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  1. Parkin Chiu

    SiPhi is an absolute monsta! no doubt, one of the ALL-TIME greats!

  2. Svensonguitar

    Vinnie will always be in the top ten of my guitar heroes on the planet! Shred King! Awesome Composer

  3. Kj Amburgey

    Idolatry, self consumption and trying to be something your not i.e. any if those names you mentioned your trying to sound like. Sad commentary one contemporary life. Where s your son brother? That's your real job on Earth. Get back in his everyday life sir.

  4. Ryan M.

    Still sound amazing. HBTN is still one of the best songs ever

  5. AnThony DenZzel

    There is no audio from 01:08:34 until 01:16:05...

  6. Brad Lichman

    Awesome music!!! Love them!!!!

  7. Stephen J

    Really great interview

  8. César Omar Alcázar Méndez

    Soy yo o sabe Murray ya toca los solos que quiere jajjq

  9. carles M

    Up the irons!!!!❤️💯💪

  10. KST

    17 november of 2019 and still waiting

  11. Manowar


  12. Mr. GTO

    Thanks for putting this on here.!!. I was at the Bodega Club show in 1989 in Campbell CA. It was my birthday the day after the earthquake. I met Keith and we both had many "birthday" drinks at the bar. Robert Berry's Band and Keith blew the roof off the place that evening.! Does anybody have videos or pictures of this show???

  13. ntina allig

    Iron maiden is the best band on earth. Greetings from Greece

  14. Monish Kumar

    Stunning Work, I really enjoyed it!, check my guitar(solo)+vocals or bass cover of 'Highway Star',channel link fisels.info/a/v_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ, you may like it :)

  15. 底辺労働生活者

    nico 68yearold,so mazing

  16. treeduck


  17. Сер Крснс

    Русские есть ? Рязань ?

  18. Eng Ram

    Adrian's reworked and a bit improvised Wicker man solo sounds cool!

  19. Steve Lamarre

    One thing i am always feeling weird, somebody please tell me, am i the only one who think that the solo of Janick Gers in revelations sound weird?!?!?!?

  20. bob dio

    Jorn Lande should make a concert with them. He is the best one who could sing Ronnie's songs better than anyone.

  21. Billy Badass

    Now they all look like Eddie.

  22. Henry Millar

    The son and I are going to see them in June 2020... Cannot wait

  23. Monish Kumar

    Stunning Work, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link fisels.info/a/v_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ , you may like it :)

  24. Jacquelyn LeVan

    This man is a genius PROG God and probably has catapulted his amazing band to the top of the Proggy Pile in the world. I could not be more impressed with.his/their musical achievements and catalogue. I only hope I can catch them live and experience their immense beauty in person. So sorry for your immense losses of late, gentlemen. Higgs and Peace, ProgFrog

  25. Ana Patricia GC

    Una de las mejores noches de mi vida entera! Nunca es suficiente con Maiden! Up the irons!

  26. the trooper

    Why is Fear of the Dark muted?

  27. Ola Niewiarowska

    Amazing Bruce❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

  28. Abdelillah Mouhib

    The worst audience in an Iron Maiden's concert

  29. Олександр Речун

    Дедам пора на пенсию." Асы высоты" лучше бы не пели вообще.

  30. Graveyard Classics

    Mike Browning Rules, and Paradox is the best return of a band yet imo! :D

  31. Hagen

    Geile Musik, nur leider fette Weiber, denen die Hosen platzen! Leute, das geht gar nicht!

  32. Harry Skerritt

    What is Nicko holding up at 23:58?

  33. Юрий Домин

    сраные уродды! где звук наией любимой песне!? нахера постить файл без звук - твари не мытые!

  34. Sachok

    Ария на максималках

  35. Niraj Panchal

    Helloween singer Micheal Kiske still sounding like his 20's at Rio 2019 fisels.info/video/videot/jqqqqbiVi4R6aqs.html

  36. boffin6969

    Damn they sound rough - yikes! 👎💩

  37. Stanislav Shumann

    Listening Hallowed be ty Name...they shows that they don't need a Bruce,in this case better that he shut up...band which can make good instrumentals,may they never needed a vocalists...

  38. bernardo iglesias

    with all my respect to paul d'ianno for me iron maiden is with bruce dickinson.

  39. TheTRUTH

    That Jens dude is such A DORK... is his guitar even plugged in?

  40. Pizo

    iron maiden the band number 1 the world

  41. Nagilum

    Bruce looks bad ass again. Thats impressive when you are closing in at 60.

  42. Erwin Agustin

    Inspiring. even in their 60s

  43. Miguel Rivera

    exelente Bro. Saludos.....👍

  44. Average Savage

    Just sing "thy will be done" on the wicker man chorus Bruce

  45. Karol Kozak

    I do not listen to these guys anymore but - they've still got it. Also, what a crowd. Such a great time to be alive.

  46. Steve S

    Anybody else notice that Dave Murray didn't do the dive bomb during his solo for The Trooper? I noticed it when I saw them live in Houston on this tour, then watching this confirmed it. Why Dave Why?

  47. PJ Matematico

    see you in the Philippines next year, hell yeah!! \m/

  48. xPalmejox

    2019 y Aces High sigue sonando como en 1985 en Donington. Increible!!

  49. Jav Enz

    BLue Demon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Volker Puttmann

    Slow and tired performance, probably they got too many drinks the night before 🙈

  51. Ghoulie Ghost

    Bring Blind Guardian to the southern United States I love you I'm so happy about the return of my favorite band

  52. Ghoulie Ghost

    Hansi I have a great suggestion for twilight orchestra. There's a beautiful concert hall in Nashville where I saw the Legend of Zelda symphony. I think that you should come to the states

  53. Paul Cormier

    nothing less than stunning performances by everyone and to just imagine that bruce will then fly them off -its beyond my comprehension -I think he sounds better than ever they all do for that matter !! legends

  54. Angel Kousein

    kounithite re vlakes ekei mprosta..oi maiden pezoune..ti skata kanete..eleos..

  55. Antonio Dishington

    Amazing Sound! Bruce's voice is amazing!

  56. WhereNextToConquer

    Have to see them one more time before they finish. What a fucking set.

  57. Cau Trindade

    Check this HARD ROCK SONG using the EHX C9 ORGAN with the main riff and SOLO (hard rock instrumental) - fisels.info/video/videot/soGterZpp4deaYk.html

  58. Davidson Reis

    01:21:40 Quando vc é foda e la vem mais um solo de boas, tranquilo.

  59. Azor Ahai

    How I wish I was fuckin' there!!!

  60. Tommy Krazy Klaun

    Firssssttt 😁👍

  61. Oswald Montoya

    que buen performance y show el que dio maiden en Brasil !!! bueno, saludos desde El Salvador, porfa chequeen mi humilde audio cover de "the evil that men do" keep on rocking !!! up the iron's !!!

  62. German Peña

    Yo estuve ahí. Puedo morir en paz

  63. Jens Zamanian

    The guitar riffs on Between the Devil and Me! WOW!

  64. Rob MacGowan

    Still rocking hard..

  65. Gordan Freeman


  66. alex zaldaña

    rock en rio fue el primer concierto de maiden que vi en dvd ... waoo ya es 2019 y maiden aun tocando... la mejor banda de metal de la historia ....

  67. Jaílson Monteiro

    Quanta diferença eu vejo no público desse show para o público brasileiro!!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸 Up the Iron!!!!!

  68. Fed Beta

    272 dedos abajo, son unos imbéciles, de seguro son puñales.

  69. Dave White

    Is that a Trans Am or a firebird? Damb had an SS myself

  70. Lenovo 2019

    The only thing missing is my favourite wasted years!!!!!!!

  71. alex shapovalov

    I believe I am too old but, wild world jumps like crazy unicorn and what called "fastest song" addicted to the rush played like dying horse

  72. Tiago Silva

    Allen is the best prog metal singer, I'm my opinion sure 😁

  73. alex shapovalov

    Missing Erics voice so bad

  74. Bobos Curse

    Wow, these guys got good! I saw them when they just got started...at Big Al's

  75. Crosswalk Larry

    Worst comb over Trump or Billy?

  76. olivier wurmser

    et voila encore plus sons , putain de bug sur ces putains de video

  77. crisscat2006

    Eric Martin has not air in his lungs

  78. surfer2003 01098095795

    Who’s Frankie I know Bill Ward Niel Pert Bonham as great drummers never heard of this dude

  79. Thumbsdown Bandit

    Probably the nerdiest band in rock history.

  80. Dreamwar19

    Daniel Gildenlöw is awesome

  81. José juan Rodriguez Ibarra

    PUrA pinche cAjEta.

  82. folladordeprostis

    Bruce Dickinson is the Mick Jagger of heavy metal 🤘🏻 😛🎸😛😛🤘🏻🤘🏻

  83. Jeffrey Robert

    These guys are thieves ..period ..they thought it ok to steal our bands name MR BIG ... I couldn't give to monkeys how good this BS band is ...they will always be thieves and garbage to me ..any band that steals another bands name and trade mark suck as far as i am concerned..It was lemmy from motorhead who first told me that these guys were taking our name . would anyone defending that like it if someone came and stole their trade mark after years of hard work...i think not

    1. Crosswalk Larry

      @Jeffrey Robert Haha. Yes I know. I grew up in the 70's.

    2. Jeffrey Robert

      @Crosswalk Larry its called heavy rock when you have 2 drummers it can get heavy..i have been lucky enough to have played with some of the great drummers on the planet in my time..

    3. Crosswalk Larry

      @Jeffrey Robert Pretty good. Although wearing the headphones I got a little shock going from the quiet Yes-like falsetto abruptly to the in your face rockin' out. Haha.

    4. Jeffrey Robert

      @Crosswalk Larryhere is a song from broken home the othe band i have where tje name was taken .fisels.info/video/videot/n3fbk7Sjopl9r58.html

    5. Jeffrey Robert

      @Crosswalk Larry fisels.info/video/videot/cYncicd1pqhoias.html

  84. OmniscientVirtuosity

    New album?!!! Holy shit. Where can I get it?

  85. markojack15

    Stolt is a genius....it really is as simple as that.

  86. Mauricio Villamil

    del ptas Harris y ese bajo, todos son los putas, up the irons forever, saludos desde Colombia

  87. Led Remix

    Mr Bruce really much respect to you for your speech! I LOVE YOU!

  88. Randy Orcutt

    Sure miss Pat Torpey! One of my all time idols! Props to the drummer though.

  89. wayne goodger

    Lead bass player?

    1. Crosswalk Larry


  90. Paja Rutar


  91. 74 torino

    heavy metal pantomime 👎

  92. Sihar Tobing

    Good Concert Show'' Perform : Mr Big*🌠 - Show At Bloodstock Open Air UK : Bigolive Show By - Sonic ..🌠,..... Cheerio.🌠🎼🎸🎼🌠👍👍👍🌠🌟🌠.

  93. gmcjetpilot

    Did they do Take Cover?

    1. Crosswalk Larry

      So you come to FIsels to just read titles?

  94. gmcjetpilot

    Pat on Drums is missed.. New drummer is great but miss Pat.

    1. crisscat2006

      He is playing in a new band, with Ray Gillen in voice, Robbin Crosby in Guitar and Phil Kennemore on bass

  95. Rhys Morgan

    Nice to see Paul playing without those stupid fkn headphones 😀

  96. Renato Martins

    o batera detona ..... show perfeito

  97. Adam S

    Harvey Keitel

  98. Jacob Pullen

    This is the only Davison video I care about

  99. Jorge Canela

    I saw them some years back and Eric's voice wasn't in as bad shape as it was here. Maybe just a bad night... The instrumental part and Sheehan and Gilbert's voices are great, though.

  100. 69zenos1

    Very bland and vanilla....