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  1. Mondeezy

    this is epic

  2. Sarah Walters

    okay as a virgo i 100% appreciate this. i win nothing you are correct. 👍

  3. madison plant

    ive never even heard of shake shack

  4. Matu

    16:08 his shclong is rather small.

  5. Angela Dao

    This is what the world has come to

  6. drzmak

    But also this directing and editorial choice 👌

  7. Phoenix

    ..what..what the hell did i just watch?

  8. ThinlyCut90

    The production value of this is so goddamned amazing.

  9. Shu Shu

    What did this man say about BTS? I know he’s playin tho😊 Right?

  10. Sophia Thibeault

    we stan men who aren't afraid to damage their masculinity

  11. Allison

    Seeing Eugene's board and that even though he got it on the first try he still had to remind himself that he didn't do it perfectly (he wrote on his board "It was high") :( no bb we're so proud you did good!

  12. daniel avila

    Why was ariel running at the end of the video?

  13. Jacob Manak

    The music is the Cartoon Network regular show game with the trampoline and rigby

  14. Flower Sundae

    This is the biggest number of OG Buzzfeed we're gonna see in one video

  15. panini

    with this haircut he looks like ezra miller

  16. Danyelle Alvarado

    It's 1:00 AM. Did I need this? Absolutely not. Did I still enjoy it thoroughly? Yes, yes I did. Thanks for more beautiful content, guys! Keep it up!

  17. Chelsea Smith

    This is so stupid 😂

  18. Justine Nguyen

    I don't know if 16:07 was pure genius or another mistake

  19. VioletUnicorn 918


  20. lovely Abangan


  21. Rein Kuroshi

    I'm dead omg djsjdjskdjsjxj WE NEED MORE OF THIS AND SHITTY REALITY SHOW EPISODES WHERE EACH OF TRY GUYS STAR IN DIFFERENT EPISODES. DO IT PLS. LOVE YOU ZACH. Well, anybody have a link to Zach's penis? Just asking for research purposes 🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  22. Sara Lim

    *Did someone hack my computer?* Wait a minute, Zach... Do you have pics of it on your computer!?!

  23. G Lopez17

    Where is Shane

  24. Campbell Huskisson

    Love how Zach is giving haters advice on how to be meaner 😂

  25. Mademoiselle 9461

    6:06 my mom when victorious came out😂😂

  26. 淡い花

    16:08 was that ironic lack of censor intended 😂😂😂

  27. Kiki

    I was totally trolled by the imgur link. Why'd you do me like that zach?

  28. Nanci Ramirez

    Actually......it became less terrible as it progressed😂

  29. Rochelle Frank

    Earned the like when his penis was uncensored again 😂🤣

  30. IZz Zz

    Yb :(

  31. lovely Abangan


  32. Kayla Empson

    Just came by the video to comment on how great your hair is looking, Zach 👍

  33. lovely Abangan


  34. Abigail Jackson

    16:08 uhhhhhh😂😂

  35. Zoë nasri


  36. Intan Nursyafiqah

    Haha nice

  37. Ruby

    Did anyone else want to take a picture the guy dress as a penis and post that

  38. love 2 it

    Not asian : hey im good at spicy food! Asian : me too HELLFIRE

  39. maya elder

    By far, best video ever😂

  40. Lucy Cox

    I love this so much it’s halerious everything about it is great

  41. lovely Abangan

    It is funny how this looks like unsolved mysteries haahahah

  42. Elle Mela

    Eugene should rank different waters in his next rank king episode

  43. TheJohnSamcro

    Kieth shouldn't have lost that he wasn't in checkmate he can take the queen and he wouldn't have been in check to my understanding the king can take a piece as long as it won't be put into check and unless I'm either blind or completely wrong (which give it a Google) he shouldn't have been out.

  44. Aivi

    next video, oops,my licence plate was on the internet

  45. Iris

    I really want the Try Guys to sing for Disney movies or atleast make a video where they sing Disney songs, especially Keith . 😂♥️

  46. Onyx Blue

    Keith looks like Mr. Rogers.❤

  47. Shayla Anderson

    But did she get out the years old blackhead?!

  48. Mr. 47

    I love Ryan's narration!

  49. Kaitlyn Campbell

    It’s 1am and now I want to drink. Quarantine drunk time

  50. Layne

    Hey did anyone else see Zach’s penis at 16:08 lmao 😂

  51. Stingray

    This is just the best video ever

  52. similistic murfur

    It’s a personal opinion, that should not be judged harshly. BTS really isn’t that great, it’s not my taste, and others as well. We’re speaking our opinion, and I respect some of y’all like BTS, and I understand it’s special to y’all, so no harm done, I’m just being honest.

  53. alice marcks

    This is the Try Guys content i've been waiting for, Good Job Zach

  54. blank victon

    i love these types of videosss

  55. Jenna Durham

    Anyone else notice her tenderly petting Keith at the end

  56. Alyssa Hall

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA Ryan Bergara’s classic Buzzfeed Unsolved Commentary Voice at the start is so great 😂😂😂

  57. Meher Ali Shah

    "Waffels are just pixilated pancakes that haven't fully loaded yet"

  58. that's me

    Is this where the "Zach needs an extra large censor blob" comes from? 🤣🤣

  59. Emmy March

    They didn't make the Caesar correct Clamato Pickle juice Tabasco Lime Worchisure Whatever toppings you want

  60. Hello

    The whole time I was like: haha yeah that’s funny Then Zack’s penis showed up

  61. JAY JAY

    16:07, It happened again, they forgot to censor it

  62. Matt Pichery

    As a Bermudian, 24:59 hurt my soul

  63. Vidyavathi Gopal

    Zach,Ned,Kieth-Ahhhh...... Eugene:MOTHER OF CHINA!!!!

  64. Maddy Groffenberg

    Crazy deja vu

  65. Amelia Joy

    Zach should make more things on this channel! His humour is prime.

  66. KiloShank

    You also missed the long island iced tea in this video. Who even drinks manhattans

  67. S Kimber


  68. brandonmaster 590

    Sad. Now all the simpy girls gonna look up the internet for his pp pic.

  69. Kiwiwatermelon 07

    The dramatization 👏

  70. ms_ limelight

    12:12 im seriously dead XD

  71. Amani Rowan

    Umm Is this a joke or something because.... The try guys trash talked him and.... Zach got exposed.... explain


    If my dong is seen on camera I don’t care because I am proud of my body

  73. Samantha Ortiz

    Clamato is actually really good with micheladas

  74. Rachael B

    Wtf did I just watch lmao

  75. Raphaël Ghünnter

    Director: How many puns would you like in this video? Zach: Yes

  76. Rayan Fadel

    A teacher at my school ran over a kangaroo "accidently" And I love kangaroos so ever since then I've called him kangaroo murderer.

  77. Miss_Phia !

    Is it just me... or does this video just give off Shane Dawson vibes...?

  78. Sal-Pal Chan

    Ned's fit was like watching a bratty princess. It was amusing and beautiful to see. It makes you laugh at how unnessicary it was. Loved the vid.

  79. camila storan

    no one can tell me that they are not making fun of shane for the thumbnail and the intro

  80. Big Boys

    Eugene be like to zack 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  81. Sierra Ramos


  82. Katiana Azar

    Not my favorite video....

  83. angie rodriguez

    What had me laughing Eugene: Am I a chef Am I a chef Keith: Becky Becky Becky Zack: Hope you're staying inside or else wtf or the rest of us doing Ned's awful yet looks like it could cost 1,000 dollars at some fancy restaurant sushi

  84. CelticGirl

    Listen I’m a big try guys fan, but I think this sketch takes it too far. Making light of a situation that many vulnerable underage people go through every year is in bad taste

  85. Brandon Leal


  86. Nanci Ramirez

    Day 45:

  87. Ysblyn Frnndz

    Alex have been annoying to every video they had with her lol

  88. Jessica Bravo

    I don’t know what I just watched... don’t know if I liked it or if I’m just disturbed 😂😂😂

  89. Big Boys

    editors be like🤪

  90. Hedgehog Lover

    1:46 I love your necccc It’s like....A sexy goose

  91. madhatte73

    so dumb so good

  92. Patroclus

    So... Anyone got the pic yet? Asking for a friend.

  93. LincIsAware

    The wheeze was in the video all is perfect

  94. Hidamis olivo felix

    I always wanted to get cracked but never my neck. After she explained how exactly someone dies from breaking their neck I want my neck cracked😭

  95. flowr gurl

    lmaooo this was funny

  96. Centripetal Hail

    Noooo the noise coming from Eugene's mixture 😂

  97. Mich Herondale

    This was the weirdest thing, but it was also freaking hilarious 😂😂

  98. okbutkpoptho ?

    They really got Ryan o do a voice over for them

  99. Katrina Gayle Torero

    So is that matt helping Eugene in the corset? Hahaha. Love him! ❤️

  100. Trista Hammell

    Keith: do you know how much we care about you?? Eugene: *fear*