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  1. Riley Cross

    “You look stunning!!” *As i’m licking the salt off my potato chip at 12:40am* Me: I know, right? 😏

  2. Angelic Sensualli

    The best one is his xmondo stop playing! Just go buy club kid.... omg

  3. N F

    The first girls hair is heat damaged. The third girls hair isn’t. That’s how i base who’s technique is better.

  4. Hailey Rafferty

    My hair has about the same moisture as the Sahara and I have to blow dry my hair to straighten it. This is not where to get advice about styling curly hair

  5. paige kaufmann

    Love your videos, but 4 ads in a video is a bit much

  6. oddteenager

    you should rate blowout routines next

  7. kya__ bonello7

    Yass maltese influencer

  8. Laura Nasti

    A 10

  9. bakura06ryou

    I like watching you because I don't feel like you are being fake to be funny, or that you have a 'mean streak'. I feel like if I met you in person I would get the same person that I watch on camera :) and you're cute 😊 I do like watching makeup, although i don't really wear it myself, because (who has time for that 😆) So its refreshing to see a nice clean makeup look that I could actually achive if I wanted to. In fact its so clean and natural that I didn't think you wore any 😆. Best wishes, I have enjoyed seeing your channel grow other the years 😊


    Bro can u promote my channel pls Waiting for ur reply

  11. Robynhood_Cos

    A year later, my hair is in desperate need of care, I need Brad Mondo’s help smh

  12. Chelsey Bernardelli

    Someone was feelin sassy today! 😂 love this video so👏🏼much👏🏼

  13. Ellen T

    Your next series should be inviting ppl to your salon who youve watched their videos and cringed to death, and you should do what they were trying to do, but properly 😍

  14. Jayden - Milan Black

    I looooved my green hair 😍 sadly i had to go black again -> my natural color is really dark almost black

  15. Ariana S.

    his reactions to the outcomes is me seeing a dog

  16. Addison Rae

    The first girl got a 6, so the first and last girl were tied.

  17. Hailey Rafferty

    I love watching a man with dead straight hair comment on a curly hair routine looool


    17:51 omg your reaction 😂😂 girls dont blowdry your hair dry it will ends up like this 😏

  19. TK W

    Glam Belle is the BEST in my opinion. I didn't do my curls too different from her, but she always has great tips. It's a lot of work, these curls.

  20. Kendromeda

    Thumbs up for pearls

  21. Hayley Arnold

    Brad this whole video: 🤔 🤨 🤔 🤨

  22. 김사월_April

    I use nexus shampoo and a Maui conditioner but I always change it up.

  23. Eat. it. Stacy

    Your new dry shamp comes out today !!!!!!!

  24. Sydney Christensen

    Why is he being so harsh on the first girl 😭😭💀 it wasn't ideal but it wasn't a "huge fail" lmfao

  25. junglejulia92

    i'm dying hahahahaha love you Brad!!!

  26. Mya Parks

    I think concentrated nozzles are usually a no-no for natural hair because they put too much heat on one particular area which causes heat damage over time . Also , I think pulling the hair straight while blow drying allows us naturals to have it straighter without having to put too much heat on our hair if that makes sense

  27. Steph Smith

    😂 I may watch to many of Brad's videos. My parrot just started imitating his high pitched squeals and said "PLEASE" in a Brad voice! 😂😂😂😂

  28. Dawn Marie D

    Starting to notice that hot curlers/rollers are making a comeback🤗 I wanna get another set ASAP now (I’m an 80s baby so mine were a 90s model😅) I wonder if T3 has a set out at Ulta Beauty yet cuz I just love T3’s styling tools &/or hot tools🥰 the T3 curling wand is literally my magic wand👌🏼 although they’re not cheap I highly recommend T3💯

  29. Anna Holeman

    Joy Before Her looks like a mix of Beyonce and Shakira

  30. Steph Smith

    Me: Brad's makeup is always on point. Omg! I can so do that! Also me: 🧟

  31. Jerrica Douglas

    Brad:"I'm feeling a little bit mean today, you're in luck." 😂😂😂

  32. Sexy Lemon

    Normally Brad looks amazing but today? Bitch. When I tell you I died? Understated.

  33. Jaden Keys

    My dirty mind thot that when he said he wanted to see her length too, I thot he was talking about HIS length. I told my older sister and she said "Duud comment on the video rn" and I was like "OK Duud."

  34. Kim Darl Wiley

    I know its difficult to have curly hair, my hair is a hybrid of wavy/curly and if I brush it I look like gene wilder struck by lightning lol jokes aside theres something beautifully wild about curly hair. But girl please dont do an at home perm!! Leave it to the professionals PLEASE!!! They can give you what you seek. Trust me you'll end up spending more to fix it vs just having a stylist do it. I messed up my hair with bleach and had to have it all cut off and it was heart wrenching never again. When in doubt stylist it out!!

  35. Gwyn Quagliana

    Im not a hair stylist but i’ve used arctic fox before and the colors must have odd undertones because their colors always faded weird and i used their green once and it also looked kind of blue? so the undertones must be different idk weird colors anyway

  36. HikariInu

    i really suck at blow drying my hair...or anything to do with my hair so i rather pay for it .-.

  37. Julia

    I'm the type to stare at my own face the whole time in silence thinking "omg too ugly to live" - BUT once everything is done all is good and I'm happy as a unicorn xD

  38. Eman Xotwod

    The first gurllllllll 😂😂😂 MOOOOOOD FOR LIFE

  39. Taryn River

    When brad said the first girl had a 7 i was screaming NO BRAD NO you gave her a 6 I had to go back and prove to myself she had a 6 check out 11:08 for the score 😂😂😂 first and third tied brad 😂😂

  40. Hiiroxanne

    Brad! I have thick, frizzy curly hair. My ends look gross even after a hair cut. Help me!

  41. Harshita Kumar

    Brad... Literally in this look, you are love... O my God.. I don't you have black outfits as I have noticed that you mentioned about not having black outfits.. U look fab in black.. Girl u need to go shopping..

  42. JaimeArt

    When you do this and think if she does something really great then add a point

  43. Amber Temmen

    Lol im guilty of using the ponytail technique but i always cut at a deep v angle and never end up with that ugly shelf or with the back too long lol but i also trim the ends to help them blend. Its never a one snip process lol

  44. Kennedy Erin

    Would love to see a video of you watching people cut their own layers!

  45. abby johnson


  46. Trash Panda

    Can you please do a male wig

  47. Mono Bear Oath Bar

    The curl with 2 fingers used and rolled around actually works 🙂

  48. Kennedy Erin

    In cosmetology school one of our teachers did not like us using our concentrator nozzle because she said we need to “learn how to control where the air is blowing.” All of the other teachers said “ALWAYS USE YOUR NOZZLE!” My boss at the salon I work at doesn’t use hers and her blow outs are phenomenal. I find myself using it all the time though. It’s just very interesting to see everyone’s preferences and perspective on these types of things

  49. Rylee Nadine

    If the first girls roots were lifted closer to a 10 or if she added more yellow in the color before she put it on her ends it would’ve been a lot closer :/ poor bby- stylist

  50. Trash Panda

    *Get the hot scorching tea out* Gets coffee

  51. Polette S

    Can i subscribe like a million times because of that intro? cuz my heart jumped like a million times when i watched that omfg Can I???????😩💗💓💞

  52. Amanda Bruce Hendrickson

    How are people so bad at working their hair? I don't get it. It's all such common sense...

  53. Sarah

    I think I enjoy the fail videos more than the success clips!

  54. lisanne de kruijk

    I've heard people say some of these things, but oh my god.... Newfound respect for hairdressers

  55. TM Writing

    For 10 years of my life my mom straightened my hair every 2 days so I lost my curls I'm happy to report it's been 2 years without and straightening, curling or using a blow dryer and my hair has finally gained its curls back they curl to the end and I'm so upset for years I was brainwashed into thinking that straight hair was so much better

    1. TM Writing

      I'm 16 by the way

  56. Eve Bowman

    I started going gray when I was 16. It sucks, but we're still thriving!

  57. Baby mama

    I had Black long hair and now i have a blond pixie cut hehe

  58. Claire ___

    Please, please brush your hair starting from the bottom, when wet out the shower. My friend and I share a hairdresser and both watch Brad. Our next appointment we're going to have our Adrian react to Brad reacting.

  59. Barbara Cegledi

    Gosh, I had to learn how to use Batiste dry shampoo but it's totally worth it. You have to massage it to your roots and using just a very little amount of product at the time. This is the only one that I can go for two days in a row without washing my hair (don't judge me, we are all lazy af sometimes :D ), the others made more greasy my head 2-3 hours later. But yeah, the original one is the worst - it even has a toilet freshener - my favs are the hydrating and the voluminous ones.

  60. Masiel Santillán

    What about triangular faces? Like Kelly Osbourne

  61. Keisha Dawn

    When he tells you your beautiful while you’re sitting on the floor in yesterday’s clothes having a mental breakdown 😂 yeehaw

  62. KillerQuinnCosplay

    Brad: hello beautiful Me: *shoves more McDonald’s fries into my mouth*

  63. fatima keefah

    I love how excited he is omg he’s so adorable I want to squeeze him

  64. Dannielliebear

    i want brad to straighten my annoyingly rebellious frizzy ass curly hair

  65. Oana Lasconi

    Hahahahahaha this intro is gold

  66. Trash Panda

    Me is a cosplayer watching this for my todaroki wig Can you do this for a male wig?

  67. A R

    Would love to see you react to the Curly Girl Method aaaand There's a girl whos hair suddenly changed texture and went frizzy, and shes very upset about it and it'd be cool to see if you could help her: fisels.info/video/videot/kpW4Zch1koSacIk.html

  68. Melody Blackhall

    That first girl's routine "her effortless routine." Yeah right!🤣🤣🤣

  69. Princeton

    brad mondo mörch

  70. staša

    watching brad’s videos makes me want to be a hairdresser

  71. A

    I always let my curls air dry. 😊

  72. Hanna EWR

    I wish you could do my hair :)

  73. 카이

    jeana revealed everything on her live that the whoke makeover was a whole fucking rucckus. literally it is totally diffrerent from what it was aired on tv. check out her vid on her channel exposing antm.

  74. Flooredfirst1

    My hair is super thick and goes from straight on the top of my head to kinky in the back. I hate straightening my hair because it takes at least 1 1/2 hours for me to do. Soooooo what do I use to curl enhance and keep my hair feeling soft ?

  75. Marika Marks

    If I was that girls mama Id pop her disrespectful ass in the mouth. You don't tell ur mom to shut up...wtf is wrong with this girl? Ugh

  76. Hanna EWR

    Love your jumper!

  77. khaula akhtar

    Brad I love your videos but I hope you’d change your background. The white is really distracting and makes it hard to focus on youuu! Btw it would be amazing if you’d show us yourself how to bleach and dye hair. You always react to girls messing it up and now I’m so curious to know exactly how you’d do it. Anyway much love to you Brad ❤️

  78. styla 0one

    You have to watch the christmas hair from her

  79. n h

    The second girl looks kinda like beyonce

  80. Idk Idc

    17:51 We had the same reaction I'm dyinnggg:)))

  81. Angel Lava

    My brother went to cosmology school and I was his first client. He used one of those spiky cylinder brushes and it got so stuck in my thin fragile hair that he got frustrated and almost walked out with the brush still stuck in my hair 😨 I was getting a split end trim and I ended up getting a loooooot more cut off because he had to cut the brush out of my hair... 😭

  82. Who Cares

    Idk why but just the fact that you start with “hi beautiful” on every video... makes me feel better ☺️

  83. Mary Bryan

    I like you with a darker color, but do what makes you feel beautiful. 💕

  84. vector Ronaldo

    so true cocunut oil don't go well with my curly hair it make it sooooo dry and TBH argan oil too, the oil that really hydrate my curly hair is almond oil

  85. K-bear Does Art

    First girl: has six points Brad: you win!!! Third girl: am I a joke to you?

  86. ✨Radish Alex✨

    The girls caption at 7:01 !!!!!!!!!!! "I just wanted to be Midoriya" YES GIRL... GET THOSE BNHA HAIR COLOURS!!!!

  87. らぅ


  88. Chloe Caven

    She should’ve just got a wig 😭😭

  89. alamedadanceparty

    I got all the answers correct - yay!!

  90. Melexdra

    lowlighted my too-light bellami extensions with coffee because once i was bougie but now i'm broke

  91. Lady of The woods

    Dang. Maybe Joy before her isn’t the best at a blow out buuuut her curly routine results are BANGIN’

  92. Dan

    I used to have half black half neon green (it’s now half blue) and I miss it so much

  93. Caroline P

    When making soap you'd use coconut oil to make a dry bar of soap. It's great for hardening but your end bar isn't hydrating. I can't imagine what it's doing to your hair 😳

  94. Mouthy Girl

    After this teal hair, Stella used only phantom green and her hair turned reeeeeally green

  95. Leilani

    6:52 this part is so satisfying to watch, that perfect shiny curl bouncing out 😩

  96. em

    brad: “i think it’s just gonna look.. actually kinda decent” 3 seconds later after seeing the hair brad: “i knew this was gonna happen and it pretty much came out as bad as i thought” okay lmao

  97. Linette Rivera


  98. P. Marouf

    Great video! That's good to know, I was thinking about getting my hair done and now I know what to say ♥️

  99. Quinn Parks

    Omgggg its not about who wears them its about renaming and giving credit where's its due if people of different races acknowledge these things I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be such a big issue...

  100. theresa hicks

    I wonder how you would rate my routine?! I air dry my hair then straighten sometimes mainly to control my bleached haor frizz.