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  1. Patrick Hernandez

    1:30 how Australia got on fire

  2. lol lol lol

    Anju click this 1:58

  3. Vic Chantha

    3:06 wE BArE bEaRS

  4. Victoria Lana

    Sea angel Me: **sees horns**... are you sure about that?

  5. Nervous Corgi

    4:40 when it's school time

  6. Tummun

    Was cat isn’t chubby but very obese.

  7. Mariella 123

    Just imagine you coated everything with that, and you spill a drink. You could never remove it.

  8. Ned Kelly

    Momma Elephant: Okay child, I know you're hungry, but I'll be just back in ten minutes with food that will help you get strong. *Ten minutes go by* Momma Elephant: Child? :<

  9. lyhthegreat

    2:55 now thats what i call an air hang


    If im ever dumb enough to get on a plain I want that pilot.

  11. It'sMehCookie

    When the thieves came out Police: *lAtEr bItChEs*

  12. Jenna Wolffe

    They brought a SHEILD 😂

  13. 「pugs eternal」

    Wave: Birds: alright, ima *bounce*

  14. Taner

    I really like that he is ensuring people did not get hurt and just showing stuff which ensures that.

  15. Madison Vava

    3:01 clearly the earth is flat

  16. XxUncorexX

    At 2:45 I thought the cell was actually screaming. No it was just my parents playing songs in the kitchen at 12:00 am. Lovely...

  17. Robin's Hood

    1:38 it's cute but it gives us coronavirus

  18. yeghig khatchadurian

    Happy birthday

  19. Schwick McJohnson

    That printed steak is fucking stupid.

  20. Farhat Shahriar

    *laughs with electric racket*

  21. Zest

    My drunk dad when i bring a friend over

  22. Nicole !

    nobody: cops in roblox jailbreak: 1:03

  23. • Cocoa Bear •

    **your under arest** **no I’m not**

  24. danyaslavin

    Imagine he goes on a plane with that and the parrot just starts screaming and everyone is like (⁰-⁰)...

  25. Seaf Halabi

    The ozzy guy should have a go at this dog

  26. Nashoba Accalia

    0:26 me trying to deal with lifes problems like

  27. Black Snob

    Starts with the thumbnail without any painfully annoying ads. You Sir are a true angel.❤

  28. Moon Person

    That whale definitely had a foot fetish *mmmm, I love me some webbed bird feet*

  29. RickBurMan


  30. Anita Goldsmith

    Wait does a tumbleweed spike you?oof help meee

  31. Microwave with the check it face

    That dog was so wholesome.

  32. Eisen Adler

    I've never seen such a cute puppy. And that little animal that she's holding ain't bad either.

  33. Can Cannoli

    Is it just me or does this guy kind of sound like leafy

  34. jpnm81

    Extreme gratitude

  35. Confused Screaming

    Wow, mutated cups.

  36. Robin's Hood

    Happy super late Birthday 🎂🎉🎈


    1:28 that elephant is smater than most of people

  38. Chim The Doggo

    Watch the deer clip on the slowest speed. It's the funniest shit I-

  39. Mickey95

    The deer looks demonic I don't think is ordinary.🙊

  40. A rat

    He saw it coming.

  41. j o h n n a - c h a n

    I love how he just looks like he has a feeling like "yea yea this not clickbait this is what happened now lets change the topic" But he does not clickbait tho

  42. xiqng _lix

    That crab is basically asmr without wind

  43. Bruhh bagol

    Seal has Corona virus

  44. John Wick

    Who were all waiting for an aaaakcchhhu??

  45. 134234 124324242


  46. alexis rabino


  47. Fox Kitty 79

    What's that website ;(

  48. Diane Manalo

    did the dog got its ball back??! i fell sooo bad :((( i hope he/she got it back 💕💖💞

  49. Mix Payne

    Ah man that makes me so sad for that dog dude idk why it just makes me wanna cry. Like it reminds me of pursuit of happiness where the kid drops his toy

  50. Thanos

    0:42 I like this guy

  51. Ace The good doggo

    1:31 I don’t know if anyone already pointed this out but his jump is perfect with the music

  52. Jimins Jams

    *petition to get the puppy’s ball back*

  53. Abdulkareem Abdullahi

    Savage rat

  54. awnr

    If she breathes, she's a-SNEEZES

  55. Sydney Garza

    4:40 he is deflating

  56. Garen Olivari

    2:47 me using console commands to break the game


    Baby bear climbs tree baby human just sits around and poops itself

  58. Träsh KÅt

    I am saying forbidden words: T H E Y D I D S U R G E R Y O N A G R A P E

  59. rishi khandelwal

    More like a whale sneezed on a whale

  60. Longchicken

    1:55 YUGIOH

  61. Zuki Nakamura

    What is that plant called?

  62. Blue Jay


  63. fish sauce

    Hey! Give me back that cute dog!!

  64. Steven Rastrelli

    what does he say at the end of the videos??

  65. Gale Wolstenholme

    *It’s called Greenland* Nothing’s green and there isn’t land either ???????

  66. Sayan Bhowmik

    0:08 what are those hexagons on the whale's skin ?

    1. Felix Palmberg

      Sayan Bhowmik Barnacles

  67. Malo 23

    Rabbit : what avalanche

  68. Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ

    That snowblower did jack all

  69. Kryptonic Dragon

    Why is adding things he already put before in his videos

  70. Sammyシ

    Tbh It kinda looks like a turtle with no shell 😅😂

  71. Norkias Karimugwagwa

    Every dog ganster until human says I will fuck u in the ass @1:57

  72. J Zimmerman

    What an idiot

  73. Haleigh J

    Instead of the plastic road what about plastic foot paths it would look 20% better

  74. Robert Zeurunkl

    1:11 - today, you'd be charged with an environmental crime by some leftist whackos.

  75. 67IronwhalE

    With air bag like that, they might as well just make a sci fi bike with roof that attach to you like a power suit with wheels that throw you off the bike when they crash.

  76. Lowserz z

    00:10 Top 10 saddest anime deaths.

  77. Phantom Forces Gamer

    Hmm seems like its the end of the World soon


    Disgusting, that kitten was abused for view. think about it. How the fuck it got stuck a paw on 1 a cloth and then reach to another cloth that so far away to stuck another front paw. I seem unreachable without someone put it in that position. kindda hate people do this or drug their animal just for views. its crazy.


    2:38 WTF US THIS

  80. Carlos Montoya

    2:56 Minecraft in real life!!😂

  81. Francine Ruin

    Am I the only one who thinks of Fukorodani at the owl part? just me? . . okie . . .*cries in weeb*

  82. John H

    1:06 There’s two types of people in this world, ones that look and walk away and those that run to help others in need.

  83. ation

    2:07 when skateboarders drop the soap

  84. Abram Porras

    Wouldn't that bed turn into a human maraca during a 🌪️

  85. Adrielle Galon

    The dude just got jumped by a deer lol

  86. Raphael Gonzalez

    Am I the only one who says "Hello everyone this is youuur daily dose of internet"?

  87. NintendoGamer789

    ah the typical "why can't my teacher be like that" comments

  88. Tyzedd Bowles Jr. 0825

    Bambi just wanna say hi y’all

  89. Gacha gaming aziz


  90. Vic Chantha

    3:03 How do I find this amusing?

  91. Shaq

    That last dog is the dog from happier :).

  92. FameSquad HQ


  93. Justin Clark Azur

    Now it hard to do your thing if plant is around. It's like watching my every move...

  94. ZuperPiplup13

    0:39 When the engine of your car breaks.

  95. Brklyn Smks

    0:42 why? Just why? 😂

  96. kimberlymartinez1498

    2:04 here’s a fish that (walks)on the sea floor with his (LEGS

  97. Crafty Cat

    Wh-why was... why was this in my recommended...

  98. Tinman3187

    Even the whales are getting Corona virus.

  99. Vic Chantha

    What if when the dog saw that she was fine, it says, “ why must you play with my feelings?”