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  1. df71091

    a xeon e3-1231v3 @3.4Ghz is bottlenecking a 1070ti?

  2. John Doe

    What a shitty title.

  3. Eric "Q" Hochuli

    I fucked up myself so bad drilling into sheet metal like that, it spun around an axed into my hand. Not fun.

  4. Mr. House

    Jay, why not use the COILED SOFT TUBE that you can easily route anywhere you want, even to the front fans to intake air from there, no drilling needed

  5. Levi Tomes

    Jay you should share a photo of your husky.

  6. Dieter Gribnitz

    The joy of putting ends on network cables

  7. Dimitri Khomchenko

    Fan too weak, works better with bigger fans

  8. nin1ten1do

    rx550 4gb.. worthy to 4K gaming.. if you ok with 30lock or 60 fps.. ( you dotn see more than 60 comon.. and your eye canot wee more than 1080P all abowe is just add some kinda feeling..) ya dont buy a expensive car if oyu have no oney for oil,, xD ssd even dat cheapest.. was beter than you 7500spin drive.. comon..

  9. gartekk1987

    We definitely are not in a good spot right now. Graphics in gaming see almost absolutely no major improvements for years now yet the performance is continuously dropping with each new title, and all the hardware that is going to allow you to play these with reasonable settings and in reasonable amount of FPS have astronomical prices compared to few years back. (For example top line GPUs have more than doubled in price through last few years)

  10. Chill man, chill!

    Measure twice, think about cutting, measure again and then cut Jay lol

  11. Dylan G-S

    i can’t afford a new gpu so i’ll be using a 9900KF with a 1070, wish me luck

  12. Martins Rutks ari Rutkis

    I'm not an expert on... anything.. but i've spent some time learning physics.. making a "bottle neck" on the 76,2mm (3" *sigh*) bend tells me that you're actually increasing air preasure/ air pulled in .. so it's actually increasing the efficiency of cooling..(?) !

  13. Splinky

    Bruh I have seen n7 z390 and its very good better than this

  14. Andrew Schultz

    VGG for the win!

  15. Thomas Chandler


  16. Mat Mat

    i love this series.. make more of this kind pc simulator video

  17. MrGamer1992

    *finds out the power button doesn't work* *Proceeds to flip the switch on the PSU* Oops

  18. Toni Ivanov

    I have, on multiple occasions, wondered if those tubes did do something! Turns out mfs did work.

  19. Ricky Robertson

    hello jay, this may be a stupid question, but is there a reason that you dont run bench heaven and prime 95 at the same time, ? this would produce worst case scenario, and you can adjust parameters for that ?

  20. Zhendi Zhang

    2:58 OMGAWD 😂😂😂

  21. ExaTechHD

    Try to test "Apex Legends" Now I've been having a problems with GPU and CPU usages and fps drops in "Apex Legends" as I have only one 8GB DDR4 stick in my main PC, paired with G4560 & r9 280x playing at 900p.. So I'm curious if that's cause of the game or actually my Pentium is dead for 2019... Now I don't have the hardware to test and have to wait till can buy another RAM stick

  22. FUBAR 00

    Jay go checkout zip ties n bias plies

  23. intender

    2.5 inch pvc is the grey pvc with the electrical stuff.

  24. James Armitage

    68mm round rainwater down pipe

  25. Convicted Templar

    can u do some Case testing in that sweet 60-100$ range?

  26. William

    I remember when cases had these back in the day built in

  27. Quade Robertson

    I actually got the game to start up this morning but is freezes like mad on ultra to low settings it dosent matter. I am running the recommended specs for the game

  28. Pegase Heracles

    Good Idea😁👍

  29. Allister Bower


  30. Marius Cheek

    11mins - "Letters and number are not my thing." Great to hear from a professional communicator! Lolz!

  31. Firecul42

    Now, attach a pipe to that GPU breather and stick it into the dewer of LN2. Just enough to pull in the gas, not into the liquid.

  32. Ventrex inator

    It could also be used in cold climates during winter. You just get a long flex tube, attach one end to the PC pipe and the other end outside during winter. That will get your temps down.

  33. Meowstic

    0:15 Yes, the green vent directioning plastic. I loved stealing them out of school computers and putting them into their own storage cabinets. They'd find them like a cat bringing you a dead bird. They'd be so confused. Tech unsavvy bewilderment is amusing. "These computers were free gifts from local businesses, at least use the damn things."

  34. ISOHaven

    That made no sense to me at all. You forced a scenario that would never exist. Measure case ambient air compared to room ambient air. Done. If your case is properly cooled then it shouldn't matter, at all. If you feel hot air blowing out the back of your case under load then you aren't properly cooling. You're probably barely keeping up.

  35. James Ray

    some of the problems like no 2.5" pvc could be fixed with a 3d printer and fusion 360 :)

  36. Blake Crow


  37. braddersx7

    Usually, FIselsrs are loud and overuse clickbait and the fans fall in love with them somehow. Jay provides us with education and entertainment as well as being chill and funny. For a PC nerd he's my go-to channel ❤️

  38. Russell Hall

    Two more and a cockpit!

  39. vaudevillian vicarious

    Should have bought a charger they sexier. But I wont think less of you for a camero.

  40. dindee 66

    i don't know why but Post Malone reminds me a bit of Elon Musk

  41. Dead Reckon

    You had me dying when you referenced Vice Grip Garage, only thing that could've made it better was his pronunciation of "Battery", "Bat'try". I hacked a case up like this maybe 14 years ago for a Pentium 4 Prescott, didn't want to pay for a case with a vent tube.

  42. SirNutcase

    How does install graphiks card XD I wish i could work for this guy, it would be the best time of my life ^^

  43. R-Evolution_v1 Gaming

    I ain't gonna minimise this. That Camaro con t is ace

  44. Dante

    This is just a genius at work.

  45. Daniele Dal Col

    looks cool

  46. Glenn

    Jay, you gotta stop choking things with your 2in pipe

  47. Quickes



    Modular power supply are baloney Only Trust yourself Zip Thais plus it's cheaper

  49. Quickes


  50. alphabuilders

    Does anyone have any idea what the hell j was on about in this video? it was all just a blur of scatter bollox to me...

  51. Daxton Anderson

    Jay. You always say you're looking for a CPU bound game, try Minecraft Java edition. Because it's compiled in Javascript it's 100% CPU bound, I run my bitcoin miner in the background and still get 380+ FPS in game (Ryzen 5 2600).

  52. Remiphysco1313

    Only around 280 fps ???... I get that with a single 1060? 16 gb ram ddr3 1600mhz amd fx 4300

  53. Taylor Bertrim

    I love you build videos. Great work. Great results!

  54. Jono

    using same PSU and GPU as me in this one

  55. Nick Arend

    Loved the VGG references! Made my day haha watch his stuff all the time!

  56. Luis San

    Now u have a gaming pc/hot air heater in ur office for when the boiz come over to *play.*

  57. ufftatabummbumm

    I can't even run on directx12

  58. gertjan van der meij

    Why didn't you put also a 12mm fan on the plexi panel ( to blow air in ) ?

  59. Jexorz86

    I recently did this myself with my RX480, and have had fairly good results with temperatures when on longer gaming sessions.

  60. Taylor Bertrim

    Booooooooo. Home Depot is better. Lowe's isn't bad I'm joking. I just think home Depot always has everything I need and it's always in the same spot.

  61. Darrin Gatewood

    Nice VGG call out!! That's Factree

  62. Reminator

    Jay, can you try to scrape together Windows 95-98 systems with 1990s parts and put it together as a "Windows 95-98 Gaming PC"?

  63. Freedom Hotline

    Yeah that's a pretty bad game. Waste of money. Tell gamers nexus to stop worshipping Satan

  64. Freedom Hotline

    I'm glad you guys arent cucks like Linus and that other guy with long hair and worships satan. You should do well on the RIGHT side of things

  65. SomethingDarkseid

    Thank you for providing content other than the 3950X, albeit an amazing CPU, just having almost every tech channel flooded with reviews is just a bit much.

  66. MobileChaos

    Just use a hair dryer.

  67. TurboVisBits

    I'm still a huge fan of blower style coolers. I don't buy anything else.

  68. L Bj

    The *3rd* thing you should do is consult the windows *_event viewer_* how'd *you* miss that?

  69. S Hopkins

    Nice floatplane merch.

  70. LanceReactor

    Started with Vulcan. Switched to DX12 to resolve menu and mouse issues. That's when my crashes to desktop started. Deleting my RedDeadRedemption2 folder in my documents (after watching the first 10 or so mins of your video), at least allowed my game to run again. Prior to the crashes.. It played great for 1st chapter, then slowly got worse, random crashes to the desktop until it wouldn't launch at all. Updated Drivers, Verified files, Launch as Admin, Disable Full Screen Opti...etc...etc... Nope. Wouldn't run. Only after deleting that folder did the game even launch again. So, I'll test it again, see what happens and update here. Asked for a refund, but I doubt they'll give me one, as I had 8 hours logged in getting through chapter 1, before it crapped out.

  71. Daisy Kowalczykowski

    Stuff to make a thing, aaaaaw yiiiiiis <3 edit: i actually snorted at ur-anus, i'm 38.

  72. Chris Jones

    WOW! I completely forgot about those! I had one of those in the early 2000’s on my Intel Core2 Duo

  73. J Dalzell

    Love the vice grips garage shout out lol

  74. Kurt Dunsmore

    Bore out the adapter with the hole saw.

  75. zahndy

    This is why you could get a 3d printer and learn blender or something and print server grade air ducts, but i guess a destroyed sidepanel with a tube sticking trough also works.

  76. Aaron Lothian

    From what I understand, it is pretty aimed at people who need total customisation due to the fact you can plug-in what you really need. So you don't need to worry about excess heat generation as much. Also modern computers with NVME and SSD drives that use less legacy connectors will not clutter the cable routing. Again, anyone buying a power supply really needs to work out what they will be using and then add a bit overhead.

  77. Bucket with a face on it

    Every time I use overclocking software my games crash. I have a GTX 1070 8GB laptop.

  78. FujinWater

    Hair dryer, I've done it many times to test cooling solutions.

  79. JAY LEE

    Typical jayz fashion get some pc gear & test it and or install it incorrectly in a way in which nobody is gonna use it. If hes so against testing them in pwm he could have just used an asus motherboard, connected them in pwm & used the rpm setting in the software for the testing. Or better yet test them in pwm, after fan tuning you can still designate any specific rpm for testing. Ok now that I've watched the video I'm speechless, his methodology consists of taping a strip of paper to the corner of the fan & holding another piece in front of a 1400rpm fan & say dumb shit lol, jesus christ I wonder how much money he made off this nonsense & 5000 numbnuts approve wth.

  80. Ben Wood

    How about some safety glasses when cutting and filing metal?

  81. Sirwan S.

    buy a 3D printer

  82. Sinbadd The Pirate

    I remember having a mouse that had a marble in the bottom and you took it out and CLEANED the marble of hair etc. It too was a GAMING MOUSE. LMAO! Seriously. A marble thing for input no lazer. I bet Jay had one at some point too, show em Jay. Show them the pain of our past!

  83. Urso Interesting

    Do a 4k budget build 😊

  84. Nicodemus

    Jay, Please DO IT! :

  85. JAY LEE

    Dude you've never heard of Darth Vardar before? smh

  86. Tristan Franco

    day one i had troubles with the game launching and updating the launcher. After an hour and a half of trying it over and over again it finally launched, but my game constantly has frame drops that stop the game for a couple of seconds and then continues. I noticed that the vulkan works but not dx12

  87. Mike Peters

    i have the same case :) Its a Corsair

  88. Oskars Ostrovskis

    LOL 15:04

  89. LEDtherebelight

    It does look freaking cool tbh.

  90. Zidar911

    Next we install a twin turbo to a 2080 Ti... the results will blow you away.

  91. Eric Fagan

    @jayztwocents what if you car header wrapped your liquid cooling pipes....would your system cool better???

  92. Paul Daniels

    Hi JayZ Like the look of this. Just a bit above my pocket for now though. Have you looked at the Tuf FX705DT AT ALL?

  93. Kivuli Fenrir

    Pilot chatter while wearing a Floatplane shirt: Appropriate.

  94. CDDogg Games

    For ram testing you should test Rust. It's a very ram intensive game that will hit you with >8gb usage before even getting to gameplay. When in a server and playing at first you'll sit between 8-10GB usage and maybe after a while if you dont go to a new area of the map you'll get down to 4 GB.

  95. Scott

    4 words: Dry Ice Cold Box... DO IT!!!

  96. Flyby Wire

    Quite some years ago i made a cardboard tunnel to the case outside for a cpu fan, because the cpu temp was always high. It did work perfectly fine. I removed the backside fan to get an opening for the tunnel without having to make a hole into the case. That experience is the main reason why i got an Antec Torque for the pc i am building right now. CPU fans and GPU fans always suck their own warm air in, reducing their efficiency. It doesnt matter much how many fans you put into the case.

  97. blues3531

    Why would you want something that big, unless you're playing with a controller like a noob lol. jk

  98. Jason Parker

    What no pink streamers to show airflow?

  99. J. James

    What would be cool is if you put like a mini fan inside the tube no pun intended

  100. J. James

    That's awesome you and vice grip garage are my favorite FIselsrs that's cool that you mentioned him