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  1. marderb3

    The lyrics pretty much sum up society perfectly

  2. christopher yasus

    Touch the sun

  3. Zam Zep

    I from Malaysia and i very like all iron maiden ever heavy metal band👍👍

  4. Greg Gatsby

    Needs more cowbell.

  5. Darryn Mc Cartney

    Bruce Dickinson kicked the ever living fuck out of throat cancer and did so while singing like this.... What a fucking legend! Massive respect Bruce! Up the Irons!

  6. Matthew Purdy

    “Iron Maiden is ganna get ya, no matter how far!”

  7. Cameron Amoils

    5000 Cossacks disliked this video

  8. ShowMeShoeSize 10

    USA 😭

  9. Kyosuke LionHeart

    Meu álbum prefirido do Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson foi magnífico neste álbum.

  10. Nicolas Sousa

    Steve Harris e suas linhas incríveis de baixo !!

  11. María Hilda Granger Garcia

    !!! Gracias estoy en el paraíso del rock !!!

  12. Steven Stice

    Return to St Louis?

  13. AVALANCHE 83

    O bueiro perto da casa da enfermeira não tem mato

  14. Hector Acosta

    God Bless Iron

  15. taija saksa

    Saw these 1984, 2019 is new Girlschool amazing, Wtf

  16. StingRay ZR1

    I love how the images showed don't sync w the part of the song

  17. Petros Luccia

    I get the feeling the director may have been over doing it in some areas.

  18. oTToMaaN1

    Fuck yeah! Better than billie fucking eilish - bad guy

  19. Lucik Solnța

    A song about sex by a legendary British metal band,very nice! I love it!

  20. Quidney

    I am from seum pyramid someone ?

  21. Bolek Zieliński

    I Player this song to my cat His pantera now

  22. Artur 0905 2

    That was my first show I was expecting one thing I’ve got much more Thank YOU, Iron Maiden

  23. Slayer


  24. groovy stuff


  25. Voicecolors

    To the brave British Pilots "ACES" who fought and won the terrible german air force luftwaffe. Thank you for your service !

  26. Natalia Delgado

    México! Come to Guadalajara

  27. Natalia Delgado

    Come to Guadalajara please

  28. Darth Vader

    wow it sounds just like the album version

  29. Arán Rojas Salas

    Bruce is the only man I can take seriously with that hairstyle

  30. New wave of British Heavy Metal

    3:50 The way Adrian goes for the solo is amazing.

  31. 十二番三太夫


  32. Zsolt Tanko

    Is it me just or there is more people who can hear some keyboards during the show ?

  33. Yndyocean

    Lisbon July 2020. I'll be there!

  34. Fritha71

    My heart sings when I think about Bruce Dickinson during the Seventh Son era, I literally just now had tears in my eyes while watching that live footage of him in all his late 80s glory! For a moment there I went back in time and it felt good <3 'Seventh Son' is hands down my favorite Maiden record, Somewhere in Time and Powerslave accompany it on either side of the podium. A three record streak that will stand the test of time!

  35. Tristan

    It's Jack and Crack witch week!

  36. Digi Tech


  37. TheLegoCollector

    best band ever

  38. Sharon Bones

    The whole fucking album was and is great.....then....7th son of 7th son came out and I was oh.oh......

  39. tuan nguyen

    Fly, on your way, like an eagle,

  40. YukFu666

    668 the neighbor of the beast

  41. Javier Macias


  42. Κωστας Τσ.

    I came here from zombieland mother fuckers!

  43. BenderM

    Greatings from Balaklava 😊

  44. Andrew Brown

    Dave murray plays wicked guitar

  45. ckelley63

    Long live the Maiden!

  46. mistyeyed

    gerard way’s favourite song

  47. Wandy Wexler Weslon

    I Love iron maiden but this documentary fucking sucked. You just have like 10 guys telling story's non stop for an hour straight

  48. matthew dog 545

    You time will come!!!!

  49. Frank Cooke

    Thunderstruck for pussies

  50. sopranino1969

    I remember me coming home and found my mom doing the dishes listening to Iron Maiden :) That was when I realised: there was no revolution necessary. My Mom rocks 😍

  51. Tom Šalé

    You can say everything, but IRON MAIDEN is absolutely the BEST BAND IN THIS WORLD. UP THE IRONS FROM CZECH REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. gießkannenguru 1

    AC/DC best!!! Oh wrong band

  53. gri ido


  54. Rodrigo Roces Arcaya

    Dedicado a los que no les gusta el metal ni Iron Maiden....

  55. Rodrigo Roces Arcaya

    Que bacán el video

  56. Dervar Asfarger

    Is the game available at Play Store?

  57. MidNite HORROR TV

    I rock hard

  58. Locke Lafleur

    the music video itself is underrated

  59. dunay1971

    это черчилль говорил таким гнусным голоском ??

  60. Sid

    Up the irons!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥🔥🔥

  61. Aiden The Rocker

    My bird is now a spitfire help I can’t find any books about how to train a spitfires

  62. Rodrigues Miranda

    Quem aí joga o game Iron maiden legacy of the beast?

  63. Zuraini Abdul Ghani

    Myself seldom listen to Iron Maiden.... but when I do my neighbors will listen it too! 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Mieddza Miekael

    Live On Hudson Station petrologic run hills 2013 cheras connected empowered Spain Portuguese Romania tali air7 London British Washington Ozzy said road nowhere Us government B95 western ocean northern southern Spain 2019

  65. i'm only here for the beer

    Anyone else notice, that they made Bruce look really fit in this music video, with muscly biceps, broad chest and flat stomach.

  66. TheWakeUpSweden

    As i see things, one of Maidens best songs. Nice pace and a Bruce Dickinson at his best!

  67. thorstormlord

    NOVEMBER of 2019 UP THE IRONS. Immortal music.

  68. Fabricio Yandry Zambrano Macias


  69. Stevie G

    I'm listening to this after midnight

  70. Commerce Ozzy

    long beach fucked up my hearing for good

  71. Dade Lee Murphy

    Kevin Shirely IS Martin Birch for Another Century? Seriously? Every thing SINCE dance of death has been slow, plodding, boring and muddled.

  72. Luky Correa


  73. Coy Leigh

    The wardrobe chicknis fucking sexy. If I were a band member I'd be trying to get in her panties.

  74. Coy Leigh

    I have a lot of respect for Maiden. For one they don't get shit faced before a show. They are a well oiled machine. They actually care about their fans you can obviously tell that much by the caliber of show they put on EVERY SINGLE SHOW!!! MAIDEN IS THE BEST BAND!!! PERIOD.

  75. Manuel Hill

    The devil is a man with a mask....😯

  76. Coy Leigh

    Steve's Bass is fucking badass!!!

  77. Canal Do Yoda

    eu te amo

  78. Randy Jefferson Diaz

    La favorita de mi hijo de 2 años Grande Maiden

  79. gusgiesel

    Somewhere in time is not my favorite Maiden album but is definitely my favorite cover artwork. That picture is 100% amazing.

  80. Endrik Nerz

    See you in Bremen guys.

  81. rex mundi

    The Cold War was still in progress and Reagan had the big red button. This song was more frightening than Number of the Beast in 1984.

  82. gusgiesel

    Looks like they neatly avoided Germany on the World Slavery Tour lol.

  83. Brad Lichman


  84. susanne williamsson

    You can FEEL it, can´t you ?? Punchy, forceful and metal music in its peak !! Their performance ? Stunning as always !!

  85. Brad Lichman

    Dame the drummer they got now is the best!!!! Bruce still has the voice!!!!!

  86. Federico Bacci

    Que video de mierda!!!!!!!!

  87. Играю в танки

    Привет, фанатам iron maiden. Если коротко, есть группа которая делает качественные кавер песни на зарубежных исполнителей Radio Tapok. Так вот, я хотел бы чтобы они спели эту песню на русском языке. Я зашёл в группу VK в описании профиля перешёл и заданатил 50р. и вписал в список эту песню Fear of the Dark. Если наберём 10 000 голосов они её запишут. Свои 50 голосов уже перевёл. Поддержите?

  88. Sebastian Erich Wedl

    both of this maiden vocalist are great.i like the first two albums with paul di anno.and i like also Bruces mega high sirens;-).i cant hear the first two albums with bruces voice. (live is another) and i cant hear classics like hallowed be thy name with Pauls voice.all I M albums had a perfect singer for me.but the best are Bruce and Paul.i love pauls voice especially in Strange World.what a voice.

  89. Super Roo

    Love the Iron's! :)

  90. Jesus is Lord

    I saw the first 3 tours when Bruce Bruce turned up from sad act Samson it all turned to shit with his silly operatic vocals.... you only have to look at DiAnno and Dickinson to see which one's a rocker...

  91. 18iletravka

    If my history teacher was this cool i would take extra classes.

  92. Matt A

    Caution to all Taylor Swift fans!!

  93. Matt A

    I can't believe how awesome Steve Harris was on bass guitar. So fast!!!

  94. Donici Mihail

    The vocalist looks a lot like Corey Taylor

  95. harrr53

    Bruce: "You can't play heavy metal with synthesizers" *Polish fan dies inside*

  96. mr. fool

    dogs: woof woof cats: meow meow idiots: 2019? 2019?

    1. kerem kaan kıyılar


  97. PaulSteiner100

    Geiler Text!!!

  98. Benjamin Maughan

    Apparently a bunch of two year olds were hired as camera crew.