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  1. Judah Baggerman

    Harry is High and Shy

  2. 4K trey

    Where’s jj

  3. mateo perez

    8: 09 lol

  4. Just Luca

    You can see who's got an adblock on & who doesn't.

  5. MattTheGentleman

    These are the classic unbeatable moments. So many good memories

  6. Declan Beech

    JJs face when he was killing the ghast😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Ross Leisses

    Ethan went from getting nothing but Fat jokes to nothing but Fit jokes

  8. b will

    the helmet 😭😭😭😭

  9. Logan The moose

    Me and my grans have shown symptoms so shit

  10. XxMercy KillxX

    This was after the spelling bee

  11. Judah Baggerman


  12. GD_ Football

    Y’all did markiplier and vannoss dirty

  13. Judah Baggerman

    This made me cringe so hard i laughed

  14. Rayden -_-

    Helmet Boy Originsssss!!!

  15. AtomicRecord Mazumdar

    0:54 did harry peak at vikk's board?

  16. Fountain boom!!

    When u r desperate for content Also watching this in 2020 lol

  17. anorok tulip

    JJ : ding, ding, ding , JOSH : that sounded like n-word

  18. DGU

    Ah the good times

  19. Taylor Sparks

    They had so many Canadians in here even tho it’s an America rating and tbh u guys under rated Shane’s he has so much food content I think if you guys like the beauty world more you would have rated him higher

  20. Tit Sopheapannha

    The good old days

  21. Jonsey6hunnid


  22. Factor Z

    No cap Tobi's line slaps

  23. Gochi Xiong

    Who got a little piss or like annoyed?😅😒

  24. Buzz Strickland

    Why is vik real funny in this

  25. Splash Painters

    Why doesn't Ethan have a facecam?

  26. xNolan

    whats the song 24:03

  27. Dragos Pahontu

    Damn Josh lost like 5kg just by stopping from drinking Dr.Pepper!

  28. Jukub

    Terrible? What do you mean terrible?!

  29. Redpanda 192

    2:10 like of you saw vikk lip sync the wrong words

  30. KianTheBoi

    Damn, Harry’s laugh is so different know😂

  31. Riley Purcell

    Ladies and gentlemen this is how corona started 😂😭🌬💦

  32. Calvin-John van Geenen

    "If I hadn't met Con, he wouldn't be where he is" :O... Damn Josh

  33. Rud Sars

    Top 50 cards against humanity moments

  34. David Brock

    Where is josh’s pedophile moment where he said he likes kids

  35. Xander Hughes

    Lets all by honest, we miss the old vikk

  36. Lucy Evans

    B might take his top off, yes ethans Mum you know what everyone wants

  37. Ken Artajos

    close your eyes and listen to 25:02

  38. Darkness Devours

    12:12 will forever be one of Josh's best moments ever.

  39. Ryxz.

    Vik is the best sideman

  40. ғaмιlyғrιendlyconтenт

    i thought that vik's word when he drew diabetes, was harry, because he was getting fat, and does drugs.

  41. Byron McKenzie

    The compilation I never knew I needed till I got it

  42. Nithin Nayani

    Only OG’s remember those days, When the sidemen were popping off

  43. Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Aww..they didn't include when JJ and Vik were trolling everybody in that Liberator race. That will always be my favorite GTA video...

  44. JadeRaven

    ... I'll allow it

  45. Suvashis MAINALI

    this is what my life has come to wathcing 7 grown men play in a block world for 30 minutes arguing about fucking iron

  46. TecHac A Sportex Productions

    I wish They played GTA V like the OLD DAYS!!!

  47. The Cook

    7 grown men formally debating where to rank a makeup artist on a FIsels tier list 😂

  48. Jovani Fisher

    Need help searching for Mommy Behz on insta to confirm GIANT RACK situation. LOL

  49. Nathan Lawton


  50. Kuro

    Jj really picked one of the worst sagas as his favourite sagas

  51. 卍

    Sorry guys because I stop commenting last 2 weeks because I feel sick but it's OK and I don't feel good to comment but I wish everybody take care "Sidemen4Life"

  52. ButterThanYou_IDNG7227

    First of all i just watched the other house tour. (LA? I forgot) Second i thought this was another tour but a different house🤦🏻‍♀️ i'm stupid sorry😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  53. Sam Hatz

    So these are the times where vickstar used to get bullied

  54. Andrew Garstka

    I was playing quiplash and the wine rack question came up and my friend put “A baby’s rib cage”

  55. pixel

    Am i the only one who thought it was cute when Harry was talking about filming boats

  56. Touchy Timo

    30:36 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

  57. Jungshook

    what video was at 24:25

  58. Parth Patel

    This was so awesome. Please do more.

  59. m.c_l.o.l F: ig

    Back when vikk did the abusing

  60. minato Frusciante

    Behz has changed so much 😂

  61. Brodie Vanderhorst

    The real title of this vid should be: Vikk getting bullied for 35 minutes straight

    1. Ankush Chaudhary

      Vikk didnt get bullied, he was legendary in GTA vids

  62. Savoi

    Sad that special penguin didn’t make it in honestly

  63. Alejandro Mendoza

    Real talk Jj bully’s Vick but in gta Vikk is the bully vikk is getting his power

  64. Brodie Vanderhorst

    I see a common theme in this vid: Vikk getting absolutely abused and bullied... perfect 👌

  65. C Beilbs

    i miss this

  66. Jake Hall

    this is by far one of the best moresidemen videos

  67. ChrisTieFy Barr

    liza koshy is so trash, she is so painfully unfunny and gets way to pollitical

  68. Trickymarc

    I have not laughed this much in a while!

  69. PirateRadioDude

    Whatever happened to wiz

  70. Dan Skyder

    Help! Can does anyone remember when Vik hit JJ with a “I can’t hear you from so far down the leaderboard” between races? What episode was that??

  71. Justin Angelo Alvarez

    The Viktator one is so spot on...

  72. Waie Julkafili

    the content we needed to see during quarantine

  73. Thanh Hải Trần

    Vik the bully

  74. Jason Martel

    This was good, but there’s wayyy more great moments. You guys should do more compilations. As long as they don’t have repeats well watch them all. Also, maybe number the moments and let ppl vote on the best ones in each. Also sometime longer running jokes are funnier so include those too

  75. trey stallworth

    "I've Been Jew'd" -Ethan 2016

  76. i got that booty booty i keep that plump

    We need cards against humanity and GTA it would be so fun to watch!!! 💞✨

  77. Drag0n0

    What does harry sing after “Do you believe in jide after live”? This has always confused me.

  78. 不知道Miann

    The prime of sidemen🤍

  79. Alejo Morgan

    golf it???

  80. Breezyyy

    Whos watching in april 2020👀👀



  82. george be


  83. Kamron Aston

    What did harry really say

  84. NilanPlayz

    Omfg please play gta again For next sdmn Sunday?

  85. zooking

    are we not gonna talk about harry's screech at 29:19

  86. meeran haq

    Anyone know what video that was where JJ said the "Is it a Dog" line? When they showed him a Red Panda?

  87. Amaan Akhtar

    Half of it was full of vik

  88. Nethma 123

    usually i dont like compilations but i fucking love this video

  89. Ayushmaan Maurya

    Well they should continue making GTA V vids

  90. Saoodisticall


  91. McDonald's medium Fries

    can’t believe they got money off us watching a grown man sleep

  92. Bobbie Mcdonnell

    Drop me a follow on twitch people for daily Fifa and warzone streams: DBL_plays

  93. Alejandro Mendoza

    Sidemen post more gta plz

  94. Alejandro Mendoza

    Back to the old days

  95. Batho

    34:17 the stifled laughter from josh and the silence from ethan makes it SO GOOD

  96. Sami Ullah

    My favorite video ever . I was literally crying the whole video xD

  97. Shahid Miah

    The victator one at 12:31 had me dying in tears

  98. Edward Yeung

    Bring it BACK NOW

  99. Jude Eden

    JJ in the create a song video: I will carry JJ in this video: gets fucked every time

  100. BlackBelt Messi

    Do more I love this