For 16 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

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  1. LadyE100

    Seemed like Ellen was hesitant to say black. Your dad is white and your mom What was that about?

  2. Theloveofyourdreams

    *ellen likes that* 😉 😂

  3. Misty Dupuis

    Lol funny love it

  4. alb218

    Ahhhh he is so cute!

  5. Sharee Ratten

    If I were asked "3 ways to make money really fast", I say "Ebay, prostitution and research studies"

  6. Stella IX.III.XXXVI


  7. Fatima Glam

    UNFOLLOW 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Tijmen Bakker

    I love the WOOO WOOO of Brad😂

  9. Jon Berry

    I love that they have different styles but make it all work.

  10. amelia miranda

    no one: noah jupe: she had a nice eyelid

  11. Khoi Pham


  12. s

    lol i love how you're like she's got class because "she doesn't like the game" but yet you still watch the video. admit it's fun, entertaining and it's not that deep really

  13. Ms. King

    I remember her being the nice blind chick in the Mask 😢💜

  14. Aastha TV channel T

    I will say a big "NO" to them then and there. They are celebrities and not gods.

  15. natasha hardrict

    Steve love to slick brag

  16. Priscilla Sanders

    Cake batter radish😕 WAIT RADISH! Me:lol

  17. Joce

    Omg I love Brent Rivera🤣🤣

  18. GreenDaysummerify

    Fun fact: he ended up canceling all of the North American Stadium shows

  19. Ivy Farrow

    Ellen Degeneres as president in 2020

  20. Dude!!!

    Greta is a puppet being used and manipulated by powerful people.

  21. Katia L F

    Love Dr Ken!

  22. JayGee 03

    Drive with 2 hands 😂

  23. Fancy_ Waffle

    CHANGE IT!!!

  24. Jenny 02

    I can read a clock 👍🏽 and I’m gen z I think we all should’ve known how to read a clock at the very least 🤷🏽‍♀️im just saying we all learned it


    LeTS ROCK ThIs B****

  26. Numéro

    Hongjoong's pink nail polish makes even more cute

  27. Brooks Wagstaff

    This baby right here! Yes all hope is not lost!😊

  28. Priscilla Sanders


  29. Erjon Marku

    Wow bill looks younger?! Maybe he figures out something 😎

  30. Kaylee Hansen

    Cardi B is better

  31. chinenye amaechi

    Please who knows the name of their Instagram handle, they’re amazing! 😍

  32. Lateshia Childs

    Jason is too fine I wish I could find me a husky man like jason. I have to say ewww on the python part I'm scared of snakes I'm listening to the video instead of watching in case pictures pop up of one.

  33. Nunsa Iha

    Afwan kapan filmnya Scarlett Johanssen di rilis?😊

  34. J cobba

    Demon in ya filthy father

  35. Captain Fire

    Hahaha I sent this to him on instagram

  36. Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs

    He grew up a lot since Wonder.

  37. GachaMiniMovies Love

    R. I. P Justin Bieber

  38. TjornSTELLAR

    Billion Gates

  39. Lisa Haynes

    Ellen I never thought I could Love anyone More than I Love You but dang it if that good ole boy from my sweet Home ALABAMA is pretty dang close!!..I have never been more Proud to say that I Am from Alabama and I Love This Sweet Alabama Peanut Farmer and His Beautiful Baby Girl!!!!...I will keep Patti and her awesome dad in my heart and prayers!!!..Much Love to you Ellen from Alabama

  40. Arslan Manzoor

    Ellen my dear my gift is just tell me name of da girl is with u now tell me her real name

  41. Ncamisile Nokwanda

    I'm addicted to this video

  42. Luke Hamilton

    This comment is for the rotary phone video: Ok Boomer

  43. Lynn Giesbrecht

    Melissa needs to learn that you DON’T breathe thru your esophagus!!

  44. MrNikkimaxine

    Say it will be you tank my mother please for me happy you do that for me what do to say

  45. Vincent Valentine

    Is... is Ellen stealing from youtubers?

  46. Carina Rosales

    Madonna has always been a perfectionist and of course she is😛💜🏘🌈🎄🎀🎊☔🐄🍟🐛🌺🎂🚢

  47. FoxyKitty 723

    They put the whole block of guh-met-cheese up in that turkey!💀😂😂😂

  48. Divine inside

    2:33 Twitch looks like every proud father😂 That's just me when I taste some good food and I'm holding back my tears

  49. Omar Arias


  50. Deangela Huddleston

    That turkey look dry cause it was two different turkeys. They switched. The second tub was empty and the Turkey was all of a sudden looking brand new

  51. shookdr m.d.

    better than streep ..........she is!

  52. V-Way

    Funny 😂😂😂 But "US" wasn't scary at all.

  53. Madison Didonato

    3:40 they got yelled at... first time I saw that happen

  54. MrNikkimaxine

    Talk about my past feel like one person that be honest that always be heads down all this time all I can thank about

  55. Ольга Давлатьорова

    I'm literally crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. mbevc five


  57. Mary Avalos

    OMG he's beautiful and so charming ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Caro •

    Omg so Matt Damon fan

  59. Divine inside

    No one would freak out if a dude comes running, wearing four TVs like a necklace? No? Just me...? 😂

  60. Madison Didonato

    1:24 “I told you M....F...... I told you!!!!” 😂😂😂 she’s been right 2x omg boys need to start listening and remember that girls are always right!

  61. Carlos Heitor Vlogs

    Do i Love this man????

  62. Fatima Glam

    The song that always get stuck in your head Nobody Absolutely nobody Steve: Ooh Baby BY ADRIAN BLUE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. chukie30

    My face was frowning the whole video

  64. Judex Colon

    Me gusta mucho el programa de Elen

  65. Debbie Ocansey

    I love how he doesn't hold back and he is sooo open and honest on his life. Its beautiful

  66. Enrique Molina

    Sophie who wold you pick sophie. Grace niki or you mom and dad

  67. СРБ ВУК

    *Donald Trump when he was little!*

  68. Cheshire Grin

    He needs to go back to this Kayne West compared to what we have now.

  69. Fatima Glam

    Im literally crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Pandapal

    *am I the only one confused on how the camera man doesn’t get scared?*

  71. Sharon

    His face when he realizes 😦😦😦😂

  72. Alayzha Toston

    Great one ☝️ Ellen was your

  73. marla lancaster

    He’s been a big thing since wonder 🥰he’s a scene stealer

  74. TessaBellP Plays

    😮 LOL

  75. nikolina v.

    Keep in mind he probably made more than double your yearly earnings just by standing there for those 4 minutes

  76. Carina Rosales

    I love the outfit black never goes out of style theres nothing wrong with dating younger men🙄💖🏘🌈🎄🎀🎉☔🐖🍇🐿🌻🍰🚢

  77. Steven Coffman

    Truly unbelievable wow

  78. marzi pana

    I absolutely love Schitts Creek so happy they are finally getting some of the credit they so much deserve. The show is absolutely amazingly funny

  79. bp


  80. Becky Nash


  81. Scarlett Dawson

    Just love this video ❤

  82. Karolina Wilk

    Oh my God she's so cute and kind

  83. Wittzzz

    Woah wait, he was in Wonder?

  84. dejavue54

    Absolutely nottttttt

  85. Chinyere Emmanuel

    John Cena ages backwards

  86. P Girl

    The cabinet? make a deal...I shut the cabinets if he keeps all the seat/lid down! It worked....still together 36 years later....

  87. Valérie Houle élève

    this is from the movie US

  88. Birna Ída Hlynsdóttir

    There is Brent Rivera

  89. Dianne Cecchett

    She was a traitor and always will be to me.

  90. Palo olaP

    Ellen mad evil Lok between lies

  91. Alayzha Toston

    Ellen is your first time in Europe this Love 💕 was the time of time ever

  92. # Slytherin


  93. Nevaeh Valyear

    Look at her face not on the big screen while she’s doing the filters😂

  94. Hannah Warriner

    Rearview Town

  95. chumama31

    Wth! Just pass me the Wolf chilli onions,sweet relish &mustard thanks!

  96. Сергей Капканов

    I am Señor Chang! And I'm so ill!This is a warning, I can't be killed!All in your cabeza, without a chaserNot another teacher with this much flavor

  97. Grace Knox

    Lol without the version I use I was like is it reall p,q,r I got confused

  98. Janet Simmonds

    A grown up so fast

  99. Amalali Official

    Please whoever sees this i beg you i need contact email, number.. of Ellen i need to voice out my issue.. im a mother of two suffering from injustice here.. i need to leave the country with my boys they wont let me.. please i need to talk to Ellen please help me

  100. Amalali Official

    Please whoever sees this i beg you i need contact email, number.. of Ellen i need to voice out my issue.. im a mother of two suffering from injustice here.. i need to leave the country with my boys they wont let me.. please i need to talk to Ellen please help me