Floorball is a fast paced, dynamic and tactical team sport, which is played inside a rink with carbon-shaft sticks and a plastic ball.
The International Floorball Federation - IFF (founded 1986) is the head organisation of world Floorball, which is spreading rapidly around
the globe. IFF now has 54 national member associations (as of December 2010) and is recognised by the IOC.
The IFF organises World Floorball Championships every year, Men in even years and Women in odd numbered years, as well as U19 World Championships and Top Club Competitions on a yearly basis.

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  1. Karlos Jose

    Really amazing skill if you are two hours walking to goalkeeper :DDDDDDDDD ¨ Stupid sport :D

  2. ShanYT VGX

    Sergio guapo

  3. Leonid Savchenkov

    Украина вперёд!

  4. Invertus

    Wtf is this game lol. Is this for all the rejects that never learned to skate? Reminds me of high school gym class

    1. Cuervo

      Invertus fr this looks so easy from a hockey perspective

  5. Kirk Butler

    Someone stole the goalies trapper, blocker and stick...…

  6. kumaran563


  7. Scott Bergman

    This is a sport? This looks like something created for a PE class in middle school, when no one wants to go outside due to weather.

  8. 공백


  9. Сергей Рыхлицкий

    Beautiful game!!!💪

  10. Nelly M


  11. 공백

    14:44 Start 1

  12. 공백

    15:40 Start

    1. 공백

      1:28:11 Start 2

  13. 공백

    12:27 Start 1

    1. 공백

      1:29:57 Start 2

  14. Ace Hardy


  15. 공백

    14:53 Start

  16. Peter Gustafsson

    Title is Match interview SWEvsHUN - and a player with a Norwegian flag on her shirt is interviewed. Also, there is no sound in the first minute. Get it together, IFF!

  17. adlikda strlinfza

    Nr 2 was nicer then nr 1.

  18. plays pollanen

    Suomi on paras

  19. NBA2

    No ones there

  20. Livanu Reperis

    first goal really represents how dumb woman floorball actually is

  21. walendxweg


  22. youtubebrødrene

    ??? same anthem???

    1. Rupsikas

      Yes :). Brothers

  23. TemerianMaster

    To bolí

  24. Neo13


  25. Thiago Sebba

    Zuzanna is a sympathy ....

  26. Thiago Sebba

    Beautiful players...

  27. smokindragn1

    Its weird seeing the goalie without a stick

    1. Max LP


  28. kohlenstoffmorukxid kanackenbezirk1100

    This is a Sport...?

  29. Einars Dubrovskis

    Those where most unfairly and poorly judged last 2 minutes of normal time.

  30. Einars Dubrovskis

    It was Swiss cheating!!! Refs ignored a lot of Swiss high stickings and slashings in last 2 minutes. Refs clearly judged this match so that Swiss team could win. Czech Republic is not so weaK to just loose concenctration in last 2 minutes, especially when they have upper hand. The final should have been Sweden vs Czech Republic.

  31. Played by a Beginner

    They look like confused dinosaures. A taky jsem Čech... hodně lidí tady je z Česka. Čumim

  32. Pienvedējs Guntis

    Sweden always win

  33. tugg59

    the ref is blind CLEARLY A GOAL

  34. EddieHD

    Why didn't you ask him about the stupid rule to change penalties?

  35. Jana Šimáčková

    well done sweden

  36. EddieHD

    Why do you record floorball in 24fps? Really doesn't work with a sport this quick.

  37. SWAG17

    Wow the noise level for this match is...

  38. Matyas Rehak

    I know Juraj Matějka irl, and hes really good player and his freestyle is insane.

  39. Manuel Wyss

    Can we call the video Heini-Highlights!? Amazing performance!

  40. Blaise Fournier

    What a goal keeper! Best player ever!

  41. Snetmot Nosrorb

    This was very unexpectedly very exciting. Thumbs up! Estonia was again punished for slacking in their defence when loosing the ball. Too bad Japan ran out of fuel at the end. I think floorball games are a little too long. Name of the Swedish co-commentator/expert: Micael Fasth.

  42. Razor Samurai

    Sweden kötbullar

  43. buco

    České florbalistky sú už ako naši hokejisti :D

  44. Jonutz Donutz


  45. Roberts Gaming

    Lets go Latvia 🇱🇻

  46. o o

    whats shoes on number 6 (lat)?

  47. Onni Plays

    2:09 No Canada. This is Finland.

    1. Harry Smith


    2. MessiPro08 moghad

      No Finland! This is canada

  48. peak sheep633413

    Finland is the best

  49. Papšík Bratislavský

    Česi nemali štastie

  50. u105390

    Takto do.ebať zápas... 🤔

  51. kastanCZE


  52. All Floorball

    It’s an awesome gameplay!

  53. miguel panta

    close one!

  54. One 7 Decimal 2 Eight

    Never heard of floorball before. This is basically ice hockey with no ice?

    1. All Floorball

      Yes, it is! But there is more rules for securities.

  55. Al Ash

    Aaaand another one! Beautiful, absolutely stunning! <3

  56. Snetmot Nosrorb

    Much to learn Estonia still has. But I see potential. Their biggest deficiency is that they are too slow, especially in key moments like finishing on goal and returning home when they loose the ball. Almost all of Norway's goals came from quick counters, no-one tried to stop them there. And almost all of Estonia's goals came when they actually did something quick and hard to predict. More of that and they will beat Norway. I'm looking forward to see them in future games after this championship.

  57. Flashfire 356

    Damn whata game. And Heini played amazing.

  58. Tobias Vänerlöv

    Total annihilation 😏

  59. TOBO

    Tak vám treba cesi

  60. Daniel Sjööberg


  61. Yves Amstad

    It was so nice i was in the arena it

  62. Lucas \

    sorry but is very annoying that you have music in all highligths videos from the world cup

  63. Jupitari Naten


  64. pontus magnusson

    swedens 3-1 goal. the ref helping swiz so hard. clearly a goal.

    1. pontus magnusson

      Thomas Outzen well, it was all over, look at the bounce after the first thing, its inside the fkn goal

    2. Thomas Outzen

      pontus magnusson Ball has to completely cross the line, no? It most certainly was close, but I agree with the call.



  66. Nico Sanchez

    Heini is just... wow

    1. Yanisus

      Nico Sanchez no problem👍😅🤙

    2. Nico Sanchez

      @Yanisus Thx, edited :)

    3. Yanisus

      Nico Sanchez She played very well in that game! Btw her name is Lara Heini✌️

  67. Mortac

    Sorry, Switzerland, you must hate us so. As of late we took gold from you in the floorball finals, twice in the ice hockey finals, curling and we kicked you out of the football world cup too. Anyway, good game. Grattis tjejer!

    1. Snetmot Nosrorb

      Switzerland still made their best performance ever in floorball, so no need to be grumpy about that :)

    2. tribunish3

      Swiss people dont judge,so swiss people cant hate hehe.and its sport,not war

    3. Jean-Sébastien Ragnarsson

      @Mortac Same for me, if you win instead of us it is like a little comfort ! Haha my surname is because I love your amazing culture and history, you guys are insane ;)

    4. bruhhh xd

      @Mortac So I'm Swiss and I still like you, I hope you too ;)

    5. Mortac

      @Jean-Sébastien Ragnarsson At least in hockey I would have cheered for you had you faced any other team. But hey, at least you have a Swedish surname. :)

  68. dubijou

    Not giving up is easy to say ... What a beautiful comeback !!!

  69. FoxRob Cz

    Ach jo 😥

  70. WilzuXX

    Congratulations from Finland!

  71. bumblebee 127

    The best! ❤🔥

  72. TheFerrys33

    Henni was fucking awesome!

  73. Marmorph

    Henni played the game of her life☺️

    1. Yanisus

      Marmorph No problem 😅👍😂

    2. Marmorph

      @Yanisus my bad😅

    3. Yanisus

      Marmorph Yeah! Btw her name is Lara Heini

  74. Flávio The Swede

    A legenda of the game.


    Lohe this Team🇨🇭❤️❤️

  76. Jaroslav Ertl

    That's what floorball is about! Love it

  77. Daniel Andersson

    Härligt 👍🏻👍🏻🇸🇪

  78. Emil Wiezell

    Should have been 3-2 without ot either way

  79. NightTogglez

    Going down in history

  80. theycallmetrinity

    nice game :)

  81. Victor Rosenqvist

    Riktigt bra jobbat Finland att 3 ta bronsmedalj riktigt kul när det bra det nordiska länderna

  82. cepi24

    nevadi baby, paradne vykony, drzim palce, len tak dalej

  83. Tatu

    It was still totally one of the best games I've seen anyone played as a goalie! Tomorrow it is already silver you've won which you should be very proud of!

  84. Jakob Eliasson

    Anna wijk passing Genius

  85. Jakob Eliasson

    2:12:45 LOL FAIL...

    1. Jakob Eliasson

      2:13:27 she Explains it XD

  86. Victor Rosenqvist

    Härligt Sverige riktigt bra jobbat härligt att dom tog VM guld 2019 damer

  87. Joseph Bentham

    I don't understand how that wasn't a goal. The ball bounces behind the back of the keeper who is herself laying inside the goal. Could someone explain to me?

    1. tribunish3

      Joseph Bentham yes true..hmm i dont understand it too,ive seen the ball inside too..and im swiss ..

    2. Innebandy Guru

      @tribunish3 then the swiss should got a freehit so that can´t be the reason.

    3. Joseph Bentham

      and yes, I do support the swedes so I am a bit biased

    4. Joseph Bentham

      ​@tribunish3 I would understand that argument but the referee didn't give a foul. ref just continued game as if no foul, no goal, no penalty etc anyways it doesn't really matter much. thank you for being polite! it's allways nice when you can a conversation/discussion without being mean.

    5. Joseph Bentham

      @bumblebee 127 i agree you can't say 100% when the ball is close to the post and the keeper slaps it, but after that the is way inside the goal

  88. Wilmer Östrand


  89. Flávio The Swede

    Please for the next championship don't cut our anthem in half

  90. Simi Sanchi

    They be tze best ones in floorball, but they still need to practice their interview skills🌚😂

    1. Lampan

      Haha yeah the swedes acent is really fun, and cringe

    2. Flávio The Swede

      They are swedish not English native speakers take it easy

  91. Lars Söderström

    Nice cheating swiss. Robbed sweden of a 3-1 goal.

    1. tribunish3

      Innebandy Guru so tell me if u know it better

    2. Innebandy Guru

      @tribunish3 No, learn the rules and you would know that was not the reason

    3. tribunish3

      Lars Söderström it wasnt the keepers dessicion.. and the swedish player did a foul with slapong the stic against the keepers hand so maybee thiswhy the referee didnt gave the goal..

  92. bumblebee 127

    What a game! Congrats to Sweden but in my heart Switzerland won!

  93. source1

    great game Finland! We still need to learn a lot to be at your and swedish level, congrats from Tšekki.

  94. Livanu Reperis

    faking sweden

    1. ballblo

      I thought Sweden was for real?

    2. DustyCringe


  95. Zlatý Indián


  96. BigBlackens


  97. Nekoksu

    What an amazing clutch. Greetings from Finland.

  98. vojtik debílek

    Comedy from czech side

  99. Matěj Malchárek

    Každý den není posvícení, ale pátek 13. byl den předem😂

  100. Czech oli

    Absolutely unmanageable ending from the Czech team. Didn't the coach take the time out? Why ? 4 goals identical.