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  1. Charly -PMY

    Cómo carajos vine a parar aquí? Y para colmo igual miro todo el juego.... Vamoss Wysocki !!!

  2. Free Willy

    Best commentary of any sport broadcast here at JomezPro!!! Love tuning in to the events current or past!

  3. Michael Liu

    James "the hair" Conrad

  4. Music Makes

    Paul you’re the man! Definitely awesome seeing u mentor Brodie. Brodie 👂 listen listen and listen again

  5. ShamWowW1

    What... I went to the store and everything .

  6. Caleb Ledoux

    Kinda fucked up. I was pumped for the app

  7. Maison Greer

    Big sexy!

  8. Loren Griffeth

    Still waiting for episode 2

  9. Brian Redmon

    There is an app called The Golf Tracer that does follow flights. I would love to see one from Jomez though.

  10. Brian Rowe

    Coronavirus got me going deep in the vault 😂

  11. Evan Stanek

    Went to the field, got out my phone, ready to download the app so my kids could record a few throws. 2 day delay on the ole April fools, well played.

  12. dodgerjo32

    drews shot was crazy on 11!!! tree love!! that's why are trees nate!!!

  13. Uriel Noorollah

    Slope Mez keep up the good work👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Jeremiah Coles

    Was seriously so pumped for this. Sigh, well if it ever ended up being a thing I'm going to get it.

  15. Uriel Noorollah

    Mcbaest mode activated

  16. DiscGolf Wisco

    Some times you play bad and get birdies some times par but mostly Bogies.🥏⛓🤙🏽

  17. UnclePedro

    The jomez coverage of this round was what got me into competing in disc golf! Came back two years later (today) to watch it again. Paul McBeth is amazing.... off to watch the second time he did it again :p

  18. John King

    For the algarithm

  19. Rolf Power

    This is a much better format than what we have today. The drone footage moves much quicker and the shots seem to be shot far better. Maybe the course layout but this is the most enjoyable coverage made by Jomez I've ever seen.

  20. 96matador61


  21. Vinz RR

    WTF I'm watching....... IS IT REALLLL?

  22. Eric Dunthorne

    Is the season guaranteed to start at the end April? I'm thinking not. But it would be nice.

  23. Sean Kavanagh


  24. ardaraith

    Love Bradley Williams!

  25. Sailex

    How cool to look back. Keep up the progression!

  26. Tim Landwerlen

    Ok now, how do we make this a real thing? I’m honestly willing to drop a Benny to help pay for the development.

  27. nickas78

    How about critiquing, explaining, and picking apart other professional disc golfer forms? Would be great to see your input on why different forms work for different people!

  28. WORD vs EM

    You know they'll never show this Sport on TV. If I hadn't seen this video I wouldn't have thought it Existed. Thxx

  29. Jimmy

    The wind is brutal

  30. Matt Fuller

    History in the making. Thanks for capturing.

  31. Sandra McMerty

    I love you jomezpro big sexy

  32. Abheek Malhotra

    49:50 McBeth

  33. Michael Homan

    Winning to 2nd will be six figure difference? Over the next couple of years??? Big Jerm what you Smoking?

  34. Levi

    Who is the guy talking to Paul at 29:09?

  35. Brandon McPheeters

    Game changer!

  36. ickybb

    Why am I watching this.. quarantine really starting to get to me.

  37. sinisterhiss

    I just want you to know that everything went gray and slowmo and "In The Arms Of The Angels" started playing when I realized this was fake. Hope it stops soon. I'm sure Sarah is getting tired of singing and I'm going to be late for work.

  38. Joe Suarez


  39. David Viklund

    Drones sure made things A LOT less time consuming but I really like the 3D models, will make one of my homecourse.

  40. Thaddeus Wireman

    Looking back now, u can really see that brodies put in some legit work learning the game the last few months.

  41. Big Al

    Dicks... lol.... dam I thought it was real

  42. ninjaspider44 got you

    This is the worst April fools prank you could have pulled. This concept is awesome!

  43. zachary Mitchell

    So upset this actually got me. 😭

  44. Day By Day Disc Golf

    This app needs to happen! Happy April Fools!

  45. John Sumner

    "Tricky Ricky getting the tree kicky"! Best line ever.

  46. Loren Griffeth

    You guys win

  47. zonda4523

    You bastards got me. I didn’t even finish watching the video. Went straight to the App Store.

  48. Horizon404

    We got jebaited

  49. tokyobento

    I also play ball golf. There are tracing apps that follows a balls flight. Creating this FollowFlight app is possible. I would definitely it!!! For in-app-purchases, you can add more flight pattern tracers like emojis or a head of a pro. Well, just a thought.

    1. tokyobento

      *definitely buy it

  50. Joe Provenzano

    We all just got NoMez-ed! Well played JomezPro!!!

  51. Roberto Ruiz

    Rude 😂 got me though

  52. Philip Tait

    Why can’t you really make this app?

  53. IceBerg TV

    hahahahahhaa who else went onto the app store during the video before reading the description

  54. Michael Brisbane

    Knew it.

  55. Jett Livingston

    My heart is broken

  56. dennis moniz

    I think I could beat Johnathan at poker :)

  57. Lets Talk Chiefs Live

    2,345 holes to get a #7. what are the odds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Maaden_Swe

    Wow, now Im a bit sad, well done

  59. Robert M

    I wonder if any of these guys had ever imagined they'd be entertaining people stuck in quarantine during a global pandemic.

    1. JomezPro

      Thanks for watching! You should try it some time. Discs are cheap are courses are usually free to play!

  60. Steven Ritchey

    Not gonna lie, I believed it. Happy April fools!

  61. Leonardo López

    I think I echo the sentiment of others. I'm assuming this came up on my feed as I watch ⛳ instruction videos. I too thought WTF is this? But then binged a few tourneys. I doubt I'll play it, but I rather enjoy watching your videos. Your production and commentary team are what make them enjoyable, IMHO. Keep up the good work. And I hate to say it, but I'm on McBeth's side. Can't believe Ricky was all bitter about losing. "I'm not gonna blame the finger, but I lost because of the finger."

    1. JomezPro

      Thanks for watching! You should try it some time. Discs are cheap are courses are usually free to play!

  62. JamesLaisGlass

    Jomez, you guys are all such a class act! Thank you for all the hours of content, it's been a huge part of my disc golf experience! Best of luck this year.

  63. Dallas Hudson


  64. Nathanael Powell

    I very rarely get angry at April fools jokes...

  65. Christopher Demario

    Oh man how cool would it be to have a slowmez app. If you could create one then you could do some competitions for best slowmez videos and create some really cool compilations.

  66. Jordan Peoples

    This is messed up on so many levels. I was ready to not pay my bills for this app.

  67. Chris Davies

    Yeah - we need that app. Pretty cruel to tease us here in the Southern hemisphere where it is April 2nd.

  68. Steve Franke

    Very cool

  69. marshie1337

    i just wanna play some fucking disc golf. im losing my mind jfc

  70. Tyler Pontikos

    My heart dropped at 24:40 🤣

  71. Hunter Peterson

    kinda disappointed....

  72. Hunter Binder

    Got me. got me bad.

  73. droan999

    Someone should make this and make a ton of money

  74. Paul Haigh

    Thank you for everything that u guys do for the disc golf community