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  1. Steve Evans

    Thank god for Trump he is eliminating the evil of the demonrates and liberals worldwide

  2. Kenneth Copeland

    Suspended???? What a pure joke

  3. Lucy Brunson

    You can download the file here: Screenshot_20200117-131934_13-23-05.jpg yadi.sk/i/G5p52tZJRrTBpA

  4. Dante rowell


  5. Donald Blackmon

    Only 3 arrest? An affirmation white people are on code based on so few comments. support of dangeous white males

  6. TacMed0059

    As a paramedic this is something we're seeing often with extended wait times at hospitals. Unfortunately most of the hospital these days are not big enough or have enough staff for the influx of patients they're getting. Its unfortunate.

  7. Joey Smith

    She wants that BBC but was too scared to ask

  8. Rojan Moktan

    Bought aerials doesn't arrives form formality rituals ✋✊👏

  9. Kam FN

    US president ladies and gentlemen

  10. Jeff Hall

    Ahhhh.... Trump supporters ya gotta love'em 😜!

  11. Rojan Moktan

    About viewing ghost blackhawk quite functionaly did what obama conquered osama picturing found head and shot

  12. Nicole Vannoy

    She does seem like shes trying too hard. If she was that concerned she should have call the apartment management or police. But... I'm also gonna be the devil's advocate & say, why didnt he just punch in the key code to make his point & move on? Or showed her his keyfob thingy? All his arguing with her is unnecessary. This video would have ended in 30 seconds had he just pushed in a keycode or showed his keyfob. Yea yea yea, she isnt anybody he has to prove anything to but just as gleeful as yall are to point out shes being racist, lemme point out that hes just as happy about prolonging this whole situation for the sake of the camera just so he can "expose her for being racist" when this vid could have ended at the 1 min mark if he simply let the door shut & lock, then used his code or keys to enter. It was that simple. Both of them were acting unnecessary.

  13. Ladonna Paris

    Serious business. Please call (202) 224-3121 from any state to be transferred to your state senator. They need to insist on witnesses. And we need this despicable person (impersonating a president) out of office. Thank you.

  14. Oscar Montalvo

    He said for the first time ever something that is Truly True,,,,he called himself a SOB,,and for sure he is ONE,how special that Oval Office is.🤬☻

  15. Daniel Morrison

    They took twenty years of his life! The least they should do is make him a multimillionaire

  16. Thor Groot SweetRabbit

    Just download Pluto TV they have tons of movies and TV shows, even sporting events. I quit paying for streaming last year and for the cost of a couple of ads you can watch a lot.

  17. Rojan Moktan

    Sueing trails would get rich but accordance sustainability broughts thing even movie couldn't pronounce

  18. yakoob yakoob

    Great job guys...make me proud to be an American


    And now she makes pancakes in the ATLAH Church basement.. 👎💀👎 Later for her and Uncle Ben Carson 😁😁😁

  20. Anthony Frank

    here comes the clowns what a joke

  21. Rojan Moktan

    Accomplishes fondation contagious breed pursuit according to law trade pursue broad manner twinkle pirates pride to who

  22. Kris Kaiser

    NBC is a joke

  23. Scott

    ER's are clogged with the uninsured and undocumented because they know the 'system' and don't care how long it takes because they aren't going to pay anyway

  24. Brian Kimball

    Socialism, folks...Urgent Care is an example of "free market" healthcare. She should've gone there first. A lot cheaper, too.(I went to Zoomcare for a dog bite recently. In/out less than 1hr., tetanus shot, antibiotics, stitches...$270.00) Poor lady. Rest in peace.

  25. dick castle

    Inthink pelosi needs more pens

  26. The Assembly In The Wilderness

    This will be another KLOWN show....the rabid right are in denial of how depraved they are.

  27. J Wright

    Not one mention of being a Russian. Strange . I guess Hillary hadn’t thought of it yet

  28. Firstname Lastname

    America is the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! In other countries you have to flush 20 times! And in the USA it's only 15 times and it will be even less thanks to the smartest, most educadated president of all human history, maybe the history of the universe!

  29. Y Ervu

    These cops literally Have nothing to do dont give them something to do dont talk dont even call em they are so bored they will do anything that comes on there desk

  30. Rip von Harringa

    lol Tom Steyer 0:19 walks over all nonchalantly and then 0:22 , oh what I walk into?

  31. Qui-Gon Jinn

    He's going to feed them trash and blame it on Obama

  32. tgone23

    Yea! Back to pirating, everyone!

  33. Albin Ternland Larsson

    I notice no arguments against this academic in this comment section, pathetic lads. Imagine not being a feminist in 2020 smh

  34. Josh Witte


  35. Michelle George

    This is so sad.

  36. Qui-Gon Jinn

    What's he going to do all for them some cold fast food served on garbage can lids

  37. ramms mutter69

    Yet illegal aliens get free health care. Get it yet Democrats? You are nothing but a pawn for the elite while your replacement class is illegally imported.

  38. Oxy

    4:29 you sure about that? you were president for a while but then got impeached

  39. foresaken to none

    Peacock??? A sexist term for a liberal media station full of bias???

  40. fun2916

    All hospitals are like the VA now?!?! We’re all screwed

  41. Bert Bricht

    This man is the best comedian the U.S. ever had :) What is his name??

  42. Magnificent Bastard

    NBC is Pure Filth, Remember That..... They will Hype Hype Hype and again they will do Worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary to Help Ruin lives... NBC are Criminals and they are engaged in massive crimes at the State Department and across the Mainstream Corporate Media.

  43. Brian Thomas

    Stop going to the ER people. Go to urgent care first

  44. Dan Wald

    As a Jew and someone who lost family in the "camps" I love what he said and think it is a great place to say it. No place better then were such evil happened to speak about preventing it.

  45. Dirty REkT Um

    nice racist signaling.. doesn't matter your color or how old you are it's the medical system

  46. Lewis Cypher

    So she just walks into the place and demands immediate service to fix the heart she messed up with crack, and somehow you make this about race!

  47. Darrell Grant

    When my son was 2 he fell and hit his head. He had an “egg” covering about a third of his forehead. About 5 minutes later he vomited. I rushed him to the ER. Then sat for almost 2 hrs as adults were sent in ahead of us for things like a fever, etc. I finally flipped out when they let a guy in ahead of us with a broken wrist. They said they had a severity protocol they had to use based on the seriousness not the order people came in . I said since when does a baby with a head injury and possible concussion not go ahead of ma whining pissy and his broken wrist !? The hospital system is broken. Most workers lack any empathy or professionalism.

  48. Nookster

    The most prolific liar in history smears his orange stain on LSU. Thats what he does best.

  49. Tuyen Pham

    He knows he is not worthy to wear the Ring of the Fisherman, and he had contaminated the ring with his own germs. So it was good that he did not allow people to kiss it on his finger. This was the first time he was ever expressed himself honestly.

  50. Sherri Greeydelinarez

    Trump has LSU football guy there " To Toot his own Narcasstic horn, All for his "Daily Demonic Ego Feeding Session!" 😎

  51. ECA Elite

    Oh my god he’s a human.

  52. Lock City

    Thanks Obama care!

  53. J. Woodard

    Good lawsuit.

  54. Tonka DRIVER

    Why not call an ambulance? If you are bad enough off to go to the er then you should take an ambulance

  55. Rayenal Owens

    The law needs an upgrade

  56. Mr Popeye

    FIsels is trash

  57. Earl Hopkins

    LSU should have never attended this. I know I wouldn't want to be nowhere near this bafoon.

  58. Blade Runner

    this video and others, and the stories behind them, will be used to justify our government's 24/7 surveillance of the population. is that for the best? IDK. but i suspect most people will see it as an evil, but one which they are willing to accept, for obvious reasons. just an observation....

  59. Eccen-19xx Pale

    Swear to god kids will never scared Obama

  60. josh choate

    Ban all the people up north from baiting and short stopping all the ducks up north . Ducks are going the way of the Canada goose.

  61. A Omoose

    Dear Mr.Drumpf, why are you unwilling to cooperate with the investigation???

  62. furydad555

    Thanks OBAMA! That OBAMA care is not, so caring after all......this never should have happened.

  63. GreensOplenty

    well yea in america if you need healthcare you need to take a hostage. thank you republican party. anything for the super rich.

  64. Gabe shore

    Stop putting identity in. Tell about her great life.

  65. NotyouAgain! !

    In Florida if u have chest pains they take u back before anyone

  66. Perry Arrington

    The woman was laughed at, scoffed, accosted by the Left when she said eventually there would be UNISEX bathrooms. Well, some 40 years later, what do we have Liberals ?

  67. Maple Syrup

    "she was loved by everyone" "enlarged heart" so her heart was too big for this cruel world... ok it is too soon for jokes but I gave her a compliment in fairness. man, that sucks though :(.

  68. Derek A

    She left.

  69. matt matt96

    Crooked people made the system, that's why the system seems so corrupted and unjust.

  70. VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    That is messed up but all too common, I remember reading of a similar story here in central California. RIP.

  71. Chief Q

    Hate groups?! You mean Patriots supporting our constitutional 2nd amendment rights? You people are sickening! This has zero to do with racism or hate and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT GONE WILD IN OUR HOME STATE OF VIRGINIA!

  72. Marie Jones

    rip young beauty side note: this actually happens ALL THE TIME ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! it is going to get WORSE with all the “immigrants” who cut in line for FREE! get ready

  73. Denise Allison Stout

    We have the smell of lawsuits in the area....by the way why do you have to go on FIsels to find out about floods earthquakes and volcanoes these aren’t as important as political squabbling?

  74. arlint69

    So sad

  75. foresaken to none

    Probably full of Illegals...

  76. FuzzyAppleBong

    NBC: You guys are so stupid at NBC for this you should all be attached to the giant stacks of fake drama you’ve created in the past 4 years instead of talking about truth,And thrown in the ocean to sink to the bottom. Rott away like the slime you are while people struggle to fight for building a political system and better lifestyles that can save the beauty in America and the life of our people in the next 5 years.

  77. Karman Bassi

    a lot more will die if the government keeps forcing this public health care system, universal healthcare sucks, this type of stuff never happen in private healthcare but of course the democrats want to abolish private healthcare

  78. Gladys Compere

    Thank you nightly news

  79. Leon L


  80. Jose Bordon

    Esse Obama ficará eternamente em nossos corações...que simplicidade..

  81. Wolf Jumper

    www.nytimes.com/2020/01/16/technology/google-trillion-dollar-market-cap.html. Google is Government. ❗😥❗

  82. Mike Ray

    A big problem with the ER is that we allow illegals to use it as primary care.We need ICE in every hospital.

  83. Wolf Jumper


  84. Wolf Jumper


  85. Wolf Jumper


  86. Wolf Jumper



    Let's the leader be the frontliner do not make use of soldiers to die for nothing.

  88. Captain Swaggadick

    Like I can't see all this on FIsels

  89. Greg Hill

    What's her skin color mentioned for at the end?

  90. dale bare

    I want to know what ever happened to Hillary Clinton and her criminal activities. Nothing as usual.

  91. 31membami

    Here in Baltimore the ER is a homeless man's paradise I waited over 8 hours in the ER

  92. Daniel Parks

    Wait until the election is over, then investigate the Bidens. What is the issue.

  93. Ms Bungan

    Resigns?... Putin fired his gov so he can be THE gov.

  94. IAM8

    Its everywhere the waits and there is absolutely no reason for it they all just sit around and use google search sites for your diagnosis, seriously go in for something then read your discharge papers it will be a google search diagnosis for something you didnt even go in for , I quit the medical field for the very specific thing we were taught and that was if you want to help people this isn't your route for the teaching is nypl and void and pharmaceutical company's make sure you never get healthy

  95. Dan Packard

    the Republican Party is a band of corrupt Traitors to the United States of America. Welcome to Antebellum. l am ready.

  96. Tom Servo

    Don't blame the hospital, blame all the people clogging the ER for non emergencies -- her race and gender has nothing to do with this, NBC why did you use that soundbite ?

  97. disturbed3330

    I went to the Er an I was seen in minutes.

  98. Always Great USA

    CORRUPT Kevin McCarthy lacks all credibility !

  99. Darkpool

    #Bernie2020 with #Tulsi2020 as VP. Dont quite like Tulsi but if we wanna play the gender game then Tulsi it is. Warren is a snake who cant be trusted. Tulsi can play to conservatives well and check off that pink card these "woke dems" use as a qualification.

  100. tim kat