Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.
ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit esrb.org for rating information.

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  1. Hyper Boar

    RIP scatter arrow

  2. Michelle Fong

    His ultimate reminded me of Pantheon from League of Legends.

  3. Limeon Husky

    *when you're next character in your game is a legit scp*

  4. Purple Man

    Genjis master is zenyata wtf

  5. Harrison Waltman

    I miss when overwatch was fun it’s not fun for me anymore but this is nostalgic

  6. vini ff game

    Gogoo gratis q é gg

  7. Ryan Mitchell

    So dumb question, what triggers the loot? If you watch for 6 hours, will they just end up in your Hero Gallery automatically? Or do I need to initiate it somehow once I have watched long enough?

  8. Jeremiah Gant

    I was waiting for Genji to say, "Genji is with you"

  9. Judah Magno

    Me when I’m alone 1.31

  10. Pizza Ninja

    Need cc I’m deaf

  11. Latreus Gaming

    I think I still like “Dragons” better

  12. Maria Jose Bettini Candido

    Quem vio rio de janeiro no mapa

  13. Marlton Johnson

    They really almost pulled a Cincinnati Zoo, 2016 on Winston.

  14. Marlton Johnson

    "Winston goes to church every Sunday" -Winston, 2019

  15. The_ sad_miracle

    just add it on to the base game oh wait...MORE MONEY

  16. Jesus Prado

    Tracer: Happy Holidays from Overwatch and everyone

  17. Jesus Prado

    Tracer....is SUPER-AWESOME!!!!

  18. Tony

    this music was the most beautiful sh*t i've ever heard

  19. Lil’ Wolfie

    Mei: SNOWBALL!!! You can’t 😭 SnowBall: BISH I DID... 💤

  20. Vlad Mordekeiser

    Sojourn... I thought she was Brazilian, not Canadia... With _dat_ as... Errr... Thickness...

  21. Lil’ Wolfie

    Ohh i thought this was a meme vid because of Kylie Jenner “HURRYZEE N SHYYYNNEEE”

  22. Jontohil2

    I loved the bit where they supported China

  23. vPhoenix75

    24th time watching this

  24. Huong Le

    Yes we are but with fewer peeps

  25. Mrbioshock 78

    Tf2 community: laughs while doing the conga

  26. Dylan McMullen

    So what about this required a whole new game?

  27. Fkuino


  28. dark creeper

    I just want to imagine what zenyatta will be capable of

  29. TrueLizard

    games dead better make a sequel

  30. Gina Swintek

    if they gave Reinhardt a helmet he wouldn't have gotten a scar

  31. laxjoh

    I dunno. This one old dude who just single handedly defeated several gang members is now stalking your daughter at night? You need to worry about your daughter more.

  32. Skyr

    TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS MAP???????????????????????????????????

  33. Proud -

    man genji is so badass

  34. unknown 69

    At least I have stories to tell to my kids about the good old overwatch

  35. Felix Nordling

    Can someone please explain how Ashe is 39 years old

  36. Cursory

    "Does this mean Overwatch is back?" Winston: "N OmegaLUL"

  37. specializestorm

    where is torb and soldier:( i love torb

  38. xenon

    Uuuuh thats hot

  39. Mulan

    Mei: tracer pulse bomb Tracer: here ya gow!

  40. Mulan

    Every time I watch this I get chills at the exact same scenes like when genji brig and gang came and when mercy flew down to heal mei

  41. ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴀ ɢɪʀʟ

    Can you re-add the pink mercy skin? Please! I am begging you!

  42. ZzE223

    Even though he is canonically the most powerful character in the overwatch universe, he REALLY could use a small buff to his meteor strike. I mean, 200 damage for an ult is pretty little

  43. Lars Bos

    Here after the vid of that psycho colin furze

  44. Pavia Lumholt

    niceeeeeeeeeee i love overwatch

  45. Ahri Fox Lady

    Overwatch 2: Has dialogue and action. Me: Pretty good TF2 Mann vs Machine: No dialogue, just men facing an army of robots Me: Whoa, this looks promising!

  46. ReinVa

    I can't believe people are crying about having to spend 60 dollars on this. The original game has been out almost 4 years and I haven't spent anywhere near 60 dollars on microtransactions. For this reason I am 100% fine with paying for new content. Thank you Blizzard

    1. Kevzy Dev

      Lets add new maps and AI and call it a new game. PERFECT!

  47. Ice Icestup

    6:15 Genji:akinokiyokiye

  48. Reptilian Gamer

    But where is Jack Morrison?

  49. Santiago Sheneman

    Wonder what TF2 players think of this terrible cash grab.

  50. Diplomat of the United Federation of Hinjärv

    Mei is so annoying in this trailer, change my mind.

  51. Vinstinctify1

    i dun understand overwatch, is there even a story in the game? if not what's the point of these cinematics

  52. Mega Mirkat

    Overwatch 2 : we have something other than PvP now Reminds me of Titanfall to Titanfall 2

    1. Kyle Kern

      Except that titanfall was actually good

  53. Creator Kitty’s gacha channel


  54. AlphaSquash 0

    Stranger: Oh Dragon lord...why are you so distraught? (The dragon told him) Dragon: Seeking power, I killed my brother...but without him, I am lost (The stranger replied) Stranger: You have inflicted wounds upon yourself...but now you must heal. Walk the Earth on two feet as I do...find value in humility...then you will find peace 😔

  55. ZEEK Fire

    RIP scatter arrow RIP hook 1.0 RIP every op move.... You guys made the game fun Even if we hated you at the time, we really loved you

  56. ZEEK Fire

    Iron giant much?

  57. Zheng Wen Yu

    Sigma's pose and weapon reminds me of Magneto in X-Men 2

  58. James Trinh

    When is it coming out?

  59. SSC SCAR

    sooo.. what's changed?

  60. Ryzanify44

    *All of the sudden* Too little too late blizzard

  61. Swizzle

    dead game

  62. Zacky Ducky

    haha poo funny

  63. Chan Chan-W-

    Shut your mouth,mei is pure and not Satan

  64. BlackFrame

    Im thinking of getting it. Is it at least somewhat balanced? or is more than half the cast useless?

  65. Inbae Blockchain

    20XX년 한국 국방: 어떤 나라가 부산에 적 드론을 보낸거지?

  66. Chan Chan-W-

    Would you all rather "Live with honour and die young in glory" Or "Live with honour but live long to see yourself become a villan?"

  67. 박진호

    Congratulations on your first game of the legendary game of Mangame. 10th edition is 10th edition. If there is no elementary school, the reason why you are ruined is because you have no parents. Because you are taking home education like this, you have to give up middle and high school with adults. My friend joined me and folded it when I was in elementary school. Let's stop him from starting, and you'll be alive.

  68. Jay

    Genji is such a badass

  69. 88ericchua

    They looked so in loved

  70. StormLynx

    I love how Hanzo’s dragons when they roar the sound like the Jurassic Park Trex.

  71. The Clowning


  72. kevon lopez

    Been playing this game since launch, goosebumps anyone?:))) blizzards got geniuses working for them!

  73. Vah King

    Let's ignore the fact that there already is a game named Zero Hour..

  74. Beeyoth Gaming

    Best video game cinematic in history

  75. Lord Gabe Newell

    Stop copying my property

  76. Lachlan King

    Wait this isn't mann vs machine.

  77. Corpsebrood

    I feel like sigma after algebra

  78. Mr. Lim

    What If The Doom Slayer(DOOM 2016 & DOOM ETERNAL) Get's The DoomFist Gauntlet With The Infinity Stones 🤔

  79. Date Masamune

    McCree should have had a Kenshiro costume.

  80. Wolf_girl fnaf gamer 109

    Hey Jeff sorry but I like the old overwatch on quick play I wanted to be all damage support tank pls change it back

  81. V

    Why are people making a big deal on how the pie was made🥧 Even Bob was sweating 😓

  82. Zane Carter

    Also what are people speculations on the nature of echo’s abilities??

  83. Zane Carter

    Ok how did I just barley realize that echo’s voice sound completely different from the reunion cinematic

  84. V

    I wish my parents weren’t so strict so they could buy an Xbox, I used to play on my brothers,and I played overwatch all the time, but you know he grew up and went to college

  85. RAWowner333

    Mann Vs. Machine update

  86. Jerry Wang

    Genji is my favourite character. He showed himself useful this time

  87. foxy gammin21

    I am not playing overwatch until overwatch 2 comes out

    1. Kyle Kern

      Why? Nothing is gonna change when it does?

  88. John Blue

    pretty good

  89. Galleon G

    My question is “where is junkrat and roadhog?”

  90. SRNF

    Would have been great if Mei died right after she threw the mission.

  91. Thunderblade N


  92. Brandon P

    Would give my left nut to watch an actual overwatch movie like this

  93. Caio Kakazinho Fantini02

    that hammer down made me cry!

  94. R G

    2:13 warden? 'halo5'

  95. Alex Doms

    Do you have to watch a specific video or can they only be Live videos and not saved videos?

  96. FateTurns





    Me when Genji and the rest of the squad roll up: 5:51

  99. TheMygoran

    If they'd just waited one minute longer for their duel, they would have won. Who challenges this gunslinger when it's High Noon?!

  100. Sean McGoey

    Balderich's theme at 5:11 is clutch