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  1. 가조쿠 환타환이형 보개미형

    How to play with other character in story mode like 2:32

  2. Ironman 5000

    The music to my soul - 13:52

  3. Adam Browning

    I found the turret song one on my first playthrough of the game.

  4. Brandon147

    31:04 I’m right here 😂

  5. faforufiu garcia

    Monstro do lago ness no minuto 7:53

  6. Christa tubeHD


  7. Maneirinho games

    The llhama under the bridger

  8. Marcus 19

    The whisper in the woods sounding like it said Eugene height and It said a girl name that I couldn't hear it right

  9. Christa tubeHD

    make part 3

  10. Christa tubeHD

    9:00 WOW MANY HATS

  11. JONA Der aller echte

    You for got the space Goat

  12. SlYk

    12:54 FBI OPEN UP

  13. THE Golden Craft Gaming 2254

    7:33 Don't click this is jumpscare of you alone

  14. name du hund

    23:19 when i called this number nothing happened

  15. Ibrahim Natama


  16. Samuel Praxedes

    7:12 WTFFFF, why does Tommy Vercetti look like GTA vice city in the Faith area? 7:12

  17. gigigaou

    Too bad I don't have Xbox to get the Minecraft goat...

  18. NOOB Gaming

    1:26 dildo

  19. Perseo Memento

    31:15 para los morros que no lo han visto :v

  20. NOOB Gaming

    Who wants gta Sa to be Remastered

  21. AM AP


  22. IlyaKoni

    Some say... Best one

  23. Jessie Perez

    but is not a actually a spider is just design

  24. Under menn

    11:40 i stupid YES I LOVE IT

  25. wonderland

    The "little party" is interesting on another way too, because its a real toy car in Chernobyl and theres is a picture about two guys who lived in Chernobyl and when they came back 30 years later their blue toy car was still there... and this blue car and that two doll is surly references it

  26. Kutura Price

    I know ALL of these

  27. Nucleus

    Big foot can see in joseph secret to

  28. I love Tity

    I hear razor mind in the background

  29. Razvan Ciuciu

    I had the vortigaunt easter egg by accident, I was always like "I WILL EXPLORE EVERYTHING NOTHING LEFT" then idk how i managed to get there and I took the risk to see whats in there, and thats how i got it, btw the teleport one too

  30. Kossu 4

    13:36 its from the video that techland did about harrans electricity how its made becouse those hamster wheels had zombies in them and those hanging torsos kept them running for the generators

  31. The Valkist

    Thank you

  32. ZANCUDO 42B b

    I fear no man But that thing *TWILIGHT SPARKLE* IT SCARE ME

  33. Barış Büyük

    Bruh golden Freddy is a Easter egg?

  34. Valentin Stanev

    That is kokaine.

  35. Campy

    Did you said Spiders to Headcrabs Have you NEVER played Half-Life 1 & 2

  36. Shahriar Beigi

    You forgot an easter egg. There is an undead corpse in a bodybag. If you stand near him, he will wake up, but he don't hurt you. Then, he will die again.

  37. Azizul Anwari

    7:02 what's song? :")

  38. Kossu 4

    It was from Left 4 Dead becouse it was ellis on the ground

  39. diego emiliano sausedo

    So this Roblox reggs kidding no Ai steregga in Roblox or yes?

  40. Scully

    I see shrek, i click

  41. Super Pokecraft Universe

    11:14 Sounds like someone being pushed down a staircase.

  42. Lily Addison


  43. ✞Ael Leñvañ✞

    What is the song for your intro ? Ho and i love your videos 😁

  44. Jadin Clout

    I love you

  45. James Caleb Cazales

    Lol a pewdiepie Easter egg. Man the creator must have hate t series

    1. James Caleb Cazales

      Don’t make me woooosh you or someone


    01:20 alert,jumpscare.

  47. Aidan rosenberg

    what is the song that plays in this secret room. 12:50 - 13:27?


    Scarface game Easter eggs please

  49. Christina Lumanang

    Hey the box that you in the no mercy map in the ypu can see heavy from tf2 as well

  50. Thieving Gecko98

    9:25 reminded me of jimmy from GTA 5 lol

  51. Hieu Nguyen Thanh

    7:50 : GNOMIES MEETING 6:18 : tied up woman survivor! 9:02 : Devlopver Head

  52. Hieu Nguyen Thanh

    6:18 Tied up woman survivor

  53. CommanderThunder

    When scp-173 appear in Just cause 3

  54. Wingless 111

    I accidentally found the Jurassic Park Easter egg

  55. Jason McCollum


  56. Tristetea

    And there was around 50-90% unnecessary filler.

  57. Elisângela Lara Felizardo


  58. Jack Bowman

    39:45 where on the map is this?????

  59. Sponge man Ice cone

    Teenage mutant shrek turtle

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    Nice Secrets!

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    Swear alert!

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    1:21 That scared me ;-;

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    7:48 Loch ness

  64. Charon IV

    In hokkaido mission there's guy in shower and radio that plays music from mission club 27 where you had to make remix to one of Jordan Cross songs.

  65. Nikola Neki Peh


  66. Danny Ton

    This game is so creepy . I've finished just one time and never play it again, so scary 😂😂😂

  67. Henk Flynn

    26:24 Panzerkampfwagen II ?

  68. TypicalYoutuber

    Only jalf life 2

  69. Lionel 1417

    15:25 if you finish IT you get couldron in suplie drops. That is REEEEALY COOL.

  70. Grey Emre

    One of t best easter eggs i ever seen 3:22

  71. Grey Emre

    One of t best easter eggs i ever seen 3:22


    4,34 flag of Republic of Macedonia wooooow

  73. _2_drift _2_


  74. DawideQ

    #kacpi26 you are from poland?

  75. Turnip Pie

    This just brings back sad memories the different turret THAT MANS WAS MY BOI i tried to save him but that barrier THAT BARRIER HAD TO BE THERE ill miss you my favorite broken turret may you rest in peace we were alike both different

  76. FaZe _ kings YT

    1:14 min of video. That's in Poland and I am from Poland 😂😂

  77. Piano Tutorial

    Jesus loves you

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    Infra Easter eggs and secrets please 🙂

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    Awesome as allways!

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    Wtf is first game?

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    Heyy Kacpi why 26

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    6:50 i think that's Olympic

  86. little oad

    More infra Easter eggs plz [Easter eggs and best references]

  87. Sinclair Dewitt

    It really sucks you can’t let the crazy girl out she could be a hilarious character that you see all over the place doing batshit things

  88. Lavendexx

    Acthaully the mad men reference at the crime scene is an accident because the tap dancing clip is from season 6, which came out in 2013, l.a noire came out in 2011

  89. Кирилл Новгородов

    13:56 song 2

  90. aigis YT •

    Penny wise + hitman = hit wise

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    I don't like how they put the easter eggs in different places, just to be sure we find it

  92. X Random X City X

    Why the fuck do all the easter egg channels upload the same fucking videos over and over? And the same bullshit content?

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    Intro song?

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    You need to title this track maybe like Easter egg Or Hidden

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    0:19 Nu kac.. nu

  96. Delvin Dervina

    A yotuber has tried the flying ufo puzzle and rockstar games(creator of gta 5) Gifted him a ps4 gta 6 Yutuber is MADD CARL

  97. Big Smoke

    Not so secret now

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    I don't know why but that really made me laugh really hard in Fallout 4 mr. Fuck face LOL HAHAHA 😂 it was so funny I just can't help it but to laugh so hard 😂

  99. Isla Sophie

    Generous Games

  100. Joseph Reis

    10:20 até o jogo sabe que é impossível o ser humano grudar ou andar numa superfície esférica, e com certeza a lua não tem forma esférica ou uma superfície rochosa. The Earth flat guys.