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  1. flickygaming

    legend has it that jj used the same recorder for red alert

  2. The Hobatron

    That's the original Tomb Raider theme in the background!

  3. MichaelX8

    I stared at the sun for 20 minutes can confirm its yellow. Also all i can see is yellow

  4. Amin 4/game

    NOT FUNNY :c

  5. Leon Otte

    josh usin diamond shovel in creative XDDDD


    tobi looks pretty gay

  7. Dead Pool

    16:29 Harry asking where the picture is from, when he knows darn well he posted it public

  8. jordan hulme

    Ethan's on it

  9. KiranK28

    One month now wow

  10. Sicorax OO

    i died when ethan was launched in the air

  11. James N Finlay

    love james

  12. James N Finlay

    give me 12000 fifa points and i will be your friend

  13. Rebecca Lesi

    Best part 14:58

  14. James N Finlay

    i love you so much love james

  15. James N Finlay

    you are my friend simon give me a sweetie

  16. -

    13:15 thank god KSI said that lol that track making video was amazing!

  17. Matthew Vollmerhause

    Like I mean if you date a pornstar it doesn't mean she has to be making vids with other people. Like it could be stuff with you

  18. Yani PRO

    9:58 Shit man. I lost hard

  19. Page_the_dancer

    This won’t get 2 mill views - Harry

  20. Teodor Ciherean

    1 like-1 porn video for JJ

  21. Aleksander Netland

    How drink is ethan?

  22. Dmitry Litovka

    21:06 *Before we get into the video, guys, this video is sponsored by **_Raid: Shadow Legends._*

  23. Umar Ahmer

    Yo wtf is up with Simon attackin Vikk!

  24. Fan Xuan Wei

    Wow all of their serves are illegal

  25. XD dameer

    old vik: and i was like indi indi indiaaaaa new vik:and i was like babe bae babe bae babe bae ohhhh

  26. AV8R1 Gaming

    Harry: The Only Turkey That's Getting Stuufed This Year Is Your Mom! Me:

  27. Waveyy Lz

    Can we just appreciate joes commentating 🤣

  28. Hidden Squid

    where the hell is tow birds one stone????

  29. Faris Haziq

    What is a tory?

  30. Stikky Sosage

    Am I the only one who knows literally absolutely nothing about Faze, I haven’t heard of them at all outside of from the Sidemen

  31. VikingNO

    ethan looks stoned

  32. Mad Brad117

    JJ: Weep every time Logan Paul: I was sick I was sneezing JJ: 😭

  33. Quintessenz

    Me at 8:05: are you zooming out or am I already drunk?

  34. Sergiu Damoc

    People sleeping on LayZ.Just saying

  35. Tgs420

    Jj and Toby throwing up gang signs and viks there doing finger dances, go eat some Curry

  36. Dmitry Litovka

    This is the most political video the Sidemen have ever done. Change my mind.

  37. KappaFPS

    isnt this a music video not a diss track "HARRY"

  38. Diazz

    Harry finna rip some nangs

  39. David Chris

    well ofc the will be sick after 1 day in amsterdam walking with T shirts

  40. ARNAV Tube

    Simon : oh boy Tobi : wait a minute

  41. Ken Jeff

    0:36 Thailand my ass

  42. WogKid

    0:29 why does JJ look like he is coming to rape me

  43. favour


  44. Jordan McFadyen

    Lil VZN

  45. Sad Vibes

    I knew more about jj than harry did

  46. gvmmybear

    whats the outro song name?

  47. Razor jaw86

    If only Josh just wasn’t on the sidemen

  48. Shadow Clone


  49. purplevoltage 99

    Harry did say the N word

  50. Charlie cod and Fortnite

    16:45 it become 2016 again

  51. steve mifsud

    18:00 hheeee

  52. Gameverslaafd

    16:13 when your mom comes in with the belt

  53. Gameverslaafd


  54. Hylusonate

    did anyone notice the gta IV music at the start?

  55. Asik Dipu

    990 dislikes are you dumb famm

  56. JustLuck

    Harry wears that shirt in almost every sidemen video

  57. Amelia Biggs

    Watched the vid

  58. Amelia Biggs

    Is ur mum loll love it

  59. Amelia Biggs


  60. Callum Gansbuehler

    Upload onto Spotify like the goft

  61. Ahmad Gamer

    Anyone else notice that 3 matches in a row ended with 7-3.

  62. husky1

    I'm bored

  63. primis 127

    Its more like a diss track bruh!

  64. It'ss_Laminee

    Add black jesus to the sidemen

  65. SamIzSus

    11:50 i kinda wish Miniklin was there

  66. Nathan Koffee

    No one: ksi : GREG PAUL!!!

  67. nino groenewoud


  68. eeihsoj Joshua•조슈아

    big up harry for spending 4hrs making efforts to write “josh is a cheating nonce” lmao

  69. Tikaai

    We deserve another one word interview

  70. Molly Maurer

    JJ: *stands in strongly disagree for face tuning is fine bc Logan Paul filters his photos” 😂😂

  71. Laladisulu 15

    19:35 van dijk put his hand up when Ethan took the photo

  72. Salman Amer Alkhatib

    I’m not watching this vid cause jj isn’t in it

  73. Rosie Clark

    Wow jme is fire he just flows but credit to the all great song loved it

  74. Anonymous Beats

    For FaceTuning the difference is that you don’t see your tuned self physically, but you do see yourself with makeup on at a physical level

  75. Ryan Hopps

    Do this again in 2020

  76. Oliver Smith

    Simons a snitch

  77. Ganesamurthy Krishnan

    I hate you pig ksi

  78. Random Sauce

    I feel sorry for Harry - falling off roofs - dinting cars - making himself and others bleed - smashing tvs 😂🤣😂🤣

  79. SimonWagland04

    You just got kissed by James Charles Like to undo

  80. Floris Rinke de wit

    ill just row to the shore damn thats a bar

  81. Zilfi

    How you gonna put shane dawson in low chill?

  82. Quexyy


  83. DJ Dipen

    Man what heck is that p word???

  84. Afropalmen

    This is some shitty table tennis xD

  85. Andrew Martin

    you guys againts me you will lose because your bad

  86. Oli Muletta

    Harry knows how to sniff an arm Wink wink nudge nudge

  87. Demo Beasty

    JJ is a good rapper but harry is just too funny when he is rapping

  88. Ra’s Al Ghul

    “Rift to go, peace out boys”.😂💀

  89. kryptos 7


  90. Trixy _y

    Mad respect for the fact that Josh said the meaning of life was 42. Appreciate the film reference bro

  91. Jack Affleck

    Idk what’s sadder, men mooing at each other or the amount of people watching men moo at each other

  92. KingNV

    7:30 "she belong to the streets"

  93. Jdn1

    Tobi sounds like a UK Drill Rapper🤣

  94. Daniel smith

    ngl Vik is probs most boring in the sidemen swap him for someone interesting

  95. Ranking World

    SIDEMEN MOST VIEWED VIDEOS RANKED IN THIS VIDEO fisels.info/video/videot/nn2zdsSogJemm2g.html

  96. Buddy T


  97. Jaedon Francis

    why does ethan always get hicups when he eats something spicey?

  98. GoldMiner

    Why is earthquake better than what I remembered

  99. Sydix

    Why does Vik's laugh sound so forced

  100. Vincent Arbatrael

    You should have everyone together instead of seperate.