The studio that brought you Black Swan, Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, Brooklyn, Three Billboards, The Shape of Water and more of your favorites.

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  1. Nicholas Fernandez

    Ah yes, for when you eat an acid infused holiday post card and wake up in the hallmark wearing a sweater carrying a pie


    Awesome .

  3. JV Strats

    *Stalin was just as bad...*

  4. meta527II

    You people are hypocrites! You say it's a horrible crime for Elise to kiss Sonic, yet praise this movie for having a SEXUAL relationship between a fish thing and an old lady! Why is this planet full of HYPOCRITES?

  5. Arturo Navarro

    Stupid waste of time watching nonsense

  6. Special Needs Werewolf

    What a waste of money. Obviously the cast were hard up for money.

  7. Wakiki Time

    Also note that the scene with the police in this trailer is the same set as in Grand Budapest hotel 2:05

  8. Schy Mark

    Scarlet is just a sweet lady

  9. riski rival

    nonton kualitas puas..

  10. sedih hijab

    film drama tragis.

  11. Wakiki Time

    I know that the song used here is Aline by Christophe but I can’t find the exact version used in this trailer... any ideas?

  12. Orre


  13. Nur Khalimah Oficial

    makan kriyikan karo nonton yu..

  14. murcielago9999

    *"Ponte en la fila niño"*

  15. Jolie Corvinus

    This scene was handed her the oscar

  16. Street Hierarchy

    Good to see Owen back.

  17. Joni Mendes

    Can we get the super troopers to go to Reno?

  18. Ketsueki Shisha

    *lord of the flies is singing in the back of my head from sophomore year of high school*

  19. Gwillerm Kaldisti

    ja ja

  20. Paul Joseph

    OMG. Can we please stop with the mediocre peter pan movies every 3 to 5 years?

  21. Evan Rapp


  22. Mm Mm

    The multicultural cast illegally immigrating to Neverland and replacing the white characters from the traditional English story is really powerful.

  23. Jimmy C


  24. Mm Mm

    Woke peter pan is way better, like the replacement of the english characters from the story with a multicultural cast but shouldn’t we at least have some little boys in dresses on hormone therapy? Um... kinda cis privilege and not okay.

  25. Daniel O'Rourke

    I don't understand the point of this. They already did a Peter Pan Prequel. It was called Pan

  26. Jack Gill

    So weird... I was watching hook last night and had a random thought “man wonder if theylll ever make another live action type of Pan movie” and I wake up this morning and this is the first thing I see on FIsels haha

  27. Mm Mm

    Great to see white characters replaced by african americans in traditional stories about white people by white authors! Can’t wait to see the new Roots remake starring Chris Pratt as Kunta Kente. Sure that’s coming out any day now...

  28. Kodiak _101

    When you're reading Peter Pan In Scarlet-

  29. G Q

    This artificial movie will damage a lot of young children lives. I hope any child who watches this movie do not believe in it and attempt to leave home!

  30. Mm Mm

    Glad to see buckwheat finally restarting his career after the Little Rascals. Thought he’d be older by now, but looks just the same as ever! Great woke addition to the previously white privileged and extremely English story of Peter Pan!

  31. G Q

    Parents please look at the Harm this movie is worth. Children should not watch this movie.

  32. Larry Sanders

    A feminist version of peter pan.... Get woke go broke!

  33. pac401

    My question is, how do I get my 12 bucks back? This was an awful movie that is portrayed as a comedy and is anything but a comedy. It meandered for 90 minutes. BORING.

  34. G Q

    I pray children don't see this as and say they want to see this movie!

  35. PKRowlet64

    Wait can I have a chicken sandwich?

  36. G Q


  37. B3rnard

    Everything about this looks terrible

  38. Edward Enea

    Of course that's Peter.....of course.

  39. Matthew Damante

    Not gonna lie. I clicked on this just to see if this was just a Wendy's Viral Marketing Scheme....but this looks pretty dope

  40. Fraffee Tan

    This looks insane! Okay, I’m gonna watch it anyway.

  41. dontlikeit move

    well damit. iam gonna cry!!

  42. Gregg McKenzie

    Disparaging! Null points Taiko Waititi!

  43. xXOMFGitsROBXx

    Is this about the chick from the burger place?

  44. Anthony Ruiz

    Looks like straight autism mate

  45. danielle

    Oh my god this looks incredible

  46. Vin

    I rather watch coronavirus news

  47. Liam Slevec

    Is this the perfect trailer?

  48. Hisyam Nct

    Bill Murray always legend

  49. Hisyam Nct

    Best wes anderson animation 2018, who watching this trailer in 2020 anyone

  50. Divi

    Jojo and Yorki's friendship is so pure! ❤ Such a brilliant movie!

  51. Hisyam Nct

    Who watching this trailer in 2020 after the french dispatch

  52. Jonathan Grandt

    I can’t wait for the Honest Trailer

  53. Jonathan Grandt

    Oh..... ok. Great.

  54. Дарья Анохина

    I feel in love with this trailer..........................

  55. dayum son

    the goonies part 2

  56. Yunuen Garcia

    One of my biggest dreams is to one day act in a Wes Anderson film

  57. Yunuen Garcia

    0:51 .... I am absolutely in love with her for the rest of my life...

  58. Aman M S

    1:50 Edward Norton 1:28 Willem Dafoe

  59. alan stark

    Robin Williams.the hook I feel..... master yoda

  60. Augur Cybernaut

    Beasts of the Southern...?? Immediate LIKE!!!

  61. Johnathan Dolenz

    Why are they making a Peter Pan film about Wendy?

  62. Felix Cadena

    As much as I would like to see this movie, it's probably gonna be another one of those bridge to terrabithia bullshits where nothing is real and it's all in their heads. I'll wait for a review or something

  63. -Clouds above us crying-

    Absolutely beautiful, i couldn't stop crying at the ending... powerful movie in all aspects

  64. -Clouds above us crying-

    Beautiful movie

  65. Jennifer Steffen

    There has not been a film recently that excited me as much as this one! Is it going to be on big screen or on Netflix or Prime? I'll be looking for it!

  66. Alex McCarthy

    Peter Pan pre-qual??

  67. S 47

    Not a Peter Pan movie , not interested

  68. Aa a

    Characters reading books Smoking Oil paintings Edward Norton Tiny motorcycles Overhead shots of objects William dafoe Jason Schwartzman Anjelica Huston A Wilson brother Profile shots A Wilson brother in a profile shot Bill Murray Uniforms Old timey telephones Bill Murray wearing a uniform in a profile shot with an old timey telephone

  69. Nathan Wheeler

    I didn’t see one God damn Dave’s classic combo! #fail

  70. Ts__ _

    First the tweets go viral, and now they have a movie.

  71. Galiley Kwong

    My cat walked away halfway through this trailer.

  72. A S H C A S H

    Indie version of Peter pan

  73. bean nighe

    God I fucking love Wes Anderson, I need this now!

  74. splits seconds


  75. Aline Geralducci

    Literally screamed when I heard the second song, haha! Loved the choice 🥰

  76. Morten

    fantastic movie. Does anyone know where i can find the tiger painting in the living room?

  77. EV3 Showcase

    *a n u s*

  78. Synchronomous

    In the first 5 seconds I was like 'this is extremely similar in style to The Grand Budapest Hotel'. And now I've learned something.

  79. Susi Maliah

    Guilermo del the best director for this movie....can stop wait .....

  80. K Brd

    I literally could move to the town immediately if it actually exists

  81. Blender Wiki

    the movie will be in the permanet collection at MOMA

  82. Amanita Muscaria

    I finished this movie a moment ago, it was not what I expected and I really enjoyed it and this is now one of my favourites. 😍

  83. Brian Lynch

    Armando could make a movie version of the phone book entertaining.

  84. Victor T.

    0:15 omg sentence diagramming! I hated that

  85. KevGonzales

    Just saw the film. Spoiler alert: Why did the mom die? Did the police know that she was hiding a Jew? If they knew then, they would've come back for the Jew girl, right?

  86. soinhu foitu

    The most Wes Anderson of all the Wes Anderson movies ever made.

  87. marcos carioca

    one of the best movies that i have ever seen, congratulations

  88. leco

    Why Is so ugly?

  89. Veono

    good movie

  90. A R

    Wes Anderson rip off

  91. toni black

    They Whitebalked Nate parker, bastards

  92. Yasmin Ellashay

    Timothee Chalamet is truly a chameleon. The ability he has to just completely immersive himself in any role, lead or supporting is amazing. Probably one of the best young actors of our time. And we’ll probably end up talking about him they way our parents talk about DiCaprio. Also doesn’t hurt that he’s hot 🙃😉

  93. Min Criss

    3 academy winners

  94. JackieSGrazer

    "Based on a true story" me: (.) (.) 0

  95. Mark Russell

    Peter. Fucking. Capaldi!!

  96. Blue Hunter

    For anyone saying its not a wendigo because it wasn't one in the short story, look up other trailers for Antlers, they SAY it is a wendigo in the trailer. This is "based on" the short story, which means it is not exactly the short story. People tend to change things when translating story over to movie formant, and in this case, they made the monster into a wendigo.

  97. David Schwab

    So no magic then?

  98. Joey Fajardo

    Jeffrey Wright should ve been In like , THREE Wes Anderson movies by now

    1. soinhu foitu

      I wanna live in a Wes Anderson movie it’s so clean there

  99. Rafaella

    Adoro esta película

  100. KAI NASH

    This was such a humbling experience. I think I spent the last 40 minutes of this movie crying.