4 Time Ultimate Frisbee National Champion that has switched to Disc Golf. Currently hold 6 Guinness World Records. I upload Disc Golf vids, Course Vlogs, Trick Shots, Tutorials, and much more.

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  1. Levi Massey

    Headstrong is by Trapt lol

  2. blameiton CARTMAN

    Don’t throw it like a disc golf disc, throw it a little more like an ultimate frisbee and use more of a wrist snap rather than your whole body and arm. I used to toss one in my neighborhood with my friend back in the day. The thing ended up on top of my neighbors roof so many times eventually I gave up asking if they could get it back for me 😬

  3. BANtheMAN

    “Private Course” with houses all around and people walking the cart path lol

  4. kobey frampton

    If you can tune the arobie ring right and release it flat it will fly farther than any disc golf disc could ever imagine flying!

  5. Luke Iffland

    My dad was telling me that the aerobie can triple the distance of a regular Frisbee if thrown right

  6. Patrick O'Donnell

    "That was the most athletic thing I mve ever seen you do." Haha got her!!

  7. Dustin Newman

    GM golf better

  8. mike powell

    ok , a friend of mine had a Aerobie disc back when they first came out. they would fly forever from what i remember. i know we threw it across the lake we went to alot. mind you it was a small in city lake that was about 1000ft across (according to google maps) where we'd throw

  9. Jeremiah Johnson

    Nooo you forgot “keep slinging those discs!!!”

  10. Monte Miller

    Look quarantine time is doing to you.......coocoo.......but I like it, because that's me like 90% of the time!! Brodie if the world goes back to normal you need to register for the Rocket City Blast! Come to Huntsville Alabama, you wont regret it!!

  11. Mark Kienle

    I liked the singing

  12. Alex Valencia

    Frisbee trick shots

  13. shafly67

    Your putting form is too Mary...kids can be very perceptive

  14. IC Grotto

    Why not up and over on 8? Also a wider rimmed disc will give you a bigger flair skip for that gap shot on 8

  15. John Dorsey

    I have thrown them and have had the same experience. Seems like there's a lot of potential for distance, but there's no stability.

  16. Roy Vaughan

    Easy Grasshopper! Lol

  17. Daniel Bryson

    Brodie, I keep a softball in my disc bag for when discs get stuck in a tree. It's lightweight with large surface area and easy to throw. Been a life saver since there are not always rocks nearby. Keep slinging them discs!

  18. GutterpunkZ

    This was very entertaining. Thanks for the laughs... And the vitamin c

  19. jcrow62

    This was hilarious. I was dying when he missed the 2 footer.

  20. Kyle Hamilton

    If you're ever in central minnesota come shoot a doubles match with me and my wife

  21. Harry Lake

    You’re a great addition to the world of disc golf.

  22. Michael Dietzen

    I threw it over a football field length

  23. Harry Lake

    I think it’s gone…

  24. Loren Price Sereneview

    You need to stabilize the camera better. Get a SMOVE and a GoPro Max.

  25. Harry Lake

    You are hilarious! 😂

  26. Nicholas Civiero

    I had a great laugh on this video. The most amazing disc, is STUCK IN A TREE FOREVER!!!

  27. Brandon McPheeters

    Yeah that shot flies far

  28. unBSD

    liked the video -- know it doesn't mean much

  29. Alexandre Antille

    Johaniseburger Johannesburger

  30. Alexandre Antille

    Oh johanise What???

  31. frank bennett

    I think I'm going to just start yelling self correct at my discs, it cant hurt

  32. mgb wrestling podcast

    Just 1200 more likes for Kelsey's hole in 1 challenge!!!

  33. Scott Music

    Please someone remix these vocals

  34. Kevin Kingmaker

    Next video: Brodie plays 5 holes with a toaster oven.

  35. Patrick Bateman

    I want you to yell like that in tournies.

  36. 파울신

    So Powerful and woderful

  37. Bobby Sweeney

    I love that you guys are sneaking out to do some private play too. I was referring to sports...

  38. Joseph Mastromarino

    Those are the disc that fat dudes play disc golf with at the park.

  39. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

    Grasshoppers... literally my biggest fear in life

  40. Scott Davis

    Alabama state championships, somewhere around late 80's,, threw the aerobie for over an hour back and forth up to 7-800 ft with lazer point accuracy ,, was craziest thing I had ever seen

  41. The REAL Thief

    you guys are a great couple. love your content...another livestream? Yes please...Its also great to see your progression in disc golf bro, keep it up.

  42. PeachesYoYo3

    3:29 that’s what she said

    1. Blake Hohlbein

      PeachesYoYo3 More like 10:17

  43. Gee Buttersnaps

    10:55 I almost had an aneurism when she said “Papa Roach, Headstrong, remember that song?” Lol that was *Trapt* THANK you very MUCH! Haha my early 2000s teen years were very offended

  44. Dustin Hanson

    really puttin the bro in brodie

  45. Nathan Goodson

    I never got a feeling for the aerobie's true technique. I just mashed on it overhand and it corkscrewed so many times that I almost cried from the beauty of it. Oh, and it flew across an entire football field and an adjacent baseball field, so like... 600 feet? Putting one looks hard as heck.

  46. Jeff Tolbert

    I’m gonna start yelling SELF CORRECT on my shots that need a little help

  47. Christopher Vega

    I am proud to say I can throw something farther than Brodie!

  48. Hyzer RL

    did i just hear juice wrld? lol

  49. Jeffery Hasley

    Dude I saw you throw a frisbee in the air for 9 seconds almost 10

  50. Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety

    Any time I've ever tried to use anything besides a disc golf disc it's just super understable.

  51. Surge

    Another aerobie pro stuck in a tree. There’s a traumatic childhood experience I forgot about.

  52. darren kuhn

    It’s hard to remember to try to be athletic with my throw when I feel like the real purpose of disc golf is to have an excuse to drink beers and smoke bowls at the park

  53. Michael Riquelmy

    fisels.info/video/videot/cYDRppJlg6CghZc.html look at around 29 minutes at 30 seconds.

  54. Tero Tumanoff

    I like your peloton t-shirt because it means fearless in finnish.

  55. Jackson Palmer

    Arobie pro is no joke, I had one when I was a kid and we kids could throw it like 150-175 feet (as 8-10 year olds with no frisbee experience) and we almost killed one of my buddies hitting him in the face 😬

  56. Paintball9927

    I have two aerobie pros and they’re nice

  57. Nick Bonnett

    Brody singing has me in tears

  58. Scott Shoenfeld

    I’ve had that disc for 3 years it flies so far

  59. ULTRA GameZ

    Brodie reading instructions: if it goes left bend down. *throws it and it goes left* Brodie: so if it goes left we... Kelsey: bend up! Me:😐

  60. fasteddie243

    Every Aerobie made has been on a never ending quest to find its soul tree. Aerobie Pro the one disc/Frisbee every kid has thrown, but only for a day.

  61. Al Farrow

    No disc left behind! You gotta get better on your retrieval skills! :)

  62. Louie Carreno

    "What are you going for the dark horse angle" XD

  63. xSMM23x

    the singing hahah

  64. Scrappin Blind

    Get one of the little office size disc golf baskets and set up a course inside the house. Do you like a par to course Brody versus Kelsey. When I was younger we would set up hats for baskets around the house and use Pringles can lids when we were bored or it was super cold or raining or ending outside

  65. Shawn Hill

    Brodie ... you're not alone in looking for that first ace. I've been playing for 20 years and still haven't gotten one. I would guess part of my issue is that my main course is long (close to 11,000 ft over 18 holes - Black Diamond DGC in WNY). The shortest hole is 377 ft, and everything else is over 430 ft and up. Best I've done there is a single birdie on a 600 ft par 4 ... once ... after playing the course close to 100 times. Ace runs ... not even close.

  66. Geordie

    Brodie's the GOAT.

  67. Chuck VanDuser


  68. Chris S.

    Dude climb the tree or throw another disc at it or something!!! That actually bugs me that you just left it there and didn't try to get it down. Come on, ur not that old! 😂🤣

  69. Bryce Terhune

    If it doesn’t have Paul McBeth I don’t want to watch it

  70. snikwahjets

    The last aerobie i lost had flown 200m straight down a slopped hill before i lost sight of it. They really could do with a lost model beeping alarm system. They are also super easy to lose in very shallow sea water. Cause they dont float and quickly hide under the sand like a stingray. When playing safari disc golf with an aerobie alway keep a 15m long bamboo stick nearby or use the ultimate frisbee disc for the dangerous tree shots!

  71. Blake Thomas Selph

    Headstrong- Papa Roach lol wrong

  72. dillon

    Windsong ranch? Dope course, weird design but fun.

  73. Ring Dinger

    Throw the aerobie flat and use a lot of wrist. They can fly a long way with little effort. I’ve thrown on the beach like 300 yards easily

  74. Dynamic Kid

    Follow through brodie stop flicking it so fast, I am your biggest fan ive watched u since dudeperfect u hit amazing trick shots btw form does matter but its when u follow through and release it itll be much easier to through it 500 yards eaisely bro die you have big arms so use em to your advantage me i have small arms and im throwing darther than u, Just make sure you think outside the box when u side arm trust me if i can throw farther than u rn trust me when u follow through or do what it is u should be throwing 700 feet side arms like nothing.

  75. Schoko4craft

    If you throw them flat they can fly very far

  76. Dynamic Kid

    What u need to do is fallow through with your side arm u throw it to fast you need to follow through without flicking the disc u would have to almost see it remmber follow through stop flicking like your using your regular discs from back then.

  77. Jacob A.M.

    Gone forever lol I'd climb that tree so fast. I know, knees hahah

  78. Craig Campbell

    My dad and I had an aerobie ring when they came out. We could stand in opposite goals of a soccer field and throw it right to each other and I was a little kid at the time.

  79. Dynamic Kid

    Im a disc golfer as well

  80. Dynamic Kid


  81. BD2DK

    You can sidearm snap that thing like no other!

  82. JKV ꪜ

    oon kissa

  83. Ben heaver

    Throw it FLAT

  84. Bobby Herron

    Good video but dang can we get some video stabilization. Got dizzy from just watching.

  85. BD2DK

    My aerobie I had when I was little never flexed. It just goes straight for days. Lost it at the beach. Went towards the water near the shore but never came back haha! It doesn't float either.

  86. Kerel W

    Brodie, you can throw an Aerobie Pro way further than a golf disc, but you can't throw it like a golf disc. Love to see another video with better Aerobie technique!

  87. Chris Jardin

    Kelseyville missed opportunity - any claim of greatness by brodmeister should be followed by uncontrollable laugher

    1. Chris Jardin

      Keep winging those skirooos

    2. Chris Jardin

      You know with love

  88. Ryan Shaw

    Love how he hits the church singer boy stance as soon as he tries to sing

  89. Ork Oh


  90. Markus Valheim Mistereggen

    Kelsey made this video!

  91. Jonkauf4

    Haven't thrown an Aerobie Ring in forever, but i remember having to throw on a pretty descent Anhyzer release to get it to fly flat, for a long distance. Those things can run away from you real quick! In whatever direction you intentionally or accidentally release it on!

  92. Devin

    That aerobie pro throws insanely far. Make a fist and use your thumb to pinch it but modify it to feel comfortable and snap it outta ur hand that way, instead of grabbing around it like a disc. I've personally thrown one 1000ft and can barely get to 425ft with a disc. Throw at 50%-75% power Continue to bend down all around it like u had done until it flys straight with the power you're using. Throw flat. So what I'm saying is go buy another aerobie pro. Thx for the content keep it up.

  93. Mike Basco

    Reppin AZ with the boulders hat!

  94. Andrew Miller

    Attack of the conjunctiva bugs at 17 minutes! I remember playing with similar bugs in the Texas area. Brodie, what about some hammer action? One of those holes you may have had a line with the Ulttastar. Also, have you given those throws a shot in disc golf? Something like a Buzzz or putter is surprisingly good for those lines that land flat, and a Machete or similar beefcake will be impressive for other up/down lines and some surprising distance if you have the arm.

  95. Anthony Edwards

    You should do this one again. Those disc fly forever with the slightest flick of the wrist.

  96. Big Tuna

    Y'all should throw up the GTA V 'WASTED' banner when y'all flip to black and white hahah

  97. Christopher Bias


  98. Music Makes

    I like button

  99. David Young

    We used to play a super long game of double disc court with the Aerobie pro. Field was a high school soccer field with end zones at each end. Three against three. Three discs. Try to get the disc to land in the opponents end zone. All three discs in play at the same time. It was fun but not something I would make a habit of.

  100. Music Makes

    Hard to capture moments like the grasshopper hahahahahaha your wife is awesome man super enthusiastic! Every man wants a girl that’s down to do the dorky fun stuff