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  1. Emma s

    Are you man or woman ? Non looooolllll fucking bitch

  2. Slyfran Dorcely


  3. rogeeyuk

    Why did Mitchel get his lips, nose & jawline done? Looks weird as

  4. Miss Foxtrot

    Me: I need to have this palette so much asap 😍 Me also: I live in SouthEast Asia 😭 Hello shipping address.

  5. Carly Musschoot

    Omg I have some of these products I love seeing Jeffree use them!!!

  6. J Craig

    What a freak show

  7. Robert Black

    17.4 million watch these degenerates?

  8. Jasmine C

    I need this palette in my life 😍

  9. Super Blogger


  10. Jalen Lee

    I would be SO anxious doing Jeffree’s makeup

  11. The Weasel

    You are sickly and going to hell.

  12. NBA YoungIce

    Заебала реклама авто ру

  13. Glitch Girl

    Blood Lust and BTS Map of the Persona 7 Im gonna have a great Friday Any ARMYS here??


    You are sooooooooooooooo gay

  15. Miranda Brue

    When I started watching Jeffree 4 years ago I didn’t think I’d lowkey turn into him. I was watching his videos before I ever even smoked and now I’m already on top of the grab a redbull and take a hit 😂 honey I did 5 minutes ago and I’m hella ready now

  16. Selena Vazquez

    “Hold up my grandma wants some highlighter..” 😂 I love it!

  17. MakeupByElenaa

    This is my favorite look he's done on you! So bomb💜💜💜

  18. nyle travis

    this look is stunning!!

  19. Maro Fontaine

    Imbeciles,Imbeceles..patos pendejos

  20. Amanda Meisner

    That Rich Lux reference! lol Sickening look.

  21. Danielle

    Scandal water. Gossip. Tea. Scandal water is tea omg

  22. Francois Scheer

    F off

  23. Carolina

    I don't usually watch Jeffree,,, but man I love purple

  24. exit timing

    Mitchell is absolutely gorgeous

  25. Soft Girl Vibes


  26. the_geeky_ unicorn13

    oh this look is life 💜💜💜💜

  27. Calli

    This look is actual fire. That’s it that’s the tweet

  28. Maxwell Juffo

    Girl, you're insane!! You nailed it again & again!!

  29. Cokeanreeses

    Mitchell’s lips nooo 🤮🤮🤮

  30. Queen of Luna

    Jeffree living his purple wet dream is my vibe today 😍💜

  31. VINCE Grine

    Love you god love you Jesus

  32. Kelly

    Jeffree just making excited noises every time Mitchell dips into a new shade 😂

  33. Denise Bauer Design

    That is so beautiful. ☆

  34. Jessi R. Appell-Pullen

    Yep! Aaaannnd you wonder where the “Rumors” come from! Hahaha! Proof Jeffree doesn’t give a F**K! Hahaha! Ass to mouth! Hahahaha!

  35. lady chips

    amazing. really!!!!!!! one of my fav look ever!

  36. Riku Gacha

    I went to the comments Cruz I'm kinda squeamish but I am gonna watch it e

  37. Brian Pimentel

    Hot 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  38. Marie Emilie

    I love this face!❤️ 7:27

  39. Sweety Yadav


  40. Savastano Savastano

    Мда уж

  41. malak mar7

    تشبه نعال يا مطي مسوي حاله بنيه ومسويه وشم وهم مكياج لا لا زودت صراحه يشبه مطي هم زين احسن من ابو عدس ههه

  42. Jordana Weber

    I know they are just friends but cmon I can’t help to think what a good couple they will make 😉

  43. CurlsINtheMaking

    this look is stunningggggggggggg

  44. Maartje vk

    The lashes make jeffree look like the dragon from shrek tho

  45. Keileen83

    I would kill if you made a green eyeshadow pallet and called it something like Land of Oz. Emerald greens- one color could be called ruby slippers and it can be a glittery red.

  46. Jessi R. Appell-Pullen

    Jeffree I love the F*ck of you!!!! You are my FAV’s!!!!! Also?! It’s been a LONG TIME COMING MMMITCHEL for your own line! I’m so happy!!!!!!!! Also, thank you for coming out with a tutorial! This helps for ideas. This palette is a must-have cause Purple is my FAVORITE COLOR! You ROCK! I love you J!

  47. Ale Jimenez

    I’m disappointed there aren’t more purple shades

  48. el dummy

    why does he look sunburnt

  49. KINGFM

    I will be gifting my next 50 subs

  50. Abbie Mahoney

    Wow I was wondering how purple could really work on the face but THIS... WOW! 😍

  51. Zhe Awesome Emma

    The palette looks GORGEOUS!!! Purple is my fav!!💜💜💜💜

  52. Black Rifles Matter

    You make me sick!!!! Fucking qweer

  53. Manuela SEGOVIA

    this look is soooo pretty wow

  54. Amelia Jacobs

    This look is absolutely gorgeous 😍

  55. Miranda Miller

    Anyone else feel like this color story of the palate fits a very royal theme? Like if you look up what purple signifies, it’s *royalty and luxury* . Both are synonymous with the name of the colors in the palate. And the new logo is a crown after all. And if you ask me, it matches with who Jeffree is and what his brand is. That’s just my take on it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  56. Dr. Jellyfingers

    More societal subversion from those you may not criticise, shameful.

  57. Raelene Labby


  58. NicKGC

  59. Dominic Ferrara

    Oh okay Miss Mitchell with the new lips!

  60. 1.1 TV


  61. strawberryLv

    Purple rain Miss Prince <3

  62. Lyndsey N

    Can I be your baby mama Jeffree?! Ok werk!

  63. ms selfish

    i wanna see if a makeup artist can make beautiful painting and a painter can do a good makeup .

  64. Katherine obregon

    Jefreeeee love u r hair color loving it

  65. Mike Blume

    Sickening....wonder what GOD THINKS

  66. Jinkies

    D o p p i o

  67. Sherroll McCahn

    So gay I hate it

  68. Serial Killer


  69. D J

    Is that lil peep??

  70. Caden Mann

    The purple hair is GORGEOUS 😍😍

  71. Griffin Peterzell

    I’m been alive for 17 years and I still can’t tell what species this man is

    1. almondjuice 44


  72. Andy Yang

    Uhm. Wrong choice for the eyelashes. 😂🤣

  73. Dylanater 12

    Little girl huh🤔🤔

  74. RayaRay

    Adore is SO gorgeous! One of my fav queens ever!

  75. Grace Lanzetti

    Love the look very Disney Enchanted villain. Would love to see a a pallet at some point dedicated to your pink vault. Love u😘

  76. Danielle Machuse

    Mitchell always slays his looks. 🔥 😍

  77. Tigers Wood

    You should your face into dough and make monster cookies

  78. vicky flores

    Jeffree laughs like an evil queen 👑 💜

  79. shah zeb

    Mitchell.. honey lipfillers aren't made for u ..dont do that to yourself

  80. COLD N9


  81. XbeccaX

    I love Jeff’s energy

  82. Emma Madsen

    Yo Jeffree, I know a place you can send your unused makeup to ;) ;) FR tho, loved the video, you're crazy!

  83. Jackie M

    Hahaha @16:25 I love it haha

  84. Azucena Varin

    I love the packaging and and absolute favorite color is purple but these are just not colors I would ever use! 😣😩😩😩 still stunning

  85. Dev

    You look like a zombie

  86. XbeccaX

    Ahh this is great.

  87. mumu mumu

    I didn't know i love purple that much until i watched it

  88. Kate Oshea

    When is the next masterclass ?

  89. Nisolinooo Ooo

    12:13 Me literally everywhere I go

  90. V B

    Mmmmitchel is insanely good! Wow I'm blown away

  91. thu thu

    I love it

  92. Brandis Outlaw

    That entire look Jeffree got on has sent me to the moon YES!

  93. Susan Hinkley

    Jeffree, would you please do a segment for people with hooded eyes. How can we make them as beautiful as yours. Oh wait there is no way to make any eyes that beautiful so maybe just look good. Lol. Love you.

  94. Allyson Smith

    My ears heard Mitchell say “I’m gonna put this in the waffle iron” Lmao definitely said water line!! Love his accent 😍

  95. Alizée HB

    I know jeffree likes colorful looks but i mever wear any color on my eyes 😭 i want him to create a nude palette so so so much but idk if its too boring for his brand 🥺❤

  96. A Novakovic

    Does anyone have the timestamp of when Jeffre addresses the purple lust issues?

  97. امي جرح الزمان

    كبرررر حتى كبررر⚰🥾

  98. Aien K

    Wow, Jeffree Star is sooo beautiful!!!.... My beauty inspiration... Love you lott... Wish I can meet you...

  99. lurdanys mirabal

    i am Fucking amazed by this look 😍😍😍 purple is the new trend people 😂🍆

  100. Kyara Montana

    I pray the payoffs are better than blue blood I was disappointed with blue blood with some of the shadows being chalky as fuck but the pallete was too unique not to get I'm most definitely getting that highlighter tho