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  1. Alejandro Mangieri

    I actually think Florence has a fair shot at winning, she delivered an amazing performance in Little Women. If Dern doesn’t take it then Florence for the win.

  2. I'm Kyle

    Laura Dern and Brad Pitt snagging awards like apples on trees. I still think Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Driver and Jamie Foxx should take home this year's awards season. More emotional and mental acting.

  3. Tury B. Good III

    Gary oldman and Jack Nicholson.

  4. The Only Separation


  5. Sherry Patrick

    I thank both of these talented actresses. 😃. They have been in movies I cherish, love ,and remember. Memories I hold dear. 😊❤

  6. len710

    That’s awesome! Well-deserved.

  7. sophia

    I’m going to need florence to narrate an audiobook because WOW!!

  8. Mud Piez

    If you think it’s not going to be Brad and Laura then you’re an idiot

  9. Tom S.

    Damn. He’s HIGH AS FUCK! Looks like he’s rolling his balls off especially from the way he’s acting all tweaked out and crazy and speaking with the cottonmouth and shit. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit BUT maybe not at the golden globes where ur nominated. What a Loser.

  10. PSYCHO’D

    Anyone who disliked this video needs to have a eye kept on them👀

  11. Dreaded E

    This movie was trash. All the hype

  12. Cindy Johnson

    Hillary cheated & lied & STILL lost!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Like Water

    Shia got cheated.


    Dafoe still hot man

  15. Myles Matisse

    Look everyone...THIS is how you give an acceptance speech WITHOUT getting political. THIS speech should be what every actor, writer, director, producer and anyone else in the entertainment industry should watch when figuring out how to give a compelling speech upon winning an award.

  16. Stormy Davis

    As usual, variety waters down everything and doesn’t focus on the real good points

  17. TheRealKing M

    “Please hold the applause” 🤨

  18. Daisy Debut

    Fineas and Billie hugging each other Me and my brother slapping each other

  19. Darrell King

    Both there american accents on point

  20. Jacob Reeves

    Go checkout the acting roundtable with him, Adam Driver, Robert De niro, Adam Sandler, Jamie Fox and Tom Hanks. So insightful.

  21. Edward Yeung


  22. Edward Yeung

    2 of my favourite actors

  23. Elijah Stevenson

    Boring interview. Can't believe this ass is an editor of Variety. And a critic too. What a shame! Variety? Hire somebody who's more professional and competent and who knows how to do an interview! Wait, did this dickhead went to college? He doesn't know how to communicate! Shame!

  24. Sam Nichols

    Bro the first bit is like a graduation 😂😂

  25. nancy ngoma


  26. rr ww

    it's interesting to see an actor who worked for 10yrs ~ before finding acclaim. Some stay as character actors their whole careers. never got handed a franchise because they beat out 2000 identical fresh faced nobodys (for whatever reason)

  27. beatriz gonçalves

    Bro , his MIND and his PERSPECTIVE is just crazy

  28. The Latest And The Greatest

    This dude is a fucking genius I’m a fan for life can’t wait to see what he does next

  29. goldkhw

    I wish he had done his "click-click" dog attack signal at the end.

  30. Maria Manuela Delgado

    stephen's face...

  31. Jorge Espinoza

    He was very accurate. We all love him here in Peru.

  32. Kimberly Ward

    Is he having a seizure the minute he realizes he fucked up lol

  33. Crappy Carpenter

    I’d love to Adam in more serious roles. He’s really good like a few other comedic actors.

  34. boyjoja

    This type of interview should be with Chris Farley "Do you remember?"...

  35. AidanI

    Willem Dafoe not being nominated for best supporting actor for his role in the best movie of 2019 The Lighthouse is probably the biggest snub I’ve ever seen in the Oscars history.

  36. ZuRriX

    Such a cool dude.

  37. Neha C

    Mm excuse me but Scarlett is looking 🔥🔥

  38. Tom R

    Holy bat turds

  39. Thick Wrist Fat D*ke

    Real men don't say sorry, they learn and move the fuck on.

  40. James Wallace

    Tell me why would the other drummer play while Ringo was playing???!!! This is so disrespectful!!!!!

  41. angelisoncrack

    Me (a server) checking on my tables at work: 0:23 - 0:27 The customers: ... ... ... Me: 0:28

  42. Whitaker Brothers

    This is a lucky rich idiot interviewing another lucky rich idiot. Here's the take-away for actors: give the Director and the Editor something they can work with.

  43. dboy

    better watch your mouth De Niro.. Trump is coming to Hollywood to BITCH - SLAP your UGLY FACE.. and KICK your ASS !!!!!!

  44. Boston Terrier


  45. Rafael Tarcha

    Gentem, quantas mulheres adoráveis, e como se isso não bastasse elas ainda são lindas.

  46. chachee15

    this is so cool. thank you

  47. Rathbone

    This whole conversation is cringeworthy, but I love them both haha

  48. Jeannie S Lee

    the most serious i've seen conan

  49. Ski Mask

    I love when actors sit down and talk like normal human beings with eachother makes them seem a little more human even tho they’re levels above us all in terms of money success and they just feel more interesting when they sit down and talk with eachother.

  50. vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten

    I saw the movie 3 times, but I wasn't a fan of the franchise before seeing this movie. I liked Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2, but I wasn't a fan. I hadn't seen them in at least 15 years. Bad Boys For Life was so good that it made me rewatch Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 and become a fan.

  51. Ben Epp

    HEY Robert who's the low life , you are .

  52. Giggity King

    Is this a JOJO reference?

  53. criisnf

    How can she say she isn't funny?

  54. Breanna Gosdin

    I am both of them.

  55. kym fargo

    What a handsome gentleman...

  56. assrapes

    Would become a must watch tv, imagine the simps prince, prince harry wearing high heels for his wife's boyfriend, I wouldn't miss that for sure. Or him filing a complaint to the cops, I got raped by my wife's new boyfriend. Ohh! That would be hilarious 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  57. Travis Stanton

    Ok, so, no one is talking about the other elephant in the room, the fact that Nico is playing a white girl in Dumbo. Thereby effectively cancelling out the representation she could have been exhibiting... Any thoughts on this?

  58. Hana Riirash

    I had to watch this on mute because the stupid interviewer made me cringe so much I couldn't handle it! 🤮 I loooove these beautiful women though! 😍😍😍😍

  59. Joe Smith

    Bruce Lee's first fight scene on the Green Hornet was NOT with Burt Ward. Bruce had done numerous other fight scenes starting in June 1966. Bruce's fight scene with Burt Ward was filmed in February 1967 as part of the Batman- Green Hornet cross-over episode.

  60. Miss T

    I like when they sing the song 🤔

  61. Miss T

    These two are awesome..♥️♥️😘😘😌😌

  62. GTseven

    It's a Hollywood stroke off.

  63. Simon Price

    You have a comedy actor and an actor talk, you can see the difference.

  64. Thee 0ryxx

    I ❤️you Sir Patrick Stewart

  65. Karen M.

    Nine'een seven'een. < great movie !

  66. karla Sosa

    Renée Zellweger her voice is similar to marilyn monroe

  67. Elaine Dwyer

    Hot damn! Pitt & LDC just get more handsome as they age.

  68. F Mills

    Meryl Streep’s hand bag

  69. Stigglitz

    Fuck I love these icons both so much

  70. Flight Therapy **BullisticFPV**

    Incredible acting, terrible movie lol How are you going to say this movie is about the end of marriage not being a failure and then tell a story about a couple where they decide to separate, and then the women, who is both portrayed as a strong individual and yet somehow is also so easily manipulated by a lawyer, lies to the man and systematically tears his life down... this film WOULD have been great if the obligatory "women are great for being alive" narrative wasnt shoved in there.. ugh

  71. SapQT

    Would prefer to see roles given to people outside the sphere of influence of Hollywood parents or relatives.

  72. Travis Lin

    is that the robin from collegehumor?

  73. Pedro Keane

    The only good thing about ST3. They keep wasting the same formula since season 1

  74. Zinedine Prime

    Sandler is acting and manipulating Pitt by acting like a person who he really isn't

  75. David Serkland

    Sandler should be shirtless with socks and flip flops. Just really go overboard.

  76. Jay Eli

    Awesome movie, so many layers to it.

  77. John

    I would love to see Scarlett and Charlize go at it in bed. That would be the ultimate turn on for me 😘

  78. Iman Dolce

    Was Scarlett drunk?!

  79. Pongo Huston

    It is especially brazen for Annabella Sciorra to have traded sex for employment, and now she is crying rape! That is a horrible fraud! Does anyone not concur with this truth?

  80. REV 9

    7:25 the REV 9 swore in the film

  81. Angry Silence

    _bosom_ 😂

  82. Reinder Anakotta

    So many great movies, damn I couldnt choose 10, but who cares because this video also makes no sense whatsoever Instant Family Ready or Not Baby Driver Hanna Official Secrets Alita Battle Angel Colombiana Kick-ass Searching Hereditary Midsommar Whiplash the Help Logan 7- Sucker Punch 6- Parasite 5- Inception 4- Blade Runner 2049 3- Sicario 2- La La Land 1- Call Me By Your Name

  83. ue8472

    Everybody forgets he is from Oakland,Ca... My dad remembers him from high school and never stops talking about it lol

  84. Ginny Foster

    lol I read a news report that said “They are having trouble selecting jury members for the Weinstein trail” and I was like no shit have you seen what he’s done

  85. WT Actual. . .

    Fuck him. He's acting stupid. As if. What a pompous ass. Hollywood has become a wasteland of the indefensible.

  86. Natalie

    Tarantino should stop.

  87. Anju Mathyal

    I don't have to listen u talking.. Your vibrant face is enough to make me inspired..!!

  88. Rosen Krastev

    Fresh off The Boat Season 7

  89. Visual Candy

    Harvey is a scrumbag...but some of these woman are no as innocent as they clam. I'm sure there are a lot of woman who were prepared to exchange sex for a shot at becoming a Hollywood star...and only turned dirty when Harvey didn't get them a movie deal. Have you seen his wife? You telling me if Harvey worked at Wal-Mart she would be in love with him?... bullshit...she loves the money and the fame...he looks like Jabba the hut ...a total sleaze ball ...but woman also manipulate men using sex and have since the dawn of time. Harvey is guilty as and hope he rots...but don't pretend all woman are a good little princess ... a lot in Hollywood are GOLD digging whores. I might not be politically correct... but that's the dam truth. Go and have a look at Instagram these days...young girls falling over each other to see who can post a sexier near naked, pumped up fake lips , to get likes and validation...its sick !!! Kim Kardashian leaked her own sex tape to become famous...she should be on trial too for influencing young girls on how to be whores.

  90. Jori Sleeks

    It's ironic that he also plays someone with certain severe mental issues

  91. Reveron Everon

    Pop-up again,69 videos from Kia motors😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  92. Glurg Fluurgen

    14:44 - "Congrads"??

  93. Russians Hate Putin Too

    ANSWER: Some white person.

  94. pakibukas

    Taylor: best part of the show?....making out with laura on a regular basis, of course.

  95. kelly jones

    Brad Pitt is by far the hottest Hollywood actor , he is hot , funny and humble , I love him .

  96. reverend900

    De Nero is still on his Irishmen avatar.

  97. Bill Hilton

    Trump pays off porn stars and there abortions and has the nerve....hypocrisy

  98. Veteran Elite


  99. Bill Hilton

    Isn't this priceless now! Trump pays off porn stars and prostitutes and there abortions and has the fucking nerve to go after clinton. HYPOCRISY At the time I was like uh trump Hillary is running, not bill....duh Republicans abilities to repeat something false over and over and over again , till there can base swallows it whole..... And let's not ignore the big orange elephant in the room, clinton got impeached for a blow job, trump cheating in our elections!! Viva la differance! The Republicans are the worst evil deplorables in the universe, not just out planet, and god said who? Never heard of them

  100. James Connelly

    Can one be Pia Zadora?