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  1. Nobru Oakley

    Cool dude! Lol

  2. Michael Mccollum

    I knew the night I was watching the fight and Stephen a Smith started running his mouth about cowboy that this wasn't done. I said"oh no please shut the fuck up now because you aren't in a basketball game this is big boy time keep your mouth shut"

  3. Coahuil Tejano

    Love your Show, Joe, and probably always will. However, this guy is spinning some tall ass tales. I won't preface my comments with credentials, only to say that the genealogy of the rangers is not in some mythical hero, but in a long established tradition of Mexican frontier defense in the name of "Flying Companies," Or "Companias Voladoras." This is what the Rangers in Texas are based on, and being from Texas myself, was basic stuff you learned at UTSA. THose 2000 settlers mentioned are all Mexican Mestizos, many of whom were citizen soldiers in these companies. The goal was not only the pacification of the Comanche, but of all "barbarous Indians." they'd been doing that since the middle of the 16th century...

  4. Bushwood

    Did Joe say anything at the time?

  5. OnLyLaGcAnSaVeU PS4

    Maybe Stephen felt bad after shitting on Donald so he released a video of him hitting the pads like shit as a way of saying sorry cause that's embarrassing af lol

  6. USER 1

    If tony can find that balance of being opponent specific to khabib and flowing he beats khabib Imo. the fact that doesn't care where it goes does a disservice to his wrestling ability .

  7. Ferdinand Klein

    Perfect storm.. guilty as hell

  8. Jeff Gabriele

    Joe rogan are you kidding me?! Keller man is the biggest shit talker there is!!!! He just doesn’t do it about your sacred fighting. Athletes call him out all the time because he talks so much shit.

  9. The World is a Stage

    Yall softies need to suck it up, they are grown men playing a professional sport no matter how you try to spin it ; they are in a position to be criticized, period - dont like it? Then go work a normal job like the rest of us and see if thats any better .... Its bad for the sport, why? Because it might hurt a fighters feelings? Listen, does stephen A smith know jack shit about MMA? Fuck no. Would Daniel Cormier be a better fit? Of course! But don’t feed the average working human some shit about “feelings” and “dedication” ... the guy just made over a million to fight, fuck outta here - talk your shit, if you feel like it lmao 🥱

  10. Rebel A

    f$$$ Stephen Smith

  11. Teri Kay

    Hillary definitely is trafficking something

  12. sindelislove821 C

    O&A party rock!

  13. My Dick

    I remember him busting Seagulls balls. Was he made to apologize?

  14. Chris Prucha

    Maybe after a string of three losses, maybe it really is time for Cowboy to step away for his own benefit and his own health but it is extremely disrespectful to spout that stuff seconds after the man just got TKO'd in the biggest fight of his career. Let him have a chance to review the replay and figure out what to do next. Calling the man a quitter in front of all of his fans like that was pretty horrible. As if watching our guy get smashed wasn't bad enough, we have to listen to a basketball analyst be disrespectful? C'mon!

  15. Elvis Korkutovic

    His no quitter but his definitely a sell out and that's a fact... we got eyes we saw play the whole flight in slow motion on your show and prove me wrong... no excuse let's as see the medical proof as well .. ya set the ufc back with that fight ... ain't nobody gonna buy a Conor fight on ppv unless is khabib or Tony ..

  16. Bonney Dahlquist

    What happens when u smoke too much weed

  17. Byrd Thegreatbeast

    Would love to see him go after Chael P.....

  18. mr Solomons

    What he is trying to say here is the only way Tony wins is by throwing an illegal shot which he always does. Like he did in Cowboy, barboza, & RDA fight for example

  19. International Harvester

    I thought it was Lisa Loeb

  20. santo

    bruh... americans all shocked with this but haven't seen Cracolândia in Brazil

  21. Redman of the sea

    Better buckle up. These next fifty are gonna be rocky.

  22. Matthew Bittenbender

    Some of what he says is very inspiring, but not all together true. I think it works for him because he is an extreme personality and has some addictive treats. So for him it’s all or nothing, black-and-white, binary, 0 and 1. Balance is achievable for periods of time. In fact, that is my goal is to reach a point of stability. Stability is not always perfect and doesn’t have to be. It just Hass to be enjoyable if not tolerable. People are not built to run at 100% for their entire lives. That’s lThe excessive living that puts mega-celebs into early graves. Think of life as the amount of work it takes to exist. I Deleigh we wish to expand less energy for maximum results and then have a surplus (of whatever resource) when times are tough - Food, money, energy, acceptance, love, sex, etc. Life as we know it is interesting in this way: we crave status quo but are built for work. A salmon may swim with the current to conserve energy, but when it’s time to breed it will swim against the current against all odds to the point of death in order to achieve its goals. Likewise, humans will work very hard to build a surplus for the winter so that they can relax when food is in short supply. The point of this clip is more for Champions. And even champions find some status quo and still maintain their titles for a time. Mike Tyson worked extremely hard and seemed unstoppable, but after he achieved what he said out to do he no longer had to prove himself. I believe that was an unconscious realization on his part and that on some level he knew he didn’t want to torture himself anymore. He knew what discipline was and could have maintained it, but didn’t. So even a superhuman eventually needs a break. We might see it as failure, but that was Tyson more or less saying that he had enough, and it took him years to fully realize it.

  23. Luke S.

    Joe "Who's your buddy" Rogan

  24. Ted Negurski

    Why would anyone with a 401K want Bernie to win?

  25. chuckschilling

    WTF would Joe Rogan know about ethics?

  26. rwerwee

    Pot doesn't harm your cognitive functions if you smoke after the age of 18. Look up the new zealand study

  27. Majesty D

    fuck stephen smith,.,.. dude is a side bench bitch wanna be

  28. Raymond Diaz


  29. A. GraVes

    This guy does not look 41.!

  30. Alfred Oruwariye

    Stephan A. Doesn’t look athletic whatsoever

  31. bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke

    Never heard of this guy

  32. MrBTDhimself

    I agree with you guys but what about you joe when you said boxing is dead , you were out of line and just plain fucken wrong I was offended, but as far as mma goes I respect your opinion but you don’t have a right to talk about boxing

  33. Kdubb815

    As someone who loves basketball, knows it well and yet doesn't know much about MMA, Joe Rogan is right on this. Fighting is way different, yes it's a sport but there is so much more to it physically and psychologically. The consequences of fighting are way different too! Cowboy is one of the best fighters, good guy from what little I know and he just got caught it's that simple from my viewpoint. Cowboy deserves to be respected and I was really happy to see the sportsmanship of Conor after the fight. I love when people can be gracious and humble in victory or defeat.

  34. Vile God

    I think Stephen A was brought to the post fight conversation cos that was the ESPN -UFC pay per view event. Hence, the intention was to reach a larger audience with bringing a familiar face like Stephen A. These two are talking like, dont talk unless u had some experience in MMA, which is actually the shortminded thinking that the sport dont need

  35. Ausdauer

    ESPN should never be allowed to insert morons like Stephen Smith for post fight commentary like that again.

  36. Jason B

    Bro, I trained ufc. i would warm up and get nice and hot and sweaty. I would lace up my pancrase boots and my tight little tights and i would use my knowledge of Man on Man action (Mma) and power double between stephen a smiths legs so hard bro. I would go north south on him and keep my hips heavy on his face. As he squirms like alittle submissive piggy to get back to his base i would take his back and thrust my sweaty pelvis into his hips. My hot breath blowing on the back of his neck as i break down his base. It would be so sweaty.

  37. Drew Turner

    Yea once I saw Steven A doing commentary after the fight I instantly did a facepalm.

  38. Isaac Sodora

    Why didn’t joe tell him any of this when they were on tv together lol

  39. Courtney Milne

    I'm neither for nor against circumcision but I'm curious how "intactivists" deal with Fimosis? I have male friends who are intact who say this is incredibly uncomfortable and well as painful.

  40. Kurt Barry

    Why they act like Steven A is a fighter and wtf, if you say somebody fuck our money up for a 40sec fight i don’t give a fuck who he is, i want somebody who tell the truth. Not a bench of fanboys who suck fighters dicks every day

  41. Omar E

    "Is it like getting drunk?".. LOL...fkn idiot! How did he get on the podcast?!

  42. I've made a vow to never pull out

    When the man said "it's not like slapping a puck or hitting a baseball" My asshole clenched because I only know of Hockey and Baseball players that are basically out-of-shape Boxers Or just watch Letterkenney

  43. Amar Freeman

    Cowboys freeze in alot of his big fights someone calls him out on live team now it’s a problem lol

  44. L3_SPAMM

    People will always talk about ur performance.. if you don’t want to be criticized for and be a hermit. Because in everything you do, you will be criticized

  45. Raul Luna

    Donald Cerrone took a dive. Fixed like a Don King promotion.

  46. Justin Jonathon

    I have this neat little App for my rooted Droid called 'Change My Mac' which by all accounts does in fact change the MAC although not permanently just for the duration of Power state.


    This the guy who tko nate diaz

  48. Steven Kennedy

    U guys must be high lolz

  49. Barry McCockner

    Those punches he was throwing are knee punches, he's a high level K1 kickboxer!! Show some respect Joe and Josh . Those "dick punches" are lethal. And only pro's know how really torque down on a dick punch 👊!!!! BOOM

  50. Steven Kennedy

    Jaguar 250lbs leopard 175lbs

  51. señor pepper

    hello skeet snitches

  52. Mike D

    Yang, Bernie, and Tulsi are the only candidates running that Trump wouldn't eviscerate immediately. Biden and Warren wouldn't survive the first debate with Trump.

  53. Steven Kennedy

    Jaguars r bigger then Leopards

  54. iamdewboy

    An American that is a funny stand up comedian is so rare he was bound to be a wanker....

  55. Christopher Hetzel

    I've been roofing here for 17 years. A-Teem industries. LLC.

  56. Aaron Bandit

    Respect the fight world

  57. Jim Knowles

    This guy has the information correct about the problems Dams cause. Also , water flowing over the dam pounds nitrogen into the water. Causing nitrogen narcoses (bends) in salmon. Dams warm up the water temperatures....not good for the cold water loving fish. Also the small salmon and steelhead coming downstream onthe way to the ocean, get ground up in the turbines in dams that make electricity. Dams hurt the fish runs in both directions....!! just jim


    all the guys on Stevens show try to talk in this loud aggresive manner,its like they read a book called how to not sound beta,the white guys on the show do it also,they lower there speaking iq to match the brothas,welive in a disgraceful time

  59. Big Dan

    Now it's cool to be savage af. Oh the irony.

  60. Zoidberg Crandleson

    Joe has plenty of right wing ideals and rejects a lot of left wing ones. He's not at all a modern liberal. Probably a 90s one, but not in 2020.

  61. Bob Bob

    Fuck S.A.S.....just sayin’.

  62. eRmaC

    The chimp that was getting the birthday cake ended up tearing this lady's face off.

  63. Julian2Sounds

    Dr. Gabor Mate explains trauma

  64. Christopher Hetzel

    I feel like... I very rarely train.... Because I roof 7 days a week. I spent a ton of money at elite Muay Thai in Daytona for less than a year. I have had a special forces medic on hand, who has given me many lessons, and at the same fckn time ....he fckn. Loves roofing!!!!!!! In central Florida!!! We do this shit 7 days a fckn week!

  65. J Benz

    Stfu u SOCIALIST POS !!!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  66. Matthew Wagner

    Rogan... of course they honor it because the current guy in office is watching... and if you want to keep wheeling and dealing you have to have a solid reputation.

  67. torex

    If even tony can make khabib bleeds that would be a win for me

  68. Armando Torres

    Jeremey Wade

  69. The Sage Up North

    If your talking about martial arts you need to understand what martial arts is. It is not just a sport... it is a way of life. White, Mcgregor 2020.

  70. Matt Ellis

    Did I see a different connor khabib fight? I saw the one with connor slumped over almost unconscious while the winner had launched himself into the losers entourage and started tearing em up.....weird this guy that " understands the sport " basically just said connor and khabib was close lmao I'd love to see the version he got to see.

  71. Paul Fiebig

    Also the dude was working out he’s not training to box or fight. No reason to go at him for “dick punching”

  72. Dorde Dokanovic

    I would not say quieter or that cowboy was payed to take a dive per se, I would rather say that he simply did not give a shit about that fight to win but just to make money. Cowboy almost did not even fight, he came out moved a bit, got clipped and that was it. It did not look like someone who was there to fight but just to hang on.

  73. Carlitos Ignacio

    This is America. No one should ever get it twisted. Palestinians and Jews should never forget this. This will never be a jewish country not will it ever be a Muslim country. Whites shouldnt get it twisted either. You are American first and white will always be secondary. America has American culture it doesnt have a color.

  74. PhiloGent

    Stephen A is messing with the wrong crowd of people go back to talking about NBA..

  75. kia'lee endsley

    If you could only talk about shit you know or can do then quit your show because 99% of shit you talk about on your show you can’t do either. I’m not condoning what he said either. And you guys just because you’re so called fighters and feel you know everything about fighting aren’t the end all be all either. If you can have an opinion anyone else can to. Frank’s Red Hot 🥵 I put that shit on everything 😂

  76. David Stetler

    Stephen A is a lifelong boxing aficionado, so a lot of optics/aspects can be transferred directly to MMA. To surmise that hes outta pocket, IS outta pocket. He giving his opinion to the lack of will that he believed he witnessed. The correlation is simple n rather identical.. Now if he started to go in-depth about strategic failures on the side Corone, thats the shht hes not qualified to speak on..

  77. Trick gum Nerney

    He actually sounds like a decent human being

  78. Derek Vandermark

    Stephen A is punching like that bc he tore his rotator cuff btw

  79. Matt Houser

    Fuck Bill Maher.

  80. Mr Sleptya

    ESPN needs to shut that loudmouth up, dude blows ego and has no clue about mma,,,,,,,,,,, F**k that big mouth that doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  81. Tanner Wharton

    I agree with joe 100%

  82. yoda 910

    Didn’t think Joe wouldn’t do hot ones out of fear of possibly looking dumb, thought he’d be the kind of person who’d just roll with it. What they were saying about the pleasure/pain thing though is a big part of why Hot Ones is so good. The spice makes the guests giddy/a little euphoric, it also stops guests over thinking things and just go with the flow. Sean Evans always does incredible background research (himself, Joe and Nardwuar are the top 3 interviewers in pop culture right now, imo) and asks great questions, so guests generally seem really impressed and happy to really commit to the process. I hope Joe reconsiders his stance. Given his love of new experiences, particularly ones that stimulate the senses in unusual ways, I think he would be a perfect guest. Also, Sean would do an incredible interview that I think Joe and the respective audiences would both really enjoy.

  83. Notoriouskage1804

    Bro sas brought some shyne to mma who cares what ppv # ya have like this shyt is a weak sport will never be the level of boxing ever

  84. justPlainOl'CommonSense

    I've always hated Mr. Smith

  85. Jeremy Winston

    Look i like both guys but my opinion khabib is gonna take the game outta TF. My money is on khabib. He's the GOAT. The figh of the decade is KN vs JM. C'mon Dana u greedy bastard u know it's in the works u fat greedy self righteous pig.

  86. James Handley

    Both fighters are so good you can run it back 10 times and get a different winner

  87. Raymond Diaz

    "He brought this to a new level" is the only reason you cock suckers are making this video you love that he brings in revenue like come on joe when jorge kills him I cant wait for the excuses he won a round guys yeah one round yeah before jorge fucked him up just like saying he won a round againts kahbib kahbib dropped him and finished this clown who was saying ITS ALL BUSINESS! THATS WHAT FANS WERE UPSET ABOUT NO ONE PAYS FOR BUSINESS WE PAY FOR A FIGHT NOT COWBOY HURT BEFORE WATCH MARK MY FUCKING WORDS CONNOR WILL GET SMASHED BY A REAL FIGHTER AND ALL OFF YOU COCKSUCKING MONEY HUNGRY CONNOR TURDS WILL BE UPSET HE LOST!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. DeadMillennial

    "Get the fuck off my bus"

  89. King Chile

    I wish they didn’t stop the Nate fight . Cause I guarantee that Nate would’ve put the pace on Jorge

  90. Jr Ortiz

    Exsacially tai chi is more like a workout like yoga not useful in a fight or mma

  91. John Holton

    Joe "Some African Americans are good at things so IQ is racism" Rogan

  92. Andres Rodriguez

    I want to show this to my friends, but they're not english speakers. It would be nice to have subtitles.

  93. Mikey Pee

    That midget punch drill tho

  94. brushfyr

    The problem, I think, is the true believes thought god would personally do something, or was going to wait for the pedos to die before they did something. Apparently some priests would confess and for some Catholics that means God would forgive them. Their faith made them blind to the idea a priest could be lying. Religious people do not want to question anything to do with their religion because to most it would be questioning Santa which means no Christmas gifts. I also how many in the church are real true believers and how many are con artists who wanted the easy power o get people to believe you without question.

  95. Kaleb JP

    Stephen A talks shit about everything for no reason. Half the shit he doesn't have any business talking about. Especially MMA

  96. J R

    "someone needs to explain to me whats happening here, is he punching a baby"? LOL @joerogan

  97. Eric

    We need to put an end to lucrative speaking engagements for former politicians. That's corruption and nobody's calling them out on it.

  98. romanl1977

    This segment tells it how it is like no other. I would pay for these two & Bernie to run the Country.

  99. TurnTimeTable

    So. Another mealy-mouthed coward who doesn't want his drinking buddies laughing at him. "Mealy-mouthed definition: avoiding the use of direct and plain language, as from timidity, excessive delicacy, or hypocrisy; inclined to mince words; insincere".

  100. stephan stertz

    LOL, who isn't controlled by the government!!!