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  1. Videoclips

    Dammit, this guitarist is goood

  2. BraindrillCP ༄

    7:15 haha baldy Alex as always

  3. William


  4. Frankie Cochran

    I absolutely love this!

  5. Lucas Philippidis

    Intro sounds to me like a variation of "Live And Let Die" from James Bond by Aerosmith. Good variation.

  6. Ihar Sachenka

    2020 Still listening... One of the best music ever...

  7. Beatriz Ibarra

    To much light ajjajaja

  8. Rafuro

    those are ww2 tanks but nice video

  9. Jayden Whites

    Tinky Barbra! shoowee

  10. Ale V

    Nice work!


    Saludos Almas

  12. gonzorudeboy

    I've read a lot of comments about what Sepultura should or should not be. I have my opinion about what I like or not in the band too. The fact is that we're not relevant in that matter. It's their band, they do what they want, we're all free to look for other music, there's plenty. Been listening to them since Arise and still do.

  13. Roberto Reyes

    2020 still really enjoy this song and still don’t understand the dislike with the direction they took. They tried their hand at streamlining/accessibility (don’t know how space age prog death with blast beats and mystic sounding leads is accessible but they actually did make it more palatable for metal fans). Edit: I actually find the vocals great and trying to be different in a good way. Tortured, gurgly at times, and high for the genre 🤘🏼

  14. raytrego

    Fuck yes


    She doesn't shine enough on this track....

  16. Wow wow

    The chorus of this song instantly reminded me of the chorus from No Funeral by Revocation. Check it out and you'll know what i mean :)

  17. LC Officer UNIT 97


  18. Jakfar Sydyq


  19. Marcelo Galvao

    Musicalmente após os irmãos Cavalera parece ser a melhor fase porém com esse vocal horrível vai está na mesma merda resumindo vocalista baixista nessa banda não existe

  20. Sorg

    I always saw this resemblance

  21. Joreder Perale


  22. Just

    My favorite band! I know you're gonna blow a lot of people away with this upcoming album! Keep doing you! Peace and love 😊🖤

  23. Carlos Zavaleta Barrera

    Otra vez me siento inmortal !!!! Viva Satanás !!!!!

  24. Alexey Rogonov


  25. josh mcgaughey

    Is this spongebob trying to sing like metallica?

  26. Just

    Does anyone know when they're going to tour in Europe in 2020?

  27. Guto Stumpf

    Aboslut Classic!!! Eternal Sepultura!!! Metal!!!! Nooooiiizzzxxx 🤘

  28. clone trooper Shiro


  29. Dámaris Núñez.


  30. Alain Berteau

    yes i listen in 2020

  31. MetalFlower 95

    Klasse! 🔥👍🏻

  32. Michael Alexanders

    Teacher: We're taking a field trip to Russia Boys: cyka blyat hehe Girls:

  33. Jordan Wright


  34. Guilherme Vieira

    Cadê a legenda porra!

  35. писатель нежити

    Now if only Asking Alexandria listened to their fans.

  36. Amaury Reyes Betances


  37. nxne75

    Killer stuff - has an early Van Halen vibe to it...


    я их слушал в 98

  39. Zachary Keel

    Best version of Helter Skelter ever. Don’t @ me.

  40. ML L

    Killer drummer, but how about those Bart Simpson slippers!


    чистый дэд

  42. Mario Alexy Covers

    Everyone has a different opinion about the me is just hard enough to bang my head in the car ..counts as one of there best songs anyway with melodic power metal sound

  43. Mehmet Yiğit Zeren

    Alien: What is music? It's pop, rap or something like jazz? Me: No, this is music

  44. Anon

    Paris Kills is their best album, fight me.

  45. thestu059

    Is Mark back in the band? I'm outta the loop

    1. thestu059

      Can't tell if that's him or not.

  46. Daniel Gadomski

    Sounds like shit

  47. Cassie Kruse


  48. DJ AMP3X

    in finnish pls

  49. DJ AMP3X

    Can do ..but in finnish pls

  50. Hugo Peralta

    Kuarahy? A word in "guarani", my country native languaje! It means Sun. Sol in spanish

    1. xHelliuMx

      Gracias,siempre es genial aprender algo nuevo de nuestras culturas!

  51. Aaron Wesley

    fucking death style intro fuck yeah

  52. Viktor Silva

    *_Form a wall_* *_Live to fall_* *_And live forever_*

  53. Viktor Silva

    *trip to Greece, in bus* Girls: omg, what are the boys doing ? why do they scream like that ? Boys: 0:26

  54. Marcus Antonio

    Banda foda demais!!! Lembra muito SWEET LEAF do Sabbath

  55. Antares

    Fucking best Metal band in 2020,fuck you all haha, Sloveniam metalhed

  56. Sergio Quiroga

    Wuajajajajajajajajajaja.., y le pasaron un ladrillo Santa Helena o Clos al Belladona?????????

  57. Andrew Delgado

    this song fucking RIPS! \m/

  58. Worldin Pains 2.0

    Bill Speer in his eccentia demoni... I love Carcass!

  59. Anderson E.M.

    That is a band! Simple. Independent of some weaknesses, the group is strongest together, they are still making history in metal

  60. Darrell Hamblen

    Damn Cristina is fuckin gorgeous

  61. Dirk Felix Ramakers


  62. Sean L

    Ooh, me love u long time 😘

  63. Phil Maxfield

    Is it me or does the right side of the mountain look like Marko with his beard and mustache.

  64. U-tube editoR

    amazement astonishment awe bewilderment consternation curiosity disappointment jolt miracle revelation shock abruptness bombshell disillusion epiphany eureka fortune incredulity marvel miscalculation phenomenon portent precipitance precipitation precipitousness prodigy stupefaction suddenness thunderbolt whammy wonderment astoundment curveball eye-opener unexpected unforeseen

  65. cabalofdemons

    Finally after 4 years.

  66. jarold666

    Definitely Floor Jansen is too good , this original song looks like a child song . Lord.

  67. jarold666

    Qué cosa más horrible definitivamente Floor Jansen es demasiado buena . Esto parece una canción de un jardín de niños .

  68. Beatriz Ibarra

    Nigredo transformation? Nice

  69. Corin Parcells

    I need these be longer video

  70. w chu daleko


  71. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Tee-hee me to death xd that plot twist tho

  72. DillonlovesKatie Harvey

    Hell yeah. Can't wait to hear the next album!!!

  73. Rhi

    Yes Dani Devine

  74. Motasem AlFa

    shit band

  75. William Taylor

    This song just reaches deep into your soul: His clean vocals are just incredible.

  76. Gloria Devos

    I am the Infantry, her deterent in peace, her strength in battle, when others run from the sounds of battle, I will be found running towards it!" When the people run and flee, all I hear is the cry for Infantry! Those are some bits of some of our mottos from my time in the US Army as an Infantryman. The 82d and 101st are great units. I spent 6 years in the 101st as a Tank Killer (11H4O) and fought in the Gulf War with them. And as we figured, I had to go back to Iraq in 2003-04 but this time I had armored vehicles! If ANY Arab says their military is better than a European force, just slap him, they're pussies. The average IQ there is 70 and those are the smart ones! Lol! Thanks for posting the video, I'm an American Soldier but my blood is ALL Nordic!! Go with Odin!!

  77. Lucky Charms

    why does this song go so hard man

  78. santababilon

    I'm really sorry, seriously, but when I see the girls in this video and Anette I can't stop thinking about wild, brutal and animal sex. Someone said something about the song?

  79. João Marcos

    Best song of eluveite

  80. Jack _

    Just when you think it can't get any better UNLEASH THE ACCORDION

  81. Sean Renzi

    I like this song

  82. Karl Hinkelstein

    Best Song on the NEW Album!

  83. X0R Adictivo

    You watch their faces You'll see the traces of the things they want to be But only we can see They come for killing, they leave and still it seems The cloud that's left behind can penetrate your mind [Chorus] But sail on, sing your song, carry on Cause we rock, we rock We rock [Verse 2] We pray to someone But when it's said and done It's really all the same with just a different name So many voices, all giving choices If we listen, they will say, oh we can find the way [Chorus] But we'll sail on, sing a song, carry on Cause we rock, we rock We rock, we rock We rock, we rock We rock, we rock We rock We rock [Verse 1] You watch their faces You'll see the traces of the things they want to be But only we can see They come for killing, they leave and still it seems The cloud that's left behind can penetrate your mind [Chorus] Sail on, sing your song, carry on We rock, we rock We rock, we rock We rock, we rock We rock, we rock Ride out, stand and shout, carry on Sail on, sing your song, carry on Cause we rock, we rock See how we rock We rock, that's rock We rock, we rock We rock

  84. Libre Penseur

    When classics are " metallized " by real musicians .. masterpiece.. UNESCO should register this into humanity art treasure 🤘

  85. Matheus Scarlate Alves

    if you like ALCEST, you should definitely check my band TALRAK, Black Deathpressive from Brazil! A Trapped Call in the Depths -

  86. Ден Сид

    I will have a lava lunch? Ok

  87. Steven Felsing

    Really liking their new sound. Eddie's vocals are getting brutal.

  88. Marcelo Scappini

    Need to ask. The album name is guaraní word for "Sun"? Kuarahy.

    1. Tikis_ mikis

      Marcelo Scappini yess I read it on their fb page (:

  89. WhackyJ in AK

    My grandma had briefly dated Audie Murphy, but broke up with him because "He was so full of himself." She then went to marry my grandfather (Who served with the Red Bulls in North Africa up into Italy). It wasn't until recently I learned of Audie Murphy's awesome feats in battle and can kinda understand why he might come off as full of himself. He truly went above and beyond the call of duty, and accomplished some amazing things. Rest in Peace, Lieutenant. Thank you for your service.

  90. Calvin Vice

    THIS is how I want to Marco sing. This sounds like it could be a new TAROT song. It's got that classic, edgy, killer tarot vibe to it. Just an all-around awesome song!

  91. Thalyta Sampaio

    I love so much this song <3

  92. Xavier Tinel

    Great as usual ! Best album of 2019 !!!

  93. Traxt de Géminis

    Hail bundy

  94. stefano canonico

    perché tutti i capelloni, siamo destinati a diventari pelati???

  95. Some Are Ghosts


  96. João Marcos


  97. Piotr Ostrowski

    This has extremely high repeat value. Love it.

  98. Castiel FallenAngel

    This is just ridiculous af

  99. Jean Patton

    Eloy is the fuckin best! Love his playing <3