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  1. Nottia Jamison

    This game makes me uncomfortable. The guy eliminating himself was great.

  2. Maya Rimawi

    I have a friend that finds cats scary and she wouldn’t get near one🙃🙃

  3. Nia A.

    i follow the girl with the striped shirt on twitter, her tattoos are amazing!

  4. Jilenaj 06

    These episodes of "guessing games" and "trying each other's foods" type of content really gets me.

  5. Madd Ant

    I am shocked. She is The most beautiful woman on the planet. The end. #facts

  6. ivy kata

    Do they not know what ethnicity means all the time I hear white, black, Asian that’s race!!!

  7. Adry Mzn

    Omg!! Is it me, or that black breaded girl is sooo .. whats the word? Idk she knows how to flirt wtf and I'm straight (if I spell anything wrong please 4give me)

  8. Mina Ponsar

    2 people from hawaii!!!

  9. Lukeisthename

    Palpatine: *pathetic*

  10. Hannah Mendenhall

    Am I the only one who noticed the last guy who "rarely smokes weed" had socks with weed on them??? I'm only 13 so if I'm wrong and his socks have something else on the don't come after me but like...

  11. Maddi

    I have a suggestion that may be a bit of a grey area but how about strangers guess who it terminally ill or has had cancer etc. I'd like to see the conversations that come from that

  12. Wawtamalone

    If its one thing i hate is when people dont translate Patios properly and it loses its context lol

  13. Sarah Stork

    Can you guys like update us on this relationship please🥺🥺

  14. AirBearsArrow

    That one girl tho *i was making waffles*

  15. Vamsidhara Chakravarthy

    Man that Indian chick tho oof 😘😘😘

  16. Julia L

    okay but they are mostly guessing race??

  17. zehra Ugurel

    Dude really said mooslem

  18. Mom York

    The mom is sooooooooooo sweet

  19. Luna Sea

    Nobody: Alex Alexander

  20. Bi Clikkie

    the people that are comfortable with their self harm scars are so brave. I'm so proud of them for surviving and staying alive 🥺

  21. Oscar Hernandez

    The gay guy has some fat pit stains

  22. gabriella stephan


  23. TheEpicsniper34

    Surprised Tagalog even made it on this video. Thank you 🇵🇭!

  24. gabriella stephan

    hi i’m the 5,000 comment

  25. Brooke Baker

    1:36 "My son bit me" Oml I died laughing and I feel so bad for her at the same time 😂😂

  26. Maddie Davies

    That last guy is so unbelievable!!! I can’t believe he is transgender

  27. Pun_Life

    I take aderholt every morning

  28. Armius 063

    The nigga girl was feeling it, she totally love it xD

  29. Angela Merciar

    the most toxic series on cut, pls stop

  30. HawklordLI

    75% failure: That's not to bad? Yeah..right....

  31. Louise Hudson

    Someone get Noel Miller on this 😂

  32. Tahni 666

    i wanna go on this show just cause i wanna see what people think i am.

  33. k

    I find it unfortunate that white presenting people are assumed to have no cultural background.

  34. Sobnom Mostari

    These guessers are so stupid

  35. keona

    girl in the red saying it didn't work bc they're both doms but she could dominate me anytime😩

  36. Isiah

    lmao halle berrryyyyyyyyy

  37. Mel T

    No one ever thinks I’m Peruvian

  38. Ema :3

    5:44 i thought i was crazy...

  39. Ryann Moyers


  40. Katherine

    ONE 1/4 NATIVE GUY THAT ISN'T "CHEROKEE"!!!😭❤ istg every "white" person claiming to be native is apparently cherokee😂

  41. Emily Sanchez

    Did anyone else see the rip in the dating coach blasor

  42. Amaya Naps

    i love how specific he is.

  43. Ha080

    “I’m Sikh”. Oh so you’re from “Afghanistan??? “ lmfaoooooooooo omg the ignorance is crazy

  44. A-Typical

    What is this bullshit lol give me back this time and add it to my life please

  45. Melisa R.

    Paris seamed too nervous and or someone that can be socially awkward. I know when I first come out and was figuring myself out I was definitely I think both.

  46. TheEpicsniper34

    Girl in the black dress deserves to be alone.

  47. Omar

    Half asians are cute asf

  48. babyboo •

    “Is that a racial thing?” Sis shut your small eyes please and go stand in the corner.

  49. Og Mozzarella

    “Loving you is easy because, *I hate every bone In your body* “ I love the editor😂 2:18 - 2:23

  50. ⵎoⵀⴰⵎⴻⴷ

    Next time try to bring people who have average IQ minimum pls

  51. Ha080

    Shorty said “Muslim” lmfaooooo that’s like me looking at her saying Christian? Guys for heaven’s sake, Muslim is NOT an ethnicity or a race.

  52. Lil Baelien

    “10 grand a year....legally” “tuhhhhhhh!”

  53. Stakkie Jones

    How is it not offensive to say regular white ? White people come from all over the world and long history of culture, history, war, ect. I mean If I was Russian and someone called me English (from UK) because those two different countries went through completely different social and cultural changes and differences. I don’t want someone to be dismissive of my country or history

  54. Phoebe Li

    The last outfit looked like what an Egyptian would wear

  55. Unquiet Grave

    I hope the jamaican lady who suffered a miscarriage is okay, I remember her saying she was pregnant not too long ago (hopefully it's not this pregnancy).

  56. Lil Baelien

    the red head is not fitting that top well. looks goofy

  57. TheBlue Gamer

    I don’t want to be sexist but the men were reasonable and respectful but the ladies were just plain disgusting and disrespectful (except Jennifer and the white lady)

  58. 534590820

    who is that boy "i'm not a water sign but i'm emotional"? need his insta

  59. Chapo Houdini

    Her daughter kinda weird, but I love her mom 😍

  60. Colette Winterpie

    I need that snake lol

  61. Ridds

    30s to the 70s were good because there were no ninjas.

  62. José Machado

    Never receive advice on how to fish from the fish itself, always ask the fishermen Don't trust women my kings 👑

  63. TheBlue Gamer

    Protest to start a go-fund-me for Jennifer

  64. Luna Sea

    I wanted to throw something at Carlos for being so damn rude. The language does sound beautiful and the guy is handsome too!

  65. Juliet Gellert

    last one is a QUEEN! be big girl

  66. Xerxes

    "Muslim..?" OOF.

  67. Draenonim80

    Choclat milk in the cereals ?!!!! WTF dude NO FRENCH PEOPLE DO THAT !

  68. Sofía Olivera

    Omg every single lesbian I have seen in videos from the USA have big top energy. Now, DO THEY ONLY EXIST IN NORTH AMERICA? WHERE ARE THE TOPS IN THE SOUTH? BRING SOME OVER. WE THIRSTY

  69. Ratchet Time

    Disgusting as hell

  70. The GachaGlitch

    Can we talk about the pig owners sweaty armpits for a sec tho..

  71. orangekoharu

    Is that Koji from Hiho Kids at 3:36?

  72. Lex J

    5:48 so nobody gonna talk about how awkward that was💀💀

  73. Mira Youssef

    My god, this video is *enlightening* dude

  74. Me Df

    0:38 MOOD😂

  75. Selene Gomez

    Blaine looks so much like their dad

  76. babyboo •

    That guy really based all of his answers off of stereotypes.

  77. Huck Agar-Johnson

    I commend the woman in the pink shirt. She is so positive and kind and seems to be having a worse issue than those other people. Whether or not the three women on the couch are struggling, they do not have be yucky and nasty. Shame on them! I hope that the kind woman gets her teeth and I wish the best for her!

  78. Lizbeth Abenue

    “Despite not having a big booty” sis chill

  79. Chewy Suarez

    Her:”how old are u?” Him:”I’m turning 13 this year” Her:”ohhh 13 are u into girls?” Him: *pretty much*

  80. Lil Baelien

    “he does IT shit”😂😂😂😂😂

  81. Jacqueline Martinez

    That laugh tho 4:14 😭🤣

  82. Maya

    The show: Guess my ethnicity White girl: Muslim

  83. Kate Bunkoff

    “ his dad is like Jamaican and then his mom might be like Scottish cause they colonize Jamaica or somethin” GIRL I-

  84. Theo Webb

    I’m squealing cause it’s so awkward!


    Well this scares me

  86. Nazarene Larkin

    ‘I’ll be your parent now & your friend later’ I agree with that 100%

  87. Evelyn Bree

    3:04 is the last time I cried :( I’m sorry

  88. Taryn Derochea

    I want people to guess my ethnicity because everyone I meet who asks me will guess and get it wrong 😂😂😂

    1. Taryn Derochea

      That guy around 8:07 is part Native American and he looks like one of my brothers and I have another brother who has dark hair and brown eyes like me. Same biological parents. It’s weird. My mom is English/Irish/Scottish, Scandinavian and a little bit Moroccan (blonde/red hair, blue eyes, white skin, freckles) and my dad has black hair (blonde and red when he was kid, all natural) and he has dark skin and brown eyes. He is English, Native American and French Canadian. It’s really strange. I want to to a dna year with my brothers someday just to see how similar and different we are because we all look different. It’s weird.

  89. Santiago Sotelo

    4:43 that's a boy pretending to be a girl

  90. Ilya Santonov

    That horse bit was hilarious

  91. Tony Wu

    Well, this is quite embarrassing.

  92. Sandra Seaman

    No ones talking about how they guy said she looked Jewish how can JEWISH be an ethnicity😂☠️

  93. XxSweet_ _DreamxX

    I came here to see if there was gonna be a Mormon/LDS

  94. Kate Bunkoff

    “i’ll tell you right now we don’t have one” everyone: 😐 or 😄 1:34

  95. Rayden Richards

    I'm an leo. I was born on July 24 @11:59 pm. Last baby born on that day😝😜🤪 f*ck when he said did you have problems with self worth. Damn it. That's me im not 18 yet but I struggle so hard

  96. Mána Su

    Lol that was the whitest thing... I think ur straight bc u seem like u would flirt with me.. girl... lol

  97. LoudBlackLady

    I was gonna make fun of her but I’m genuinely impressed

  98. Shoda

    When people ask where my parents are from, I say Iran and Pakistan and they immediately think Muslim, but I’m Zoroastrian (Wikipedia does a good job at explaining my religion)

  99. Esme Ellis

    1:05 stranger things ME I cry all the time during that show even if it’s not that sad I just start to feel bad for the characters and everything they are going through

  100. Billie Eilish lover

    The stud😳🤩💕💕 and the guy with the beanie🥺💕