also

  44. G T

    Jim left and an old Guru took over :(

  45. Tyran Ocisari

    Answer to MAGA.. Again, *when* ? f**ktard!

  46. Arinze Micheal

    This trump is a great fool

  47. Keila Martinez

    Kerry's so cute, gotta love her!

  48. Ronald Reed

    They just don't understand what "May day" represents.

  49. Nesquik Bunny

    Donald Trump has done more for this country in 3 years than Obama ever did in his eight years of presidency

  50. Js Travelers

    Little Donnie should go to Russia and stay there.

  51. H banz

    He’s a robot, his baby pic looks nothing like him just barely. Too perfect, AI is whack.

  52. martramT

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure Trump will meet with an influencer, or a contact with Russian interests...

  53. victoria gledhill

    Why would you bring a religion at the end of the video? It's a lie and not funny......the video was funny until minutes 3:38....after it was just bad. You don't use a religion that obviously didn't give you the rights to use there names.

  54. Nanouk Le Zaf

    I was straight before seeing that pumped costume suit and that muscular jawline.

  55. Rsha Al hussain

    I finished 11 seasons in 3 months Is that a lot? I’m trying to finish it before my Netflix trial ends

  56. Larry Ehrlich

    Thank you President Trump for making America great again. It was so shameful to America when Pres. Obama went on his apology tour. What an ass.

  57. Roster Maan

    where i can order this pills? asking for a friend :)

  58. whiite mAmba

    ya and wiz khalifa claims to have

  59. GLO-TUBE

    "George Washingtons" (Two more Washingtons appear.) lol


    Jimmy sounds like he could do better as a president of US

  61. Jon Dill

    what I've learned is that this is actually a very effective sales tactic. when someone is speaking to you, your "croc" brain is receiving the information. it is trying to determine if what it sees/hears is a threat, food or something to mate with. (basically) so the less complicated you make your sales pitch the more people will "understand" and or "believe" you.

  62. Ndeye Seye

    He looks Waayyy better now

  63. Kd2007

    Why is everyone shaving their head Tom Holland Noah cent Charlie puth😭😭😭😭

  64. ThisLemon

    4:43 is that a jail cell?

  65. cubalibrebgd


  66. julieuscaesar

    tom though 😍

  67. Peppi the Tibetan Terrier

    1:40 - what happened to Trump’s hair?

  68. Francisco Tocornal

    she should have been captain marvel

  69. Larry Berry

    In the future, when they teach history classes about this president, the response from students is going to be the same as Bidens. "Are you serious????"

  70. Jesus


  71. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    Biden's reaction was HILARIOUS 😅😅😅

  72. Sir Pommes

    love this talk :D cause this wouldnt be possible in germany. politicians over here are far more selfish to ask such questions.

  73. Ruben Garcia

    See Rian Johnson, this is the real Luke Skywalker!!

  74. Annie


  75. Terry Bruce

    What a HUGE upgrade for Kimberly.

  76. Anthony  Collier

    That's voice is recognizable any where. So powerful.

  77. Azhar Kader

    She's so gorgeous 😍😍

  78. freakyflow

    Have a Royal Canadian mountie light your joint while sitting on the lawn of parliament hill Thats freedom

  79. The Hand

    Hell, he more than made up for it just being able to fly to his home in Florida at public expense. The winter shithouse. I mean Whitehouse.

  80. Annie

    Trump shouldn't receive ANY post payments after he's out of office.

  81. Rosalinda Delatorre

    Mine kids life movie was the addems family

  82. Stephen Long

    Aunt Chippy for President.😍

  83. Valerie Allen

    I bet he hurt somebody's dog!

  84. John Thomas

    "Thrown out of the Navy like a dog" LMAOAOAOAOOAOAOAOAOAOAOAO

  85. Stephen Lawson

    America has succeeded in creating the world's most hideous culture.

    1. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

      Best culture on earth

  86. John Thomas

    "He choked like a dog." Someone, please help my dog is constantly choking

  87. Lalo Salgado

    Fake video

  88. Puritania

    Prepare for overproud indon in the comments section....whoops to late

  89. Daniel Martinez

    In his defense, it took me a while to realize Tom Chaplin is Charlie Chaplin's great grandson

  90. Ray Volanos

    She is gorgeous 😍🥰😘

  91. Mikoto Misaka

    You the emotional immaturity that was good roast She so offended

  92. Mercy S

    he looks older than 14 and she knows nothing,wtf 😆😊🤣

  93. Anyakesa Kesa

    Without love we humans have no other way to escape our present multi problems our world is facing. Love does surely conquer hatred and disappointments. I agree with Kanye.

  94. Youth Visionary

    She's the epitome of a hot blonde

  95. OptimusOne

    0:40 Why does she reminds me of Arizona green tea?

  96. James Lee

    Why do girls in baggy sweatshirts make you feel cozy just looking at them?

  97. Mac

    Always good to see a person think for themselves. All too often our friends and narrow-minded communities do nothing but hold us back. An especially good message for a soul who was born into a body of a black man or woman. Our bodies may be black, red, yellow, or white, but we are One! Take it to be a fact brother.


    why does pence always look like he's staring directly into the sun? 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

  99. Puritania

    He's smart. Everything is cheap and beautiful in Indonesia. He can literally retire right now and live off from his saving and never run out of money

  100. Sky_stider223

    The dude really is like the average guy From the way he talks and his personality and the way he handles himself and all that reminds me of some times I’ve had during the weekend and everyone who goes out and party’s and has afew always has a story like this I’ve got afew which are pretty crazy to believe but hey it happens to everyone haha might not be cabaret but theirs similarities