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  1. Mektek19

    That's not support, that's enabling. She literally lied to her boyfriend for years. She is a completely terrible person.

  2. Alex Miller

    So she is a liar . Kind of seem its much easier to blackmail a liar. But please continue .

  3. Yoshiki G

    R.I.P Sir Rocky Johnson

  4. TROLL

    The guy can finally just LIVE a little. Royalty might be great to us normal people but I could imagine it must be boring as shit to him lol.

  5. Jesus Christ

    Meghan is so selfish for putting this division in the family. How can she expect him to just leave his family and go live in canada. Like wtf. Prince Harry will resent her later on for this.

  6. Zeina Salem

    Here’s the real tea they needs to come out, DO THE GIRLS EVEN LIKE EACHOTHER? I mean ofc they do but I really wanna know

  7. Darryl Ruiz

    She and Jay have a great chemistry and she's gorgeous

  8. Blooming Accents

    100% correct. Go Jillian!

  9. Hazem Eldelebshany

    HAHAHHAHAHA its gonna be hilarious if he loses. If you don't think he's gonna lose just watch one of Viddal's interviews, that man is getting Gib the win.

  10. GG Amos

    Way to fear monger.. of course anything alien to our feeble psyches is a threat. I wish there were better quality images ..there must be. Do you mean to tell me that we had much better cameras on Earth to make good quality tv shoes and movies, even in black and white, but these blurry grainy images are all they brought to the Moon? FFS..

  11. Celebrity Updates

    I love them

  12. BeeBea

    Nick never really grew up and took responsibility for his actions. Another misguided human being.

  13. Amalour

    It's crazy how he seems so interested in the interview, it feels like in some of the other interviews he's done he's been uncomfortable or something.

  14. connie ryan

    Isn't this what all parents want for their children to leave home and be successful he will still be the Queen's grandson and Charles son and Williams brother that will never change if the British press wouldn't have been so horrid to Harry's wife maybe he would not have felt such an urgency to protect baby Archie and Meagan it is sad leave these people alone and let them live their lives

  15. Hakeem Wilburn

    In training camp a lot of time to do nothing?! Yeah well it showed

  16. Ben Sisko

    The Queen is onto her and her schemes.

  17. Donold Trump


  18. Rj Seven


  19. Mckynzie Steere

    It was her 24th birthday get it right

  20. BossyBoots TresChic

    I think it’s all Meghan. This is the beginning of her divorcing Harry. She’s gotten the notoriety she craves...he was just a means to an end.

  21. okeithmartin /Badd kittin

    RIP mr.j (Rocky sr.)...💞🔥💥👊😾👍🏆...2020.

  22. Grace Leopold

    He was 24 when she was a newborn baby... this is just not normal.

  23. Steve Anderson

    One thing most racist white folks don't realize about Meghan is her great intelligence. Prince Harry is very strong and handsome, doing his thing and another baby boy coming. Racists have so much task to accomplish this time

  24. Fred Beaumont


  25. Freddy Medina

    Juliette is enjoying the spotlight a little bit to much #WannabeLaurenConrad

  26. okssana Valhala


  27. connie ryan

    How about let's let harry say what he thinks and the press quit putting words in his mouth especially the British ones !!

  28. heaventruetell1

    I love that they have a strong hope in the resurrection! When Jehovah brings her back she'll wake up believing she was sleeping a short while. I know her family can't wait to hold her again.

  29. Emerita Barragan

    Very sad you shouldn’t even be on tv.

  30. Melissa Crocker

    Umm Wendy!! Joaquin Phoenix dosen't need you too point out his lip with actions too back up your insults. You are a wretched, wicked hunk of Plastic with the i.q of a Turnip!! Get a life and get off T.V Knowone cares "How you doin??" You Evil unoriginal Joey Tribbiani wanna be!!!!

  31. Chrysaura

    So excited to see this power couple get their wings. Harry really has the spirit of Diana knowing he has to use his spotlight for good, and Meghan's the perfect person to partner with on that. I love marriages that have a united purpose, they inspire me so much. And let's not forget this was partially motivated by consistently racist treatment by the press; they were tired of being powerless.

  32. Sunshine Jackson


  33. Meg LM

    she's obviously beautiful but she's also a really awesome person and seems like she'd be really cool to hang out with.

  34. Tejas

    ugly kid

  35. Jason Shiflet


  36. Analyn Chavez

    One day when all your money is gone meghan was gone too and you where nothing left behind my Prince Harry

  37. All about OOF!

    iM fOr ReAL CriNgInG uGhhGgGh CRINGE ALERT!‼️

  38. Jason Shiflet

    I'm getting one just like it next month💗🕊️🕊️💗

  39. Korak Kari

    The Champaign was fighting against negative energy !

  40. Vee Edge

    I love this!!

  41. Paa Nii Edward

    It's ABC That's making Hannah popular

  42. Shruti S

    Pri looks beautiful as always. But her hairstylist did made those extensions pretty visible

  43. Jaedie Smith

    Anyway you put it, I love the fabulous 6 What a Men got to do Is super amazing😍

  44. Ann Marie

    Let her go? She dumped u for jed.Remember.

  45. Ann Marie

    That's true she have a wide mouth 😀😄🤣😂😅😅😁

  46. Lola Cookie

    Hate this new group, if that’s what it’s come to I’m no longer watching

  47. Ember Sherwood

    I love Adrienne's vlog

  48. NES 83’

    Corner of Sunset and Pecos...

  49. Diane Boylan

    He will stay where he is.

  50. Cooking with LuLu Ramos


  51. Elisha Eason

    The wives are my favorite wives

  52. Rabbit TK

    Whos gonna love this guy?

  53. a whole new world

    Omg jonas brother 😂

  54. Dawn Sinclair

    She is such a phoney .

  55. Valeri Grillo

    This is very stupid on the shows part. The show should have required these 2 to have had a net underneath em even.

  56. Simon Sloototter

    The Netherlands has changed considerably due to imported insights, mainly from the Middle East. I know enough countries that are not bothered by it.

  57. Ellen Jayne

    chic shit only hahah i love you lauren!

  58. Allison Sareo

    I just love the way Priyanka look at Nick such an innocent looking

  59. Korak Kari

    In other more important matters, when are all this clowns running for President going to drop out so that the real general election campaign between Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg begin?

  60. AL WHIN

    IT WASNT for LIZZO those comments... In the first place, it was in General for FAT ASSES like LIZZO

  61. Allie Hodges

    Anyone else notice he started getting really red around 3:20

  62. Korak Kari

    Count me out of Peters season of the Bachelor ! White boy Fatigue!

  63. John Briglin

    This is gay.

  64. Monkey Bob

    It’s just entertainment

  65. Aponi Rayn


  66. Nik Murmu

    Thats too funny and cute at the same time😅😂😍

  67. Renee Ossman

    I don't think Hannah should be brought back...may be Bachelor in Paradise, but not a full blown series.

  68. charmedlilsis1

    Look how cute Kim's real body was back in the day. Now she looks like a defective prototype from Westworld.

  69. M B

    Do these people sell their soul to the devil or what?

  70. Brit Camp

    Honestly of course like everyone else I sad that Kim and Tommy broke up but I’m also glad he married Kat.


    Live your life as if it were the last breath because we all come by the way in this little world

  72. sean Burke

    they might aswell have had their photo taken with charlie manson. you could not make it up. the poor girl is clearly insane. you think jodi arias and casey anthony were bad wait until you this lassie in action. you better double your royal protection harry boy cause baby your gonna need it. your in bed with the devil now.

  73. Shelley White

    I am not sure why everyone is surprised. I don't know how any American could actually understand just what it means and the sacrifices you make for the Crown. We Americans can not appreciate it like a British person or someone from a country with a monarchy. Americans are more concerned with keeping up with the Kardashians.

  74. Marqueta Reese

    I’m counting down to the day the fiancé leaves Nikki behind. The deception. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  75. Debbie Smitherman

    We are praying for you Alex. I hope you will be better and soon. Stay positive and strong. We love you do very much. You're an legend and an icon and we want nothing but the best for you. God Bless you.

  76. Becca

    toni collette was absolutely robbed

  77. Hella Slapz

    Well we all knew that guy looked like a crack head 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s so OBVIOUS! Lmao

  78. gameingwithkendle Minecraft game play


  79. My Schleich Mini farm

    Oh no that’s sad😢

  80. Zodina Ralte


  81. Nikhalesh jain

    Priyanka 😍 😍😍😍

  82. One ness


  83. A Parks

    Gosh shes so beautiful look at her face and feature beautiful, that was extra the thong thing at least she should hve worn shorts ,her friend should hve told thats not taseful and her attitude its nice to be excited and happy not so loud.

  84. Ashitaka

    Im sorry but if she didn't tell her boyfriend, that's abuse and if she had sex with him without telling him, that's sexual abuse; and some people wouldn't take it as well as he did.

  85. Dewaynia English


  86. Kev Maxfly

    The Rock is an absolute liar. It is wrong in my opinion to put this image out there and act like you didn't take steroids to help you create it, just be honest, cuz all these kids who look up to you are gonna think they are less-than when they can't attain anything close to what you portray even after a lifetime of natural weight lifting and dieting. If he was honest then who cares, but the lies make him a POS in my opinion. And honestly people should be calling him out more in Hollywood for not being honest, same with all the strongmen and Mr Olympia guys that dodge the questions and don't speak on it. Be honest

  87. Chelsea Daley

    This is so amazingly cool and I can't believe how the Jonas brothers are all married even though marriage isn't always the answer for most relationships that can't always know what they really want in their of other people's lives and I just think that Danielle Jonas didn't have to much screen time more then Sophie tuner and priyanka chorpa Jonas did because their always hogging the spotlight all the time

  88. Chrysaura

    You could tell that Kelsey was DYING to be victimized. She seemed so much more comfortable acting tragically wronged. Honestly she was the lead in the episode; like I forgot it was about Peter. And I literally hurt my back laughing at that champagne falling over and in her face, it was just so many champagne disasters one after another 😂

  89. Jimmie Jam Of The Day!

    Josh Segarra is soooo handsome 😁.

  90. Laura Burgess

    She is so unattractive and blah personality!!!!!!!!!!these two guys aren’t good looking at all either. They all sound phony as hell poor poor picks.

  91. Tony Cooper

    Hanscom big word 😂

  92. Foxy Girl

    She looks 100% woman she is 100% woman but the past is the past which means she was 20% man and 80% woman

  93. Brandine Nicole

    So she'll only use glass jars in the pantry because she's against plastics but then in the main fridge there's a ton of food in plastic packages, along with the condiments. I spotted that plastic ketchup bottle Kim 😉 Regardless, definitely one gorgeous kitchen.

  94. fieldguy316

    Spelled her last name wrong in the description may wanna fix it if you ever see this !!!!

  95. Irene Tomazos

    Wow! The Kardashian sisters looked REALLY different in 2008. Kim was better then and Khloe is better now. I like the Jonas Brothers as Kim/Khloe/Kourtney!!

  96. Butter Fly

    Canadian accent instead

  97. Lisa Longo

    I wish Hannah would just go away. This was clearly scripted drama.

  98. Hoppie Grey

    Peter and Hannah Brown look gorgeous and hot as a couple and I cannot imagine them with anyone else! The second episode showing their heart-to-heart conversation, so close together with Hannah B sitting on his lap mascara smothered while crying, and Peter’s face full of emotion, showed the world that the love between them was still there and never left. Whatever the ending of Peter’s season, I’m hoping against hope that one day, they would still find each other again.

  99. Manuela Costa Lima

    In this whole situation, the only thing that saddens me is the rift between Harry and William. They are brothers after all, so I hope they resolve their differences soon.

  100. RI YA

    Hottest couple Prick 🔥❤