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  1. Sanders s

    HowToBasic method oof

  2. Leslie Melgoza

    Aw!!! Rick is amazing, he so helpful. I loved this episode

  3. TheCommonGentry

    ..first 30 seconds.. hold up. did i just see the LASER make a return?? ..brb..

  4. Bio Kimistry

    Claire, once again, is the best. How is this woman not running the world already?

  5. Anna Paula Santos

    i just need a whole video of Julian and Brad cooking and making up band names together

  6. TheNewLeaves

    Olfactory (smell) senses are the strongest sense we have tied to memories and listening to him talk about his teenage memory of the smell of the sauce was so passionate and tender.

  7. Kira Russom

    I layer my noodles in dry....

  8. Blake

    Thumbs up for the hunt for red october reference

  9. Kat - Games

    I know this one hurt her greatly, but all the friends and the encouragement is just so sweet!!! One of my favorite episodes.

  10. sydneyca

    Claire "hiding" the coffee in the jelly bean jar, looking around all kinds of sketch is life. And I love her for it.

  11. i don’t have a name !

    never thought i’d watch somebody make toast tea but here i am

  12. sienna11

    That sunset at 7.40 though😍

  13. Morgana Pendragon

    I currently making this cake right now and for some reason my icing is not thickening up at all!!! I followed everything to a T helppppp

  14. dustyb58

    I'll watch this later but I just had to run in and say GIMBAL'S > JELLY BELLY

  15. Lilly Ess

    I hate lasagna, yet I still watched this.

  16. Ashlee Tyler


  17. Luisa Goribar

    I do not understand why she gets so many samples for each product she is recreating. Is their a specific reason?

  18. Uwe Schroeder

    I wouldn't want to drink a whole glass of this - aka it really tastes bad.

  19. Ulises Aguilar Orizaga

    DELANY I OFFER YOU AND APOLOGY IN THE NAME OF EVERYONE WHO LOVES YOU! I want you back every hour in the hour!!!

  20. Ashlee Tyler

    00:40 IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW lol

  21. ShyPoke

    I haven't had a bag of Skittles since they got rid of Lime. That was my favorite flavor.

  22. Abigail Hare

    Everyone: *grabs rag to peel potatoes* Claire: idgaf give me a tato

  23. Jake Nabasny

    It’s BAY-chamel, bro. You probably mispronounce « bon appétit » too.

  24. s y u u

    *puts salt on a chicken* THE FLAVOR IS IMENSE!!! it's a joke don't come at me.

  25. Gracie Belcher

    shorty know what he’s doing

  26. deadfr0g

    0:13 “This is our deep-dive into the world of more of a traditional lasagna...” 1:31 “It’s a little unorthodox. I’m just going to get that right out of the way.” You guys I f***ing love Chris Morocco

  27. Ec Crowe

    Take a shot every time he pretends to be eating something in the voiceover

  28. Savanna Salcedo

    Andy and Chris exclaiming over Brad not believing in bechamel was so passionate lmao I would love to see a whole bechamel video with everyone's opinions on it & how they do or don't use it

  29. tmacalitious 1551

    I feel like brad is that one brother that everyone loves

  30. Victoria Anglin

    It was cool to see Reggie and Kim Ignacio on here. We all have the same alma mater. Congratulations to such great success!

  31. Emma Brown

    I love that he had to do the man stance just to open the garlic up 😂

  32. Priya Pandey

    Is it me or he said the word "you know" like a zillion times 😅

  33. Kristin

    you can tell that claire feels things so passionately. she's so emotional... i wish she didn't feel so bad about her perceived failures! but i'm so happy that the test kitchen supports her :-)

  34. BradToWorse


  35. Court O'Connor

    Ooft I felt so uncomfortable watching Claire “Can I help you?” And then Delany “..I guess not” Love Claire but that was a little rude. I get she’s frustrated but kind of douchy

  36. Emma Brown

    Wait so he only double seals for the joule thingy?! You're a very confusing man Brad

  37. penboiyi

    Americans are funny. They call it lasagna but call it bologna. It's the same gn, people. It's bologna, not bolonie. The other one is bolognese, not boloneis

  38. Jimmy Featherstone Marcheso

    the way he says bolognese is a major bummer

  39. Ulises Aguilar Orizaga

    Poor Delany! Also this episode it’s my favorite! “Did I say I sentence?” 😂

  40. Alex Harrington

    Brad asking who’s that guy made me lose it completely for some reason

  41. Emilee Edman

    Anyone count how many times Chris says "you know"?

  42. Jessie Ogienko

    But what did he think of Paris’s lasagna?

  43. whatever b

    So um, can we talk about Claire’s gorgeous ring??? Noticed it in the last episode ❤️

  44. Cordial_Lump

    luster dust ftw!

  45. Andres

    Chris is a riddle wrapped in an enigma with a touch of wtf. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar

  46. Andrew Husband


  47. SC Fulmer

    "Aaannnnd, I'm going to add just _a_ _little_ _bit_ of mayonnaise" ..... ~ instructional video ended ~ Deviled Egg Challenge- *Failed*

  48. Molly Nelson

    Aww poor Claire. This was a rough one for sure. Do something that you like and that’s fun in the next one!! Maybe a pastry of some sort!!

  49. Syran

    Alchemy =/= Chemistry. Your on the right track Morocco <3

  50. Theo Higgins

    We call the broiler the grill in the UK and its the way my mum cooks bacon. I have no idea what you did wrong because it doesn't usually burn like that! Maybe leave the oven door open on move the bacon down a rack or something. Broiler got a rough deal this episode.

  51. Tony P

    If Chris is going to tell a story about him as a goth in high school, I expect a inserted picture. Hopefully one with Andy.

  52. homemadeEye32

    Im scared now 1:52

  53. carolbuzelim

    My uncle do this and also ad layers of mussarela and ham and i love it

  54. Luke McCullough

    I want to see Chris and Matty cook together. Opposites attract

  55. Tex AJP

    I got my nosed pierced like 2pac, thug life brad

  56. Danyelle Norris

    what a waste of a wire rack? why wouldn’t you drop them into the cornstarch and retrieve them with tweezers. or hot glue them to just the cardboard. money man 🙄 ruins creativity

  57. lee mii

    Just salt? No black pepper?

  58. Caleb Elwell

    i'm crying because TRINITY JAE has her video in the montage

  59. bellasera973

    Stiiiillll waiting for Funyuns

  60. Emilee Mahar

    Idk why but the beans in the mold made me lol

  61. 8GarretttterraG8

    There are few things I enjoy more than watching Chris massage a bowl of meat.

  62. Manners Bananers

    4:50 BRAD?! How did Brad end up doing the voiceover for a How it's Made episode? 🤔

  63. Kommander Pie

    It’s 1:00 am for me and I’m making some eggs

  64. Emilee Mahar

    The passion you have for this is clear. I train dogs for a living and LOVE it.. I watch this video and think holy she’s about to be done every 30 seconds. I’m sure lots of people say the same about dog training! Cool to watch.. but no passion to do lol. Different peoples passions are very interesting!

  65. Holland Ward

    +1 for Rick. Saved the whole adventure.

  66. Nadesico ND

    Love love love seeing Sohla in the background of any BA video. She needs more solo videos like right now ♥️

  67. Tony P

    My Italian grandmother never put bechamel or meat. Lasagna was marinara, pasta, ricotta, egg, pecorino romano, mozzarella, parsley, and maybe a little spinach in the ricotta. Bechamel was not needed and meat was a side dish... usually sausage or maybe braciole.

  68. Diana Steffen

    Ok pleeeeeeese tell us more about your old school friendship with Andy and your goth phase 🙏🏼☺️

  69. Less Generic YouTube Name

    I read the title as cursed egg yolks

  70. Heather Curran

    She's so charming

  71. Richard J

    Is it just me or would her reaction be interesting if at the end she was told to make 100 of the best one

  72. Banana Lore

    22:48 we all want to Chris

  73. Tony P

    Those big Pyrex measuring cups don't pour well. It's the design of the spout.

  74. Vivian Nguyen

    not having the music in the background while Claire read the ingredients threw me off

  75. RoanStone

    Did I hear a tiny bleep at 10:50 to cover up someone swearing in the background? If so, wow. I respect that, BA. Either that or I need to go get my ears checked! :)

  76. Colleen Brown


  77. sena noca

    looks so bomb

  78. Martin Tapalla

    I don't know if this has said before... But the video editor for Brads episodes and the editor for Full Size Run... need to collab on each others videos.....

  79. Superia

    lets be real, molly is the only pro chef in batk

  80. ba55letmysoulfly

    Forgot dutch oven egg and coffee maker egg!

  81. Anzor Komok

    When Claire created that glue rack of jelly beans I literally gasped. She is a genius. I would die for Claire Saffitz

  82. Panda Pocky

    Or.. I could just buy a bag of jelly beans

  83. doliio volay

    No one: Him whenever he takes a bite: mMMm

  84. S K E T C H Y Q

    I want your best lasagna, Jon.

  85. Luis Velasco


  86. Snowdrake's Mother

    R a w C h i c k e n

  87. Brand Ssor

    Was thinking that for the French toast one that she could've went more so for a custard with cinnamon,vanilla and maple rather than the toast water.

  88. Gotcha Son


  89. Engrish Muffin

    *Dumplings are meals, change my mind.*

  90. fronzie

    Nobody’s gonna talk about the amount of salt in that broth huh

  91. lunchbox87

    7:35 when's she's ready to settle down

    1. doliio volay

      Some of these ways remind me of anime p*rn covers or something

  92. MrDemonicDan

    Loved the Hunt for Red October reference! Was just thinking it, and then Chris followed through with the line! What a guy :D

  93. JNK

    Use a wooden spoon rather than scraping the cast iron with a metal spatula 😑

  94. Patricia O

    I hate this dish. Love Andy.

  95. Spank Juicer

    Molly in the background lookin like a football player with her man shoulders and hair up, but lookin like the predator alien with her hair down. I wouldnt eat out of a kitchen where the predator has been pretending to be a football player because cross contaminated toilets seat web cams gross me out

  96. ChungKingCanSuckIt

    That is not an off brand of Indian snacks. They sell them everywhere (here in New Jersey). So the Haldiram owner and 4 others get life in prison for a murder case and you still buy their products?

  97. Don Patch

    Jelly belly is my favorite candy. The pear ones are the best flavor

  98. Shari Brunes

    Where the heck is the CHEESE?! Have I been making lasagna wrong my whole life?

  99. Mrs. Bacon bits

    Me: trying to peacefully fall asleep to relaxing videos FIsels recommendations: hey how about 24 ways to cook a chicken Me: ok deal

  100. James Henderson

    BAD BOYS FOR LIFE . . . . Everybody liked that