Hello gais it's ya boi Anomaly from Sweden.
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  1. ecLipse

    nobody: Anomaly: *uses a calculator to calculate 11 000 - 8300*

  2. izz D

    anomaly : its a cheap as fuck item its only 50 eur me : stop anomaly my inventory is only 10 eur :(

  3. TheTact Games

    Anomaly, if u say Papkane which means food in bulgarian but u cant google translate it so if u want to try saying it. Contact me .

  4. Булатик #

    I need computer to trade cs skins.

  5. :I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I

    själv har man inte ens en kniv

  6. finnish kala

    Bruh 8:57 I just noticed that there's a soviet Union badge or whatever😂

  7. marshall

    The ultimate advertisement

  8. Meepz

    16:38 minutes of Anomaly hard flexing on all of us...

  9. Ronni Clarke

    Anomaly I Will Be Willing To Buy One Of The Knives If You Want

  10. Useless

    Butterfly gems are such a dream o.o

  11. Daimon

    Sell papanomaly next

  12. Nadia

    if u do that challenge, do it on another account so people dont know its you as it might affect the trade offers.

  13. RadiBGYT

    make sum dumpshit vlogs bruhhhhhhh that not funny СУКА БЛЯТЬ

  14. Im Yunno

    my lord, this man has alot of knives and i only got a pistol skin thats worth 0.30 cents .... every time i see his inventory i say to myself ..... JUST ONEE JUST LET ME GET ONLY ONE IDC IF ITS SHITTY I ONLY NEED ONE TO FEEL THE POWER =( lol

  15. Gabe

    Oceano is getting old, it's time to go back to the old Bowie Tiger tooth. And yes I have been watching anomaly for that long.

  16. honey cz

    Can I get one of yours knife pls. I am your big og boy.

  17. Movie Highlights

    You're like those TV channels who sell/showcase jewlery

  18. Epic Gamer

    daaaaaaang $14

  19. shiny shuckle

    ur inventory lookin like u just got off csgowild

  20. Chris Castillo

    9:05 says it low tier when I’m still using the base knife

  21. szavtec

    big heart but small cock


    07:05 voldemort 😂😂😂

  23. FriendlyGamer

    When you talked about your inventory it sounded like you ordered food on McDonald’s

  24. PurpleBigMak

    Anomaly: “ I use butterfly ruby for T side, and Sapphire for CT side “ Also Anomaly: *has neither equipped*

  25. Movie Highlights


  26. Proffesor A

    I think it's time for giveaway

  27. Techyzz


  28. Cacy

    Man anomaly you have many knife, can i have knife pls :(

  29. Dr. Luka

    Bruh you have sow many knives. You can do a give away

  30. Arsi Virta

    abomaly give kniv

  31. Taric

    And he can only use 2 per game

  32. AlwaysInTactical

    How do you sell your knife for $14 dollars and three 000s as cents

  33. Theo

    *so this video is about Anomaly flexing on us* We are peasent

  34. Nikolai Wiehl Marcussen

    Can you make a M4 HOWL GIVEAWAY 😂 ( Cost 100$ to join 😂 ) ?? 😂😂😂😂

  35. prod. kajro

    Giv me one knif 🤖👍👍👍

  36. Elliot Ekblad

    Tjena anomaly jag har velat tradea länge på cs men vet inte vilka sidor eller hur man ska få tag på personer som tradar hur hittar jag dem?

  37. Big Boots


  38. Markkgaming

    i enjoyed this video so much for some reason

  39. D J E R I C

    I cant afford normal knife :/

  40. Your More Than Average Weeb

    The only trades I get are scammers that have 300 hours on DOta 2

  41. Denbravo

    Bro i sell my left kidney to buy knife and now i got scammed

  42. ADRIAN C

    give me 1 knife !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Carlos KnD

    I don't really know where to trade tho I just want to add people interested in trading

  44. PORKO

    i have a AWP Safari mesh ft envious?

  45. Anna - I love SЕX :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Says: "title says oceanos" Title: "sold my oceano"

    1. GhostlyKreit

      Whys ur profile so fucked

  46. Dijinix Yt

    can i trade whole invintory for you bayonet doppler phase 2

  47. AladdinDoesMC Aladdin

    Thank you man so much you inspired me so much to start trading thank you again

  48. HK 416

    10 full minutes of a swedish fat man flexing

  49. Grubba

    why does the thumbnail say 14 dollars

  50. Neo GPT

    Mentioning the 100 dollars trading, I do want to get into trading. Got a wildfire, Vulcan and some more random stuff but I have no clue where to trade. Outside of bots, idk what to use these days

  51. Sir_Kris

    You are so insane <3

  52. Raifule 4b

    This video was sponsored by oxigen Breathe to not die

  53. GiaLuzer

    the exact type of tourists that when i see in an asian country....i avoid 'em....like corona virus.

  54. milan king

    BIG FLEX 💰💰💰💰

  55. dakotaz son

    Yup he gone broke


    Anomaly help me out man can you give me a knife and i will buy papa beer

  57. Ashley Newman

    "backside blue gem" sorry man but theres blatant bits that arent blue. i cant go to the shop with £95 to pay for £100 and say, well its pretty much £100 xD it either is all there or isnt

  58. Tott

    Wow i wish i could start trading me am to poor lmao

  59. Thomas Britton

    This video made me realise people actually gave a fuck what skins look like in CS, I thought it was just cus of the money.

  60. Ali ÇEVİK

    Buy me pc bich!

  61. Oh Yeah yeah

    Anomaly: By far the coolest knife i’ve ever had Also Anomaly: *Sells it*

  62. jinbi

    Anomaly: I just trade some Dlore and some Haul... Not so cool, but I think it's ok... Me: Oh yes, finally someone want to trade my P90 Safari Mesh!

  63. riolulein_ I Gaming

    Biba speaks Nazi


    YoU CrAzY SeLliNg ThE KnIvEs

  65. Menma XP

    Dude just give me one and I will never tell anyone.

  66. ANNA- I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOT0

    fat viking looses his blue stick (angry)

  67. Swatneo

    children in africa could eat those knives

  68. IVE CS

    Its a Pixel.

  69. Miro S

    Anormly furry?🤔

  70. Vili Utriainen

    Dud, can u gift me ur cheapest item in ur inventory (probably something blue but I don't care becuse I go to sauna and drink beer in finland) And do the 100€ challenge.

  71. Hunter King

    i'm slowly working my way up to a falchion sapphire, probably one of my favorite knives. only a few more weeks to go c:

  72. NiTRix

    fuck what is this inventory worth ?

  73. Aleksi Jäätteenmäki

    youre calling us poor just by showing your inv :D

  74. Stuga -

    Ok since when was Anomaly the big business man

  75. Virgile Maunoury

    can someone tell me what was the showcase maps plz ?

  76. Chef O

    Nigga nuts

  77. Mario Kovacevic

    how can i buy navaja knife from you?

  78. Gilles Peeters

    What do you gonna do with all the knives and gloves

  79. KesKinG

    Anomaly, you actually inspired me to start trading. I remember wanting to play with skins so bad but I couldnt afford them. From the inspiration you gave me, I ended up trading from nothing to a flip knife doppler with a rare pattern!

  80. Yeet Yeet

    Just send over the knives

  81. Nibba hunter 420

    Beeba fucks your blue gems

  82. Jawa Gang

    Millionaire fatty

  83. BRUH


  84. Prometheus SpK

    i miss dota2 trading i use to be making alot of profit out of it but i stopped since the steam market came up its screw the items value so hard i don't know what the heck all those knifes but i really wish i have one and start trading with it

  85. Erkiz

    Hello Anomaly can you give me a smol knife i'm very poor...

  86. plumitoe

    Can you give the shit knifes away

  87. Pascal Sajnog

    Back to the roots :) Love it!

  88. Xephyr

    i just wanna cry looking at this inventory cuz i know ill never get any ;(

  89. Emil Elander

    do anomaly buy knives for rl cash

  90. Dwagon Swayer

    This dude selling ingame skins ridiculous prices whilst I'm tryna survive daily life, how do you manage?

  91. SRP Yee


  92. Rrezeard Ajdari

    Can I have a knife giveaway 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  93. Bluefruit

    big man lose water twig

  94. EXE. Maker

    In the memory of blue gem):

  95. Sadisfying

    14 dollars lol cheap

  96. Ice 89

    Gonna Try My Luck At Getting A Knife From A Case Now

    1. Ice 89

      (the arms deal 3 colection)Attempt 1 crimson web

    2. Ice 89

      (Spectrum 2)Attempt 3 statrak Triqua

    3. Ice 89

      (Spectrum 2)Attempt 2 statrak exposure

    4. Ice 89

      (Spectrum 2)Attempt 1 craked opal

  97. ik00

    Can i have that flip knife forest ddpat it would be awesome pretty plez

  98. L.A. Monkey 19

    I once almost got an ak asiimov and then my friend got a knife 5 seconds after I opened my case.

  99. Pol’s Streams

    Anomaly i'm ur 12 yr old cousin giv me knife or i will call mon >:C

  100. TRG Rezzz

    if some one wanna do cs bessinus i dont care who, i have skins :D i buy and sell