Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.
ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit esrb.org for rating information.

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  1. Fahmy Magdy

    Best backstory ever to me.

  2. Snoop dog 2.0 Smith

    The bird was like c'mon homeboy you cant do those people like that i mean i know they killed you homeboys but c'mon

  3. Snoop dog 2.0 Smith

    I wish we had this kind of technology. And i was so happy to see that bird wasnt dead because wen i saw that fether wen he was going crazy in the woods i thought the bird was dead. 😑😎😎 the robot has became one with nature.

  4. Joe Jardine

    How overwatch deals with a giant robot: How tf2 deals with a giant robot: MaRkEt GaRdEn

  5. H1O R1



    0:59 McCree on her left

  7. Logan McNaughton

    Mr MVP genji

  8. David J

    Its been 5 years... wow


    I want this skin of sigma, the complete version.

  10. Mr Memes

    Well, that predicted something.

  11. Der dreibeinige Kanalreiniger

    When came the Developers Update? Im Lost


    I feel that Doomfist will fulfill his destiny to better humanity trough conflict.

  13. Julian Smith

    Genji: Exists Hanzo: Wait that's illegal

  14. Mr Memes

    Remember that a bird saved a f*cking city from an omnic going rampant

  15. EnderalPhantom

    Bastion is so adorable omg

  16. EnderalPhantom

    Bastion is adorable and I love him

  17. Gunshyヅ

    Ceo of cancer

  18. Gunshyヅ

    Trash map

  19. Arthur Morgan

    Genji’s silent treatment makes his part so much cooler

  20. James Elliot

    Is this stop motion

  21. Y.R

    Mercy ultimate...what a good memory

  22. Renorrey Morato

    0:27 naruto run

  23. Renorrey Morato

    0:36 road hogs run cycle

  24. Nikolaj Zabriskie

    I am so old.

  25. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

    Day 36: Another day y'all! Just played some Overwatch!

    1. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

      Bucket Muffin Daily logs until Overwatch 2 releases!

    2. Bucket Muffin

      What is it you are doing?

    3. Bucket Muffin



    Nothing beats Sigmas origin story from this point on

  27. Khari Lane

    I don't even play this game or really know anything about it. I do know that this is quite possibly the most emotional I've ever been for a video game trailer. Anytime you show me someone making the ultimate sacrifice and then having that sacrifice inspire that person's comrades to also do their duty to the fullest then you have my fullest admiration.

  28. Just Korbii

    How did I totally forgot Echo was in this?

  29. CaiKei


  30. Zedtomb

    No Mcree 0/10

  31. Horsey Horse

    Roadhog looks like he came back from Vietnam

  32. cut .mello

    Ngl im come here and get chills each time they use there ults

  33. Aleksanteri Haavikko

    So, does "Echo" come to Overwatch 1 or 2?

  34. Bertal

    War... War never change

  35. Глеб Никифоров

    0:53 when russian child starts to shut into his bad mic lol

  36. XxToxic Ca5xX

    Bastion should be herded so much that nobody wants to pick him

  37. Holy Crusader

    The robot was just about to vibe check tracer but genii ruined it

  38. Lmao_ItsCraig

    Winston: so basically I’m going to sacrifice myself. Genji: No I don’t think you will.

  39. Luke Ynz

    Is it me or tracer got more 🎂🥵 now

  40. Maurice brown


  41. RaHkA

    Genji out here be just killing bots and ults in 6:15

  42. Potato King

    Yay, it’s been one year since Mcree saved her and left her there-

  43. Cathy Alvarez

    That look kind movie?

  44. Jack Hammer

    O nice, a new patch that adds pve features, like is always had to be... because is a patch, not a DLC nor a new game for that we should pay again, right? RIGHT?

  45. Oyster

    Rewatching all cinematics. Im cryoing by all the memories

  46. Strafe98gamer -

    What is the size of Reapers pocket?

  47. Maysa

    They literally just turned matt mercer into a cowboy for this character


    I play this game since 2016

  49. Jaccok the cookie


  50. ghozter1

    Make more support characters you OverCucks

  51. Fahad Basaba

    Why we play any heroes or characters if we have Echo

  52. wesley f

    reinhart has the same voice actor as samuel hayden from the doom games

  53. User 1

    Why is her forehead so big

  54. Rafik Acount

    Imagine having a relationship with something that is lifeless

  55. Rafik Acount

    Spider’s don’t have a beating heart but robot’s do? Sure

  56. Jonathan Hagenbuch

    Why isn't she able to clone your own teammates? Seems she should be able to. Might not always be advantageous, but it could be huge damage having 2 players on 1 side using the same ult simultaneously.

  57. Nikplaysgames12

    this is somewhat creepy

  58. Kimio-Shinjiru

    So.... when this event is going to release again?

  59. George Coburn


  60. Wow Star

    Wow we can customise our abilities this seems cool

  61. Christopher Hardwick

    Someone said on Instagram TF2 didn't need a sequel.... Its literally called Team Fortress "2"

  62. I’m Bored

    Does anyone else notice at 7:05 that before Tracer introduces Mei she tries to wave. It broke my heart 🥺😂

  63. Count dooku

    Genji only said one sentence and he stole the show

  64. Red Wrightyr

    It started when an omnic device did what it did..

  65. iiMak13

    Why did junk have an organism from lighting a bomb

  66. Máté Lantai

    Just make an Overwatch movie already

  67. 김도현

    오버워치 무료면 좋겠다....ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  68. 김도현

    I want tree overwatch

  69. 김도현

    I want a tree overwatch

  70. Spicy Shizz

    They should have had Winston about to do his ult but then Genji comes in

  71. mint *-*

    This is just beautiful.

  72. Elias Hase

    Play of the game *noobmaster69* As genji

  73. Fionn MacCumhaill

    The game looks identical?

  74. science master

    "Virus quarantined" athena predicted the future

  75. Jacob Thompson

    Brigitte noticed how THICC tracer is 7:05

  76. Soulr

    Only true overwatch fans hate everything

  77. Dominic Rosch

    Gravity is the weakest of the fundamental forces of nature. Add a character who controls the strong nuclear force😳😳

  78. Nguyễn Ngọc Gia Lân Bảnh

    Genji can take the big one himself

  79. Coconuts

    Theory: what if Sigma is hearing the missing piece of that one classical music piece?

  80. Lord Drakkon 7367

    All this for another friggen DPS character

  81. BuyMyBeard

    I love how they exagerated the amount of damage and healing she deals. She basically got a team kill with her ultimate and outhealed a barrage

  82. goores hitms

    S.va Is my favorit skin I play with 6hours of 15hours

  83. Charles Elam

    This developer will kill me. They have an unbelievable amount of talent on staff but they refuse to do anything even remotely innovative with it. Wasted potential makes me so sad. I hope that some day they'll step out of the box and takes some serious risks with their content.

  84. 5567 5555

    Can I just point out how Rein's Commander took down all of that just by himself.

  85. Oscar Does

    Same maps same characters.........isn't this overwatch one but with missions

  86. Dingikangaroo

    Finally, a story mode

  87. Call of duty Call of duty

    Nul nul exposant nul divisé par nul

  88. Scrambled Greg


  89. Yoganta Ryadi

    God i really wish they make animated series out of this game.

  90. Landry Dunn

    Little did they know this character would be the death of everyone

  91. LuMiSaDi

    Can overwatch become a series or a movie already

  92. Jocic

    Imagine in OW2 they bring the serious lore Sigma out as a Boss. The playable in-game one is too goofy.

  93. LettuceLadYT Clips

    Wish we got a skin that the woman was wearing

  94. The Guarding Dark

    Don't let this make you forget that the fine folks at Blizzard engaged in censorship to appease their Chinese overlords.

  95. Harry Kelly

    God now I want a bastion even more now

  96. Communist Poland

    Orisa op they killed that crusader in 1 hit

  97. phantom 1a2

    I really want to see Winston and others from old overwatch meet Ana and Morrison on their mission and being surprised that two of their highest in command still live

  98. Rico T

    Does the nano cola skin return to the the game so you can unlock it again pls answer 😭

  99. Moneyhero123

    It gets me emotional every time!