Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Vi Ledet


  2. Dana Raley Sim

    I love all 3 colors together

  3. In The Moonlight

    “I think it *may* be the illusion of nudity. People get excited!”

  4. Manny Mania.

    Maybe you should make a video on the laser hair removal device that you bought in a previous video and make a detailed video with like all the steps and stuff.

  5. anita khadka

    she has more wrinkles on her lips than thanos has on his chin

  6. Gacha Kiki

    I loveeeeee da banana skirt and turtle neck! Like if u agree

  7. Delenn Geary

    I DON'T MAUVE ( i love that )

  8. Elizabeth Martin

    The mauve-oulis mix, that should be the name of the nail polish.

  9. k-pop _potato

  10. Fantesy-Cherry - Melon-Dreamer

    what do you think

  11. Shiv

    This place is literally pointless. Like buy ur own nail polish and little mixer

  12. Sasha Martin

    I was taught to wear pads as well as tampons....still had accidents because of how heavy it was. Where was this when I started out? Will get some for extra protection for my daughter when she starts.

  13. mysticalunicorn 13


  14. Gacha Glam

    Frankin polish

  15. Alston Jacobs

    as a new year approaches i think making mini category candles would be a nice "anniversary" bad science vid

  16. Chelsea BreAnn


  17. Smilie Kay

    Frankin Mauve

  18. Mr. Amushu


  19. Mallory Monroe

    Ohhhh good lord, I CANT😂😂😂 this is very unsettling

  20. It's_your_ girl_lizzy

    Frankin mauve

  21. Infinity pineapples

    Frankin berry?

  22. Sha'Meelia Rasheed


  23. Hannah Brooks

    why. Why. WHY?!

  24. Mint choco Beetle

    I’m Barry Mauved and that’s her name

  25. Hannah Brooks

    Long legged people: I have trouble finding jeans long enough for my legs This company: hold my beer

  26. Sharon Sherker

    I think that since u bot all the safora lipsticks then I think that u should buy all the nalepolesh in a shop and make a new and inmpruved nalepolesh

  27. Daddy Namjoon

    Fraken Peelie, idk if I spelled that right

  28. Hannah Brooks

    Why. Just why.

  29. Ann Leslie

    Hey! Bridesmaids gifts? You’re set.

  30. Myra Bush

    Poison Apple

  31. Lydia Sanders

    Those cat coin purses are so cute 😍

  32. Stoudy2

    This would be great for folks who live in out of access places.

  33. Coco St. Pierre Nelson

    safiya's polish should have been called spill the teal

  34. Coco St. Pierre Nelson

    call it franken-mauve

  35. Kay Chaurice

    I was thinking Berry Mauve 😂

  36. Stoudy2

    Okay Trunk Club is the winner.



  38. MissFaLLenW0lf

    I watched this before I was trying to take a nap... which I did. I ended up dreaming about you and cristine. Well, I dreamed that me and my boyfriend were getting attacked by a witch. And you both came along and threw nail polish at her and ended up killing her with it. I woke up like wth.. ok 😂

  39. K Siderovski

    TLAM Saf

  40. Tia Noe

    Mauve unknown is a cool name to me lol

  41. Hannah Sweet

    you should name it “Mauve out of the way”

  42. HPfan Girl

    Saf:* References Dollightful* Me:* Fan girls*

  43. Jessica Bruzdzinski

    Liza koshy?? 8:35

  44. Ali Lowery

    I have to say, i absolutely hate watching youtube, it’s one of my boyfriends favorite things to do and i absolutely hate it, but once i found your channel i check all the time to see your new videos! Your style is literally the best! I ever considered getting a bat tattoo after seeing you get yours! Every time i watch a video it makes me laugh and it makes me so happy to see someone doing youtube who isn’t afraid to show their true colors. You inspire me by being extremely goofy and by wearing 9 foot pants in public and not caring what others think! You’re truly awesome!🦇🖤

  45. Isabelle Oelrich

    Was anyone else kinda pissed at the beginning she didn’t put Jeffree star

  46. nekoakage

    k i hate myself i just watched all your videos in two days hahahahha bye

  47. Erin Niewald

    Frankin berry

  48. Crystal Nibarger

    So I'm watching this after the conspiracy pallettes have come out

  49. Bittersweet Cherri

    Get The Mauve Out!

  50. Kyra Zamora

    Mauvelous for frankenpolish

  51. Christine Johnson

    The shade when she said her channel used to be about nail art 😂😂😂

  52. Coco St. Pierre Nelson

    maybe you should call it... blueberry pancakes strikes back?

  53. sarah copeland

    My grandma loves this stuff she uses it all the time 😂 my grandma is an awesome person lol 😂

  54. łucky_red OwO

    Mauvester like monster

  55. Happy Castle Arts

    mauvelous like marvelous be mauve in it

  56. gina112277

    I think it should be called morly because it's m for mauve and Orly for the brand so it's combined

  57. Skye A.


  58. ** Sheila **

    M. Franky Mauve OR I don't know if anyone remember Grimace (the English name) or Grosse douceur (French name) or the McDonald's purple character... But when you type his name in Google it's pretty funny what you get as information about him: He is a large, purpleanthropomorphic being of indeterminate species with short arms and legs. .... Yah .... 🤣

  59. Elizabeth Vlogs

    “Your mauve” for a name

  60. Erika Lira

    Honestly this would be my moms dream

  61. Amina’s World

    Mauve-er the moon 😂😂

  62. Matt Mounts

    Ok is it just me or when she put foundation on she used the non wish makeup

  63. Claire O'Connor

    Saf: don’t eat lipstick at home kids Me: *puts lipstick in lunchbox, so as to eat it at school*

  64. Lesa P

    I wanna know if Cristine is invited to Saf and Tylers wedding?

  65. ƈƖơųɖყ ɛყɛʂ ơωơ

    what about naming it Orly Ore

  66. Chestnuts_r_ Us

    Wait her before lashes had lash gel

  67. Allison Lewis

    Franken-dation..... 😁😁😂😂

  68. Gacha _Lyla

    You do match with the grass! at least old old minecraft grass

  69. guinea pig girl vlogs? ???????

    Saf: I'm a messy serial killer Me: Not same but still same

  70. Noora Aldaney


  71. d3ad.t0.m3

    2:09 they used loey lane for their ad

  72. Nora Berg

    Who else is looking for the candle they have

  73. Kim Graves

    “Make Your Mauve”

  74. Darkness Kitten Official 💜

    I would name it FrankenMauve

  75. Hissykittykats S.

    This is bOoTiFuL!

  76. Norma Tibbitts

    All the shades for the name of the third polish

  77. Breyonce Bre

    This shade should be called “Do you say it different in Canada?”

  78. Iloitoi

    Some Ideas: Mauve Me Baby One More Time I Got The Mauves Like Jagger It's Mauving* *These are all my ideas for now }:-)*

  79. Jbthegamer !

    What about Franken-nailogical!! Also you guys should do more calabs when you are in the same area

  80. wolfpup girl

    Maove-ing Maove along I see you maove Maove-ster

  81. MadameMariella14

    Berry me in polish (to keep the trend going 😆) Side note, the bats came off of my berry me in lipsticks tube and are just black smudges now ☹️ but other than that I love the lipstick!

  82. Sarah Rae LANDERS

    3:12 that's my dad's morning alarm oh god

  83. Shraddha Rahul

    ben and tea channels might be more hand-in-hand than we thought tho

  84. Sock Monkey

    What about testing on Ben?

  85. Katharina RuetterCracraft


  86. yelena trofimchuk

    i think the franken-orly should be called “berry blood”

  87. Cay Nolasco

    you should have name it "I like to mauve it mauve it!"

  88. Gacha Banana

    Name it SimplySafLogical. SIMPLE NAME. RIGHT. Or Disturbed. Literally. Disturbed.

  89. Shahara Belladonna

    Mauvester Frankenstein!!

  90. Jon Jordan

    They have a shop in my mall I got somethings

  91. Abbey

    Scafiya was my pun name for scaffolding, and Frankenmauve for the mauve, lol

  92. Brenda Morris - Weight Loss Journey and Reactions

    I like to mauve it mauve it. Orly, can I please buy this Franken-Orly

  93. Suga_Kookie_ YT

    U guys should try Shoppee it’s a shopping app the prices are like wish but more better quality

  94. grace john


  95. Madison & Emma

    Omg we have the same birthday!!!

  96. Michaela Ward

    Are those the sound of music people. Wait and see that yes indeed, it is offbrand julie andrews and most but not all of the von trap children.

  97. Breonna Parson

    "Mauve me" like love me idk if that really works but😶✌

  98. Bumblebee_on_a_Cactus

    That took an hour🤣🤣🤣

  99. Adelina Ortiz

    Who else got bad but she didn't put Holo Why Christine

  100. Rosa Hernandez

    Berry show or berry go