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  1. Arty Beats

    at a local lan here they just give you free 10G if your pc supports it lol ..although its like actually 1000 people

  2. Slayden Ramsay

    Liked for the ad XD

  3. mariopic

    thinking its hitting over current protection because theres less fets on the input of the core

  4. Obey Physics

    Dumb ass lol they put it back like that so you can place the cord behind you. Lmao but it's an easy mistake

  5. GameplayKanal ____

    Haha, your german is awesome Jay ^^. Its always interesting if english speaking people try to speak german, mostly it sounds a bit weird but its also not bad.

  6. Robert Chibesa

    Link not working for anyone else?

  7. supersimon126

    I brought out a measuring tape, opened a CAD program and made myself a pillar on my 3D printer that matches my case. Problem fucking solved in 3 hours and 2 1/2 of those hours were spent on a movie while the printer was working.

  8. Ryu zaki

    That's one cool dude

  9. Emerson ICU

    I am concerned about leaks and wanted expansion. Is Alphacool a good brand

  10. big lickn

    If you undervolted the GPU would it run better or can you only do that with a desktop pc?

  11. Slayden Ramsay

    Song name??

  12. HR Abdallah

    I remember play doom 3 on my intel pentium E5300 2 gb ram with no gpu

  13. Rishi Govindan

    Why not just smear a thin layer of thermal paste over the entire IHS? Would it be sub-optimal then?

  14. Hapa Designs

    3:41 is that Hobbs from Barnacules Nerdgasm in the background? You drunk yet Hobbs??

  15. gibu002

    What did Phil do with the AIO's? Is that a Kraken M22 for the CPU? Whats on the GPU? Also a 120mm NZXT Aio? Was there a reason for not trying a 240 on the side? Does Phil have an instagram or something where we can see how the Gpu side looks now? Also, I seen an Evolve Shift build that moded a fan into the top lid, has anyone else tried that?

  16. BrockGrimes

    @jayztwocents at 08:38 what i do is thread nylon screws and nuts through the back panel blanking plates to act as an adjustable "set screw". The plastic screw pushes on the same area you were wedging the plastic into. Just a tip. I know old thread but I just started watching your channel, after betting back into computer modding after several years.

  17. Slagathor

    lol did you use your wife's makup for this video???

  18. Wyatt Faught

    I should have gone but Anaheim is a too close to LA and fuck LA traffic.

  19. Michael Braaten

    I made the cables for Hobbs's NCASE M1 :)

  20. James Ji

    Australia is hot.

  21. llbenjonjoll

    I just bought it, I installed it and I thought it was going to work but nope, Ive been here all afternoon trying to fix it

  22. Typod360

    Question: When should you update your BIOS?

  23. Cafinux 1

    You missed 2 very important points. Getting your prebuilt computer and wiping the Windows install you paid for off because you wont ever use it and installing Linux. The other point is its FUN YEAH FUN!!!

  24. yung husk

    pre malone

  25. TheGreenYeti

    Am I the only one that JUST NOW realized Paul is mega short?!?!

  26. Typod360

    Jay, you're by far my favorite tech guy, and this video couldn't have been better timed. I just bought myself a 3900x and 2080ti and I thought... the hell do I do next... Came to youtube, searched "what to do after pc build jayztwocents" hoping to find some 5 year old guide to anti-virus or something, and I found this extremely recent video explaining everything I wanted to know. Thank you for being so naturally awesome.

  27. Don Jude

    It is ridiculous not to have a bleed valve for the fill as these guys are... The Guy - the water cool experts... Seems all to often a $4 part separates good from great.

  28. Cadeece

    help please my computer wont turn on and i already bought a whole new psu is my motherboard broken or something

  29. Timothy Feist

    Thanks. Looking to make my first build. Been looking for a way to properly plan for future upgrades and not over building. Time to take notes and start researching the parts deeper.

  30. kaiserped

    RIP that forklift driver.

  31. bruceownsu

    i just have my rog strix gtx1080 still and has never let me down. 2020 and beyond!

  32. Near Media

    What's your take on ryzen 9 vs i9? Puget Systems says intel is superior with h.264 while ryzen does better with raw footage.

  33. Michael Tang

    i remember raving about the 7900 GT i got way back in 2007. It's now a paperweight

  34. tkarlmann

    TD on this video. 3:50 before you start with any specifics. Too much Intel BS. Too much emphasis on those ridiculous liquid coolers. I could not watch anymore. ...

  35. John Pilgrim

    I’m with you on intel not earning my money. I’m waiting on my 3900x to arrive Monday for my upgraded sim racing PC. Finally moving on from my 4790k. It has been a great CPU and still doesn’t give me any problems with gaming but Intels price gouging while not really making any strides in their CPUs has turned me off of them for the foreseeable future. I can get a better performing CPU in other tasks and close enough in gaming that it’s not even noticeable. Intel has a lot to do to earn back the trust of a lot of gamers like myself. You need to put that Fanatec racing gear to work and hop on Assetto Corsa Competizione or Raceroom and race with some of us sometime.

  36. Vert Valiant

    watching this now with the titan rtx

  37. Patrick Ryan

    Wast that a talking pot plant?

  38. Jaalan

    Please do a video about timings!

  39. Blake

    Is there any point in bragging or being proud of getting the top score when you’re using hardware no one else has yet? 🤔 I mean if Nvidia sent me 2x 3080 Tis tommorow I could go wreck the hall of fame and grab the high score easily. It’s just most people don’t have that opportunity so it’s not even a fair competition.

  40. Ronald Terlitsky

    The sloshing sounds like queefing

  41. samer plays

    Yo I’m from her school Makilan

  42. Jeffrey Tipton

    Latest version of WOW.... AMD vs Intel

  43. Hermetic Dragon

    Planned obsolescence, or built-in obsolescence, in industrial design and economics is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so that it becomes obsolete after a certain period of time.

  44. J M

    I still got 2 760s

  45. jordon purvis

    Is 1.3v at 4.3ghz all core too low of voltage? I have my memory using dcop settings and 1800mhz f clock. System boots up and runs cr20 with no issues and temps only get to 80c. Haven’t had any issues that I can see or tell.

  46. l0ki4321

    Is there a way to watch the stream afterwards?

  47. Jonathan Setter

    You lost me when you complained about your internet speed. Here in Australia, despite being a "wealthy western democracy" we are ranked 64th in the world at the moment for internet speed. Anything other than a 25/5 plan is an expensive waste of money here.

  48. Solo1

    Jay, I didn't see this video from you until now.... But... I could have let you know that the PlayStation Platinum Edition wireless headsets are by far the best in the business. I have been using them for about 3 years strong. I upgraded to them for PC gaming from the PS4 Gold Editions. The Gold Edition is poorly made and I went through two sets in two years because they break easy. However the Platinum Editions are made out of metal which is why they have lasted so long for me. These wireless headsets don't need the microphone arm which I like tremendously. Also the metal piece that goes across the top of the head is wide enough for me to attach my TRACK IR wireless piece to it. The PS4 headsets come with a USB dongle. If you have not tried these headsets, I recommend you try them out. I was shocked that these console headsets were so good and happy that they are compatible with PC. I don't console game, I'm strictly PC. I learned almost everything about PCs from your videos. Thanks

  49. Ja1

    You are a life saver

  50. Duckbilled Walrus

    I think they usually give 2 CPUs and things because it's often difficult for people to compare between generations which are far apart

  51. waffle911

    Wait. The Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tire tread is printed on the centers of your Ram's seat uphosltery?

  52. IA IA

    que bosta... este pc ja é lindo de fabrica. chama isso de mod? eu chamaria de estragar um produto! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk que piada nao tem a minima nocao de design esses americanos nao levam jeito pra isso

  53. Conservative Copwatch

    Using an OLED TV, good idea? Bad idea?

  54. blake sessions

    When your ADHD kicks in while on camera , it so fresh bro 😂

  55. Chad selbe

    a frigin warehouse full of virgins having a lan party

  56. catzoo

    I will be honest, I'm not sure if static is that bad. I never really worried about it and all my builds are okay. What i mean is, I never wore a anti-static wrist band or anything similar. I might be wrong. Its just in my experience that I never had any problems with it.

  57. Zavy


  58. Pete McD67

    This guy has the life. Why can't I have a life like that?.. so not fair

  59. Wyvern

    What this tells me is AMD has gotten very good at binning the chips and have the core clocks at peak levels stock. If you have a processor that is rated at 4ghz, and you can get an OC of 5ghz, that tells me that they use a conservative clock since some chips may simply not handle the overclock and instead of scrapping those chips, they simply limit the whole production run's default so the mediocre chips pass QC. Such was the case with the FX series of chips where people were getting insane clock speeds, and others, not so much. IMHO the architecture is at a wall. DDR5 or HBM will probably break that wall down since the CPU is so tightly bonded to the ram. These chips are screaming for HBM memory. Now the question is, Is $170 premium worth it for the 3900X over the 3800X to me?

  60. BloodR3d

    "Like the Army says, 'If it's a dumb idea, but it works, then it's not a dumb idea." As a Marine Corps veteran, I promise that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard the Army say.

  61. David Uttley

    No mum I can't do the dishes, I have to go out and get ice to start up my pc.

  62. John Duncan

    for whatever reason 100hz makes me nauseous to play at. I play on a 165hz monitor.

  63. paperman12

    yeah i only stuffed up on the power supply because i have my pc on the carpet and that blocks the intake so i flipped it over to have the fan on top

  64. Matt Oliver

    Hoping you guys review the soon to release Zephyrus G14 and 15 in an upcoming video

  65. Dark NH3

    The network part of this video was actually so interesting to watch


    I recently got my PC back from the repair shop and while it is working again, it's being having a proper issue of it turning off at random when I'm on games, it's being upgraded with water cooling to fix the heating issue it had, but I don't understand why it turns off so randomly it frustrates me so much..

  67. Collin White

    Gotta love the sounds of melee in the background

  68. Nathan Burke

    Jays Electronic Repair Tutorial VS The Verges PC Build Guide...Who WINS this EPIC Battle!

  69. Scorge Vantus

    Hmmm, according to this,I don't have tinnitus, the world around me has coil whine :D Thanks Dr. TwoCentz

  70. Nathan Burke

    louis rossman is an electronic repair guru, really like him gaining traction with other youtubers (Linus, Jay, Etc)...he works hard and deserves it! btw you make awsome videos JAy!

  71. Hyfen

    Is it just me or did they use a green screen for the highway? If u pay attention to the edges, they’re literally fluttering

  72. Cameron 98

    This physically pained me to watch

  73. Kevin Soliday


  74. Brahmdut

    is that the original "Decent"

  75. Alesky Medina

    Looking at my many many years old FX 8150 ..... why cant i cant afford that 3900x ....

  76. Azdec De Mile

    This video proves that this guy makes shit that a lot of people like pq

  77. Paul Marshall

    Loved the network walk-through - so cool to see all of the technical logistics and solutions they came up with.

  78. Gabby Tech

    I learned something new hehe never been to dreamhack though

  79. Mark Davenport Jr

    fyi new drivers are out amd claiming that they have solved most TDR crashes. :)

  80. Eddie

    Own an FX6300, had it since 2014, really considering hitting the order button on Aorus Elite x570, R9 3900x, 16gb 3200mhz, noctua nd 15, 1tb nvme drive. Pretty sure the performance increase would be noticeable 😂

  81. Roberto Cubero

    10:13 Decent FTW

  82. Anas Hart

    8:55 Missed opportunity to use Bumblebee lmao

  83. nauxsi

    Ram prices finally came down somewhat. Helps put the budget back in "budget build". Paired with some Vega 8 integrated goodness..... oh my...

  84. Josh Kim

    whens it coming to atlanta

    1. Riley Duck Childs

      Josh Kim we will be in Atlanta in November

  85. Andrew Redshaw

    Love it! You are literally funny as hell man!!

  86. Chris Benn

    Hello boys and girls! What is the best Network card to buy for gaming? my onboard cards port is broken and will not keep the RJ45 cable in! And Nice video! :)

  87. Alex

    You'll also get a nice drop in temp by using that side panel fan. That is the main downside to me about newer pc cases. RIP HAF

  88. TalesOfWar

    This is a better proposition to 1080 owners who don't feel the price of the 2080Ti is worth it.

  89. Gogon003

    Damit i wanted to know about what protocols they were using

    1. Riley Duck Childs

      We use OSPFv3 and BGP if thats what you mean.

  90. Andrei Neacsu

    Press "F" for forklift driver.

  91. Ho Hwang

    what about 2950x? is it still good?

  92. Marfnl

    I Found a fun bug in some Gigabyte motherboard's. Basically here is the bug. start with a new Gigabyte motherboard, For storage we only add a M.2 SSD to the motherboard, you also add your ram, plugin power any buttons and usb's. plugin your mouse and keyboard. Now boot it up into bios. Here is when the fun starts, first you keyboard kinda works than your mouse kinda works and than they both stop working. What i think is happening is that its not using the m.2 to store the keyboard and mouse drivers. its like it runs out of internal storage and overrides it self. How to fix it. Easy Plugin a usb, can be any size even have windows install on it. now it has somewhere to store its files (at least i think) and it works fine. also when you install windows on the m.2 it also than uses that and you don't have this bug any more.

  93. Doughnut Man

    Is the battery replaceable

  94. Jonathan Stewart

    yes please more pro-I.T. content edit: also jay your twitch link on your about page here on youtube is broken.

  95. RedSquareBear

    **Imagine if the internet here was bad. **Has flashbacks to Dreamhack Austin 2018

    1. Qain's World

      that was power problems... more than anything else.

  96. Minnesota-Legit

    Im so late too this video ☹ had one of these coolers leak on me in 5 months of use

  97. MsFLYBOY05

    11:24 hey, where's Logan 🤷 ...................................

  98. Lucid_Moogle

    Also youtube unsubscribed me

  99. Geoff Plant

    come us what be quiet cases are look like

  100. Lucid_Moogle

    I wish microcenter was in south florida D: