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  1. Radical Charge


  2. hellstarrem

    Aight ive waited 5 months, whens it coming out

  3. Rodrigo Esteban


  4. Sam Shady

    Dope. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Jake A.

    I wonder if his baby in this universe is "X Æ A-Xii Tusk Edition"

  6. Mayhem

    at any point in time AFTER he met the girl, successfully, he could have made a new "save", and even made a save before getting on the airplane... apparently Morty isn't a gamer lol

  7. Alexei rios

    what chapter

  8. Sebastien Espino

    This is like 2020

  9. kekies

    Still waiting for part 2

  10. ll-Victor-ll_Pinto

    Nooooooo, why ur luck suck Morty?? 😢

  11. Yeey Taerde

    All of you idiots blaming Jerry when you should be blaming morty for leaving his VERY IMPORTANT device where anyone could access it and mistake it for a remote.

  12. Emmanuel Moreno

    "G**damn Wikipedia!"

  13. mateo jakke


  14. Miles Lentz

    Please don't eat it while you're driving. It's so good you might crash.

  15. Luca XD7

    One word..... (Deadpool)

  16. Tybalt Capulet

    Jjfish looks like Malibu's most wanted lol lol. All these guys look like cracked out pimps.....I am a boy Damien

  17. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Is that north where rick

  18. Isaac The Lemon

    But why

  19. Kstreak 541

    Dis njgga a simp 😂

  20. TheTomsdrc

    I wanted to pursue art and design, then my parents were like "Tom there is no money in art do construction management instead." I guess did I learn how to draw, if you can count construction drawings.

  21. You're the man now Dog

    I don't cleam, I'm not cleam ok

  22. D

    anyone else see the south park easter egg? at 2:52 morty is kenny, then stan, then the girl then kyle

  23. Trav Riethmiller

    I wanna subscribe to TreeTV

  24. Khaleel Mansi

    Is this an homage to pulp fiction or MIB? 🤔

  25. Aiman223


  26. Jluyoungzone

    Now Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam, he was a drab little crab once...

  27. orange juice :?

    I’d Lo key blast young niggas songs

  28. Woodrow Augustus Rogers

    I’ve watched that movie before.

  29. asadd2

    "Put it away! Don't put it away THERE!" oh poor Dip

  30. Brian the Big Cheese

    because there are infinite universes in rick and morty, this whole video is cannon and actually happening in a parallel universe in rick and morty.

  31. Daniel Ros

    This is what Rick was talking about when Jerry uses pity draw his victims to higher or marry him

  32. frank king


  33. Metimuff

    Sega dreamcast

  34. Ramdom Guy

    Fucking jerry

  35. christian6455

    Yeah They Kill this Episode. This The Rick And Morty We Love.

  36. Devashish Singh

    1:21 hawwwt

  37. Samuel Miller

    why you give these clowns a platform


    i always come back here when i feel the world is shit cuz the world is full of idiots who don't know what's important

  39. Austin Kozlowski

    Luke:You Killed my Uncle!! Darth Vader:-_- he made a Joke about your Grandmother's death,even the *EMPEROR* called him a Monster Luke:....No...No Thats not True...THATS IMPOSSIBLE! Darth Vader:Search your feelings you know it to be true...

  40. Vic917

    This short episode was awesome I love Rick and Morty

  41. M M

    Loooook at the diversity yay


    Why was this better than my graduation speech

  43. Bruno Pontelli

    I like that shit.

  44. Mitch K

    try not to Ben Hur challenge #587

  45. Harsh Darkoid

    God damn it Jerry, u had one job....

  46. Ber Ca

    The end was cringe

  47. Jurre Veenstra

    I’m a simple man. I see Jerry getting roasted, I click.

  48. areeb aziz

    reminds me of that movie,,Alive.

  49. zuzzone gelataro

    guys , please tell me exactly which episode is this one 0_0 i have watched till season 3 ep 5 !! wtf where is this episode!??!? i need it!

  50. Stephanie

    No joke A+ content Adult Swim. Sometimes we all just need to look at a tree and just fuckin chill.

  51. ur mum fat

    They shape like a dildo

  52. Beor Eviols

    I mean, after all they've been through he should know her name and her favourite hangouts. I'd "stumble upon her again and simply try a million times until I get her to like me again. It would have been more fucked up if it broke but he can still do it

  53. Lop

    They handled the off brand yahweh well.

  54. Thirst

    “Chicken biscuit is a bruiser Morty, DO NOT mess with that guy.”

  55. robijuli236

    Bruh got some acid laced crack or smth lol

  56. Dustin

    I love this.

  57. Gyspe Lee

    My hormonal ass is crying over a cartoon again

  58. ur mum fat

    is that Tom's brother voicing as woody?

  59. Lukas

    not gonna lie, Summer deserved to get slapped by Jerry in this

  60. Cotton Cobbler

    Summer went too far tho. And throwing out food from ppl that genuinely loves you in their own ways like that.. I know she's a teenager, but damn. You don't do that.

  61. Samantha Fernandez

    This man is a salve

  62. Lorenzo Giorgioni

    The storytelling, with a single narrative device (this rewinder thing) is astonishing. Adult swim, you surf the crap of contemporary entertainment like a cool drunken surfer,

  63. Skwisgar Skwigelf

    1:33 Toki: continue 😂

  64. Boran Şengün

    f*cker jerry STUPİD

  65. AndJusticeForEl

    "and people are going LOCO, ese, and I think that was Jesus Christ that once said 'chill, dog, fuck'(...)" this part is real deep, bro.

  66. 0m3n


  67. Ethandy3r

    i mean morty is pulling a 10

  68. RusticHype

    Weakest episode in the season tbh

  69. Sergei Sergeev

    Русские от Сыендука, сколько нас?

  70. Damien Talleu

    Jerry needs to suffer more. Fxcking useless larva

  71. Brett Wilcox

    It's just beyond fantastic.

  72. Malex R

    Ahahahhah the perfect crossover. Even had plot holes! Best shit I saw in this time

  73. Aval

    still the best episode

  74. Iyden McNair

    I called the number and Seth's voicemail replied

  75. Simon Cantley

    I actually think the writers went too far on this one geez. Poor Jerry haha he’s just a typical father and get so much hate. Fuck them all, Jerry you don’t need them!

  76. Ivy Girl

    At least he still had his complexion


    ik this is a joke and all but i still think this is fucked up

  78. Rei_whatislife -.-

    Who knew that love could take you so far but Also so far away

  79. Luis Angel Armenta


  80. Pax Mayne

    I knew that yellow dude looked familiar

  81. Pi co

    We’re gonna DIE morty, WE’RE GONNA D I E!!!

  82. Infinity of Nolan

    Jerry could have saved a checkpoint but he pressed the one button that sets them back years

  83. Jerry le quake

    Quiet Kid: "I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS" *reaches in his bag* Me: 1:14

  84. JohnC Drawz

    Me watching this: mooom can we buy 3 different flavored pringles1

  85. ve1lw

    This is very sad :(

  86. Controversy Man

    Poor boomerz

  87. GrizzlyPanDa

    Why everyone hates Jerry 😕

  88. Itachi 2.0

    Shut up Jerry

  89. Shane Green

    This is stupid...

  90. Пользователь Google


  91. Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach

    I like Rick & Morty, but I really feel like Dan and Justin have failed pretty hard when it comes to Jerry. As a character, he seems to have only gotten worse. He's basically Rick & Morty's Alan Harper, the entire cast (Even throw away side characters) shit on him nonstop for virtually no reason.

  92. gizmonomono

    This is such an easy job to have 😁

  93. Drew KingTM

    Fuck you Jerry wtf! Don't touch other stuff! Man poor Morty! All that for nothing he even risk his life twice without clicking the reset remote!

  94. { p a u l a g a r c i a }

    Jerry, you son of a flip flop

  95. Albino Zoidberg

    5 years later and it's actually accurate, season finale of The Simpsons this year was on May 17th. Let's see if Rick and Morty start on July 26th

  96. erics

    Expensive skin... Fucking expensive...

  97. eusebio baca


  98. Jerry Green

    Oh shit, the episodes started to come out finally! The whole May already! Haven't noticed that

  99. ytdave354

    I missed that sulfur/fart joke the first time I saw this.

  100. Raptor killer

    Damn now i feel bad for jerry