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  1. Ivan Camargo


  2. jaycy 31

    Is it on Pandora or can you put it on that

  3. Awesome Ninja

    lil baby on the track would be fjre

  4. Marco Garcia

    fricken auto tune 💀💀

  5. Redin Alvarado

    Banks is so mean

  6. Rodrigo Aquino

    They all big caopin 😂

  7. Jose Felix

    Not to be rude but the song is shit

  8. SoccerFN

    Faze offset

  9. Amanda Souza

    I love your video faze rug can you play fort nite in atub

  10. jennifer Moreno

    you should of stopped at Ace families house

  11. Maximilianmus Ohh ya ya oh ya ya

    Auto tune to the MAX

  12. DaRealRonnie 2k


  13. Hari Darjee


  14. K & J CREW

    The song hit yo

  15. Jack arreola

    Low key can’t stop listening to it is sooo good keep up the hard work

  16. Yaibro Plays

    Lil Tecca

  17. Kenneth Robinson

    Gum or Cj so cool

  18. cuzits Villalta


  19. Crystal Torres

    Faze rug you should let your mom and dad and brother.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  20. Sarah Jackson

    if he did this as a joke imagine what would happen when he actually trys to make a song. cuz this is the best freaking rap song ive ever heard. and i dont even listen to rap

  21. K-Lem Ma

    Wow wow rug

  22. SSBK HBK

    Ok rug Change the Outro

  23. Derek The gamer


  24. Mijo Chris

    Am not a music guy but this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep it going

  25. LilZzaii YT

    And blaze would think this is good

  26. K-Lem Ma

    Wow wow wow 😮

  27. Zyllers -

    I think lil Uzi VERT should would sound good on the track

  28. krazy Kirby

    I give it 10/10 frfr love it it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Viral

    Like for FaZe Sway

  30. K-Lem Ma

    It sounds sooooo gooodddddd

  31. Amir Plays

    Rug i listen to Goin Live 10times a day

  32. DanielPlayzzz__ TTV

    By the way this song of the best and second is get loose by lookas

  33. Alexis Avalos-Zendejas

    I like this song

  34. Avocado Vlogs

    You will become a millionaire in 2020 Like to activate 👇🏽 If everyone that saw this subscribed it could change my life !!!! God bless you all!!!

  35. Captain Clutch

    Faze banks a hater

  36. Chinos mendoza

    Please get rice gum

  37. Yolanda Hermosillo

    Feature blaze

  38. K-Lem Ma


  39. Alex Jr.

    I give you a solid 10 bro, I really loved the song! Keep it up! Do what u love to do and yea bro ✊🏽✊🏽

  40. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Sleep with sommer do it

  41. Abigal Smith

    NELLY I LOVE HIM i doubt he will do it thi 😞

  42. Jesus

    4:19 pause it and in his face describes something?

  43. Homer Simpson


  44. Carolina Perez

    I fucking love thisss songggg❤❤❤bro i am be jamming to songgg nowww 😍😍👍🔥🔥

  45. Easy Clips NOVA

    It’s a fire song

  46. Kaneki

    Dude put ricegum , you can have that auto tune part and rice just comes in With bars Rapping

  47. Emilio Vega

    Hey rug I'm a big fan of you can you face time me plz or call me

  48. Johnny Jeep

    I think you should put lil pump because it’s LIL PUMP AND LIL RUG 🤣 <3 When I was playing basketball I was listening to it this song is LIT!🔥

  49. Bdjeeb Bebsnsn

    He could not have made the song in 24 h because it takes up to a month to upload a song on Spotify

  50. Mr. Hudson

    the first bar slaps

  51. Nathan O'Brien

    It is so good

  52. lil andy

    Next thing u know it ft whit lil baby 🔥🔥

  53. Ya girl Dira

    I like the song it’s the type of music a lot people in SD listen to that’s why😂

  54. Joshua York

    Did you realize in the intro there is a basketball hoop in the tree

  55. Daisy Hill

    The song is on repeat on SoundCloud

  56. Natalie Garaya

    I like the song, I keep on hearing it over and over again and I still do, it was a pretty lit song I loved it. Good Vibes

  57. Molly Bog

    Who's better Rug or Jake Like=Rug Comment=Jake Ignored=no one

  58. Luke Pauley

    I like it and you should make music

  59. OTK ROB

    Too much damn auto tune

  60. Gowan

    Lil tecca

  61. Mc 7

    that skrrt was on some thugger vibes 💚

  62. Makhi Caples

    You should have KSI be a feature on another song

  63. carlos

    They were all 🧢

  64. Blake Birrell

    you were too monotone in it!!!! put more energy into it and more people will like it

  65. Natalie Zuniga

    21 savge

  66. Lean Cruz

    Fuck them auto tune, its mot music, its trash tbh. I love rug but its shit, if you wanna make a music, think everything. Dont be like that shits who just make trash musics and just flexing them clout.

  67. RealTrillTurnt

    Alright Jacob

  68. SpiCyKicks

    That was fire keep up the work you the best

  69. Kevin Reyes


  70. Lucas Hanks


  71. Jaxxon ugine

    The music starts at 10:53

  72. All About Abigail

    Noah: “SKRT, SKRTTT”

  73. Chris Gil

    I listen to this when I go to school I be cranking

  74. Mr. BlueGekko

    i rate it a 9/10

  75. Justin Cabrera


  76. Xyzenvi


  77. Nahid 2003

    The way he says “THE FIRST TIME I MADE A SONG” What about the one you made a year ago?

  78. Stephany Gallegos

    I feel that Brawadis should be in the music video

  79. HerseCrash 11

    You suck. Jk

  80. utw sb

    Yo song is ass

  81. Alex Juarez

    The thing is he didn’t do it tho. Someone came up with the lyrics and he just sang it. If he wrote the lyrics and sang it, it would’ve took months.

    1. Kristoffer

      The lyrics for this isnt gonna take months bro lmaooo

  82. Shirley A Ramirez


  83. Adjacent !Sn1pes

    Rugs song all though has auto tune is better than blazes song no matter how much auto tune he put

  84. Destiny P.

    Ima you tuber and I got no faze rug on my house :(

  85. It's Mr. C

    Noah get your ass being the camera

  86. Tito Vivas

    I love this song make a other song plz

  87. TheRealPeashooter x


  88. xxteddy broxx

    Offset because he is in faze

  89. Ashton Stracener

    666 is the devils number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. zigzagnite yt

    Who else searched Goin Live?

  91. Nicole Kerrigan

    I thought that was James Arthur 2.55 seconds

  92. Crowbra D. Crow

    Honestly I'll give it a 0/10. But hey try getting Gucci Mane or Lil Baby on the remix.

  93. Joel Fogel

    Tommy high af 😂😂😂

  94. Hamaad Akh

    Rice gum collab with rice gum

  95. Ninja Karate

    It is fire

  96. Elvis Gomez

    Rug you should have offset as a feature

  97. Jaxen the MilkChoco gamer


  98. Jose Gamez

    Bring Chris brown