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  1. Lucie Postrachova

    Skvělé miluju tě 💋💋🎤🎤🎤🎤

  2. 이정뇽

    이노래 들으면 뭔가 삘엄청 충만해짐

  3. all in one Ahmedabad

  4. Shah King

    dad of the rap

  5. 최경식

    오 마이 갓...

  6. Martin Allen

    Oh American comedy... 🙄

  7. Angang play

    1:25 XDDDD

  8. Amy Lou

    I love their relationship!!! brothers!!❤❤❤

  9. Tammy stoltz

    I would love to see Ricky - do the Oscars. It would be hilarious. It's getting to boring and .. I WISH THEY GET OF THE COLOR THING. AND THE RACE THING.THEY Always have to bring that up.Firstly they complain about not enough racial mix in the women category one-the next year its all about racial THE movie category. Blah blah blah..Every year it's about something is wrong (Bias). I wish they would just get over it. And do a great show Like when Billy Crystal did it.

  10. wizarddon

    Most boring movie ever award goes to once upon a time in Hollywood

  11. daniel g

    A fucking legend

  12. gu Santana

    Melhor Rap

  13. Marsel J

    The slim shady show

  14. Yasima Yaz

    The greatest of all time💙 16th dislike !!!wtf

  15. Ahmad Rofiqi

    This one performance worth the whole oscar night...

  16. jerico delos santos

    Where's MGK?

  17. The Studio

    I don't know why but I started hating Billie " Kid " Eilish after watching this video

  18. Tammy stoltz

    This was worst Oscar- show in history. I turned the channel after this opening

  19. 李平凡的人

    I feel that the songs of foreigners are really nice

  20. yj

    1:25 every stan ever when we hear an eminem song playing in public

  21. **** VJ

    Ever seen KGF Kannada Movie.

  22. TheGitzserEvolution

    no Ricky Gervais jokes?

  23. Fala verdade

    The best rapper

  24. Знакомство с ABTOMOБИЛЯМИ

    Если ты как и я искал русский коммент, то поздравляю ты его нашел!!! Eminem лучший рэпер

  25. Piotr Jjj

    2002-lose Yourself with nothing 2020-lose Yourself on oscars stage And when I'm gone just carry on don't mourn Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice, just know that I'm lookin' down on you smilin' And I didn't feel a thing so baby, don't feel no pain, just smile back

  26. Joseph Mercel

    Janelle Monáe and Billie Eilish = ZERO emotion during the song, the perfect illustration of marketing "artists".

  27. Luc

    wtf is with this title? a Legend is a Legend it was, it is and it will be for ever The Rap God 🐐

  28. Ayumi Sasaki

    Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed the movie? It’s kinda sad to see the casts themselves making fun of the film

  29. Раюшка Раюшка

    Обажаю это фильм

  30. Pamela Humphrey

    Still good looking. 👍🏾👍🏾

  31. Nguyễn Việt

    How do you feel when all of S-level stars get up and clap for you, M? You're the legend of the world..

  32. Niranjan Sn

    Goosebumps Overloaded 😍

  33. Jonas Martinez

    crap from that homophobic's song

  34. Izziesaurus Rex

    This man has proven once again that he has more talent than everyone in that room. #rapgod

  35. Jonas Martinez

    Porquería de canción de ese homofóbico

  36. nikolygtx

    Pull up pants bro u are legendary not some mumble rapper that needs to cringe

  37. David Haigh

    Think Eminem should have recorded the new Bond theme. The Billy Eilish one is dull.

  38. Karan

    You know you have made it in life when A Lister's vibe and sing along to you while giving a standing ovation after your performance. <3

  39. Courtney

    So funny how Maya Rudolph’s spouse is actually Paul Thomas Anderson. A very prestigious director which makes the whole bit even funnier 😂😂

  40. Abhinav Timalsena

    Eminem show

  41. prabhat mehta

    Heard they gave away some awards at Eminem's concert?

  42. Faraz Hussain jokhio

    The moment when you realize em's career is older than Billie's existence

  43. toofaststang

    Em is a BEAST!!!!

  44. Ece Russo

    Ağzınız açık izlersiniz böyle.

  45. Rama Krishna Pinnimty

    Sounds best at 1.25x speed.

  46. Misba Farheen

    The man who hate talk shows but when he spoke he made everyone speechless

  47. Best IPTV


  48. Vishwajeet Waghmare


  49. Elia Monty

    I just love Shia even more for his patience with his friend.

  50. halit Aytekin

    Yaşlı kurt

  51. Matheus Alexandre

    Essa olhada 0:47

  52. williams williams

    If your analyzing every human reaction of other people You are clueless to real problems Be positive and DO something

  53. MCOC Journal

    I'm speechless. I personally know so many people who call him weird, but in my opinion, he's such a wonderful person from the inside. Respect!!

  54. Нурбек Ахметов

    Legendary coming back!!!

  55. Jsyam 87

    Apa omong sih?

  56. John Hetherington

    Two unfunny men and the audience sound like the price is right, which about sums it up

  57. anvesh jain

    Legend says he is still getting that standing ovation

  58. ahrmoch Hamza


  59. LOVE, Lyzza

    Maya should win Best Actress and Kristen Supporting Actress for this hahaha #RIPreplaybutton they're so funny! Made my day!

  60. 2011 SHO Kona

    Shia is still an uncontrollable asshole who berates first responders and has some mental issues.

  61. dizziple

    This is humanity in its purest form!

  62. BONA

    Fanculo la lega Nord

  63. LOVE, Lyzza

    THESE PRESENTERS DIDN'T WASTE THEIR STAGE TIME...hope they get bookings after this haha Brilliant 'Acting' Queens!! Haha 💜

  64. Mario Mrakovic

    Highlight of the entire evening. Amazing speech, especially for and in the era we all live in.

  65. novus novam

    I love Eminem >,<

  66. Божественный Продакшн

    АХУЕННО.... я замёрз от мурашек!!))

  67. ナニカ


  68. Omar Achour

    فنان قوي بأتم معنى الكلمة

  69. barx

    This man is a legend. So sincere, deep and relentless. How can I not be a fan?

  70. eve pammi2017

    Love him

  71. Sevyn Tennyson

    Kristen looks soo good

  72. dndmiruna

    billie eilish is shaking

  73. Christoph

    Want to buy bobbing head from eminem for in my car, just such a good feeling seeing all these people heads bobbing !

  74. Tukang Las

    17feb Billie elish still 15M Legend 20M

  75. Junkie Jones and the Picogang

    Am I the only person here who isn't impressed?.... big em fan, but the level is just so high right now...idk

  76. Purvesh Khamankar

    Just take the award... There are too many advice advertising actors already.

  77. Ks Mr

    Shld follow that up with a hologram of tupac

  78. Janith Madusanka

  79. bankers arena ss s

    Even leonardo was looking old but the time has stopped for eminem...he is still the same spirited person

  80. Jeff Caldwell

    Seriously, getting lectured from someone who promotes violence.

  81. Orlando Luis F. De Leon Jr.

    I absolutely LOVE it when Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig work together!

  82. neha misra

    They need to host the Oscars 2021

  83. RAMIG4M3R

    whos the blonde girl at 3:27 ?

  84. Baran Demir


  85. Keep happy

    EMINEM is looking like Aj Styles...

  86. Hendrix Tarantado

    Damn... B rabbit!! Killed it. This song brings back memories of my childhood. I remember recording the music video with a video cam thats the same size as ur toaster and takes mini vhs tapes that u can put in a regular size vhs so u can watch it on ur player. This was way before youtube.. back when aol was still every broke boys internet connection. When rap city and 106 &park was on and had freestyle friday battles. When limewire was like everyone's source of bootleg songs that u play on ur cd player that u carry around all day in ur pocket. When 2xl shirts was worn by twos or layers. Outfit extra baggy as hell. The TMobile sidekick phone was the shit. At&t was Cingular.. liquor store shirts were worn by everyone. Drive by shootings and gangs was still a trend. Throwing gang signs and crip walking. Etc. Thank god for letting me experience all that before everything went fruity. This song is like a landmark of my childhood..

  87. JustAnotherSnowflake

    Everyone singing along and Billy Eilish just had no idea what was going on... 🤣🤣

  88. 123 User

    1:25 When scored a b at your maths test

  89. Kim heroes


  90. zThouQHTz

    батя блять!

  91. kasperskyla

    Wow 20mil,the highest among other oscar videos.People must be really missing him.I dont know eminem still active since there is no new song from him playing at my country radio station.His last songs that I heard are im not afraid and monster.

  92. Rahul Sharma

    Holy mf!! This concert by Eminem, this song takes nostalgia to another level. I grew up with this. I'm overwhelmed with emotions rn 😭

  93. Crazy Storon

    Is it just me or is his voice fucked up and he keeps switching it, for me he sang it like shit

  94. Danielito TV ortiz

    Leyenda, icono maestro

    1. Mariano Romero

      sí, tiene una lista de obras maestras como mocking bird y este tema que merecen muchos millones

  95. Gab Bro

    I love Eminem, but he looks fatter and older. Almost thought it was spmeone else singing.

  96. Владимир Зверев


  97. William Allard

    I cried watching that omg

  98. SUSEYE7

    Eminem !! doing great job !!! killed Oscar. cheers EM from Tokyo Japan !

  99. Abraham Ahnaf

    The Oscars was looking so boring but Eminem made it his own concert and it was trimendous

  100. Dashni _ Kurd

    I can’t even believe, he can’t be old ☠️