I am Gus Johnson. I do comedy, I create skits, I craft memes, I make music, I crap out bad vlogs. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

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  1. Storm Step

    Truly inspiring, thank you.

  2. TheCynicalDouche

    If you trust a word the government or television says.... learn some history.

  3. Storm Step

    Oh I get it, the horse's name was Friday

  4. Tom GameR

    This gun is terrifying me, I keep trying to move so it won’t point at me

  5. h t

    Mr dr phil

  6. Musical Journeys Thru Cinema

    Sounds like the Purge is going on

  7. BipolarMew07 !

    Holy shit lol Gus johnson is conway twitty?!

  8. mister.nimoe

    Gus sounds gay for Jim

  9. Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

    All the background noise of "he's a hero HES A HERO!" 😂 He is tho. And he entirely deserved that field promotion. 0:43

  10. Pluck


  11. Christian Geils

    Someone doesn’t understand what heat-seeking means

  12. Anna S

    Gue thought this was stupid.... Has he seen idubbbz nut counting video yet??

  13. Diamond Car07

    Ok Augustus

  14. Preston Gaming

    I buy salt...

  15. No Last Name

    I know you’ll probably w we go full beard and it’ll either be mustache or shaven, but the beard really looks good on you

  16. Yung Sweatpants

    I would ABSOLUTELY climax

  17. T Sommers

    "Culinary instincts"....?????

  18. Kosausrk

    Gus Johnson and Gus the gummy gator have the same number of videos. /_\

  19. The spartan lover

    I need iTunes

  20. David McCall

    Gus Johnson singing the rose was pure bliss

  21. Niles Black

    I mean I guess 7 years later works too, thanks FIsels

  22. ronno

    so majestic.


    what town???

  24. Holli Rumbolt


  25. Cheyne_Tetra MFG


  26. Salad Lord

    Alternate title: Low Budget Eric Andre Show

  27. Square Ranger149

    This reminds me of value select's quirky girl ukelele

  28. M J Grasscutter

    Ah you watched 11 episodes, so u clearly know its a bad show. Tnx for making it obvious this was a parody. I was a bit worried.

  29. Pat W

    First there was Joji. Then there was Jakey. Now, GUS JOHNSON

  30. Brian Harris

    Wish you would do a video of you singing this.

  31. Codo8

    Maybe the salt is just the friends we made along the way

  32. Isaac boi

    “Dutch [auto generated] “ what?

  33. Bruhster

    I don’t get it but it’s still funny

  34. bongle

    you look so much like hbomberguy it's crazy

  35. N4rrator


  36. Cass Bevan

    This is so accurate if you have a child with autism.lol

  37. Mikael Kula

    Gus johnson, the 21st century renaissance man

  38. dolan duck

    Steve is the Anti-Simp

  39. senusin

    dreaming > screaming

  40. senusin


  41. Cooper Wilkinson

    yeah gus and thor are the same person, born in a lab

  42. Mithi Sivaprakash

    "kids, this is the story of how i met your moth-" *headphone yeets*

  43. MuffinBreeder

    God damn Gus you can sing.

  44. Kirsty Gunn

    My need to feel happy inside brought me here. anything Gus Johnson brings me true joy.

  45. Matt Everett

    Gus this is amazing. Thank you

  46. Storm Step

    I guess I'm the only one who's not only bought salt but also then run out and had to buy more

  47. travis metzger

    I hope something serious comes of this for you Gus. This was excellent

  48. travis metzger

    Maybe a Lawrence welk style show from Gus and eddy?

  49. travis metzger

    I bet your folks love this.

  50. travis metzger

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

  51. João

    I thought GTA celebrities weren't real...

  52. waitwhat

    ngl 1 of my all time favs

  53. Erinn Wigston

    Feels like an audio deepfake

  54. TheProcrastinatingWolf

    The general public: 1917 had one of the best one take scenes in cinema history Gus Johnson: hold my phone

  55. Micah Smith

    i stand with jeff

  56. aj_steel


  57. Cullius Swagner

    god I fucking love Conway Twitty

  58. Car Ly

    I don’t like country music, but I think I’ve made an exception

  59. Reilly Williams

    u did a good nakeyjakey at 2:45

  60. Lucent Shadow

    Um...man, right now is a terrible time to watch this, huh?

  61. Denise Cornelius

    I love how all these Subway workers are like we don’t cut the jalapeños in-house. It never even occurred to me employees were cutting these. Subway, the company can order a better selection of jalapeños to put on sandwiches. This is the obvious message here not employee ineptitude.

  62. Lucent Shadow

    Everything about this is gold.

  63. C Zwieg

    And now, Mr. Conway Twitty

  64. LenBeard87

    Thank you.

  65. Dean Papadopoulos

    not great, 4.1

  66. Jimmy

    mobile game companies are youtube's worst sponsors

  67. James McConnell

    Oh my god bruh holy shit

  68. Jackson N

    This is actually great Gus! I could fall asleep to it

  69. V S

    thank you dunkey

  70. Natalie Center

    Tom Hanks was Santa and also the conductor and also Mr Rodgers

  71. Thomas Takeaguess

    When mr bean was in the movie (rat race) ... man o man made me love mr bean had to go back and watch everything Mr been! Love the video your the man

  72. Jack Waldron

    Is this guy for real

  73. Watchman5

    You didn't say litchrally enough

  74. ayele gomez

    Damn Gus

  75. zail.

    Notch watched this video.

  76. Suicide Squid

    Ladies and gentlemen; Mr. Conway Twitty!

  77. Herb Tenderson

    I don't know who Conroy Titty is, sir.

  78. Jerm


  79. Connor Playz

    Imbiamba jombes and the shiny skeleton

  80. Aligator Polo

    Funny as fuck

  81. Mack Williams

    Chris Hansen’s and his Mulimedia (Motley) Crue

  82. heavymetallust

    Conway is the only country singer I like, thank you for this, Gus.

  83. Elijah Yurkovsky

    That awkward moment when your dad tries to dance

  84. Elijah Yurkovsky

    Jake Paul is very bad for you I cannot tell a lie If Jesus see's you watching him you're surely gonna die And its very painful like your eyes are on fire

  85. Clay B

    This shit slaps

  86. spagetti sam

    Would you rather fuck around and have a population of lonely, uncommitted, people that joke about depression all the time? A culture of endemic STIs, unwanted pregnancies, millions of abortions, and struggling welfare mothers? I love your vids Gus, and I know this is a joke, but I see this destructive attitude everywhere.

  87. AsV

    birds aren't real.

  88. • - •

    I can’t tell if he genuinely hates the office or not... but i actually love this 😂

  89. andika hilman

    This is scary