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    Please build a Star Destroyer like the AT-AT build...


    2:39 As you can see, here is rare footage of an AT-AT being attacked.

  3. Noah Nagtegaal

    hi colin I love your vidioes they are so good plece continuue

  4. malevolantANGEL

    Honestly probably the best incorporation of a sponsor I’ve ever seen on FIsels!


    America: "We have many aircraft carriers in production..." UK:" WE'RE BUILDING A FUCKING AT-AT BOYS!!!"

  6. gigggla

    Bet he could done it if he made 4 rotors, could stear it like a drone then.

  7. Max’s Multi challenge

    I live in Lincolnshire

  8. A Doctor

    This guy is as almost as destructive as Junkrat himself

  9. Paul Barber

    One word lunatic! Absolutely love it and your past projects. Coolest job in the world? I'd say so 🤘🏻

  10. Dangerous

    My advice to you When you hear that music .... Runnnnnnn

  11. Mike's Bakes

    Wot’sinthatcupboards - crisps by walkers

  12. II playZ

    i didn't even watch the video but i know its click bait cuz this guy cant make a hovering vehicle from a scifi mvie series

  13. Mauricio Lima

    I lost it when he started bending the cone using a ratchet strap and that weird thing

  14. Fatchickgettingfit !

    I wonder if it be possible to add drone fans to this. For vertical and horizontal lift and propulsion.

  15. Monkshood


  16. TheCarpSandwich

    I'm so glad I found this channel, your enthusiasm and sence of humour is very entertaining

  17. Sam Flint

    @colinfurze @4:02 The word you are looking for is Joggle

  18. Michael Michaels

    7:59 dude!! What happened to your arm??? It's all swollen and greyish...

  19. That Gas mask kid

    It better shoot tank rounds

  20. Neo Flaver

    Wot... This is my game

  21. bobo dodoo

    красиво конечно. Но наверное течет?

  22. MaBu-Kunsthandwerk

    The walking stick is really great that grandma is sure of

  23. James Dolan

    what are the dimensions of the kart?

  24. Jeff The Ref

    Pls don’t watch my videos their cringe

  25. Jeff The Ref

    Such an amazing video

  26. Jeff The Ref


  27. Sailesh Singh

    Make a Adam Jensen Nanoblade please!

  28. Alien

    I would have just used the water in the car as the car's radiator tank and have the hot water flowing into the car.

  29. Prime Beast

    State of the art emplacements, modern day engineers are looking jolly nowadays.

  30. Bob Almendinger

    Looks incredible. Nice metal work first time out of the shoot. Next time grab a Tesla and make one out of that. I think that would click along quite nicely 🤗🤗. .at light speed 😁

  31. oof

    ive always wondered were all of his creations go if they go up for auction i need to know where and how much because i will buy them all

  32. IZaac Cloud

    Most disturbing things I ever seen but hes still having a smile on his face

  33. Jordan 123

    "Ok, let's try this again." *the inevitable* "Ah shit, here we go again."

  34. SDSBBQ

    *Here from the live stream mention of this video*

  35. Tony D'Annunzio

    Is that your wife?

  36. Tony D'Annunzio

    Is that your wife?

  37. Jonathan Taylor

    6:15 Introducing the lampshade 5000

  38. Paul Evans

    What gives Cloin ? Just had three notifications from your channel only to find that you've deleted all three.

  39. BlueWolf _GAMEZ


  40. Khant Htet Aung

    Take it to a park and deploy the swing for some kids please

  41. rcpilot

    You should do a collab with mastermilo, he build his own tank as well!

  42. Jibrhan khan

    Yo why take it down

  43. El Smeghead

    Just sent you a superchat on your "Why is this so hard" video but it failed as you deleted the video you silly man. I'll wait til you get up and running again and try again later.

  44. Confused .Chicken

    3:49 ur finger looks bad

  45. monogometr1c

    Colin have you saved the second video because the comedic timing was extraordinary

  46. yellow yo


  47. Ultra

    Do more Fireworks on the channel!!

  48. ExlooerZandhappers

    Your colleague mastermilo82 from the Netherlands already builded a tank. And is restoring a real tank from Sadam Hoessein. Great job furze keep going on!!

  49. Nathan Bishop

    What else could you use a metal cone for? Metal lamp shade

  50. Raman Tiwari

    Enough fireworks to invade Sudan

  51. Jokey Jesus

    Google how to turn on slow mode for lives, that's what it is killing your lives your internet out in the shed can't handle all the comments that fast

  52. V8Hilux

    FOR THE LOVE OF WARGAMING DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME 😂 but in all seriousness... don't & that's 7 years of experience talking.

  53. stifani belger

    Build ANY

  54. алеша шевченко

    всем приветик

  55. juan_YT

    Que violento hermano

  56. Blackdavid2011

    You should definetly make a second channel for stuff like inproving the shed, or some tutorials, etc

  57. Bogdan Soroka

    youre crazy..... BUT I LOVE IT

  58. Jimmy Jizzu

    Hi off brand Steve Erwin

  59. Diego Cockateil

    4:16 *rip headphone users*

  60. Faisal M

    the most lucky child

  61. someguy004

    WOT is p2w garbage, just get war thunder

  62. Faisal M

    why you put the front engine upside down. just fix it like rear engine and you have much stable flying frame.

  63. sshaunss

    Attach loads to that plane like they did in that festival it looked awesome

  64. Adnan Abdillah Ghifari

    Hey @colinfurze, you are almost reach 9 million subs! You need to light up more fireworks at 9 million subs.

  65. Discover imagination

    nice vdo.......

  66. J E

    Use that to take down oppresor mk2s in gta 5

  67. Mustapha Keraressi

    hi colin very good job i congratulate you my friend please could you give me the measurements thank you very much

  68. Eden MacGillivray

    Colin comes across rather sane in this video and it freaks me out

  69. Kai Noctis

    world of tanks is aids

  70. Dan Hall

    Make a hornby train gun

  71. FBI

    The school shooter's house LMAO

  72. Frosty Frost

    I hear Chuck Schumer is looking to buy it as an alternative to standing on a box XD

  73. Frosty Frost

    I don't think it ever reached a "boiling" stage. It just went straight to Plasma lol

  74. DR NOOB

    Its blinking! 😯

  75. Rik Sluiter

    Someone has to chalange colinfurze and MasterMilo82

  76. Arne Burghouts

    Hmm.. Make it float, so you can use it on water as well. Boom!

  77. AGENTE 928

    Imaginen llevar el gancho ala escuela y fugarte XD

  78. xuân 5555

    Hahahahahaha 😁

  79. DR NOOB

    I lost it wen he bunny hopped it. 😁

  80. Dynatic

    Imagine what would've happened, if he let go and his feet got stuck.

  81. Broderik Craig

    Dad, can I have a motor scooter? Absolutely not. I'm making you a rocket scooter.

  82. Copenhagen King

    His fab skills are unparalleled

  83. Broderik Craig

    I don't think the safety tie worked...

  84. Jonathan

    I wonder how many watch list Colin is on

  85. Alex Campili

    I wonder how much etnies paid for this sponsor