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  1. Livid Snacks

    4:36 just blow up the moon lol

  2. Anuar Azar

    How is this gamer sayan so ignorant of his culture?

  3. Adam

    I nominate Rilly Ried to do this

  4. Trusty Milkshake

    What did you fanboys expect you’ve been buying the same game since Xenoverse 1

  5. amrit .k

    Charlie, if you haven't already, you need to see The Team Four Star's DBZ abridged, and make a video on it.

  6. NovaBadger

    Real shit it felt really weird going to the different areas and seeing people pretend to be from there, but what was weirder for me was carrying my stuff from the various areas into different ones, but i can 100% agree on the food being awful, the bratwurst and chips from "Germany" tasted like it had been under a heat lamp for hours, the casing was crunchy but the inside was greasy and soggy, and the bun was chewy, and the beer tasted watered down, not to mention the chips were bland as fuck, it's like if you went to a poor house in Germany but they bent you over the keg on prices, it was about $30+ tax for 2 bratwurst, chips, and 2 beers

  7. RDMY

    Is nobody gonna point out that Charlie literally just ripped of Greed Island?

  8. Lucas Bender

    Ha Carlie doesn't know about clothes beam what a casual

  9. TrynnaHitTenMill

    I thought Canadians were nice xd

  10. German Empire Ball

    Why do I want a killer bean 2 for some reason?

  11. Last Uchiha

    This game looks like shit

  12. MNDFND

    I can definitely believe people are this stupid and that candle could well sell out. But I can also believe they would say it's 'sold out' to make you believe a lot people actually want this. I also feel bad for women who've been duped into thinking everything about them is perfect even their body odor... I mean I don't know about you but I wouldn't want a candle that smelled like balls.

  13. Kenny Keating

    Why do you still go if everything is awful?

  14. Dave is me

    This was even funnier once I realised I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about.

  15. Lucas Bender

    Giving off alot of energy... But in dragon Ball Android's energy can't be sensed

  16. RobotCharizard

    in epcot today, the actual restaurants do suck. the spice table in morocco though is great and relatively cheap.

  17. epic ops kill101

    Hey vasili kamaski has an Instagram

  18. The Dude

    That’s a shame. I’m a cook Charlie. If you’re ever in mn and want an awesome steak, hmu 😂😂😂

  19. Ethan Menezes

    charlie if you want a good chicken keiv look at this video

  20. relâmpago katiau

    Plot twist: the game is real and life is the bug

  21. Fleet

    Vasily probably slaps down buildings for his training sessions

  22. thereisnocarolinHR

    The worst people scream the loudest and tend to be heard. Not everyone who disliked TLJ was racist and sexist, but because the loudest haters were, everyone got painted that way. Same thing happening now with the reylos. I doubt even a full percent have threatened violence over the movie.

  23. LordOf TheRed

    Yamcha is far to underestimated same with krillon and picilo

  24. Jxshua Yuzn

    We can fix the wall, but we can't fix the bad parenting

  25. Versace_Sheets

    Getting carried by someone named BloodHoundZULUL 😂

  26. Tanner Kauffman

    There is no way the food is that bad. Don’t tell me it’s not eatable

  27. Step Back Trey

    Imagine this guy do a commentary on Khabib’s match.

  28. Paul Martin

    It's ironic though. Right...?

  29. Shinigami Kitsune

    Me: "These edibles ain't shit." **me 30 minutes later** 1:59

  30. Marvin Zimmerman

    I love how he puts his hair under his ears 😂😂

  31. PosthumanHeresy

    The problem with the HushMe is that they have normal people using cyberpunk spy tech.

  32. Aritro Nandi

    Universal > Disney

  33. Aritro Nandi

    All Disney food is complete trash

  34. RolodexEnigma

    I went to Epcot in 2006 and we ate in Germany and it was pretty forgettable. What left a lasting impression was when we went to Downtown Disney. We went to the Rainforest Cafe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 a plate and out of our group of 6, 5 of us got food poisoning, and we didn't even get it all at the same time. The trip was totally ruined. NEVER AGAIN.

  35. Fool

    Bro, this is so true! But I gotta say, those cupcakes in the Germany section, they taste really good

  36. Zane Powell

    Ethanol is the active ingredient in alcohol, if the distilling isn't done properly you end up with methanol which is very similar to ethanol except is extremely dangerous to your health and can cause blindness

  37. Zee Kusa

    was trying to avoid watching anything on this game till I got it myself but I just can't resist

  38. Jamin

    I saw a video one time of a guy locking his hands with his feet and rolling around like a wheel. I wanted to try it for myself and succeeded. Then I realized what other things I could do with this type of power...

  39. Loli Raviolli

    .....goku fishing with his tail was endearing when he was like 7 its fucking disturbing seeing him do that as an adult double disturbing because he is using HIS SON'S RIPPED OFF TAIL

  40. Bro Momento

    Bro momento Joker have a lot of weird quote someone should make a movie out of this

  41. Precog FaKe0utFlash

    I wana know what woman was stupid enough to be around this man of their own free will. At this point its natural selection

  42. sanshokuin rainn

    Even Joker can't stop charlie

  43. john humphrey

    Homeless man rants about Epcot food

  44. Peter Drahun

    Dem toes doe 6:40

  45. SNARCast Productions

    What should have happened: 911 Operator: What's the name of the person who's stalking you? Greg: It's Chris Hansen 911 Operator: Excuse me for a moment *walks away, and all of a sudden you hear her bursting out in laughter*

  46. 5altineツ

    6:17 WOAH! PICKLE-! *slides away*

  47. Vlad Richtopfen

    that was a 1911 not a revolver

  48. Imaru Lewis

    Why does the dude look like a gay Tommy Shelby ffs

  49. Jesus-kun

    The only difference between Fortnite and Justin Bieber is that Fortnite is at least decent

  50. Clayton Davis

    Hey Charlie, how about you shut the fuck up for 5 seconds so I can I understand why your jokes are funny in the original context

  51. poop dealer

    charlie, do you need more shirts? you always wear the same one and I'm worried that you don't ever change shirts

  52. Animelytical

    This fishing thing....HUH?! Kami is training humans, so of course they are trash. That's amazing for humans, because humans are supposed to be as strong as Bulma

  53. Precog FaKe0utFlash

    I would beat the absolute shit out of him if i met him on site

  54. Joseph Maloney

    8:25 the best part about the video

  55. Dj_Does_Gaming

    Although Charlie's DBZ knowledge is lacking he is right about Yamcha's deer finger technique

  56. Isaac Flamin

    Yo cut yo hair

  57. M P

    Too bad this video will be taken down by FIsels for bullying a predator...gotta love the system lol

  58. Imperial guard

    This is like a horror movie for predators.

  59. MonKeiBusiness

    What the fuck is wrong with these assholes

  60. 96Swinehart

    I paid like $12 for some fried veggies.

    1. 96Swinehart

      They were good, but not $12 good.

  61. Willskull

    In a game you could be the godlike OP Goku himself, why the hell would I want to fish and have drive lessons, what a waste lol they should stick with Budokai the last actual good DBZ game franchise imo


    Does it have a bottle opener?

  63. JackalJunky

    Never really ate at epcot so I cant speak for most places, but I actually just ate there a couple days ago at some Spanish place (think it was called la hacienda). Food was super good.

  64. A.J. Animations

    oh i thought the title said "DBZ Kahoot Is An Easy Game"

  65. liam Bagshaw

    Hear me out, just hear me out. I think Charlie may be on the spectrum.

  66. PosthumanHeresy

    I actually understand where he's coming from. The guy came in to be a dick and openly admitted he's not looking for support, just to be angry in public. It's really not constructive at all.

  67. JellyDaFish

    Their Belgium waffles are pretty good.

  68. Derp JJ

    You're like the saitama of Dave and busters

  69. ajver19

    That's the second time the moon was destroyed. It regenerates apparently in Dragonball.

  70. Kylesorry123

    Aren't robocop and jesus the same person?

  71. BennyBoy126

    You should watch Gordon Ramsey’s Hotel Hell. He turns into Gordon the Semen Hunter

  72. Dab Lord Aka allah

    6:17 krillin said yeet

  73. jeudiballs

    im still buying this from g2a

  74. Daxxdazzling 69

    When you get an ad for mixer in the video

  75. Championx

    Her hairline said ⚪️

  76. Aluna Shepard

    Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow is DEFINITELY a fever dream movie, and I love it to bits for some reason

  77. Buddy Inacar

    Epcot food is awful bc my ex works there. They only hire miserable people

  78. Charlie Studier

    2:52 nice dog

  79. Big Bang Attack4561

    YES PLEASE slap this on the meter that measures moisture

  80. gay furry

    yes no *_whats a dog_*

  81. itom nga kayo

    3:35 goku is holding raditz's dick

  82. CaveSP

    What theaters do Charlie and Andrew go to that don't have ads?

  83. LiveLoop


  84. gay furry

    pee wee hermin

  85. MeowTheRainbowX

    What I never understood was how Piccolo was able to blow up the entire moon when his power level was like 300.

  86. Panzer Kite

    Went to epcot a couple of weeks ago and I ate at China the Sichuan spicy chicken was super tough, but the Japan hibachi chicken was a mix of overcooked and underspiced.the rice was a bit undercooked for both

  87. DarkDenim

    This dbz story is very very familiar to the dbz game on the gamecube

  88. rude* draGenS

    I am a shameless R* zombie was u said and I don’t understand what’s wrong w that there’s not as many of us as u think I’m talking about single player R* games too no online it’s because at the end of the day I’m more of a movie fan than a game fan and rockstar makes movies bro and the immersion can never go too far ur bugging I fuck w u bro ive been a fan of urs for yrs and I’m not mad at u for this u had some valid points and u didn’t even say the game was complete trash u seem like ur still somewhat of a fan but hating on R* games is not cool or original 9/10 ppl on FIsels do it and always sound like they think they’re the only one going against the grain but this game is the greatest and deepest video game I’ve ever played followed by a long list of a bunch of other games all made by R* there’s no reason to put this game down its too great that shit is super moist

    1. rude* draGenS

      Zombie as u called it*

  89. Monfee

    Spaceship earth and Haunted Mansion name a more iconic break down duo, I’ll wait

  90. Zeta 756

    7:17 facts

  91. Natasha Kahan

    I will say that your judgements are pretty on base. However, walking around barefoot is actually pretty good for you if done as like a form of mediation. It’s called grounding there’s like books on it and stuff. I will say that I don’t think any of the people who wrote books on grounding have claimed that it cures your depression so I don’t know where that came from. But grounding is just a different form of meditating from what I’ve heard.

  92. Jxshua Yuzn

    No one: As seen on TV ads: *DOUBLE THE FUCKING OFFER*

  93. Alexis Barnes

    Everytime we go and eat at that damn Germany restaurant I always feel like a ball and then me and my boyfriend after eating there has to shI so bad😂 it’s horrible it’s rare when you actually get good food like REALLY rare! 😂😂😂😂

  94. karlazeen

    Epcot is just so dated.

  95. pørcupine

    I went to le cellier in the Canada area. Expensive as shit. The steak was great but the dessert I had was absolutely disgusting. I don’t wanna talk about the Mexican restaurant.

  96. MinkMink

    why is he using the english dub, im sorry bootleg-keanu reeves but thats gonna be a dislike from me

  97. FamilyWalters94

    This is why i say Fuck Disney. They have never been good.

  98. MeowTheRainbowX

    1:50 One time I looked up “the lick,” a musical in-joke among jazz cats and other musicians, and the fourth image or so was a picture of lesbian asshole-licking. I was in a library btw

  99. noobdrawsz a

    I just realized dbz kakarot is a "what-if" charlie played as himself in a videogame. Just missing the fleshlight tho...

  100. Brazy Benjamin

    The American one is hard to watch. The fact they count when they wind up kind of turns me off. It’s annoying and makes it cringy to me.