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  1. Diana_ 22

    Honestly stay strong and remember that you are beautiful and that you don’t need to be comparing her self with anyone and remember that we all look up to you because you’re amazing and you’re a figure to follow❤️❤️

  2. Elcriis

    Quienes vinieron por que FIsels recomendo este video :v

  3. paulina zlotowska

    Ive heard tyle song for The First Time and i already knkw Ale The words

  4. Diana_ 22

    You are so beautiful and amazing and honestly thank you so much for sharing all of this that is going on with you because it is another side of you that we have never seen and honestly I respect you and I love you❤️❤️❤️


    God this is sooo good. I love her.🥰🥰

  6. will Tobin family

    o. m. g

  7. Wayne Batham

    Ofc she’s a criminal she stole all my laughter with her vids

  8. Priya Kala

    0:13 *casually throws phone on to concrete ground*

  9. Ana Cardōs


  10. Diana_ 22

    So proud of you! I just finished watching your second video of the documentary and honestly you’re so amazing and thank you for sharing all of this with us💓💓

  11. Moosehead Productions

    I dated a divorced woman once whose previous husband was gay; she told me it was the best sex she had ever had! You can imagine what that did for my ego and libido...

    1. Lala land

      Lmaoo good

  12. Frosty

    Yup not like people are starving or getting killed each day but OH your life is so hard just because your dad is gay

  13. Oliver Gameplay

    I never had known I’m so sorry for what your going through

  14. lisa dilman


  15. Moosehead Productions

    My dad is dead.

  16. Shaurya

    I don't know bu who tF cares?

  17. Raiza Chong

    Hahaha Old

  18. Zev Smile

    Oh yes lets all feel sorry for Lele Pons, the genius comedian who is just sooo funny. Yes she struggles so much!

  19. sneksnekitsasnek

    well, that explains a lot...

  20. Juan el bueno

    Y que idiota

  21. Wilfred

    How do people actually enjoy this???

  22. baca ilir

    Rujuni se ky ju qin hikni hahhahahahah

  23. Sam Cantillon


  24. Daniela Pigors


  25. alequezada06


  26. Daniela Pigors

    How he get you

    1. Moosehead Productions

      She's a "turkey baster" baby...

  27. Love my Books

    I love her and her honesty.

  28. Umbra_Helios

    Imagine being a living contradiction lmao

    1. Lala land


  29. Walid Lamghari

    Y..uo sorry?

  30. Anasofi Garcia

    Team colombia

  31. Željka Petković

    In what video is the sequel?

  32. Elle Rodriguez

    And imagine people suffering this too but never got the chance to consult a professional and they lived their whole lives being hated for the way they are.

    1. Elle Rodriguez

      Plus...people who self medicate bc they just want things to be aligned and clean.

  33. Just Jusi

    Alguien la escucha en mayo 2020 🙊

  34. Mina Gaming

    Fr when I saw Soffe dossi I’m like, and a OOP

  35. John White

    Ha gay!!!!!

  36. Claudia Feathers

    I'm not a fan of Lele but I think that everyone is proud of you for saying your story and showing how severe ocd really is. Honestly everyone should be super proud of you for sharing this.

  37. Wild_fire 666

    i like sleeping to lele

  38. Wermond Duiker

    I love tis song😍😍😘😘😚

  39. RYEA’s World


  40. Thais Pontes

    I love you so much girl! I am Brazilian and I am very proud to know you, to be your fan and to be able to know a little more of your life! You are an inspiration for me! Thank you so much for who you are!

  41. Erika Lopez

    I like how they said sorry were late but Lele just gets on here phone

  42. Cinematic Nostalgia

    Wtf is this ...

  43. G O D

    Your dad is not big gay YOU ARE LELE

  44. Moustapha Green

    Juanpa is Lucky to have such a beautiful women

  45. K20 8000


  46. Wumbo Wumbology

  47. Angie

    Cartagena, Colombiaaaaaaaa!!!!! Mi pais!!!! El mas bonito!!!!

  48. Eva Buchanan

    You get teeth, stupid and worthless but you get something while we get rich!

  49. 一体としてゲイ

    Am I the only one that think OCD is not that big of a problem as a person with ocd itself it’s a good way to organize I might get bullied in the comments though lol

  50. Mars P.

    me and your dad have something in common

  51. Makenna Ferreira

    I have OCD like lele but it is not as bad but lele is probably the most strongest girl I have seen in person or on FIsels she is my role model she is so strong and pretty and it is not cool to make fun of her

  52. Julianne M

    I’m sorry but she’s just being an absolute brat in the beginning. You’re a grown women, go take a shower

  53. Matthew Erwin

    So you’re father is a bender ??

  54. Jill Williams

    I don’t even know who she is, this just popped up on my feed. I’m not seeing an issue that warrants 8 or 9 handlers. Seriously?? I see a person that is most likely struggling but is also using it as an excuse. In the real world this enabling her handlers are displaying is called creating and supporting bratty behavior.



  56. victoria galuppo

    My dad's Italian

  57. MrHaben89

    Hold up wait a minute, something ain’t right

    1. Lala land

      Actually this is right

  58. Janet Hmar


  59. Fatima Özkan

    Please make by the undertitles German too <3

  60. Mary C

    Love you lele 💞

  61. Chasssidy Rorie

    Lele your so pretty and just from comments you shouldn't let those people change you

  62. Mia Mee

    Spoled narcissist self induled coddled entitled baby Told she is so special and now is convinced of her superiority Horrible selfish cretin of no value to anyone. All about Lele

  63. Sarah Joseph

    Wow, This is so deep and emotional. Very Brave of her to show such vulnerability. The talent she has is amazing! xo

  64. berryberry STRAWBERRY


  65. andrea belli

    I'm so sad because there aren't subtitles in italian

  66. Zeek Banistor

    1955 Ozzie & Harriet, Leave it to Beaver. 2020 "my Dad is a Homosexual"....we have fallen and we can't get up!

  67. Mia Mee

    Coddled for life. How tough

  68. Mia Mee

    So narcisstic self absorption is called OCD now? Lol

  69. Mary Ann Siscoe

    Lele just know I will always love you and support you 💖💖♥️♥️💗💗

  70. Saksham Kshatri

    Love that heavy metal background

  71. Ally Reyes

    We all wish the best for you

  72. Simberly Ferrini

    En españoooollll

  73. Yolanda Alcalde

    Y love you❤️❤️

  74. Murphy Anderson

    When lele plays her audience

  75. ahhhhhh dumb


  76. Sophie Poblete

    And now I have real friends:)💛💛

  77. Dialla Najjar

    You are perfect lele ♥️ Big love 🇵🇸

  78. Ben Charlton

    "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt me" this is false as words do hurt! And people should take a better look at ocd and not just think it's neatness but it's not! Be kind! And lele reads these comments so she knows so next time be more considerate! Love u lele u do you

  79. Sara GR

    You are my favorite princess 👑

  80. vanessa wright

    uhhhhh I can't stand the people that dislike the video don't they have any heart uhhhhh

    1. OWLERO

      Because they know that she's doing this to get pity.

  81. Lizbeth Gonzales Flores

    Y love you lele pons

  82. Mia Mee

    What horrid abuse to have men in his bed in your home. Filthy degenerate. Ugh

  83. •T O A S T Y•

    shouldn’t the kid who skipped all the grades get a good grade?

  84. Ava Macaroni faloni

    2:21 i do that all the time 😂

  85. Jeremy B

    I wish I had just a little bit of the support that lele has when i was diagnosed as schizoaffective

  86. Robin Roblox

    o my god this is sad:(

  87. Yvonne Reyes

    Tu out are the most prettiest girl in the world you pretty

  88. Hansini Muthu

    You are the best lele you inspire me! we all love you!

  89. Celia White

    hi Sofie Dossi!

  90. Aelun B

    Someone commented “I thought he was American