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  1. Connor Patton

    Invisibility is now real Me:well time to take this so school

  2. ᴡᴀʀᴘʀᴏᴍᴏ / E D I T S

    isnt 3:12 cgi

  3. •ᒪITTᒪᗴ•ᑎIKO• ᑎI•

    Of fu-

  4. ATD e

    Dog be like “Hello, my great ancestors.”

  5. Umbrella Academy

    2:07 *My dog used to do that before she ran away 3 months ago before 3 days before my birthday* 😔 *Don't know if she is alive or not, but I still have hope she will come back*

  6. Wilmer Lubian


  7. bkbrLA 11121

    Sorry... found the full video of the dog.. very sad...

  8. AdminAnimates

    1:07 steven after the time skip be like

  9. Javier Rivera 7470

    The artist drawing 2 portraits have his brain very well divided . And there is a labrador that think he is a pig . Extreme precision that of the helicopter and fuel carrier . 👍

  10. crossover hero

    aurora borealis?! at this time of year?! at this time of day?! in this part of the country?! Localized in your video?!

  11. Kyle Orton

    1:41 have you ever noticed whenever dogs are like growling their most of the time wagging their tail like what are they thinking 😂 dog : I’m gonna bite your ass so hard rn 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. LucidPepper

    2:12 please tell me I ain’t the only who thought the dog on the right was real😂

  13. Sad Endingz

    1:25 That’s very satisfying.

  14. OD Cubing

    The turtils are rebelling

  15. Mr. Kevin

    why that frog dummy thicc?

  16. João::

    1:57 when you add "copy and paste" to your hands

  17. Alex Hampton

    Some good chlorine for those elephants

  18. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    That turtle looks like a p- Pancake 👌

  19. M Wer

    This would be good for a magic trick

  20. João::

    1:05 Gumball: *bruh*


    aww what a cute doggie

  22. Jackson Playzz

    2:56 that's the death star

  23. Assemblée Nationale

    We just witnessed a cloud sh*tting in a video

  24. Ax Lub

    Mission Impossible?

  25. Nicholas Pariag

    I think this how Harry Potter hides..

  26. Core Four

    Wow! The person that can draw two pictures at once can get a lot done.

  27. Marco Marco

    Happy freaking birthday to you

  28. Plastic Gamess

    My pet rock broke :( One like = 1 health please help

  29. Josh Sire

    Your voice make me want to burn my fucking self

  30. Blakelikesfood

    Or, you simply fire your missiles & projectiles at the distortion.

  31. constipated mosquito

    0:40 YOINK!

  32. Trey Kashflow

    What was that around the Wolf's neck

    1. Trey Kashflow

      And what was with that helicopter mating

  33. Ui Vegito

    Bruh so i can use this to spy on people scary

  34. soup

    1:21 sperm

  35. goawaken afriend

    poor dog needed the invisibility

  36. Mia's State of Mind

    0:36 the people in untitled goose game

  37. Darius Carter

    Is that the turtle from like, Kung Fu Panda ?

  38. Roaster Toaster

    That’s Straya for you

  39. KrypticFlippZ Studiøs

    “Invisibility is now real” *thats called a window*

  40. ExcuseMeWhat.


  41. JGL

    Why do you speak with that gay voice ????? Marica !!!!!

  42. XxGamerPanda xX

    0:36 Jurassic Park but it’s a goose

  43. FeedGotcha

    That’s artist though... wtf

  44. LosRioDelMar

    First of all the cloaking stuff isn't new I know cause naval intelligence had it in the 80s. Second the wolves weren't wild and they had GPS collars on.

  45. Harley Garcia

    Wolf pack prob like Why hello brother Dogo Uh yeaaa hey guys imma head out

  46. tiffany boersma

    Invisibility is not real. Invisibility: am i a joke to you?

  47. FluffyMxrshmellow

    Plot twist: the material is just probably a green screen

  48. Robert Mcclure

    They weren’t wild wolves you can clearly see them wearing gps collars they are more than likely in an in closure (pets)

  49. halang

    we did it boys, visibility is no more

  50. Redim

    3:00 Is that a duck?

  51. trexawwm

    2:50 Heli-jousting is now practiced by the military I see

  52. Daniel Blakey

    What is the use of it tho

  53. Nathaniel Ackman

    how does the invisibility thing know what to hide?

  54. Kazuto Lu

    Invisible wall:EXIST Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)it prank time

  55. cancer ebola

    Second one swedish vid

  56. Exaco

    "Invisibility Is Now Real" Aliens in 15mile diameter "invisible" spaceship few miles above earth: "how cute, they just made an early concept of invisible glass, can't wait for the time travel part and eventually their own kind destruction".

  57. Julie Nielsen

    The spirit realm is real. There are angels and demons of satan all around you, but you can't see them.

  58. eva dol

    now criminls know how to pick locks oh no

  59. Malik King

    3:00 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  60. Cory Lee

    The last wolf had a little box on its neck

  61. From the Future

    I'm overdosing on internet

  62. Rumor Rinehart

    Ahh that looks so cold

  63. Franktank 360

    Honestly I've learned more things here than in school

  64. Cory Lee

    Dog: thats not food dis wolf Timber Wolf: I see a dog Another wolf: just stay still

  65. Kenna Kue

    Giraffe turtle

  66. TrojanMars1

    That dog was crying out for minerals!

  67. Luna lovedraw


  68. Jade F. Lynn


  69. king P3dobear

    Nobody going to comment about this turtle remind the one from Gumball?

  70. Lil Johnny

    That dog was like oh shit at first😂

  71. Fizzybubbles102 Gaming

    Bro that's the turtle from the amazing world of gumball.

  72. Mystic Gaming

    1:04 anyone else remember the nightmares produced from these vile creatures in Amazing World Of Gumball??

  73. Huhujw Hhjjj

    I want that invisibility glass installed in my car to replace all my windows n windshield. I'd be sitting in there and nobody could see me lol

  74. Zursify

    If only they could make clothes out of the same material

  75. Ninja_Doge :D


  76. Hello Goodbye

    The artist using two hands is male.

  77. Chase Murray

    When god hits the vape

  78. koala gaming give me food

    hold the phone. if the golf club has a litteral fuckin Smasher on the tip it is now a weapon...


    1:22 me racing to the eggn

  80. Toon Link

    Helicopters can refuel in mid flight?? @ . @

  81. Fabián Morales

    1:44 Well, no shit Sherlock.

  82. Craity

    "Invisibility Is Now Real" *Drax* Wants to know your location

  83. poopz

    want.... i mean, need

  84. Kelly-Ann

    " Hope you learned something new " Title of the video: Invisibility Is Now Real Me: You for reel !!! 😂

  85. Yawn Bomb


  86. Its Dobbie

    That doggo in the mud was like a crocodile 🐊 Crocodog 🐕 🐊

  87. Spotlight43

    Best part of my day

  88. Kenley yee

    3:02 so those were real from the movie!!!

  89. Colored Pencilz

    He good boi

  90. tyman 2354

    Is the helicopter even real

  91. Its Dobbie

    I’ve got a turtle with a really long neck ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  92. McFresh

    1:07 being seven years old tryna see whats going on at the cash register

  93. HYPE

    Why no comments here about a helicopter refueling in MID AIR?? (also while carrying a frikin TRUCK)?

  94. Batman

    Yo wtf

  95. Micycle Gentree

    Refueling a plane mid flight with a helicopter is like sowing (sewing?)

  96. Divided_Kingdom

    2:50 a choaticians wet dream

  97. Gloria Portillo

    Then You see an giant tube of blurry Glass walk up to you

  98. Justin Henkelman

    Can this dog run for president. Trump is gonna lose to a dog

  99. crookedwings715

    Doggo meet doggo

  100. Caster Troller

    0:43 "Use 0.25x speed" *This is his real face*