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  1. Sreeram Konnanath

    Just a bit better??? You made it a lot better 😂

  2. Bad Dreamer

    2:51 this cow was rescued from being slaughtered from.. me ? Did he just say me ?



  4. Izzy Livingtoofast

    Run Barry Run

  5. Jack Richardson

    0:18 - responsibilities and life 0:20 - me

  6. Abdul Rozak

    When dominic toretto drive the plane

  7. Curious Shaun C

    Wow Taal Volcano is featured here Thankyou and also please pray for ys

  8. Cade Master

    Anybody else notice that raiden is about to appear

  9. 100k subs with no video !!

    Idk why you think thats a lightning, thats the FLASH

  10. Lyrma Salabya

    Its cold outside my f8 gsr and thumb is feeling very numb omg I its feel sa8 weird I cant even type so fast

  11. baia forever3

    fakest photo I have ever seen

  12. CyberPrime 956

    Bless my country, Philippines! Looks cool though.

  13. Crunchy G

    Bro it's the flash!!

  14. Rishabh Yadav

    In Soviet Russia flies helicopter you

  15. Fozzy 5100

    The volcano is like a fork in the microwave

  16. Scoby Doo

    Bruh i love meat but that clip at 3:00 makes me kinda sad, knowing a lot of animals dont experience that and are used just for meat.

  17. Petarus

    Did anyone else see the thumbnail and think it was a wireframe of someone's head?

  18. JaydenTroy the boi

    Filipino ako (if you dont know use translate

  19. bronxplaysROBLOX

    Me and my bestfriend hanging out in the snow: 0:36

  20. joe the potato

    Yeah thanks for showing me that cow, I think I'm vegan now

  21. ryan Bagaporo

    I am from the Philipine

  22. Idk Idk

    Your v Voice sounds like you should be anASMRist

  23. Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim V.

    _what a title!_

  24. B-Series

    2:36 Train: ight imma head out Also Train: *sike*

  25. Jacob Whitehead

    That sounds just like bulma’s mom @1:10

  26. UG

    I was in Manila when that volcano erupted on my birthday and we were gonna go up it as my present on the day . Lucky to be back in Britain

  27. Ondrej Hrudka

    Daily dose is king of comments like 👍💬.

  28. Funkeze n' Breeze

    I knew it would be from Philippines, cuz I live there xd.

  29. Vivek Das

    your videos are like gems bro👍👍

  30. Tijcho Braxhoofden

    0:20 and that’s how the flash became a real thing

  31. GiarniGiovanna

    I like how this channels voice overs be like vibe check 😳

  32. Lyrma Salabya

    8:07 dude this guy nail is black

  33. Benedict Soneja

    No that’s speed force

  34. DeathBlade Double X

    That's one angry ass mage

  35. athier shamil

    fortnite irl

  36. Ivan Algordo

    That's from taal Phillipines volcano

  37. Viggo Zederkof

    Looks like a comfy home

  38. Dracullunacy

    I have a feeling this is leafy’s secrets account do you hear his voice, you can’t tell me there it doesn’t sound like him

  39. Sheikh Rehan

    You can drop weird comments here

  40. Wild beasty

    I appreciate daily dose he really gives us 3 mins of good content and doesn’t stretch it out to ten minutes for ads thank you

  41. Raptorzilla Productions

    2:52 Damn vegans stealing my meat

  42. Laughing Sküll

    Can someone talk about how happy That cow was

  43. Student

    What’s viralhog?

  44. Hi

    Yay finally filippines got feutured

  45. Dezslock

    Volcano, bla-bla... They've summoned Thor!

  46. Zachary Wargo

    I love the cow so much. He’s so happy

  47. Matteo Frassetto

    00:02 Dr.Stone?

  48. Haqim Izumi

    *when zeus is making the sword of olympus*

  49. Manami Higurashi

    Pray for the Philippines and also give that squirrel a rubiks cube

  50. Nugget

    "peekaboo" ... ... "PEEEE"

  51. Professional Cool Guy

    I don't know how/why people dislike this. This is wholesome content

  52. Bloody Playz

    Please pray for me because i live in the philipines ;-: please like to pray for me :(

  53. Great Britain

    Because it is a Disney character

  54. Vladszack Gaming1v1

    Would anything happen if I approach the volcano smoke?

  55. Russian Gamer

    1:42 when dinners ready

  56. Ivan V. Amado

    The squirrel be like: bro give that shit!

  57. Nick Haymond

    Bicyclists being selfish asshats? you're kidding

  58. Halfdollar 86

    2:51 fake news. Obviously people don’t know how cattle farming (beef) works.

  59. jors Masagca

    thanks for the thumbnail...

  60. Sandi Plong

    3:00 SHO SHO- SHOGUN KAYO!!!!

  61. Invoice Lend

    For the first time daily dose of internet used a clickbait to cheat me

  62. Shish World

    Nobody: Dog at 0:20 igmma head out

  63. Beatha Doodles

    just saw the thumbnail i already knew what topic it is XD

  64. AvoN _

    Taal volcano just erupted lucky im here in mindanao

  65. M Charizard

    This is my first DDoI where the thumbnail isn’t in the video

  66. pea_123_me


  67. Shxkz -_-

    I just hope my cousins are okay

  68. Addvarkezz

    That bird isnt impressive and its from tiktok😡😡😡

  69. Sonicadventuresx

    0:22 idk man looks like something from Stranger Things

  70. Leery Sheep

    0:55 a shiny argentin cacatoo wtf :v

  71. Dazzle Me

    That volcanic eruption ruins my newly washed clothes smh

  72. musenkalle

    Is this the same guy that runs freshnuts

  73. Why the pineapple

    *ripps off feet*

  74. Talzxh

    Looks like Zeus said hi

  75. dennis waithaka

    The three headed monster from Godzilla might be in that storm 😂

  76. Excalibur _

    This is why I love this channel it has no click bate this guys deserve to have 2b subs

  77. nato

    Night of fire!

  78. SpaceMaker

    So for a moment I thought that the title was lightning in a tornado 😂



  80. Tjad e

    0:50, I have exactly one of those and I totally forgot about it, until now 5 years later I found it and put it in water, and it became green again! Unbelievable! (I also made a timelapse about it!)

  81. Godson Joseph

    I'm a bit disappointed in you dude... Every time I see your video, the thumbnail would definitely be in the video, was badly expecting to see the thumbnail in the video... But I missed it

  82. Uno Macadaan

    Taal volcano oof the ash is super annoying

  83. Rhys Barlow

    I’m in Norway right now and I’m going on a boat tour to see the northern lights

  84. Sylvie-chan - ShumaiAndMakiRolls

    "Peekaboo!" "...PEEEEEEE"

  85. Thomás Carlotto


  86. John Valentino Barcarse

    Taal eruption ik guys

  87. Miller Miller

    More like daily dose of cake! Am I right > 2:20

  88. RandomShtuffs

    I am not vegan, but I do not believe in factory farming.

  89. GotchaGaming L.

    Probably should’ve put a seizure warning at the start

  90. reingh •

    2:44 awwwwwwwwww cuteee protect nature pls

  91. Ian Kin anime

    I live in Philippines i know that erouption the Taal volcano

  92. Jesper Berdin

    BTW I live in Philippines volcano taal errupted and no school for 1 week because of ash fall ;-;

  93. サントス레이븐

    this is actually our topic in our science here in the ph, we're learning about earth-sci

  94. Jerry Scotty

    0:38 mmh...no

  95. Reyhanna Ivory Ventic

    Its called taal volcano😎😎😎

  96. Ethan V

    The volcano is called Taal


    Pray fo Philippines

  98. ML LEGEND14

    Pls pray for batangas 😁

  99. Chromatic Red

    Everyone on the comments are about the squirrel and I'm like *HUMAN EYES ON DOG MOD*

  100. XWurstbrotX

    When he says "I hope I just made your a little better" I always answer "Yes" in my mind. <3