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  1. Jude

    What are Simons shoes man

  2. GetRektKid024 Rekttt

    Who else faded everytime you heard the alarm from the iphone?😂

  3. Liam Willetts

    I respect Cal more now because he said he would move to Australia

  4. Squiggle

    Simon doesn't know papa Franku.. kinda disappointed


    That’s mad I never knew Callux had cancer

  6. FawllOW

    Callux mate we welcome you to Australia with open arms

  7. T0RcH314

    Loved how chill Cal was in this vid, I hope we get more collabs with him.

  8. XxRedManiakxX

    Google Pixel 3 is amazing

  9. Anna- I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    bsolutely no one: Simons mind : crocs today lads. Yellow crocs

  10. Uzek

    Australia is a continent

  11. Fauxry

    Ethan was so jokes in this 😂

  12. Hasan Farah

    Last time I was this early, JJ didn't know 6x5 LET'S GO CHAMP

  13. Martin Stojkoski

    Oh I'm a bit late, but that's because I sneezed 3 times this morning when I woked up

  14. Harith Gaming

    bruh ethan is such a apple normie

  15. GDAE BB

    Callux is too precious

  16. YT Fruit Salad

    Australia is a continent hahaha

  17. Wild Dogz

    It’s like the line to the side men up from best to worst starting from the right just put Josh in the back.😂😂

  18. Hannah Wise

    What ever you do callux Dont come to Australia the whole coast is on fire ahahahah

  19. Iz_Matt

    Man I thought someone was gonna say being a goalie in a charity match on the sport question

  20. FriendLeo

    Harry is definitely the funniest of the sidemen.

  21. Abexdawn is dead

    Fucc cal

  22. Blank

    at 13:55 what is jj doing to harry

  23. Sebastian Hagen

    callux not even n the description! rip

  24. Elis012 Elias

    Vincent kompany😂😂

  25. SKnPLease

    Callux: is main object in video Also callux: channel isn't in description

  26. Zippy2707

    5:11 please someone clip Josh's face

  27. Brennan

    Callux my guy with Interstellar

  28. Noor

    I could not take my eyes off Simon’s bloody yellow crocks 💀

  29. Lydons Zone

    I loved the video it was lit I can't wait for the next one and "Ethan: Sarah Close" lmfao #SidemenTuesday #WhichOfTheSidemenKnowsTheBest 🤣🔥👊🏻👍🏻

  30. Ozdogzgo

    5:35 Any other Americans annoyed by the fact that they spelled favorite with a u.

  31. shiney x

    Callux: what’s my favourite music artist: Me:James Arthur 😂😂🤡🤡


    Callux da man Australia rules

  33. Kolt

    25:45 jj realizing it was actually red

  34. Rip Gaming

    Vik forgot yellow, that dumbfuck

  35. Craig Sicko Mode

    ur my daddy

  36. unknown person

    Is ethan the new funniest sidemen? No but hes up there

  37. Judah Baggerman

    This was before the fight guys if you didnt know

  38. Jamie Duncan

    Cal’s real fave movie? Finding chemo

  39. Ofbizeezy

    Logan: spots a homeless man No One: Absolutely No One: Shannon: let's go tramp

  40. LIL NOZZ

    callux isnt in the sidemen who the fuck invited him to this video, when i watch the sidemen i expect the sidemen not this callux loser

  41. Ferris Mcardle

    Logan: I'm going to turn you into a meme. Ksi:uno reverse card.

  42. Rene Pointon

    Trust me, Australia is god awful

  43. Maximillian Mus

    What happened to Vikk? He’s so quiet

  44. DomWright.

    19:52 poor guy😭🤣

  45. Ethan Barrett

    Can't say you know him or her so you know them... JJ: Oh so it's Sam Smith dead 🤣



  47. Edd T

    Not surprised some people didn't know Joji but severely disappointing that Simon didn't even know who FILTHY FRANK was...


    Callux- how well do YOU know ME The Sidemen- who is this ugly man?

  49. MusicalFreak GamerGeek

    What are Simon’s shoes?!?

  50. PRO _GAMER

    This game is a tutorial how to lose your ability to talk 11:44 the start of ksi annoying tbjzl 😂😂 13:35 josh part is amazing , thank me later

  51. jacob 1

    Teacher - Why did you fail your test Me - i woke up sick , i SnEeZeD ThReE tImEs

  52. Nikki S

    Ethan saying Harry will cheat because he cheated the entire game last time.

  53. Abubakar Ahmed


  54. Judah Baggerman

    What was the movie ethan said?

  55. tayf10rita

    Yesterday in Australia it was 34 degrees, today it is 18 and raining that's Australia for ya

  56. Just Kotarahh

    They're the happiest in a crowd But they're the saddest when he is alone

  57. reeceybyrne

    Gina has back 🍑

  58. Troyanac

    9:17 Insane editing

  59. Dylan Couvier

    His fav movie is prolly finding chemo

  60. Thomas Demortier

    19:45 Behz let's out an SBD hahaha

  61. Lucas ITFC

    Someone should've said The Tropic of Cancer for the "Where would I move to" one

  62. Jaron Gittinger

    Love Simon's B&B crocs

  63. Shadagan

    No one: Literally no one: Callux: Don't put the continent put a country. Also Callux: I would live in Australia.

    1. Matthew Brown

      Not a continent

  64. James Talbot

    Please come to Australia

  65. News

    They didn’t even link him in the description 😂 😂

    1. Gucci Young Girl


  66. Hunter Mahoney

    Oh look the sidemens make a wish kid

  67. adam saddick

    to be fair simon got the point for the subs question he is on 3.13

  68. Jake M.

    Android all the way, well done reppin' Google Callux :)

  69. TheWalkingBritt

    It's crazy Callux had cancer. I'm glad he's alive today. 💜

  70. Francisco Quintana

    5:55 How tf did he do that 💀💀💀

  71. Muhammad Mehdi

    Jj won lets go

  72. Beerus

    Lets go Denmark

  73. BlurrProductionz

    Lux: he kissed me on the lips Josh, Simon, Tobi, JJ and Harry: *all look at ethan at the same time* 😶

  74. BuckySpesh

    Ethan said isle of wight! That's my fucking home

  75. Nexity SPNL


  76. RcTheKidd

    we guna act like callux said him n behz lipsed twice mad]

  77. Kurupt Mc

    Callux said what’s my favourite video me We broke up

  78. Frederik Bertelsen

    I love Harry

  79. Robert Maglinov

    Excited for 2020 moo off

  80. Matthew smith

    Simon can do one! First he dont know about Joji and then shrugs at Filthy Frank. Like come on man. George is youtube royalty.

  81. Road To Gaben !

    Even i thought his favourite youtuber is ksi 🤔

  82. Angie Rose

    Kinda sad if you’ll don’t wanna come back to Aus! 😭 I’d love to meet each and every single one of you! It’s hot but we have good beaches and some hella good clubs in the GC in Brisbane! 🥴

  83. Ethan Hughes

    Someone explain why ok isle of wight was funny

  84. ice cream

    Peak when they mention the place u live n piss themselves

  85. d9rcy

    Simon doesn't know who filthy frank is -_- I would unsubscribe from his channel if I was subscribed in the first place

  86. God of gods

    Up the pixel phone

  87. Shapinaa Krishnakumar

    12:20 Big up Denmark ;)

  88. Turquoise

    There seems to be tension in the air because of that roasting video thing 😂

  89. Chris Waters

    australia yeah the fuckin callux, its fuckin great other than the bushfires, #morelandlostthantheamazon

  90. obansari

    Thumbs up if you are looking at JJ's lip to see if he filmed this before or after the fight.

  91. Avishay_y


  92. jasmine mariduena

    Ethan and Vikk is an underrated friendship

  93. Me- Squad

    I slept at 2am and when I woke up I sneezed 3 times That’s why I’m 3h late

  94. Liam Bransgrove

    Big up Australia.

  95. Roman Baglin

    When vikk said company I died

  96. Maleeha Sulehri

    I love Callux, but this video was just bland. Ya'll were too disrespectful...felt bad for Callux and therefore wasn't enjoyable.

  97. Sadik Mohammed

    19:55 big ooof

  98. jake PETHY

    Australia gang wya

  99. JG11 Plays

    Bruh Vik wrote Kompany 😭

  100. The Red Pioneer

    Wouldn't want to come here to Australia, the whole country is on fire :/