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  1. Leda Costa

    Porque se destroe um suspiro 😔 sendo que se pode comer???porque se destroe um coco 🥥 sendo que se pode comê-lo e bebê-lo??porque se destrói um beterraba sendo que se pode comer??porque se destroe brinquedos 🧸 sendo que se pode brincar??porque se destroe um despertador ⏰ que serve para variadas coisas?????QUE DESPERDÍCIO 😖😖😖😖😭😭TEM COISAS MUITO MUITO CARAS AÍ 🧐velas que podem iluminar a casa 🏡 e a igreja ⛪️😖😫😩😮

  2. TapTastico

    RIP ps4

  3. Elaine Adams

    Don't try this at home kids because it's very dangerous can be

  4. Gal·la Marquès

    0:51 😳😳😳😲😂😂😂😂🎃

  5. Келси Дыйка

    Ну зачем вы кубок разпльющали

  6. ///21c.FÉNIDECHT///

    Dude you should have done that with paint cans. FUll paint cans! I'm sure that would have created some really cool art!

  7. PikRik Does Stuff

    Welcome to another episode of why is this in my recommended?

  8. Burnt Candle

    You should do kokichi, Kyoko, and Makoto next!

  9. Karl Zyril

    Imagine just doing stuff like these and take footage of them. And then you get paid. 🤷 what a good life

  10. かなん

    おもちゃ達 「かなり恐怖を感じた」

  11. Scrambled


  12. malexander

    things like this make me sick, you do realise people in some countries are starving...............but god damn me if i didn't enjoy this

  13. #Raquely

    2:25 :,u

  14. surya raj

    Try Chucky doll

  15. M1n1crusher Gaming

    9:52 satisfying

  16. R.A.D

    I- I was searching for Kokichi fan videos and I can't, this came up in the first few results and like- FIsels YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME MAN

  17. M1n1crusher Gaming

    8:16 the impossible has been done

  18. M1n1crusher Gaming

    8:16 the impossible has been done

  19. Фёдор Горкин

    0:27 паровозик дыр дыр дыр,а в трубе тринадцать дыр.

  20. Garc

    Tooth:Takes 50kg to break! Some bouncy boi: *HELLO*

  21. DJ Yonda

    Hey where did you get all this stuff from 🤔🤔

  22. DJ Yonda

    Woah 😳


    Dad: Time for ur punishment Me: No dad please not the hydraulic press

  24. BigKahunaFL

    This is so ridiculous. Don't make ANY conclusions based on this completely stupid "testing". This is completely lacking in any semi-serious design/engineering standards! Go back to crushing oranges to see how much juice you can extract from it! That's about all this channel is worth. COMPLETE NONSENSE!

  25. Карина Зубарева


  26. Карина Зубарева

    Вы ваопще утупели вы знаете сколько это стоит

  27. Lil sweety

    Why is there no death of Kokichi?


    Mummy where did all brothers and sisters go??

  29. Jimmy Hsu

    8:09 Me:And that is how the war ended.

  30. The Badger

    You guys are absolutely brilliant!!! I love the narration!!! Keep it going!!!

  31. Shaheen Shabbir

    4:00 .... funny

  32. Amandine Auray

    Oh my god

  33. チャレンジ登録者数1万人

    7:33 パスタの出来上がり

  34. Ožbe Šega

    "Titanium makes a hole" This guy: O H H H O U H H A A U

  35. Josie Perez

    I reaaaaalllyyiyiyiyiyiyiy hate people DESTROYING KNOWLEDGE AND NATURE

  36. Evanator Animator

    7:28 a Beautiful Firework :)

  37. DJ Viper

    You should play it at 2x speed

  38. ツзлаяツツкакаツ

    still some things are a pity

  39. Doodle Loo uwu

    How dads make dinner: 3:14

  40. Kaylee Maldonado


  41. Юлия Морошкина


  42. Mahima Begum

    4:06🥦🥦 when you hate broccoli

  43. Mahima Begum

    3:06 when your alarm really annoys you here is one way to stop it ⏰

  44. Александр Потапенко

    Ты канебал

  45. amro shaker


  46. Felipe Novais de Oliveira

    Noooo thomas 😭😭

  47. Абзал Даулетов

    байгус кокос

  48. Theodore Beasley

    2:49-3:00:finally the legos get revenge!

  49. NathanSucksAtMinecraftSurival

    Imagines cleaning this just imagine

  50. SilentPotatoLv8

    Video: Can a Hydraulic Press fold paper more times then you? 23 Million People: *INTRESTING*

  51. CJ Jones

    That Thomas might haunt me

  52. Fabian Lalruatfela

    i have titanium at my jaw

  53. hydro water

    I don't now at this point do you make more money or lose more money

  54. Lila 94


  55. Awesome tay10 T.V

    When you want you’re alarm clock off Use a hydraulic press

  56. Frosted Animations

    “Mom what happened to our candles?”

  57. Maria Aparecida Medeiros Gomes

    Para de disperdisar coisas😡😡😡😡

  58. Lulu Dwi Nurfabillah

    bikin bakwan jagung pake ini cepet juga yaa

  59. 900 GO҉O҉D҉HC҉ HA҉C҉K҉E҉D҉

    4:19 the thumbnail 😁

  60. Arqeeljer

    Let's Have a look

  61. Нюська Фигуська

    3:04 Me at 7.00

  62. FreeX

    Thats kinda gross

  63. firestar 9990

    Can you please add the options for captions for people who can't hear very well like me?

  64. Idrul Fikri

    Why some people still love to do crush fetish when they can watch this video to satisfy?

  65. Scrolled

    Its weird how Legos turned to *that thing*

  66. Scrolled

    "Rubik.... You're weak!"

  67. Mouna Liiiza

    نعمة ربي تفزد فيها ربي يهديك


    0:27 No Thomas noooooooo😭

  69. TetrisTime

    7:04 That wasn’t satisfying at all!

  70. TetrisTime

    7:04 That wasn’t satisfying at all!

  71. Charlie Matthews!!!

    3:09 well that’s one way

  72. Зухра Райкенова


  73. Vitória Pereira

    The pamkim🤯kkk

  74. Ilham Mulkan Nur Karim

    Is that real teeth are fake teeth

  75. i dont like immy gu

    it so so strong

  76. Angela Bordignon


  77. Ryan Yudshuzabi

    Ok at 5:50 scared the shit out of me I'm not gonna lie I had headphones on.

  78. yee haw!

    Suggestion: Put your head so we can see how much weight you can handle. ✅ or 🚫?

  79. Paul Ugale

    Bugged paper mechanics

  80. Диля Инамова

    6,10 кто-то говорит о хо

  81. Karla Nicole Bacus

    DAD!!!! where did my tooth putting it under my pillow so the tooth fairy will come😀😀😀

  82. nobody important

    Just goes to show you how powerful Wolverines claws are, LOL 😂😂. Cuts through anything and won't break.

  83. Дед Sata


  84. A M

    6:48 Oop gotta grab the money

    1. A M


  85. あめあめだま


  86. citul gaming subcribe

    Nooo plis give me my toys

  87. なーころ尊い

    0:08 我「いや水入ってるんかーいw」 あとおもちゃのとこ見てて切なくなってきた

  88. Helena Apenkin

    Hydraulikpresse: zerstört Spielzeuge Ich: ok Hydraulikpresse: zerstört Süßigkeiten Ich: 😟😱

  89. ۵ Mint Tea ۵

    Fire: TIME TO LEAVE FOR WORK KAREN! (flame disappears)

  90. Alee Sant

    No one: Me and 1.8M people: hmmm how strong _are_ teeth?

  91. Mohit Kumar

    He put his own teeth

  92. Red Ai

    So this is what hayasaka watches

  93. Wasfia zahed Mimi

    Perfect thing for making food

  94. Naruto Uzumaki

    2:56 caca de unicornio xd

  95. keep calm and wait for you consequences

    Image my head in suppresor

  96. HaxorHzn

    Crush your balls, i will give you a like

  97. Somali Pal

    10:25 the penguin😭😞

  98. Mustofa Koyir Pleas klik my chanel eksperimet blender vs all food soap n etc

  99. Nicole Tarabay

    Dady !where did all my toys go?!!