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  1. Michael Wilson

    Is it just me or does Soe's hair look like Sokka lol

  2. 1992it


  3. ZianH

    21:20 for dohas insane DF 5k

  4. Joshua Pae

    pokos facial hair and chipsas facial hair is like what you want vs what you get

  5. Jack Saunders

    Xji’s teleport button was unbound

  6. WaakikiTheGoat

    Song @1:30 ?

  7. Coolguy 3406

    Unnbub h. HJ. J. No j

  8. Cazic K

    Muma and hydration did NOT play well this set

  9. Xeavi

    Ive never seen the ASHE in OWL

  10. Carter Sutherland

    Looks like he eats too many Chipsa.

  11. Hadrian Veska

    Good match

  12. Zander Luperchio

    Mei nerf is much needed

  13. Off-The-Cuff Gaming

    Have to say the two Justice games were my favourites - Fusion looking promising for this season.

  14. prompt000

    Imagine being down 0-2 and seeing the third map start with only 25 minutes left on the video.

  15. Asif Azeez

    Muma throwing

  16. VOID gaming

    Seems to me like the casters dont get long well... awkward chemistry

    1. Donavan Fu

      They've been casting together since 2018 for OW. Saying they dont have chemistry is odd

  17. DerkestUnderd

    If you told me last season that the most hype game of the start of season 3 was Fusion Justice I'd've laughed

  18. Aldonis M.

    Oof, watching the Houston OutLULS be so disjointed is painful to watch😰 0-2 to start the season 😥

  19. Keenan McCracken

    Dude... flying down headshot by logix.... 😲😲

  20. Chen xian Xu

    1:39:50 chipsa poppin off

    1. Luke Chung


  21. Alexandra

    Its rough to watch the Outlaws in this state, but I'm glad my Justice home team looks decent to start the season.

  22. Nichex

    G A M E P A U S E D

  23. MotoMoto

    FIsels gaming pepelaugh

  24. molten 6549

    S T O N K S

  25. MissVenomaniaa

    Too many Asians on this game

  26. Ricardo Pedroni

    Finding these matches very entertaining <3

  27. Keenan McCracken

    Carpe carry

  28. ft. cosmos

    ChipSa hype

  29. Chris Brooke

    match 1 - 4:20 match 2 - 26:00 match 3 - 1:02:45

  30. BadCompany Channel

    1:00:00 Meko ;(

  31. Cyrus Osman

    Why doesn’t the mecreys use the spam when they shoot closely

    1. Fai Toomer

      You can do more damage with headshots than fan the hammer. Since they are pros they should be able to hit those shots

  32. Gfrtgdfger Sfds


    1. Super Face

      Gfrtgdfger Sfds pepeLaugh

  33. A5CENDED

    43:37 Can someone explain how ROAR didn't get froze by that Blizzard??????????

  34. Feena Becker

    can the casters watch the pro team scrims maybe ? Might make them miss less of whats going on. They are good casters, but it feels like they do to little research on the gamestate.

  35. soggy shoelace

    What's up with aimgods arm

  36. Lucas Limão


  37. Lucas Limão

    no drops

  38. BL00M

    Imagine benching fury

  39. nid jay


  40. Christophe Paitrault

    Honestly the outlaws were not fun to watch since this season started, they feel like they don't belong here, those 3-0s says it all

  41. Kief Demon

    So weird watching Carpe play projectile

  42. Matty Elmleitner

    Only one here gets triggered every time they pronounce Brigitte wrong?

  43. Cameron Janocha

    Why are you guys hating on chipsa he has the lowest death rate in the league!!!

  44. Dreasan


  45. Friend And Machine

    Golden Boy > Treasure

  46. Ender13123

    Sign BUMPER

  47. Louis Bertrand

    Muma is mad because he is bad

  48. idly

    🔶 Crunch time 🔶

  49. graham bishop

    What was muma even doing this match?

  50. OMG iTs RADWAN ! N

    No danteh = No win

  51. Nem Nem

    Match start times 00:52:18 02:36:42

  52. zyeptik

    Anyone know the music used for philadelphia fusion?

  53. King GeorgesBra

    Fun stuff

  54. 1234lotr4321 Mc Namara


  55. Oz Tool Talk

    God these casters.... Urghh.

  56. David G

    Can we talk about poko constantly killing sayaplayer and bqb on widow?

  57. Cheoser_ 407


  58. Doodle Dong

    Ow Community be like : Double shield with orisa sigma : BAD, PLS NEW META . Double shield with orisa rein : This is basically the golden age of OW, p.s goats bad

  59. Cheoser_ 407


  60. Fenix

    Cant wait to see them get 4-0d again by SF shock

  61. Ben McArthur

    Byrem over Gangnamjin?

  62. Newton Cazzaro

    Where’s Chipsa? Can’t find him playing on the league 😭

    1. Oui Oui

      @Newton Cazzaro exactly

    2. Newton Cazzaro

      Oui Oui Cuz

    3. Oui Oui

      @Newton Cazzaro how so?

    4. Newton Cazzaro

      Oui Oui because Chipsa is better than Carpe.

    5. Oui Oui

      Why would you put in chipsa when you have carpe? 😂 "Imagine subbing chipsa for carpe" -dafran.

  63. Prenom Nom


  64. theacp127

    Lol all these kids in the comments expecting Fusion to play Chipsa like he isn't the worse player on the roster.

  65. Toph Thomason

    Is this current patch? That widow charge seems fast

    1. Mkey Boule

      It's not. OWL get the patchs 2 week ends after they were deployed on live. So new patch in OWL next week !

  66. BlobbyHD

    Blase looks so bad

  67. BlobbyHD

    What are you dooing Outlaws😣😧😳😡

  68. theacp127

    Muma falling off Kings Row while nanoed pretty much sums up this match.

  69. Marc Eltawil

    Jake is the best

  70. Frost Shadow

    Why are my texas teams starting bad 😥😥😥

  71. Balaram Rodriguez

    That's gotta be the worst mascot I've seen- @6:17 Philly gotta change that asap

    1. Huzayfa Sabri

      thats the flyer's mascot and is probably one of the best.

  72. Ben Earley

    Where is chispa guys

  73. Pear

    It's just utterly depressing to watch the Outlaws

  74. Ron Balin

    Chipsa or nothing

  75. WannabeLilKrobik


  76. roufdrapht

    xqc is still oursperg

  77. Mentos Nlink

    Maps: 1st 10:37 2nd 25:15 3rd 55:00

  78. Vil Lynch

    Is Blase even grandmasters?

  79. william kremer

    bad ice cream 3 on hudgames ,huh not great but good I've seen better

  80. Michael Larsen

    Carpe vs Sayaplayer is so fun to watch

  81. steven

    crunch time

  82. Krazyfart UwU

    Poor outlaws maaaaan what is going on?!

  83. xDer Tüsch


  84. The Amphibious Bean

    34:32 oh no carpe

    1. Kleinkind

      hate to see it

    2. OneRandomVictory

      The Amphibious Bean Tragic

  85. Crisfornia

    Good stuff owl

  86. Good Game Jei

    Why are they not playing Fury? Visa issues?

  87. Cryogentic

    Chipsa MVP, 0 deaths all rounds

  88. Budyń Czekoladowy

    wheres fury? :(

  89. Fuzzy Blitzball

    Friendly reminder that *the meta isn’t cancerous*, allowing for mechanical pop-off moments, displays of team work *and* displays of strategy and forethought Do not take the death of goats and the introduction of 222 for granted :)

  90. Mike518Mike

    Bring justice to the outlaws!

  91. Robbin Theory

    Blase need to switch out linksr need to come back they need him

    1. Gang Gang


  92. Robert Takacs

    Sado was bad

    1. David Jaramillo

      He wasted many shatters, but he actually did well overall.

    2. Lukraniom

      @Robert Takacs Hes getting better

  93. Wildcat121204

    Let's keep in mind that 4 of the Outlaws players have the flu right now. They definitely didn't look great overall here but they aren't playing anywhere near their potential with 4 people sick

    1. Pr3cision

      which 4?

  94. The Impressionist

    Big crunch. Big flavor.

  95. fuscellow *

    Intense chipsa gameplay, but he is playing really good so far. Props to him!

  96. Jan

    Any team pls pick meko 😢 v sad to watch

  97. Muneeb Mashadi

    Love how they won without chipsa

  98. NoWayFolding

    One of the best games I've watched. Really entertaining.

  99. Ak id5


  100. chqdthqmqn

    when they put blase in over linkzr, blase has done literally nothing