Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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  1. Nathaniel Yang

    I will pay you $500 if u play Congratulations for 15 hours straight in front of felix

  2. Nolen kevin Romai

    Is that ur gf

  3. PORG 2.0 HACKS

    You play the bass better than John Deacon 😜

  4. Arpit Dutt Dixit

    Italian man travels to india to support swedish man And i am here an indian coming to italian channel to support swedish guy

  5. Mâței Sjdjnf


  6. D4RK 4C3

    This guy seriously looks like Shroud

  7. Daniel Cosma

    Send bass

  8. NitroZ SyaZ37

    58:53, thank you.....

  9. Filosofia de quarto

    Very impressive... But can u play "Copacabana beach" in copacabana beach?

  10. Alexwingames2345

    4 or 6 david?

  11. The Masked Memer


  12. Alexwingames2345


    1. Alexwingames2345

      Mama mia marcelo


    I’m slappers from indonesia


    It’s thick as big chungus

  15. Картавый Пиз*ёж

    Сука Блять


    Your right that is a big ass bass

  17. Sudha Clinic

    Davie you told that you will never take away your headphone but at last you took it off,you mentioned in your last video

  18. Krzysiek Jankowski

    In 3minutes tbh

  19. shurekorolev

    oh im from Russia and its very good to see that people that have other nationalities and languages are travel to russia anyway I hate Russia but im Russian. yeah.

  20. Jere Boo

    im late slapper🤪

  21. Mageli


  22. Ashim Nyaichyai

    10 hours and 10 million ads?

  23. Ivan Stankovic

    Just google QnA With Davie 2

  24. Plethiros

    Thought you were gonna play Back In The USSR

  25. David Lite villa

    You have take out the headphones before 6 million subs

  26. Nora Nora

    This guy is broken 😔🙏

  27. Daniel Cosma

    I like the bass

  28. Jopet Repane

    How could someone talk like a boss no other than Davie504 OMG 👋👋👋

  29. Sakib Istiak

    Davie, check "bass baba sumon". From bd 🇧🇩

  30. Ade Saputra

    Why you cheating? 😂😂

  31. The Phantom

    Halloween Bass

  32. A_No0B XD

    Hey bro ciao

  33. Derick #LBR

    Some day Davie, come back again to Brazil

  34. HaydieBoBotv


  35. I-Immortal

    "lmao if u read dis"

  36. 1ncubu2

    Battle with Flea

  37. Niall Brown

    May I have permission to play bass?

  38. Bondan Be_Art

    Kek org bego jd nya

  39. Mageli

    No sabía que tantas personas que hablaban español lo veian AJJAJAAJAA


    sure u look as rocky balboa... i was going to say in the past

  41. sanjana sisodia


  42. soronorjspro

    "Slap like" now is the best two words of the year again.

  43. Arpit Dutt Dixit

    Suveko luveko Omeudeule baskafaski skasomako Appalo pepalo locolo damata sumala

  44. Dimitri Pinna

    Acoustic ukulele bass! Checkmate!

  45. lalu videogames

    NO!!!! Is not Silvestre Stalonne, os Silvestre SBasslonne.

  46. Vince vinter

    Send bass slappers and like on the video shout out me davie plsssssssss

  47. TECHLORD Plays

    noice green screen😑😑

  48. Yiannos Tsam

    Am all about the bass

  49. Topo HSC

    Came up on my recommend n just cus we both choose 69 you got me bro

  50. procto canal


  51. Rudra Ray

    3:46 Mohini Dey is an INDIAN !!Indians like here!!!!🔊😉😉🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  52. Mustafa İlkhan

    I do win

  53. Faze penis 1

    HAHA Australia im hete

  54. Muhammad Zharfan


  55. 99zabuza


  56. GAN

    when is blink reveal?

  57. Deggial

    -voice reveal -face reveal -ears reveal -laugh reveal -smile reveal -illegal instruments -short video Is this real life?

  58. Afghansyah Mahardika

    Ear Reveal : realllyyy???!! Look at 0:16 there is a ear hahahha

  59. Siddarth BTW



    When you maid a stilophone with a bass

  61. Faze penis 1


  62. Avto Avto

    can you play metallica

  63. James Maroon


  64. Avto Avto

    can you play metallica

  65. Avto Avto

    can you play metallica

  66. error 000000000

    Otamatone ❤ba ba ba ba baba

  67. Judah Ben Ducusin

    3:06 mind blowing!😜

  68. Akmal Mahmud

    do you can play bass miku watasi alien????

  69. Angelito Masalta

    Renai circulation 😃😃😃😵😵😵😵😍😍

  70. Ralphlac

    My favorite part = Davey 504. EPICO!!

  71. Avto Avto

    can you play metallica

  72. Miriam Harris

    this is the most wholesome beef ever

  73. I'm Cauã Henrique

    what, he isn’t indian

  74. Golden_Boy

    Что этот макаронник себе позволяет?

  75. Hydra03

    Was expecting Dorifto but still satisfied

  76. Leonardo Baldassarre

    Favij: I am the most subscribed italian channel **Marzia has joined the chat**

  77. Mekikushi 23

    Davie504 challenge Jesus to a bass battle.. EPIC Battle. Slap Like Now!!!!

  78. Amir Fabia

    I hope pewdiepie notices you

  79. ignacio paredes


  80. Isaiah Henderson

    I'd slap it

  81. Kian Lobaton


  82. Anton Sby43

    gra" bng kepin jdi nyasar kemari anjir

  83. Cann Abinoid

    She's right. Its a bass guitar.

  84. Just a Hacker

    This was Epicc

  85. Ralphlac

    OMG!! No headphones!

  86. Joshua Miguel Valdez

    Ear reveals CHECKMATE

  87. Mona İsa

    Türkler den çalmışınız

  88. LukeDC


  89. Angelito Masalta

    You will be bald ³

  90. Robert Trott

    Sé Bass Soy Bass

  91. Ciro Salvador!


  92. just_ ice

    I dont slap the like I slap ur butt 😏

  93. Piyakan23O

    i dont think he a pro but i think he is a Depression hahahahaha joking dont kill me davie im joking

  94. Vuk Jovanovic

    B A S S

  95. HolyLuck Studios

    Hablo español

  96. Zust_ Cuddles

    This fake, the strings are paid actors

  97. Archie Harrison


  98. Archie Harrison


  99. Gatop CZ