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  1. Jesper Borg

    Man the brass gave me a shoc

  2. Dwayne Robertson

    "Welcome to ??&#@!!!)?? Press Channel..." What?? Welcome to WHAT channel??!! :) I can't decipher that, but another well done video!! :)

  3. Gregory Sullivan

    It's called air pressure, the cup has air in it making it stronger the harder you push, until the pressure blows the cup up. This wasn't a good test of strength. If it can hold air, it should be tested in vacuum.

  4. Easme

    I... I didn't know that papers could explode...

  5. Runoratsu

    Copper and its alloys work harden, so it probably simply got too brittle at some point and thus sheared off so cleanly…?

  6. Ohlongjohnson

    Am i the only one that got jump scared when it broke

  7. Daniel Smith

    1000Kg=1 tonne (not ton) 55000Kg = 55tonnes not tons

  8. Gabriele Simionato

    6:40 subscribed

  9. kanil kowals

    I know we should all be using this, was worried about the side effects. May use or try the honeyskin

  10. Jayce Splinter

    750,000 cans

  11. time PASSER!

    "Our every thing is breaking"😂😂😂

  12. Gabriele Simionato

    Boy Y U no use flatter cilinders in first place???

  13. Old mate Battle

    Then full with resin

  14. Travis Johnson

    Welcome to another episode of how did this get into my recommended page

  15. zing dude

    Did anyone else heard metols instead of metals? 🤔

  16. konstak05

    1:52 camera:ight imma head out

  17. Cole Horton

    I think the bigger drop failed sooner because the tail was being pressed by the edge of the press. The tail is the weak spot on them.

  18. John Björlin

    5:51 Damn that scared me 😂😂🤙🏼

  19. Mauro Sciaccaluga

    Prick... haha

  20. Huyzrx Gaming

    The candle ones or the fire one is probably the best

  21. EpicDave

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

  22. Travis Varga

    You couldn’t crush them manually before pressing them flat?

  23. KnifeGuy375

    HAHA! That was FUN! :)

  24. Arsen Petrosyan

    gna jaj tam mort pcin

  25. Tim Holmes

    The most dangerous animal of them all.............oose

  26. Angelo Bovara


  27. Shin Igami

    Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference since you can clearly see all 5 fingers are intact... For now!

  28. Faravahar

    O.K. Professor......................Use 2 LB block of "depleted Uranium".

  29. MwM

    Try to press me, good luck with that.

  30. Weasel Cookie

    those shards are horrifying

  31. TheBrainless

    That relaxing music at 4:16 ? :)

  32. John Hardison

    So, if you took a regular piece of glass, maybe 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, how much force would be needed to shatter it? I want to know how much stronger the PR glass is to regular glass.

  33. Vaporised Air

    What basically happened is an experimental verification of Euler's critical load stability. Basically the maximum compressive load a column can withstand before buckling.

  34. Mister Knister

    Put the scene where it explodes on 0,25 speed, its worth it and looks pretty impressive

  35. W4V3MAKER

    I have that exact kind of glassware in my house. :D

  36. abed itani

    You just release a pressure of at least minimum of 10 ton converted with pice of brass cut out and fly back away with force of 1000000 N that can be faster than gun by the force . You have no idea wat that can do if hit directly a man . It will literally blast it way inside him


    He sounds like stinky poo poo guy :/

  38. ipressedabutton

    dont leave shitty comments on a toilet paper channel

  39. anhbanca

    I'm wearing safety glasses while watching this video.

  40. Smoothys

    someone likes pepsi max

  41. ipressedabutton

    1:32 dont squish your hand

  42. Craig Jarvis

    the metal got work hardened and crystalized... one way to cure constipation.

  43. b. odra

    **gordon ramsay joined the chat**

  44. davood rahmanzadeh

    What about if it hits them

  45. x. hxppygal .x

    If you go to 0:40 and turn on English (auto-generated) captions you will see him say "I have some poop"

  46. davood rahmanzadeh

    Love the accent

  47. davood rahmanzadeh

    1,000,000,000 like

  48. Maykıl Ceksın

    ı m commenting for window.

  49. Ninja Windu


  50. D.J SAM

    This video name should be "HOW TO MAKE YOUR WIFE HAPPY BY BUYING HER A NEW 500 TONS OF HYDRAULIC CLOTHS DRYER" she'd be thrill..

  51. Cristian Quezada Rojas

    is his accent worse over time?

  52. Aceox

    5:50 GOD DAMN I JUMPED. That was loud and unexpected!

  53. amacon

    my pro safety boots prooved very useful when during an incident, which i was present as a volunteer 1st aid responder, my left foot was found underneath a 3 person sofa with the patient who was about 120kgs.. i calculated the entire weight at 180kgs. i never understand how my foot got there and i realize that i was in trouble when i wanted to step away from the sofa and my foot was immobilsed by the sofa. we had to raised the furniture with the patient to remove my left foot.

  54. Azzurra Crescenti

    Me:mom can we have good english pronunciation? Mom:we already have good english pronunciation at home English pronunciation at home be like:

  55. Shuubi

    I subscribed so you could have zhe window money

  56. Yervant Baboukian

    U talk toooo much

  57. Kyle B

    What did he say?

  58. Richie Vince

    First thing i though he ws indian😂

  59. MarimBoyWonder

    I'd like a double stack of it, medium rare.

  60. Fast Freddy Muldoon

    Thumb up for yoga pants.

  61. D.J SAM

    Was it corn starch?? If it is then my stomach is more powerful than this hydraulic press.. Maybe 1000 tons..

  62. DerBoss2018

    Try graphene. Pretty expensive, but stronger then this stuff. Im pretty sure

  63. richard day

    Did anyone else watch Qi last night?..

  64. Animaoflight

    Reminds me of those 1000 degree hot knife videos

  65. Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer


  66. ShintoKatana

    The frozen water inside the foam is melting because the pressure of the press loweres the temperature it needs to melt the water.

  67. João Victor Ferreira

    Hydraulic Guillotine vs the Bourgeoisie

  68. Bri Ba

    Chuck Norris' Prince Ruperts will break your machine and everything in a 20 km radius.

  69. Narwhal Norris

    im no bonologist

  70. abudi

    Gerizekalı lan bunlar

  71. Paul Mohr

    your english is fine, don't worry about it. I never have any trouble getting the point you are trying to make and that is the important part. And I actually find your accent and your slight misuse or struggle for the right words entertaining. It is one of the things I like about your channel. Remember that most Americans can barely speak their own language well, let alone someone elses lol. I am always impressed by people that can speak two or more languages.

  72. Arham Sayyed

    4:36 "holy shit it goes quite fast" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Account Not Used Anymore

    8:20 thats a really malleable copper.

  74. John John

    Should of flipped it then pressed again

  75. WWYD78

    I love the Finnish accent, I swear it sounds like Kimi Raikkonen just screwing around in his shop

  76. Richard Just Richard

    The first chunk of steel didn't flatten made me like "😐"

  77. John John

    Recycle at its finest

  78. pamplemoussoman

    ".. i crush it leetle bit more."

  79. Arnold R

    This is actually so educative

  80. Francesco Zati

    at 6:45 I'd hit it!!!

  81. Иосиф Сталин


  82. WasteOfAmmunition

    This has to be one of the most metal videos I've ever seen on this platform

  83. Buğra DURNA

    We want to Diamond press

  84. F.L. p.

    Ctm me asusté, pegué tremendo salto

  85. voxen

    Scared me so hard when it broke

  86. Mister Awesome

    Homie sounds like he could be the Third Mario Brother, I just discovered this channel and I love it

  87. Mr_No_One

    Should have been an April 1st release

  88. Novak Zecevic

    That’s cool


    What kind of steel? Or alu?

  90. Joanne Saade

    No one: Not one soul: Not even god: Man:oh ohhhh 😂

  91. A S

    How about breaking some eggs vertically?

  92. acdii

    Me: Puts Feminine pads in press Hey Honey, Watch this! Her: You are one sick, Holy Crap those are between my legs? Me: yeah, don't squeeze too hard.

  93. Gagan k Naik

    8:55 a man face above the powder of that wall . . For reference ( commenyter is reoly high)>))

  94. Gus Serna

    Did anyone else get OCD when he wouldn't even it out 👀🙈

  95. Michael Linner

    I can't decide if you're Hungarian or Finnish. I love the accent though. My wife is Hungarian and I'm legitimately a vampire as I have Porphyria. Love the channel brother this is wrecking stuff as told by Kimi Raikkonen!

  96. IrishVault 0017

    It would some good junk gun ammo

  97. lol lol

    Они так орут как в порнухе=)чел как будто кончает))))

  98. master munkey

    This is gonna be what the government does for the cryo pods in the future press bread as food source

  99. BluRael

    "Quite a bad rash on your face" - I love that line

  100. Daniel Ruiz

    8:10 a metal oreo